Best Weed One Hitters on September 2023 Shopping Deals at Bestonio.com

  • Large SilverStick: 15 Cotton Filters (Lg), Poker, End Cap and a Cigarette Style Pipe

    • UPC: 677306300686
    • ASIN: B07B4MWSDW
    • Brand: SilverStick
    • Size: Large

    The SilverStick is a clean, modern take on the classic. Extremely durable (made of aircraft-grade metal alloy) and portable, it's an easy companion for all your adventures. Dimensions 3.125" Length x .44" Diameter. Package includes: 1 SilverStick (Large), 15 Natural Cotton Filters, 1 Stainless Steel Poker and an End Cap.

  • PILOT D Quartz Tube Greens Straw 3.6" Filter Accessories × 4 (1 Hit)

    • UPC: 778739549847
    • ASIN: B07TK8YTTV
    • Brand: PILOT D
    • Manufacturer: HYPET

    PILOT D Greens Glass Straw is made of high-quality silicone. Size: Lentgh: 4 inches; Weight: 0.4 inches Technique: *They can withstand high temperature (-40F to 482F). *Freezer/Microwave/Dishwasher Safe. Package Including: 3 × Quartz Greens Straw

  • Blue Mini Alloy Herb Tool with Five Stainless Steel Screen Filters

    • UPC: 699963596547
    • ASIN: B07MGDJM8T
    • Brand: MeetAt Cor
    • Manufacturer: MeetAt Cor

    Description: Size:3*0.7*1.5 inch. Weight:1.25 oz. Package Included: 1pc Alloy Pipe 5pcs Stainless Steel Screen

  • Cali Crusher 100% Smell Proof Pouch w/Locking Key (6in x 6in) (Olive Green)

    • ASIN: B07C5B5BDL
    • Brand: Cali Crusher®
    • Size: 6x6
    • Manufacturer: Cali Crusher

    Cali Crusher Pouch - 6"x6" is 100% smell proof. It comes with a simple locking zipper (keys included) to keep prying eyes away. Once closed, it traps all odors inside the bag using activated carbon, along with our weather resistant materials. Dog tested and approved!

  • PURR Smokey Rolling Tip (Green) - Improve Your Smoking Experience with This High Quality Glass Filter Tip for Tastier Flavor & Smoother Hits! Easily Cleaned & 100% Reusable. Great for Hand Rolls

    • ASIN: B071R5ZBG7
    • Brand: PURR
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: PURR

    Instantly upgrade your smoking experience! Simply add this glass filter tip to your hand rolls for big, smooth and hassle free hits. Truly the best on the market! Similar to vintage cigarette holders, our Smokey filter tips feel comfortable and are as easy to use as they are effective. Get improved quality and volume in your hits, while your glass ... [Read More]

  • EMB (1) Metal Novelty Fake Cigarette (3-inch)

    • UPC: 655207560583
    • ASIN: B07SSM337M
    • Brand: Embers
    • Manufacturer: Embers

    Small, light, and compact enough for travel, your cigarette pipes are the perfectly portable conversation pieces that'll have everyone wanting to take a puff!

  • Side Swivel Inlaid Wood Rumble Box

    • UPC: 704798140091
    • ASIN: B07CZ636F8
    • Brand: Rumble Box
    • Manufacturer: Rumble Box

    Updated design! Super Small and Super Portable. Quality decorative box dugout from sustainable teak wood with handmade work on each one. Variety of uses. Attractive One Hitter Inlay Strip Design on Lid of Box. Can hold and protect anything from pocket change to whatever you can come up with yourself. Perfect for concert season, time on the beach, o... [Read More]

  • SNVIN Exclusively Designed Small and Exquisite Pipe (red)

    • ASIN: B07QL32Q31
    • Brand: SNVIN
    • Manufacturer: SNVIN

    Hey guys! I am SNVIN, I am a real person, not a cold robot. I often communicate with my fans because they are willing to be friends with me. This time, I designed a special product for everyone. It's small but very delicate, everything is the same as described on the picture, WYSIWYG, I will send two packs of tube screens and a black storage bag fo... [Read More]

  • SNVIN Mini Personalized Portable Pipe (with Lid) (Silver)

    • ASIN: B07PF72YTP
    • Brand: SNVIN
    • Manufacturer: SNVIN

    Hello, my friends, I am SNVIN. This time I will bring you a brand new creative pipe. It is filled with fascinating metal (made of pure iron). This pipe is similar to another silver pipe in my store, but it is a lot different and very unique. Many SNVIN fans sent me a message asking if I could design a pipe with a lid. Ok, I did it, the same classic... [Read More]

  • SNVIN Exclusive Design Creative Pipe Portable Pipe (with Lid) (Blue)

    • Brand: SNVIN
    • Manufacturer: SNVIN

    SNVIN is a company specializing in the development of pipes and pipes. With the best designers and the most rigorous technology, no matter where you are, bring the pipe made by SNVIN. When you need it, it will appear like a flash. Solve your anxiety and meet your needs. This pipe is made of all metal, no matter what you do, it still maintains a coo... [Read More]

  • Premium Flat Mouth Glass Tube Tool Kit with Cleaning Tools + Storage Bag (Rose Gold)

    • UPC: 699993165867
    • ASIN: B07K6SWDF4
    • Brand: StarGls
    • Manufacturer: StarGls

    Specification: Weight:5.6oz Size: 4.4x0.7x0.7inch Material: Metal + Glass Package includes: 1 x Screw 2 x Glass Tube 2 x Cleaning Tool 2 x O - Rings 2 x Rubber Cap 1 x Instructions 1 x Storage bag 1 x Zipper Case

  • Portable Metal All in One Pipe, Detachable, for Herbs (Purple)

    • UPC: 699966581106
    • ASIN: B07L6NSD9J
    • Brand: MeetAt Cor
    • Manufacturer: MeetAt Cor

    Packing List: 1 x Pipe 1 x Drawstring Bag

  • 2.5 Inch Spice Herb Grinder, Siasky 4 Piece Manual Grinders with Pollen Catcher, Premium Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder with Diamond Shaped Teeth, Elegant Black

    • UPC: 742500881153
    • ASIN: B019VT4ECU
    • Brand: Siasky
    • Size: 2.5 inch
    • Manufacturer: Siasky

    Guess you are looking for the best grinder, Siasky 2.5 inch crank handle grinder was created to give you insights on what to look for in a non-toxic, safe, and durable grinder.  WHAT THE BEST GRINDERS HAVE IN COMMON 1.The material A good grinder should be made from anodized aluminum, this is a special way that totally different from panting, that ... [Read More]

  • SNVIN Pipe Portable Personality Pipe Mini Detachable Filter Tube Retro Style

    • ASIN: B07S9575ZV
    • Brand: SNVIN
    • Manufacturer: SNVIN

    💜Measures Approx- Length:Width:5 Inch,Height:0.7 Inch.💜Top Quality- for Serious Everyday Smokers,unbreakable and shatter-proof.💜Unique- Smart travel-tobacco-smoking-pipe,lid allows to carry in any hand-bag,back-pack,pocket,vehicle and etc.💜Easy to clean- The entire product is removable 💜what you get- 2 pac... [Read More]

  • Jamaican Army Knife (JAK) - 420 Grade Stainless Steel 8-in-1 Multi-Function SmokerÂ's Pocket Knife Tool Kit

    • UPC: 681321102934
    • ASIN: B074PR61MB
    • Brand: Jamaican Army
    • Manufacturer: Jamaican Army

    The Jamaican Army Knife (JAK) helps simplify and organize the life of a smoker while making it easier, more convenient & less stressful. We use high quality materials to construct our extremely reliable multi-function smoking tool and pocket knife. With our patented and trademarked merchandise, we truly strive to always impress our customers by pro... [Read More]

  • Mini Alloy Tobacco Pipe Scale Design Herb Smoking Tool with 5 Stainless Steel Screen Filters (Black)

    • UPC: 787894803671
    • Brand: remanker
    • Manufacturer: remanker

    Specification:Material:Zinc Alloy Lenght: 97mmWeight: 40gFeature:Top Quality- for Serious Everyday Smokers,unbreakable and shatter-proof.Unique Smart travel design  tobacco smoking pipe,one remanker drawstring storage bag is included,allows you to carry in any hand-bag,back-pack,pocket when you are travelling,outing.Detachable into three pieces... [Read More]

  • Stash Jar - Airtight Smell Proof Durable Multi-Use Portable Metal Herb Jar Container. Waterproof Aluminum Screw-top Lid Lock Odor. Beautiful Discreet Design Store Herbs Tobacco Spices Securely-Silver

    • ASIN: B01N3PKP5A
    • Brand: SimpleChoice
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Kreate88

    Stash Jars - Durable, Airtight, Smell Proof, Storage Containers by SimpleChoice. Our 1/8 oz (4.0 gram) or 50 mL Stash Jars are constructed with high quality aluminum, and are a perfect solution to storing and preserving your favorite herbs, food, or products. These stash jars are discrete, simple to use, and portable. The silver brushed aluminum de... [Read More]

  • SNVIN Pipe Portable Personality Pipe Mini Detachable Filter Pipe (Silver)

    • ASIN: B07S952DLR
    • Brand: SNVIN
    • Manufacturer: SNVIN

    ♥ In line with ergonomics Length:Width:5 Inch,Height:0.7 Inch.♥Top Quality:unbreakable and shatter-proof.♥Unique- Smart travel pipe,allows to carry in any hand-bag,back-pack,pocket,vehicle and etc.♥Easy to clean- The entire product is removable ♥what you get- 2 pack of filters (10 pieces)and a storage bag black ★★★★★SNVIN p... [Read More]

  • Mantello Royal Small Tobacco Pipe (Red Burl, 3.5 Inch)

    • UPC: 600172750194
    • ASIN: B077YVNSQB
    • Brand: Mantello
    • Size: 3.5"
    • Manufacturer: Mantello

    The Mantello Royal Red 3.5 inch Pipe is your go to pipe for any moment, its nice durable and inexpensive. Here are the specifications, Length: 3.5 in. Height: 1.25 in. Weight: 1.3 oz. Bowl Depth: 0.62 in. Bowl Diameter: 0.81 in. Finish: Smooth Bowl Material: Metal Stem Material: Acrylic. Grab one you won't be disappointed if you are just email us f... [Read More]

  • 3.5 Inch Royal Small Tobacco Pipe with removable Air Flow Regulator

    • UPC: 737534312254
    • ASIN: B003B6W9SQ
    • Brand: GStar
    • Manufacturer: GStar

    Small pocket size tobacco pipe This is a beautiful tobacco pipe. This is the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones. It is compact in size and light weight so that it can be carried around easily anywhere as you go.



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