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  • Best Trip Ever: The Vacation Travel Book for Toddlers, Kids, and Parents (Big Heart, Little Laughs)

    • ASIN: 0578527189
    • ISBN: 0578527189
    • Manufacturer: Epic

    Ever needed a vacation from your vacation?!You must be a parent.Fortunately, Little One is experiencing her first airplane adventure through the awestruck eyes of a child. She’s off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and couldn’t be more excited!Packing suitcases, making new friends in tight quarters, eating ALL the snacks, and planning amazing ... [Read More]

  • Everywhere I Go, God Is With Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470748576
    • ISBN: 1470748576
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    While playing or praying or sleeping at home, Bubba knows he’s never alone! Li’l Bubba is having a whale of a day—because he’s just that: a whale!  Little ones love joining Bubba as he squeezes into a car seat, wheels through the supermarket, and tips a teeter-totter sky-high on the playground.  And parents love their preschoolers discove... [Read More]

  • Boy-Crazy Stacey (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel #7): A Graphix Book (7) (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels)

    • ASIN: 1338304518
    • ISBN: 1338304518
    • Brand: GRAPHIX
    • Manufacturer: Graphix

    A brand-new graphic novel adapted by USA Today bestselling author Gale Galligan!Stacey and Mary Anne are baby-sitting for the Pike family for two weeks at the New Jersey shore. Things are great in Sea City: There's a gorgeous house right on the beach, a boardwalk, plenty of sun and sand... and the cutest boy Stacey has ever seen!Mary Anne thinks th... [Read More]

  • The Tycoon's Vacation (Baby for the Billionaire, Book 2)

    • ASIN: B005OZIG16
    • Manufacturer: Eternal Dreams

    This is the second book in the ‘Baby for the Billionaire’ series. Drew Titan decides it's time to take a vacation at one of his exotic resorts, and ends up literally running into Trinity Mathews while he's surfing. They end up having a steamy romance over the week long vacation, until she finds out he's the resort’s owner, and lied to her. Tr... [Read More]

  • Here's the Reason God Made Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470748606
    • ISBN: 1470748606
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    This busy, buzzy, bumbly bee has a story to share with you—and me!  Whether dancing or prancing or leaning in for a hug and snuggle, Abbee knows she’s been made for just those moments.  Made by God…a heart-healthy lesson every child longs to discover! Check out the entire Best of Li’l Buddies series, including:• Everywhere I Go, God Is ... [Read More]

  • Never Fear, God Is Near (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470750368
    • ISBN: 1470750368
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    When swooping and soaring on his first flight ever, baby Beacon knows he’s not alone!  Little ones will love following Beacon on his flying test as he dodges trees, flies down to the sea, around a cliff, and up high in the sky. All with his parents nearby reminding him, “Don’t worry!”  Beacon’s adventure reminds little ones to “Never ... [Read More]

  • All Day Long, God Loves Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470748592
    • ISBN: 1470748592
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    Sleeping or playing or in flight with his flock, God loves Skyler around the clock!  Join this li’l bird on a flight of fun—and discovery.  From a morning stretch—so big!—to a tuck-in yawn, Skyler feels the sun on his wings and the love of God warming his heart.  Young children will see how Skyler’s day is just like their own. And they... [Read More]

  • All Day Long, God Is Good (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 147075729X
    • ISBN: 147075729X
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    As Savanna gallops through her day, she finds gifts from God along the way. Encourage your child to see God’s good gifts in every flower, friend, and ray of sunshine! Savanna's story helps little ones know that All Day Long, God Is Good, in fun, age-appropriate ways. Packed with vibrant, full-color illustrations and relationship-reinforcing Bible... [Read More]

  • What Should Danny Do? School Day (The Power to Choose Series)

    • ASIN: 0692914374
    • ISBN: 0692914374
    • Manufacturer: Elon Books

    FUN. INTERACTIVE. EMPOWERING. "The absolute best book available for kids ages 4-9." - Maya Shanun, Pediatrician & Mother of 58 stories in 1! Danny is back in an all new adventure! In this follow up to the #1 Amazon Best Seller, What Should Danny Do?, your children will get to decide how Danny's day at school will end! Children love being able to ... [Read More]

  • The Sheikh's Secret Amnesia Baby (Forbidden Desert Interracial Romance Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07V792PH4

    They told me to move on. I couldn’t.When she disappeared, I didn’t just lose the love of my life. I lost the best piece of myself.No other woman could ever compare. No matter how many years past, I never forgot her...not even for one night. I’d lost all hope of ever finding her again.Until the day I was lounging on a tropical beach, and she s... [Read More]

  • Mountain Man's Baby: A Best Friend's Brother Romance

    • ASIN: B07XSF15D7
    • Manufacturer: New Chronica Publishing

    It’s always been about the ladies.Beautiful, curvy girls that steal my thoughts.I’m not into long-term commitments. I like to keep things casual.But this latest vixen surprised me.My little sister’s best friend. All grown up.She’s everything I want in my life, but she’s got her head on too straight.Smart. Strong. Gorgeous.And after a quic... [Read More]

  • When Friends Share, God Is There! (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470757281
    • ISBN: 1470757281
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    Uh-oh.  There’s just one cookie—and five hungry friends.  Join Baby Mack and his famished crew as they consider what to do.  Help your young child discover sharing is fun—and builds friendships! Mack's story helps little ones know that When Friends Share, God Is There!, in fun, age-appropriate ways. Packed with vibrant, full-color illustra... [Read More]

  • Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 14)

    • ASIN: 1419739034
    • ISBN: 1419739034
    • Brand: Amulet Books
    • Manufacturer: Amulet Books

    In Wrecking Ball, Book 14 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series—from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney—an unexpected inheritance gives Greg Heffley’s family a chance to make big changes to their house. But they soon find that home improvement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Once the walls come down, all sorts of problems start... [Read More]

  • Dad's Best Friend

    • ASIN: B01N6XOCAR

    Losing my parents was one of the hardest things that I’d ever been through. I was just a teenager and needed my mom. Through legal paperwork as well as love, I went to live with Dad’s best friend, Perry Adams. They were friends since grade school, and I didn’t know anyone better than Perry. It was perfect.Then came the years when I grew olde... [Read More]

  • The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain: Howls Romance

    • ASIN: B076HXYF3Q

    This dragon will set your heart on fire!He's a dragon prince promised in an arranged marriage to a princess who's just disappeared.She's a lonely virgin on vacation who just happens to look exactly like the missing princess.Has he got an offer for her...Prince Victor can't inherit the crown until he fathers a child on a woman of royal blood. For th... [Read More]

  • Loving My Best Friend's Dad : An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

    • ASIN: B06ZY88QRR

    How could it be wrong when it feels so right?When my best friend, Renee, convinced me to party with her in the big city on Spring Break, I hesitated. I'm shy, innocent, and I wouldn't know how to play the game. But she insisted, and for once I decided to let loose a little. I even went home with a man who was more mature, more handsome, and definit... [Read More]

  • My Best Friend's Dad (Older Men Do It Better Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07PV1DLM4

    He's the one man I can't have…and the only one I want.MadisonI'm not supposed to want David. He's too old for me. He doesn't do relationships. He has a ton of experience, and I have none. But worst of all? He's my best friend's dad.I haven’t seen David since I went away to college three years ago. But this week my best friend and I are tagging ... [Read More]

  • Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know

    • ASIN: 1470750295
    • ISBN: 1470750295
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    Jesus is the stuff best friends are made of--especially if you're a kid!  He’s always up for hearing how the day went, listening to worries, and laughing at silly jokes. And he wants to share about himself, too, as best friends do. Notes From Jesus are his messages to new friends. Each playfully illustrated note includes: • Answers to common ... [Read More]

  • Baby Maker

    • ASIN: B07L2F6DR8

    I’m “The Baby Maker.”I give women what they want, no questions asked.And I get paid to do it. It’s the easiest job in the world.No fuss, no mess, and I make a ton of money.It was perfect.Then my next client walked in, and everything went to hell.Elisha was the last person I expected to see. The girl that got away.Curves that could make a mo... [Read More]

  • When I'm Sad, God Loves Me (Best of Li'l Buddies)

    • ASIN: 1470757273
    • ISBN: 1470757273
    • Brand: Group Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Group Publishing

    Zion the lion turns his frown upside down. One skinned knee, a tummy ache, an oopsy-fumbled birthday cake. Will anything go right? Help your child to see that even on sad days, God loves us!  Zion's story helps little ones know that When I'm Sad,God Loves Me, in fun, age-appropriate ways. Packed with vibrant, full-color illustrations and relations... [Read More]

  • VLOG: First Vacation With My Baby to Cabo | Susan Yara

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