10 Best Rubbing Compounds 2017

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  • Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound, 20 oz

    • UPC: 070382013653
    • ASIN: B06W5HCZ9M
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 20 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    This revolutionary product dramatically reduces the time and effort required to restore abused or neglected paint finishes. Unlike traditional compounds that can leave behind fine scratches and haze, Meguiar's Ultimate Compound cuts so fast and leaves the finish looking so good; it's hard to believe possible. The secret is Meguiar's exclusive micro... [Read More]

  • Turtle Wax 50734 Complete 6-Piece Compound, Polishing & Scratch Kit

    • UPC: 074660507346
    • ASIN: B072Q5MYYY
    • Brand: Turtle Wax
    • Size: 6-Piece Compound, Polishing & Scratch Kit
    • Manufacturer: Turtle Wax

    The Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound, Polishing & Scratch Kit was put together by Turtle Wax experts to provide the solutions to some of the most common automotive issues. Scratches, swirl marks, dullness and oxidation are common ailments to a car's exterior. The Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound, Polishing & Scratch Kit contains the tools y... [Read More]

  • TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover - Best Abrasive Compound car Paint Restoration. Kit Includes Buffer pad Removal Polish in a Complete System. Ultimate Solution Clear Coat Care. 12oz

    • UPC: 073905333207
    • ASIN: B074G2MRLL
    • Brand: TriNova
    • Manufacturer: TriNova

    A premium scratch and swirl remover for restoring your paint's surface from light blemishes. Use with an orbital polisher or by hand with included foam pad.

  • Meguiar's M10508 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound, 8 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack

    • UPC: 070382002954
    • ASIN: B003LMGDHI
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 8 Fluid Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Use Meguiar’s M105 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound to remove scratches, severe swirls/holograms, acid rain and other defects from your paint finish and leave it with a best-in-class mirror-like gloss. Our exclusive super micro-abrasive technology features ultra-fast cutting ability to remove 1200 grit or finer sanding marks. This professional gra... [Read More]

  • Meguiar's G18016 Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound - 16 oz.

    • UPC: 070382007263
    • ASIN: B006FUT13G
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Meguiar’s Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound is a scratch remover and paint cleaner that removes oxidation, stains, scratches and other below-surface defects while reviving dull and neglected surfaces. This formula’s unique abrasives produce a clear finish and clean surface without scouring, scratching or hazing like traditional compounds. Clear ... [Read More]

  • Meguiar's M10532 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound, 32. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 703821053278
    • ASIN: B001O7PNW8
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 32 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Meguair's

  • 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound (06085) - For Cars, Boats, Trucks and RVs - 1 Quart

    • UPC: 051131060852
    • ASIN: B002SRZQV6
    • Brand: Perfect-It
    • Size: 1 Quart (32 Ounces)
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound combines refinement with strength where you need it most, ideal for removing defects before applying polish to boat hulls and other watercraft surfaces. This rubbing compound cuts fast, reduces sling, works on all gelcoats and paints and leaves a consistent finish ready for polishing. This high-performance boat rubbin... [Read More]

  • Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Grade Rubbing Compound - 18 oz.

    • UPC: 074660024157
    • ASIN: B000NMDFNY
    • Brand: Turtle Wax
    • Size: 18 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Turtle Wax

    Medium cut compound is formulated with an aggressive blend of nanotechnology polishing agents to restore your car’s finish.

  • 3M 05973 Rubbing Compound - 1 Quart

    • UPC: 051131059733
    • ASIN: B0002ZQ016
    • Brand: 3M
    • Size: 1 qt
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    3M Rubbing Compound quickly removes sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots. This liquid compound leaves minimal swirl marks and is safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes. This car rubbing compound makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy once again.

  • 3M 39044 Scratch Remover - 8 oz.

    • UPC: 051131390447
    • ASIN: B002RNFP3A
    • Brand: 3M
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    Medium cutting, fine finishing compound suggested for use to remove coarse scratches, car wash brush scratches, heavy oxidation and stains all types of automotive paints.

  • Niteo Products 08610-EACH Single Rubbing Compound

    • UPC: 089269086109
    • ASIN: B000BO56JU
    • Brand: Niteo
    • Size: Single
    • Manufacturer: No7

    Heavy duty paste cleans and restores very dull finishes.

  • Meguiar's M8532 Mirror Glaze Diamond Cut Compound 2.0, 32 Fluid Ounces

    • ASIN: B0002SQVGC
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 32 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Meguiar’s M85 Mirror Glaze Diamond Cut Compound 2.0 is a body shop safe compound intended to be used with a rotary buffer for heavy defect removal. The answer to high solids paint, it cuts superfast with minimal swirls and has been successfully tested in high solids production shops. The low-dusting, low-splatter formula makes for easy cleanup. S... [Read More]

  • 3M 03900 Rubbing Compound - 8 oz.

    • UPC: 599039484207
    • ASIN: B000AR7KVA
    • Brand: 3M
    • Size: 8 oz.
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    Excellent for hand compounding applications. It safely and effectively removes grade 1200 or finer sand scratches, other fine scratches, medium oxidation, coarse swirl marks or water spots, and leaves a fine finish.

  • Perfect-it White 1 qt 3M 06064 Machine Polish-Quart

    • UPC: 021200313189
    • ASIN: B000P0Q1J4
    • Brand: Perfect-It
    • Size: 1 qt
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    3M™ Perfect-It™ Machine Polish brings out the true shine to boats and personal watercraft, cars, trucks, RVs and more. The high-performance, fast-cutting boat polish quickly removes small scratches and swirls left over from rubbing compound. The polish performs on all gelcoats and paints, and leaves a smooth, shiny, defect-free finish. It’s p... [Read More]

  • Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_16 V Line Polish and Compound Kit (16 fl. oz) (4 Items)

    • UPC: 811339021877
    • ASIN: B00P67GSRG
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 Fluid Ounce (4 Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The Chemical Guys V Line of compound and finishing products have gotten plenty of positive feedback from detailers and enthusiasts alike. The kit includes 16-ounce bottles: (1) V32 Optical Grade Extreme Compound, (1) V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound, (1) V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish, and (1) V38 Optical Grade Final Polish.

  • Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover - Ultimate Car Scratch Remover - Polish & Paint Restorer - Easily Repair Paint Scratches, Scratches, Water Spots! Car Buffer Kit

    • ASIN: B07HNHC828
    • Brand: Carfidant
    • Size: 250ml
    • Manufacturer: Carfidant

    CARFIDANTcare Ultimate Scratch & Swirl Remover Removes Scratches & Swirls Safe & Easy to apply by hand or orbital! Patented Formula safe on all paint finishes About Ultimate Scratch & Swirl Remover Our Scratch & Swirl Remover is designed to save your car from small scratches, swirls and other marks that come at the hands of careless people and th... [Read More]

  • 1Pk - 3M - Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 06068

    • ASIN: B0082LK8K6
    • Brand: 3M
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    This kit includes (1) 3M 6068 Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish - 1 Quart, (1) 3M 6064 Perfect-It Machine Polish - 1 Quart, and (1) 3M 6085 Perfect-It Rubbing Compound - 1 Quart. 3m 06068 High Performance Ultrafine Machine Polish is a unique formula that eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark colo... [Read More]

  • ShineForce - Car Scratch Remover Kit for Paint Repair & Scuff Remover, Car Scratch Removal Cloth with Magic Nano Technology to Fix and Eliminate Minor Car Scratches and Light Paint Scratches

    • Brand: ShineForce
    • Manufacturer: ShineForce

    ◆ PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONIntroducing a New Revolutionary Scratch Remover Cloth to REMOVE those pesky car paint surface scratches and scuffs where other products have failed.Easy to use, no sweat, no mess, dust or liquid in bottles to store and worry about. Remove scratches on the car paint, as well as the serious pollution of tree stick, gelatin, bir... [Read More]

  • 3M Perfect-It 16oz Buffing & Polishing Compound

    • UPC: 688295860839
    • ASIN: B01N0Z70IM
    • Brand: 3M
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    3M Perfect-It 16oz Buffing & Polishing Compound is 3M's best rubbing compound. It features fine cutting and a fine finish. It successfully removes P1200 grade and finer scratches. Customers say that the product features a quick and easy cleanup. The 3M Perfect-It Buffing and Polishing Compound is a high-performing, quick cutting vehicle rubbing com... [Read More]

  • 3D One - Professional Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound (16 Oz) for Paint Correction, Auto Detailing and Buffing

    • UPC: 606663053706
    • ASIN: B07HFF4XJ2
    • Brand: 3D Auto Detailing Products
    • Size: 16 Oz
    • Manufacturer: 3D Car Care Products

    3D ONE is a hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish, in ONE product, that accelerates compound and polishing performance. 3D ONE has specially engineered Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives that easily correct heavy to light paint scratches using a DA or high-speed rotary polisher. 3D ONE is a unique water-based product, when applied on a cutting p... [Read More]

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