Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals For Health & Weight Loss

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  • Mom's Best Cereals Mallow Oats Cereal 12 oz (Pack of 3)

    • UPC: 883978096028
    • ASIN: B075H56SBF
    • Manufacturer: Mom's Best Cereals

    Made with natural flavors

  • Mom's Best Sweetened Wheatfuls Whole Grain Wheat Cereal 16.5 oz. (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 883978095984
    • ASIN: B077V161XG
    • Brand: Mom's Best
    • Manufacturer: Mom's Best

    Expires JULY 23, 2018 (2 Boxes - 16.5 Ounces Each)...BRAND NEW Factory Sealed...Lightly Sweetened Whole Grain Wheat Cereal...6 Grams Fiber Per Serving...NO Artificial Flavors or Preservatives...NO High Fructose Corn Syrup...NO Partially Hydrogenated Oil...Ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat, Sugar, Gelatin, Freshness Preserved with Vitamin E (Mixed Toco... [Read More]

  • Mom's Best Honey Nut Toasty O's - 13.5 oz (Pack of 4)

    • UPC: 605181230552
    • Brand: Mom's Best Natural Cereals
    • Manufacturer: MOM Brands

    HEALTHY CHOICES AT HEALTHY PRICES Mom's Best cereals are a delicious, affordable and environmentally friendly way to do what's best for the people around your breakfast table and around the planet. MOM'S BEST® CEREALS EARN SEAL OF APPROVAL FROM WHOLE GRAIN COUNCIL MOM Brands is pleased to announce our membership in the Whole Grains Council, an... [Read More]

  • Mom's Best - Crispy Cocoa Rice - 13 oz (Pack of 4)

    • UPC: 883978147263
    • ASIN: B00J8QSH4S
    • Brand: Mom's Best Natural Cereals
    • Size: 13oz (Pack of 4)
    • Manufacturer: Mom's Brands

    Mom's Best Cereals---Family friendly for four generations.

  • Mom's Best Cereal-Quick Oats, 16-Ounce

    • UPC: 042400016922
    • ASIN: B00R4HW0JG
    • Brand: Mom's Best
    • Manufacturer: Mom's Best Naturals

    Mom's Best Cereal-Quick Oats, 16-Ounce

  • LUNA BAR - Gluten Free Bars - Nutz Over Chocolate - (1.69 Ounce Snack Bars, 15 Count)

    • UPC: 722252203106
    • ASIN: B0000CEO81
    • Brand: LUNA
    • Size: 15 Count
    • Manufacturer: Luna

    LUNA Whole Nutrition Bars are crafted to help keep you nourished throughout your busy day and give you the energy to break through. Each bar is a delicious, gluten-free snack that’s perfect between meals.

  • Clif Kid ZBAR - Organic Granola Bars - Iced Oatmeal Cookie - (1.27 Ounce Energy Bars, Kids Snack, 18 Count)

    • UPC: 722252194299
    • ASIN: B0089PYS74
    • Brand: Clif Kid ZBar
    • Size: 18 Count
    • Manufacturer: Clif Bar

    CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic, baked whole grain, granola bar snack, made with a blend of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and fat to give kids energy so they can keep zipping and zooming along. Our products never include high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

  • Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Fruits + Greens Strawberry Spinach Cashew, 1.24 oz Bars (15 Count)

    • UPC: 021908490625
    • ASIN: B01N78WFQJ
    • Brand: LÄRABAR
    • Size: 15 Count
    • Manufacturer: General Mills

    At Larabar we believe that real, wholesome food can be delicious when you mix a few carefully chosen ingredients. Larabar Fruits + Greens has a quarter cup of greens in each bar, but what you taste are the delicious and bright fruit flavors. They’re kosher, dairy-free, gluten free, and vegan, with no sugar added. Sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe ... [Read More]

  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 25% Less Sugar 3 Flavor Variety Pack (58 Bars)

    • ASIN: B074PTW8TX
    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: 58 Bars
    • Manufacturer: QTG Products (Sortable)

    Quaker Chewy 25% Less Sugar Granola Bars are an alternative to other Chewy bars. With 25% less sugar than regular Chewy bars and 8 grams of whole grain, these bars are a great snacking option. This variety pack includes Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Cream flavors.

  • Frontier Co-op Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes, 1 Pound Bulk Bag

    • UPC: 089836023261
    • ASIN: B00016XJM4
    • Brand: Frontier
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Frontier

    This is a primary nutritional yeast from pure strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, grown on mixtures of cane and beet molasses. Use in place of cheese in rice, pasta and bean dishes and salads. Also goes great on popcorn and in snack mixes.

  • Stakich Bee Pollen Granules - 1 Pound (16 Ounce) - Pure, Natural, Unprocessed

    • UPC: 796433826958
    • ASIN: B001LQXU8Q
    • Brand: Stakich
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Stakich, Inc

    Stakich Bee Pollen Granules are premium quality and all natural with absolutely NO additives - all of its enzymes are kept intact, providing you with a rich source of vitamins, especially B12 and E, minerals, and amino acids. It has a mildly sweet and floral taste that you can add to smoothies, cereals, yogurts, or any of your favorite everyda... [Read More]

  • Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Blueberry (12 Bars), Packaging May Vary, Non GMO, Vegan Snacks

    • UPC: 047495112900
    • ASIN: B006BHRU9U
    • Brand: Nature's Bakery
    • Size: 12 Count
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Bakery

    Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars are fuel for everyday life's great journeys. Made with wholesome and natural ingredients, our delicious soft-baked baked bars are filled with real fruit for an on-the-go snack that satisfies. Perfectly portioned in two bars, our twin-packs don't melt, crumble or break--they're the daily snack companion you can r... [Read More]

  • Gerber Lil' Crunchies Mild Cheddar, 1.48 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)

    • ASIN: B000MXHQTS
    • Brand: Gerber Graduates
    • Size: 1.48 Ounce (Pack of 6)
    • Manufacturer: Gerber Graduates

    Gerber Lil' Crunchies Mild Cheddar Baked Whole Grain Corn Snacks are a delicious and nutritious snack specially designed for your newly independent eater.  Lil' Crunchies snacks are a great first snack for Crawlers because they have a meltable texture that dissolves easily, are easy for them to chew and swallow, and have a shape that is just right... [Read More]

  • Spectrum Essentials Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries, 12 Ounce

    • UPC: 022506125070
    • ASIN: B001SB1SEM
    • Brand: Spectrum
    • Size: 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Spectrum

    Spectrum Essentials Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries blends the benefits of Omega-3 acids and fiber* with super fruits. Organic ground flaxseeds are combined with bits of real blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and elderberries for a bright, fruity flavor. With 3g of dietary fiber per serving, our ground flaxseed blend is a simpl... [Read More]

  • SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Single-Serve Packets (1000 Count)

    • UPC: 767563808947
    • ASIN: B000F3N7AC
    • Brand: Splenda
    • Size: 1000 Count
    • Manufacturer: Splenda

    Splenda-No Calorie Sweetener Value Pack-1000 Count-Sugar Substitute for Use with Coffee, Tea, Fruit, Cereal, and More

  • MOM Brands Sweetened Wheat-Fuls Cereal - 16.5 ounce -Pack of THREE

    • UPC: 605181231030
    • ASIN: B00KJINXG6
    • Brand: Mom's Best Natural Cereals
    • Size: 3 x 16.5 ounce
    • Manufacturer: Mom's Best Natural Cereals

    OUR PRODUCTS We all know that little things can make a big difference and this idea has mattered to us since 1919. Mom's Best® cereals are a delicious, affordable and environmentally friendly way to do what's best for the people around your breakfast table and around the planet. Free of artificial flavors or preservatives. No hydrogenated oils. No... [Read More]

  • Wisdom Sweet Drops Caramel 1.7 fl.oz. 6 pack

    • UPC: 707129238580
    • ASIN: B073HJPPXM
    • Brand: SweetLeaf
    • Manufacturer: Wisdom of the ancients

    Delicious sweet drops 6 pack. Great with coffee or any other beverages reqquiring a little sweetening.

  • Plum Organics Super Puffs Variety Pack, 1.5 Ounce (Pack of 8)

    • UPC: 766789848225
    • ASIN: B00PA40FOM
    • Brand: Plum Organics
    • Size: Pack of 8
    • Manufacturer: Plum Organics Tots

    Super Puffs, a colorful line of bite-sized, nutritious puffed snacks, are made with whole grains and organic veggies and fruit. With 14 essential vitamins and minerals, Super Puffs delight tiny taste buds with a rainbow of nutritional goodness. Perfectly sized baby food for little fingers, this snack encourages self- feeding and easily dissolves in... [Read More]

  • CLIF MOJO - Salty Sweet Snack Bar - Folk Revival Peanut Butter Pretzel - (1.59 Ounce Snack Bar, 12 Count) (Packaging May Vary)

    • UPC: 722252326294
    • ASIN: B006QSAEK6
    • Brand: Clif Bar
    • Size: 12 Count
    • Manufacturer: Mojo Bar

    Its chock full of whole nuts, pretzel pieces and other tasty, all-natural morsels. Crunchy & chewy, with a sweet & salty taste, its a perfect snack. And since its made with 70% organic ingredients, its good for the planet too.

  • 5 Pounds Of Dates Pitted (5lb)

    • UPC: 703255104263
    • ASIN: B0727V394G
    • Brand: We Grow Nuts
    • Size: 5lb
    • Manufacturer: We Got Nuts

    Pitted dates 5 Pounds

  • Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals For Health & Weight Loss

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