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  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste - 1.0 Gram

    • UPC: 753677507234
    • ASIN: B011F7W3LU
    • Brand: Thermal Grizzly
    • Size: 1.0 Gram
    • Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly


  • K5 PRO viscous thermal paste for thermal pad replacement 20g (Apple iMac, Sony PS4 & PS3, XBOX, Acer Aspire etc)

    • ASIN: B00UTX7K2E
    • Brand: Computer-Systems
    • Manufacturer: Computer-Systems

    K5-PRO viscous thermal paste is developed and produced by Computer Systems laboratories research department. This product was developed as part of C.S. Labs BGA rework research project with the support of Greece and Europian Union. This product is designed to reduce the chances of BGA component failure for reasons related to overheating. This listi... [Read More]

  • Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 617689108158
    • ASIN: B00LT0ZWJE
    • Brand: Arctic Silver 5
    • Size: Pack of 2
    • Manufacturer: Arctic Silver

    Contains 99.9% pure silver: Arctic Silver 5 uses three unique shapes and sizes of pure silver particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer.Not Electrically Conductive: Arctic Silver 5 was formulated to conduct heat, not electricity. (While much safer than electrically conductive silver and copper greases, Arctic Silv... [Read More]

  • Arctic MX-4 - Thermal Compound Paste For Coolers | Heat Sink Paste | Composed of Carbon Micro-particles | Easy to Apply | High Durability - 4 Grams

    • UPC: 850260710139
    • ASIN: B0045JCFLY
    • Brand: ARCTIC
    • Size: 4g
    • Manufacturer: ARCTIC

    About ARCTIC ARCTIC is a leading manufacturer of silent PC coolers and components and has initiated and sustainably influenced the trend towards quiet cooling systems. Besides a wide range of CPU and GPU coolers, ARCTIC offers high quality monitor mounts as well as an audio product line. The company, run by founder Magnus Huber, has locations in Ge... [Read More]

  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste - 11.1 Grams

    • UPC: 753677507210
    • ASIN: B00ZJS8Q6S
    • Brand: Thermal Grizzly
    • Manufacturer: Shinwa Sangyo (SHIJO)

    Specially developed to meet the extremely demanding needs of the overclocking community. It offers exceptional heat transfer performance and can fully exploit the capabilities of a high-performance cooling system. ・ particulated aluminum and tin oxides contained in the paste interpolate slight irregularities of the heat medium such as CPU and the... [Read More]

  • Playstation 3 PS3 Slim YLOD Shims Fix Repair Kit Thermal Paste Kester 951 Flux Tamper Security T8 & T10 torx screwdrivers

    • UPC: 074734043671
    • ASIN: B009R11GXS
    • Manufacturer: 3RedLightFix

    Sony Playstation 3 COPPER SHIMS. These shims are used between the CPU/GPU and heatsinks to provide better cooling for your PS3. This listing contains: 2 Copper shims that are are 42MM X 42MM and are 1.2MM thick + 2 syringes of SHENZHEN BALANCE STARS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD thermal compound, 15ml bottle of Kester 951 and T8/T10 tamper proof torx screwdri... [Read More]

  • Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Grease Paste - 1.0 Gram

    • UPC: 753677507449
    • ASIN: B01A9KIGSI
    • Brand: Thermal Grizzly
    • Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly

    High efficiency paste with excellent thermal conductivity, recommended for experienced users and systems where thermal conductivity is critical. Delivered in easy-to-apply syringe with 1.0g paste. Thermal Conductivity of this product is 73 W/mk and thermal resistance of 0.0021 K/W.

  • Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance CPU GPU Heatsink Cooling Thermal Grease CL-O004-GROSGM-A

    • UPC: 841163057032
    • ASIN: B00O5VX6O2
    • Brand: Thermaltake
    • Manufacturer: Thermaltake

    Maximize heat transfer for extreme performance cooling with Thermaltake's TG Series Thermal Grease. Designed with diamonds, gain improved thermal conductivity and longer shelf life without dry outs and cracking. Experience reliable performance to the contact surface for overall improved heat dissipation and longer lifespan than standard silicon-bas... [Read More]

  • MUNBYN 3 Inches Thermal Label Printer, 80mm Receipt Label Sticker Wireless Bluetooth Shipment Printer, Mobile Printer Supported ESC/POS/TSPL/CPCL Command

    • UPC: 613310859536
    • ASIN: B07NYCP8PR
    • Brand: MUNBYN
    • Manufacturer: MUNBYN

    his is a thermal label and receipt printer for portable and desktop printing via Bluetooth or USB connection thermal printer NOTE: 1.Set correctly receipt printing and label printing according your requirement on the screen for label maker machine. 2.Put the label printer’s roller panels correctly as showing pictures above. 3.Thermal printer’s... [Read More]

  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste - 5.55 Gram

    • UPC: 753677507203
    • ASIN: B00ZJSF5LM
    • Brand: Thermal Grizzly
    • Size: 5.55 Gram
    • Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly

    Top of the range thermal paste with excellent thermal conductivity, designed for overclocked and watercooled systems. Delivered in easy-to-apply syringe with 5.55g paste. Thermal Conductivity of this product is 12.5 W/mk and thermal resistance of 0.0032 K/W.

  • ARCTIC MX-2 - Thermal Compound Paste, Carbon Based High Performance, Heatsink Paste, Thermal Compound CPU for All Coolers, Thermal Interface Material - 4 Grams

    • UPC: 872767002081
    • ASIN: B000WU2LXC
    • Brand: ARCTIC
    • Size: 4g
    • Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling

    About ARCTIC ARCTIC is a leading manufacturer of silent PC coolers and components and has initiated and sustainably influenced the trend towards quiet cooling systems. Besides a wide range of CPU and GPU coolers, ARCTIC offers high quality monitor mounts as well as an audio product line. The company, run by founder Magnus Huber, has locations in Ge... [Read More]

  • Liquitex Professional Gloss Gel, Medium, 8 Ounce (5708)

    • UPC: 094376924183
    • ASIN: B000IYXIZM
    • Brand: Liquitex
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Liquitex

    Value Series Acrylic Paints like Liquitex BASICS are formulated to offer dependable standards of performance at a more affordable cost.  Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint is developed for students and artists that need quality at outstanding value. Each color is uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of the individual pigm... [Read More]

  • GELID GC-Extreme 3.5g with tooling - Thermal Conductive Paste for Heatsink | Maximum Thermal Conductivity | Easy application | Not Corrosive

    • UPC: 637282916028
    • ASIN: B002P5W4RU
    • Brand: Gelid Solutions
    • Manufacturer: Gelid Solutions

    GELID Solutions designs and manufactures CPU and VGA coolers, chassis fans, thermal composites, accessories and other equipment for computers and electronic devices. The company also supplies a range of products for international OEM and ODM customers.

  • Halnziye HY710 10g Silver Thermal Paste High Performance Heatsink Compound for CPU GPU LED

    • UPC: 845832017235
    • ASIN: B01D0S7H8Q
    • Brand: Halnziye
    • Size: HY710 - 10g
    • Manufacturer: TRADOCK

    Large 10G tube of high-quality non-curing thermally conductive compound for mid to high-end applications. Suitable for attaching heat sinks, CPU fans, GPU coolers, LED chips, or anything else that requires strong thermal conductivity. A 10 gram syringe contains enough compound to cover at least 50 small CPU cores, 25 large CPU cores, or 7 to 15 hea... [Read More]

  • Zinnor Facial Skin Machine -4 Colors Skin Care Machine Facial Skin Care & Electric Face Massager Body Beauty Skin Care Devices

    • UPC: 190891346971
    • ASIN: B0778SLMN1
    • Brand: Zinnor
    • Manufacturer: zinnor

    ❤️Feature: 🔸Fast and convenient 🔸No aftercare is needed 🔸No pain, no side effects, or downtime 🔸Non-thermal, non-invasive, and non-ablative 🔸Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen 🔸Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types 🔸Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques &#... [Read More]

  • FANRY Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults - Accurate Temperature - Medical Design Digital Thermometer for Fever - with CE Approved

    • ASIN: B074V68WHK
    • Brand: FANRY
    • Manufacturer: FANRY

    FANRY as a specialist in the field of digital thermometers, we have gone one step further with the development of our New Dual Mode digital thermometer. Nothing has been left to chance.With this device, you get real value for your money for which you and your family will enjoy years of pleasure. Quality of new DUAL MODE shows: Ear measurement metho... [Read More]

  • Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut Thermal Grease Paste - 3.9 Grams

    • UPC: 753677507630
    • ASIN: B00ZJSZM4C
    • Brand: Shinwa Sangyo (SHIJO)
    • Manufacturer: Shinwa Sangyo (SHIJO)

    Thermal conductivity is slightly reduced compared to the high-end model of thermal Grizzly, but it is a high-performance grease that can achieve high effects while being reasonable. By suppressing the content of metal particles, It is difficult to get fine scratches on the surface, and it is easier to handle than high-end models, and it can be reco... [Read More]

  • MenstruHeat Heating Pad for Menstrual Cramp Relief and PMS Comfort from Period Pain - Pack of 3 (patches/wraps/pads)

    • UPC: 799439662513
    • ASIN: B00RX0FHOY
    • Brand: MenstruHeat
    • Manufacturer: the pslove company

    The MenstruHeat StoryMenstruHeat was created to help the founder solve her own frustration - menstrual cramps. Having suffered from menstrual cramps for over 10 years, she was always on a search for a 100% natural remedy that is non-intrusive yet effective. This led to her discovery that heat can actually relief endometriosis (menstrual cramps) in ... [Read More]

  • 2pcs Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light Welcome Light Laser Emblem Logo Lamps Kit for Florida Gators

    • UPC: 190497539616
    • ASIN: B01NAIZKJ3
    • Brand: Kess
    • Manufacturer: HCL

    Product Description This product is wireless, and especially designed for auto modification. It will not destroy your original car appearance, but it will make your driving more fun! This dazzling logo signal light will project onto the ground every time you open the door and will be automatically turned off when you close your car doors. FEATURES... [Read More]

  • TACKLIFE Charcoal Grill, 22.5-Inch, BBQ Outdoor Picnic, Black

    • UPC: 794604564265
    • ASIN: B07K55C3Z5
    • Brand: TACKLIFE
    • Size: CG01A
    • Manufacturer: TACKLIFE

    ▲ TACKLIFE - There is never a cooking method that can reflect the taste of the food itself like a barbecue We are the fans of the barbecue, we are the spreaders of the barbecue culture, the barbecue allows us to return to the natural wilderness and enjoy the fun. Sharing food, promoting communication and emotional communication, he deserves to be... [Read More]

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