Burns: Classification and Treatment

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  • Alocane Emergency Burn Gel, 4% Lidocaine Maximum Strength Fast Pain and Itch Relief for Minor Burns, Sunburn, Kitchen, Radiation, Chemical, First Degree Burns, First Aid Treatment Burn Care 2.5 Fl Oz

    • UPC: 846241006469
    • ASIN: B00EM4G7LG
    • Brand: Alocane
    • Size: One Pack
    • Manufacturer: Alocane

    ALC646-2 Pack Features: -Conditions: Burns. Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 0.45

  • Shaveworks The Cool Fix

    • UPC: 133368100218
    • ASIN: B00353ECJO
    • Brand: Shaveworks
    • Size: 2 ounce
    • Manufacturer: Shaveworks

    Put out the fire. The Cool Fix is a soothing, cooling blue gel designed to alleviate problems which may result from waxing and or shaving. It helps reduce ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, and redness. The Cool Fix also helps release trapped hairs from underneath the skin, kill bacteria, and prevent ingrown hairs from reoccurring. It spreads ... [Read More]

  • Burn-FIX- 4 Pack-Burn Gel Dressing 4" X 4" Burn Care-First Aid Treatment. Immediate Pain Relief Burn Cream- Hydrogel For 1st, 2nd Degree Burns, Chemical, Razor and Sunburns. For Home, Work, Fire, EMS.

    • UPC: 820103291088
    • ASIN: B00D2KKH2Q
    • Brand: Burn-FIX
    • Size: 4 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Burn-FIX

    WHEN DOCTORS "GET BURNED" THIS IS WHAT THEY DO... Takes The Burn Out Of Burns! - Stops The Pain! - Cools, Moisturizes & Starts the Healing Process - Non-adherent- Helps Protect Against Contamination Provides Healing Capabilities Against Infection Sources "When you have an injury like an open wound or burn, the goal is to get rid of the pain, avoid... [Read More]

  • Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution For Unsightly Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair And Razor Burns, 8 Fl. Oz Bottle

    • UPC: 701483650460
    • ASIN: B001ECQ7G4
    • Brand: Tend Skin
    • Size: 8 Fl. Oz
    • Manufacturer: Tend Skin Store

    Tend Skin After Shave Ingrown Hair Solution effectively reduces the appearance of unsightly ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and redness from shaving, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal.

  • Radiation Burn Relief Cream - All Natural Paraben, Sulfate Pthalate and Petro Chemical Free Radiation Burn Relief, Natural Radiation Treatment Cream for Radiation Therapy Skin Relief - 6 Ounce

    • UPC: 853403008193
    • ASIN: B07JZHHF1R
    • Brand: UltimateVitality
    • Manufacturer: Ultimate Vitality

    All Natural Radiation Relief Cream

  • Tend Skin Care Solution Refillable Roll On, 2.5 Ounce

    • UPC: 607573091031
    • ASIN: B002NVBR24
    • Brand: Tend Skin
    • Size: 2.5 Fl Oz
    • Manufacturer: Tend Skin

    View larger Tend Skin for Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair: This trusted skin care solution is specially formulated to reduce ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing, as well as prevent razor bumps and razor burn for smooth, irritation-free skin. Men can use it on their face, neck and back of the head while women find it useful on legs, bikini line, unde... [Read More]

  • Aftershave Serum for Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs 4.2oz Natural & Organic Ingredients to Prevent Razor Burn, Soothe Inflammation & Ingrown Hair Treatment With Ginger Root & Burdock Root Era-Organics

    • UPC: 850241007463
    • ASIN: B077818LPR
    • Brand: Era Organics
    • Manufacturer: Era Organics

    For HUGE Discounts See Images & Coupons Above! Say Goodbye to Post Shave Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs & Breakouts! Most of us have to shave, but we don't always look forward to it. Razor burn, irritation and white heads affect millions of men, especially those with curly hair. That's why we've formulated a super robust aftershave serum that not onl... [Read More]

  • Completely Bare bikini bump BLASTER Ingrown Hair & Bikini Bump Eliminator with Witch Hazel & Green Tea - Citrus Scent 50 ea

    • UPC: 191567853885
    • ASIN: B07HJ762WL
    • Brand: Completely Bare
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Completely Bare

    HERE'S THE SCOOP: Blast your bumps away with our bikini bump BLASTER! These easy-to-use premoistened pads are saturated with Salycylic Acid and Glycolic Acid to help exfoliate and smooth your skin. - Reduces the appearance of ingrown hair & bumps - Helps smooth skin - Contains both Glycolic Acid 5% & Salicylic Acid 2% to help prep the skin & clean ... [Read More]

  • Tend Skin After Shave Solution for Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps & Razor Burns on Womens legs / underarms / bikini lines & Mens neck / body / head, 4 ounce

    • UPC: 885827788887
    • ASIN: B00BVO6RT2
    • Brand: Tend Skin
    • Manufacturer: Tend Skin

    Its one-of-a-kind formula is made specifically to be gentle on delicate skin areas for both men and women. Using it is simple and easy - simply clean and dry the affected area, and apply a thin coat of Tend Skin Solution one to two times a day. It's guaranteed to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs, soothe irritated and minimize the appearance o... [Read More]

  • Organic Shingles Relief Cream - with Manuka Honey - Antibacterial Face Body Recovery Cream - Nerve Pain Relief - Rash, Rosacea & Eczema Treatment - Relieve Itchy Dry Skin - (64oz) [Half-Gallon]

    • UPC: 603404817023
    • ASIN: B01EIWF6SQ
    • Brand: DermaChange
    • Size: 64 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: DermaChange

    "Within one minute the pain and itching was GONE!" "Within 48 hours I noticed the shingles began shrinking!" "It's really amazing! I really can't believe how it works so well!" Get rid of the itching, pain, and even your shingles sores themselves with this Shingles Symptoms Relief Cream. Shingles is a frustrating, unsightly, and extremely painful v... [Read More]

  • Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Natural Formula 8 Oz for Women & Men: Best Serum for Ingrown Hairs, Acne, Razor Bumps, Razor Burn: Use After Shaving, Waxing, Electrolysis & Hair Removal Treatment

    • UPC: 820103116886
    • ASIN: B00ZYYXEO6
    • Brand: Kerah Lane
    • Size: 8 Oz (2 Bottles)
    • Manufacturer: Kerah Lane

    Tired of putting off wearing that great bikini only because of your ingrown hairs? Annoyed by constantly nicking yourself with your razor leaving unsightly razor bumps? Are you done with the rashes and redness left by your wax, electrolysis, or laser hair removal treatments? Say no more! The Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula is the answe... [Read More]

  • Pac-Kit by First Aid Only 13-600 First Aid/Burn Cream, 0.9 gm Packet (Box of 60)

    • UPC: 738743136006
    • ASIN: B00E8JREGC
    • Brand: First Aid Only
    • Size: 1 Box
    • Manufacturer: Pac-Kit

    Pac-Kit convenient burn cream packet. Perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit. It contains benzalkonium chloride 0.13 percent and liocaine HCL 0.9 percent to help prevent infection. It comes in 9-grams packet. It provide temporary relief from the pain of minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

  • Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel Medical-Grade Silicone for Face, Body, Stretch Marks, C-Sections, Surgical, Burn, Acne, Old & New Scars, Clinically Proven, 30g

    • UPC: 791281599344
    • Brand: Aroamas
    • Size: 1 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Aroamas

    Aroamas Scar Gel is a powerful scar-fighting solution made with the #1 doctor recommended scar therapy ingredient - 100% medical-grade silicone. It is trusted by physicians, dermatologists, and burn centers worldwide. Our scar gel's natural yet potent formula effectively diminishes the look of old and new scars, reduces redness, and relieves itchi... [Read More]

  • Spenco 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads, Small (1.5 x 2 Inches), 6-Count

    • UPC: 038472505013
    • ASIN: B0000ASRWT
    • Brand: Spenco
    • Size: 1.5" X 2"
    • Manufacturer: Spenco Medical

    Moist burn pads are made from pure sterile water to cool and soothe on contact. a moist comfortable barrier that helps heal while protecting the burn. cut to fit or combine for larger burns. won't stick to the wound, and latex free.

  • Bump Patrol Original Formula After Shave Bump Treatment Serum - Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair Solution for Men and Women - 4 Ounces

    • UPC: 885310358665
    • ASIN: B000NPJHQU
    • Brand: Bump Patrol
    • Size: 4oz, Single
    • Manufacturer: Atlas Ethnic

    The aftershave treatment countless men and women use to treat and prevent razor bumps!​There is nothing more frustrating than trying to achieve a clean shave and getting stuck with a bunch of pesky razor bumps and ingrown hairs after you are done shaving.  This is where Bump Patrol’s Original Formula comes in. It safely eliminates razor burn... [Read More]

  • Magid Glove & Safety MP3066 Burn Aid Pain Relief Burn Treatment Gel, 3.5 g, Clear (Pack of 25)

    • ASIN: B0771G7T5R
    • Brand: Magid Glove & Safety
    • Size: 3.5 g
    • Manufacturer: Magid Glove & Safety

    The burn aid burn treatment gel contains melaleuca oil 1 percent for fast Relief for burns, scalds and sunburn. Cools sooths and helps prevent infection to aid healing. Water soluble gel can be rinsed off. This gel is sterile, non toxic and comes in individually packaged Doses.Magid Glove & Safety is America’s leading manufacturer, importer, and ... [Read More]

  • Medique MP26073 Products Burn Cream With Lidocaine, 0.9 Grams, 25 Packets

    • UPC: 094712815335
    • ASIN: B0047PSW7C
    • Brand: Medique
    • Size: 25 Count
    • Manufacturer: Medique Products

    The Medique medi-first burn cream contains Lidocaine for topical pain Relief from minor cuts, abrasions, burns and irritation. This burn cream comes in individually packaged Doses, and can be obtained in quantities of 6 Doses per box or 25 Doses per box.Magid Glove & Safety is America’s leading manufacturer, importer, and distributor of work glov... [Read More]

  • Jomelop G, Biophenol, Vitamins, Olive Oil Salve for Second-Degree and Third-Degree Face and Body Burns, Balm for Healing Blisters and Wounds - 90 G Jars - Once in 24 hours Application)

    • ASIN: B0763LT736
    • Brand: Saljic
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Menta

    JOMELOP G contains herbal oil extracts in combination with beeswax and olive oil that have the healing effects on both second-degree and third-degree skin burns caused either by fire or by chemicals. For external use only. Store it in a dark and dry place at room temperature. Recommended usage: Wash hands very good so they are completely clean. Dis... [Read More]

  • Cayman Scar Removal Treatment Gel for Sars from Burns, Cuts, Wounds and Acne

    • UPC: 791259326958
    • ASIN: B07P2Z85L2
    • Brand: Cutie Academy
    • Size: S002

    START REMOVING YOUR UNWANTED SCARS TODAY! CLICK "BUY NOW"! Benefits Removes Scars Hydrates Skin Treats Acne Removes Scars from: Acne Burns Wounds Surgical Marks Cuts Directions After cleaning, take appriate amount of gel, directly apply it to the scars. Lighly massage for many minutes till the gel is completely absorbed. Apply for tice of three t... [Read More]

  • Alocane Severe Sunburn Gel, with Lidocaine, Vitamin E & Brazillian Aloe, Pain, Itch, After Sun Relief to Help Soothe, Repair, Cool & Heal Sun Burned Skin, Alcohol Free Non-Irritating, 2.5 oz.

    • UPC: 846241024517
    • ASIN: B0725QYHBG
    • Brand: Alocane
    • Size: One Pack
    • Manufacturer: AmazonUs/QUEY9

    Alocane Severe Sunburn Gel is a water-based formula which quickly absorbs deep into the layers of skin. Alocane features the maximum percentage (4%) of Lidocaine Hydrochloride topical anesthetic allowed by the US FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) for use as an OTC (Over-The-Counter) product. Alocane does not contain any skin irritants ... [Read More]

  • Burns: Classification and Treatment

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    Burns: Classification and Treatment