Soft & Spin-Friendly Polyester Tennis String - VLOG #537

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  • Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G Tennis String Set-16L

    • UPC: 812753012342
    • ASIN: B0170OYCPC
    • Brand: Solinco
    • Size: 16L
    • Manufacturer: SOLINCO

    Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G Tennis String. Solinco's Heaven Strings Hyper-G tennis string is a newly developed, high-performance and versatile co-polyester string designed to offer playability and control while generating extreme power and intense spin and bite. Hyper-G utilizes a newly developed chemical formula in combination with the high-pow... [Read More]

  • ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener | Set of 3 | Ultimate Shock Absorbers for Racket and Strings | Premium Quality, Durable, and 100% Reliable | Poly-Silicone Material Technology (Marble | Max Sorb 3-Pack)

    • UPC: 611191048063
    • ASIN: B07CZ3C3R5
    • Brand: ADV Tennis
    • Manufacturer: ADV

    ADV Tennis presents the next generation of tennis dampeners that lets tennis players choose their perfect feel. We experimented with different designs, densities, and materials to build you something awesome. Each dampener has a different size, shape, density, and material that offers a unique balance of dampening, comfort, and touch. Max Sorb offe... [Read More]

  • Babolat Combo Pack RPM Blast 17 Plus VS 16 Tennis String

    • ASIN: B004KMR9YO
    • Brand: Babolat
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Babolat

    Combining Rafael Nadal's string of choice, RPM Blast, along with the high quality natural gut , VS, Babolat creates the perfect storm of hybrids. RPM Blast creates exceptional control with tremendous access to spin while VS Gut provides top notch power, comfort and feel. This offers the best of both worlds for the player seeking the best in perform... [Read More]

  • Tourna Big Hitter Black7 Ultimate Spin Polyester Tennis String 16g set

    • UPC: 078914107092
    • ASIN: B007N869OS
    • Brand: TOURNA
    • Size: 16g Set
    • Manufacturer: Tourna

    Tourna Black7 is a sharp 7-sided co-poly that really bites into the ball to create massive spin. Rated #1 in spin out of all strings ever tested from United States racquet Association. Known for its soft feel, its easy on the arm unlike many traditional poly medium range power and high control make this great for all players seeking spin and contro... [Read More]

  • Luxilon Big Banger Power Tennis String, Silver, 18-Gauge/1.20mm

    • UPC: 887768127244
    • ASIN: B00I0VT6WY
    • Brand: Luxilon
    • Size: 18-Gauge/1.20mm
    • Manufacturer: Wilson - Tennis

    The Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power is one of the top strings on tour today. It combines great durability with impressive power and amazing control. The string improves on the first generation line of polyester strings by using a copoly construction with aluminum. The aluminum present in Big Banger ALU Power is unique to the Luxilon line giving the st... [Read More]

  • Babolat VS Touch BT7 Tennis String (12m), Natural, 130/16 x 6m

    • ASIN: B00IKV0WBI
    • Brand: Babolat
    • Size: 16
    • Manufacturer: BABOLAT

    Babolats VS gut is the absolute benchmark for natural gut tennis string. Consistently rated at the top of USRSA's annual string survey. Babolat has recently improved it's durability by adding BT7 technology: a new layering structure increases durability by 15%. Includes thermogut technology which is a high temperature finishing process for better c... [Read More]

  • Yonex Poly Tour Fire 17 120 Tennis Racquet String Red

    • ASIN: B01B4UNCT0
    • Brand: Yonex
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Yonex

    String of choice for Grand Slam Champion and World Number 1 Angelique Kerber, Yonex Poly Tour Fire is a durable monofilament string that brings great playability to anyone's game. Poly Tour Fire features Yonex's Silicone oil Infused Filament (SIF) technology which aids in string snapback for greater spin on the ball. This string is stiffer than oth... [Read More]

  • Gamma Sports Moto 17g Soft Tennis String Set, 40'

    • UPC: 090852392262
    • ASIN: B011VYBXAE
    • Brand: Gamma Sports
    • Size: 40'
    • Manufacturer: Ferrari Importing Company Incorporated

    A softer, more forgiving version of the polyester family of strings. The softer feel combined with the heptagonal shape provides massive amounts of spin and exceptional control without the harsh vibrations.

  • Luxilon ALU Power Spin 127 Tennis Racquet String

    • UPC: 026388742516
    • ASIN: B00138ZLD4
    • Brand: Luxilon
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Luxilon

    Pentagonal shape for added spin. This string is ideal for hybrids, and is an updated version of ALU Power

  • Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor 17G String Reel, Black

    • UPC: 078914109522
    • ASIN: B00HQZJ2Q0
    • Brand: TOURNA
    • Manufacturer: Unique Sports Products, Inc

    TOURNA Synthetic Gut Armor features polyester wraps around a high tenacity nylon center core. The polyester wraps reinforce the core for added durability. Internal resin is very elastic to mimic natural gut-like feel.

  • Head Sonic Pro 17 Gauge Strings Black

    • UPC: 726423275329
    • ASIN: B002AQDE28
    • Brand: HEAD
    • Size: 17G
    • Manufacturer: HEAD

    Your weekend games and weekly training sessions require a durable string. Try SONIC PRO. Made of unique co-polymer polyester in combination with a soft molecular construction, it provides great touch and a comfortable feel while giving you a lot of power for a monofilament string.

  • Wilson LUXILON Big Banger ALU Power Soft 125 Tennis String, Silver, 16L-Gauge

    • UPC: 887768269500
    • ASIN: B00SHKVB12
    • Brand: Wilson
    • Size: 16L-Gauge
    • Manufacturer: Wilson Sporting Goods - Team

    LUXILON Big Banger strings offer tour level power, control and durability for ultimate performance. Wilson is the world's leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment. Our core sports are tennis, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, softball, badminton and squash. The Wilson business is structured into three business areas: Racquet Sport... [Read More]

  • Volkl Cyclone Tour 16G Reel Tennis String Anthracite (Grey)

    • UPC: 847586014508
    • ASIN: B00FHVL6NW
    • Brand: Volkl
    • Manufacturer: VOLKL

    Volkl Cyclone Tour 16G Anthracite`s twisted co-polymer construction allows for prodigious spin production. This string rates highly on Volkl`s durability, power, and control scales, while the reel quantity provides exceptional value. Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)Length: 660`Composition: PolyesterColor: Anthracite

  • Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 16L Tennis String Set

    • UPC: 851589000185
    • ASIN: B000PEFZNI
    • Brand: Luxilon
    • Size: 16g
    • Manufacturer: Luxilon

    16L gauge, silver, 40'. The most playable strings. The string for players who combine power with feel.

  • HEAD FXP 16g Tennis String, Natural

    • UPC: 724794578384
    • ASIN: B001JB5URC
    • Brand: HEAD
    • Size: 16g
    • Manufacturer: Head

    16 gauge, natural, 40' Special Tri-Cluster, FiberGEL filaments integrated in a Polyamide core, Polyamide 6, Monofilament Wrap with three Polyester fibers inside each Monofilament, DuPont Synthetic 66 Coating, FiberGEL filament for maximum ball pocket, great power and superior control, Polyester filaments for added durability, control, and a crisp ... [Read More]

  • Babolat Xcel (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Set (Natural)

    • ASIN: B00EK5FOHK
    • Brand: Babolat
    • Size: 16

    Babolat Xcel is an update to Xcel Premium that offers improved durability without sacrificing playing comfort. Xcel offers much of the elasticity and feel of Xcel Premium with above average tension maintenance for better control. New coating resists notching for improved durability.

  • Genesis 40-Feet Hexonic Tennis Racket String Set, Red, 18L/1.18mm

    • UPC: 799456374116
    • ASIN: B00CQM2JEA
    • Brand: Genesis
    • Manufacturer: Genesis Tennis

    Genesis Hexonic is a third generation hexagonal shaped co-poly string. This string offers solid tension maintenance and long lasting performance. The six edges offers very impressive spin potential. Utilizing special chemical additives, Genesis Hexonic is extremely comfortable. The superior elongation characteristics of this string far surpass the ... [Read More]

  • Solinco Tour Bite (16-1.30mm) Tennis String (Silver)

    • UPC: 812753010034
    • ASIN: B003TWL2CG
    • Brand: Solinco
    • Size: 16G
    • Manufacturer: Solinco

    Solinco co-poly strings are produced through a procedure that involves 3 separate heating and cooling stages. Each stage is carefully executed at specific temperatures and durations using specialized extrusion techniques. The optimal combination of material composition and engineering combined with the right shape results in maximum power and bite.... [Read More]

  • Mantis Comfort Synthetic Tennis String Set, Color- Natural

    • ASIN: B005OXVHHI
    • Brand: Mantis

    Comfort Synthetic is a multifilament constructed of thousands of micro fibers with a nano coating to provide superb feel. It is covered with highly durable monofilaments before the string is coated using a special elastic resin bonding process. It's a soft string with gut-like feel and playability while the special double coating enhances durabilit... [Read More]

  • Luxilon ALU Power 125 Ice Blue Tennis Racquet String

    • UPC: 793258999782
    • ASIN: B001EHEJ1Y
    • Brand: Luxilon
    • Size: 16 Gauge
    • Manufacturer: Luxilon

    Luxilon ALU Power 125 is the most used string on the Pro Tour. It is a Poly-ether-ether material mixed with aluminum fibers. This string is for players who want a superior combination of power and control.

  • Soft & Spin-Friendly Polyester Tennis String - VLOG #537

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