World war 2 Top 10 Tank Destroyers (Videos)

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  • WW2 Tank Destroyer Division Panther Patch Distressed Tee

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  • Panzer Gunner: From My Native Canada to the German Osfront and Back. In Action with 25th Panzer Regiment, 7th Panzer Division 1944-45

    • ASIN: B007QUY4KO
    • Manufacturer: Helion and Company

    There are few memoirs available of German Panzer crews that focus on the climactic last 12 months of the war on the Eastern Front, 1944-45. What makes Bruno Friesen's account virtually unique is his family background: his parents came from a German-speaking Mennonite community in Ukraine, and were to all intents and purposes culturally German. To m... [Read More]

  • COBI Historical Collection SD. Kfz. 138 Marder 3 Ausf. H Tank

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    The Murder 3 was a German self-propelled anti-tank gun used during World War II. It was built on the chassis of the Czechoslovak 38(t). The Aus. H version was equipped with a German 75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun. The engine was placed at the back of the vehicle and the combat compartment was in its central part. This new COBI block replica of the Murde... [Read More]

  • WWII Tank Destroyer Forces Panther Patch Vintage T-Shirt

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  • Tank Killers: A History of America's World War II Tank Destroyer force

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    The Tank Killers is the story of the American Tank Destroyer Force in North Africa, Italy, and the European Theater during World War II. The tank destroyer (TD) was a bold-if some would say flawed-answer to the challenge posed by the seemingly unstoppable German blitzkrieg. The TD was conceived to be light and fast enough to outmaneuver panzer forc... [Read More]

  • Battle Islands

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  • M10 Tank Destroyer WWII - 16 x 24 inches

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    The M10 tank destroyer was an American tank destroyer of World War II. After US entry into World War II and the formation of the Tank Destroyer Force, a suitable vehicle was needed to equip the new battalions. By November 1941, the Army requested a vehicle with a gun in a fully rotating turret after other interim models were criticized for being to... [Read More]

  • Panzer Destroyer: Memoirs of a Red Army Tank Commander

    • ASIN: B005D7FKJQ
    • Manufacturer: Pen and Sword Military

    The day after Vasiliy Krysov finished school, on 22 June 1941, Germany attacked the Soviet Union and provoked a war of unparalleled extent and cruelty. For the next three years, as a tank commander, Krysov fought against the German panzers in some of the most intense and destructive armored engagements in history–including those at Stalingrad, Ku... [Read More]

  • Legend 1/35 M10 Tank Destroyer WWII Small Stowage (AFV Club / Academy) LF1171 .HN#GG_634T6344 G134548TY79372

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    Legend 1/35 M10 Tank Destroyer WWII Small Stowage (AFV Club / Academy) LF1171 .HN#GG_634T6344 G134548TY79372

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  • Deep Blue Professional DecoConcepts WWII Sunken Destroyer, 12-Inch

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    Deep Blue DecoConcepts Sunken WWII Destroyer This realistically detailed Deep Blue DecoConcepts Sunken WWII Destroyer is a great option for adding beauty and a touch of mystery to your aquarium. This great marina decor ornament is made from safe, non-toxic polyresin and infuses a great level of realism to any aquatic environment. So, bring it home ... [Read More]

  • WW2 Tank Destroyer Division Panther Patch Distressed Pullover Hoodie

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  • Battlefield 1942: World War II Anthology - PC

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    Find yourself in one of the 4 main staging grounds of World War II: the Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe or Northern Africa. You'll have the ability to control more than 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles and select from 5 distinct character classes. This anthology includes Battlefield 1942 (the 2002 PC Game of the Year), Battlefield 1942... [Read More]

  • Tamiya 300035285, 1: 35 WWII German Tank Destroyer, 38 ton (1).

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    KNL HOBBY Tamiya brand building model kit Note:Please pay attention this is building model kit, you need assemble them, paint them by yourself. The kit do not including any glue, paints and tools.

  • German Armour: The Panzer I and II

    • ASIN: B00XCBC7PK

  • Toanovelty 2nd Tank Battalion License Plate Frame, Popular WW2 Veteran Service Ribbon Stainless Steel Auto License Plate Frame with Screw Cover for Car 6' x 12.5' in

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  • One 1 OZ Shot glass Shell Casing"CRAZY RUSSIAN" - made of Real World War 2 era Russian anti tank shell casing

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    Our shell casings shot glasses are 100% unique because they made from real World War 2 Russian anti-tank rifle "PTRS-41 / PTRD-41 " shell casings. These cartridges (rounds) used by soldiers of the Soviet Red Army broke down a lot of German tanks and maсhines... And will YOU be able to stand on your feet when drink vodka from «TDS» (Tank Destroye... [Read More]

  • Home Comforts Laminated Poster British WW2 Archer Tank Destroyer. (The Picture is Been Edited) -More Information_ About The Asia' Vivid Imagery Poster Print 24 x 36

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  • COBI Small Army Panzerjäger Tiger (Elefant) Tank

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    • Brand: COBI
    • Manufacturer: Cobi Toys, LLC

    The - Panzerjäger Tiger Elegant was a heavy tank destroyer used by the Germans during World War II. Initially it was called Ferdinand, but underwent numerous modifications, ie., machine gun and armor were added. Today, there's only one Ferdinand and one Elegant left - they can be found at the Tank Museum in Bovington.

  • American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion (General Military)

    • ASIN: 1472809351
    • ISBN: 1472809351
    • Brand: Osprey Publishing Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Osprey Publishing

    An unmissable white-knuckle ride from the Kasserine pass to Anzio, Operation Dragoon to the final attacks on the Third Reich, this is the gripping story of the men and machines that took on Nazi Germany's best. This book not only reveals the technical details and origins of the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, it places the reader on the front lines... [Read More]

  • World war 2 Top 10 Tank Destroyers (Videos)

    World War II Top 10 Tank Destroyers [HD]

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