Choosing the Best Table Saw Blades: Woodworking for Beginners #30

Best Saw Blade For Hardwood on September 2023 Shopping Deals at

  • Freud D0740A Diablo 7-1/4 40 Tooth ATB Finishing Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor, Diamond Knockout, and PermaShield Coating

    • UPC: 074994327603
    • ASIN: B00008WQ2G
    • Brand: Freud
    • Size: 7-1/4"
    • Manufacturer: Diablo

  • Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade for Wood and Wood Composites, 12-Inch

    • UPC: 008925091783
    • ASIN: B00C3HVIWC
    • Brand: Diablo
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Freud

    Diablo's next generation 12 in. X 100 tooth ultimate flawless finish carbide Circular saw blade features new laser-cut Stabilizer vents for precise and clean cuts in wood materials. The advanced Stabilizer vents feature a permanent filler baked in from top to bottom for absorbing noise and preventing sideways movement, allowing the blade to slice t... [Read More]

  • Makita A-93734 12-Inch 100 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

    • UPC: 088381188388
    • ASIN: B000MQQ7Z4
    • Brand: Makita
    • Manufacturer: Makita

    Makita A-93734 Specifications: Diameter: 12" Number of Teeth: 100 Plate Thickness: .071" Ultra-Thin Kerf: .091" Hook Angle: 5°Makita A-93734 Features: The Makita A-93734 is a 12" 100T Carbide Tipped Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade. It has an ATAF (Alternate Top and Alternate Face) tooth design for ultra precision cutting. The Japanese Ultra Thin Ke... [Read More]

  • Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP 7-1/4" 80 Teeth TCT General Purpose Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

    • UPC: 896370001842
    • ASIN: B001IB3FTI
    • Brand: Concord Blades
    • Size: 7-1/4-Inch 80 Teeth
    • Manufacturer: Concord Industrial Products

    This wood cutting carbide saw blade is excellent for general purpose ripping, crosscutting and finishing of various wood materials and products. Thin kerf allows a smooth finish with minimal material waste. Excellent for use in cutting softwoods, hardwoods, plywood, decking, and wood composites.ATB grind2.2mm kerf15 degree hook angle5/8" arbor with... [Read More]

  • DEWALT DW3128P5 80-Tooth 12 in. Crosscutting Tungsten Carbide Miter Saw Blade - 2 Pack

    • UPC: 028877308944
    • ASIN: B00005A1H8
    • Brand: DEWALT
    • Manufacturer: Dewalt

  • YKing Tool 7 1/4" 40 Teeth TCT Circular Saw Blade for Hardwood, Softwood

    • UPC: 860306000469
    • ASIN: B06XXWD2D4
    • Brand: Yking Tool
    • Size: 7 1/4" 40T
    • Manufacturer: Yking Tool

    YKing Tools 7 1/4" 40 Teeth General Purpose Tungsten Carbide Tipped Wet or Dry Circular Saw Blade for Softwood, Hardwood, and Pressurized Beam (6C-U0BQ-RFQZ) (7.25 inch) (TCT)

  • Scroll Saw Blades for Thick Wood, 12-Pack

    • ASIN: B001G9POE6
    • Brand: Hardware & Outdoor
    • Manufacturer: Olson

    Special scroll saw blade with 7 teeth per inch and extra wide gullet for rapid cutting of solid hard/soft wood and multi layers from 3/4" up to 2" thick. Clean top/bottom, smooth finish. Hardened and tempered teeth for extra blade life.

  • DEWALT DW3106P5D60I Series 20 10-Inch 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade, 2-Pack

    • UPC: 885911077781
    • ASIN: B003EA5YZY
    • Brand: DEWALT
    • Manufacturer: Dewalt

    The DEWALT DW3106P5D0I Series 20 10-Inch 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade (2pk) is ideal for all cutting applications in softwood, hardwood, chip board or plywood using a table saw or miter saw. Professional quality thin kerf carbide saw blades produce a smooth finish with minimal material waste.

  • Gyokucho Razorsaw Spare Blade for 9-1/2" Razor Saw for Hardwoods

    • UPC: 728044880289
    • ASIN: B001Y4YU0W
    • Brand: GYOKUCHO
    • Size: Spare Blade
    • Manufacturer: Gyokucho Trading Company

    Keep an extra Blade for your 9-1/2" Razor Saw for Hardwoods on hand for times when you need a fresh blade. Saw with handle sold separately, item #155692.Blade Length: 9-1/2" Cross-cut: 22 tpi Rip: 9 tpi

  • Freud D1280X Diablo 12-Inch 80 Tooth ATB Crosscutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

    • UPC: 008925030270
    • ASIN: B00008WQ35
    • Brand: Diablo
    • Size: 12"
    • Manufacturer: Diablo

    The Diablo 12in. 80 Tooth Fine Finish Circular Saw Blade is a high-performance blade designed for fine crosscuts in hardwoods and softwoods. Provides chip-free cuts in veneered plywood, melamine and MDF and cabinets and furniture work. Special cutting geometry and high tooth count produce extremely smooth cuts while minimizing grabbing or blowout. ... [Read More]

  • HICO 10-Inch 100-Tooth ATB Miter Saw Blade Thin Kerf General Purpose Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor for Softwood Hardwood Plywood

    • UPC: 713543636994
    • ASIN: B01IVNLZU6
    • Brand: HICO
    • Size: 10-Inch 100-Tooth
    • Manufacturer: HICO

    HICO CBW10100 10-Inch 100-Tooth ATB Thin Kerf General Purpose Saw Blade About HICO HICO was originally founded in 2000, and specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality tools in the industry.The company owns a unique range of products for woodworking, which include the power tools, lawn & garden tools, universal workbench, and also a full... [Read More]

  • FREUD D1090X Circular Saw Blade

    • UPC: 008925091790
    • ASIN: B006GN0ZRI
    • Brand: Freud
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Freud

    The Diablo 10in. 90 Tooth Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade is a high-performance blade designed for cutting wood and wood composites. It cuts like a hot knife through butter. Features a super-thin laser cut kerf, Perma-Shield nonstick coating, laser-cut stabilizer vents, tri-metal shock-resistant brazing and more. For use on 10in. miter saws and table... [Read More]

  • Mixed Wood Oscillating Multitool Saw Blade Set Fits Fein Multimaster, Porter Rockwell Cable,Black & Decker,Bosch Craftsman,Ridgid Ryobi,Makita Milwaukee,Dewalt, Chicago (6 PCS)

    • UPC: 712324974614
    • ASIN: B075WP2CHK
    • Brand: TuhooMall
    • Manufacturer: TuhooMall

    Specification:  Wood Oscillating Saw Blade:  Ideal for flush cuts and cut-outs in hard materials and materials such as hardwoods, plywood and particle board this blade can also tackle materials such as plastics, fiberglass and Plexiglas.  Precision Japan Tooth Oscillating Saw Blade:  Ideal for flush cuts and cut-outs for switches, outlets, hard... [Read More]

  • One Fit 1-3/4" Japanese Tooth Storm Titanium Hardwood Blade, 3PC

    • UPC: 819846012555
    • ASIN: B071GDFW7N
    • Brand: Imperial Blades
    • Manufacturer: Imperial Blades

    Imperial Blades was founded with the sole mission to provide highest quality and most innovative oscillating multi-tool accessories. Imperial Blades has Stayed true to its promise of delivering innovation with it’s one fit Universal anchor in 2009 as well as its premium storm titanium enhanced Series in 2010. Since then, the company has expanded ... [Read More]

  • COMOWARE Circular Saw Blades 7 1/4 inch- 40 Tooth TCG, Premium Tip, Anti-vibration with 5/8 inch Arbor Light Contractor and DIY General Purpose for Wood, Laminate, Veneered Plywood & Hardwoods

    • ASIN: B07MX4WTHQ
    • Brand: COMOWARE
    • Manufacturer: COMOWARE

    Specifications: Product Type: Saw Blade Diameter: 7-1/4inch Arbor Diameter: 5/8inch Application: Suitable for all kinds of wood fast cutting Number of teeth: 40 Tip Type: VC1 tungsten carbide tip Hook Angle: 20 degree Posterior Angle: 15 degree Kerf Type: Thin Kerf Body Material: 40-45HRC steel

  • Oshlun SBW-055036 5-1/2-Inch 36 Tooth ATB Finishing and Trimming Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor (1/2-Inch and 10mm Bushings)

    • UPC: 753182911755
    • ASIN: B00I527PGM
    • Brand: Oshlun
    • Size: 36 Tooth
    • Manufacturer: Oshlun

    Oshlun's finishing and trimming blades have been designed for quick, clean cutting with various portable saws. They are ideal for cutting all types of hardwood, softwood and plywood. The super thin kerf and aggressive hook angle allow for faster, easier cutting and an extended battery life with cordless saws. The long lasting micro grain carbide is... [Read More]

  • Freud 10" x 24T Thin Kerf Rip Blade (LU87R010)

    • UPC: 008925301677
    • ASIN: B0000225UH
    • Brand: Freud
    • Manufacturer: Freud

  • Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade

    • UPC: 008925020592
    • ASIN: B00008WQ2Z
    • Brand: Diablo
    • Size: 10"
    • Manufacturer: Diablo

  • DEWALT DW9196 6-1/2-Inch 40T Cutting Precision Finishing Saw Blade

    • UPC: 885911250399
    • ASIN: B00697YQIU
    • Brand: DEWALT
    • Manufacturer: Dewalt

    DEWALTs Precision saw blades are revolutionary blades, which offer breakthrough performance, outstanding blade control, longer life and durability, are ideal for professionals tasked with applications involving framing, roofing and siding installation and concrete forms. These framing blades have a tooth geometry to feature a front face grind that ... [Read More]

  • Vtopmart 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades Fit Fein Multimaster Porter Cable Black & Decker Bosch Dremel Craftsman Ridgid Ryobi Makita Milwaukee Dewalt Rockwell Chicago

    • UPC: 613072301434
    • ASIN: B07C3RRV8T
    • Brand: Vtopmart
    • Size: 20 Pack
    • Manufacturer: C & J Direct GmbH & Co. KG

    Combination of 6 different types of saw blades can meet daily use needs, which will help you to accomplish your work better. Made of excellent manufacturing technique and high quality material , Vtopmart saw blades can give you efficient cutting experience. A great selection of oscillating saw blades for cutting wood,plastics, soft metals ,bi meta... [Read More]

  • Choosing the Best Table Saw Blades: Woodworking for Beginners #30

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