5 Best Soil Test Kit 2019 Reviews

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  • Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit for Soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash

    • UPC: 799360344663
    • ASIN: B0000DI845
    • Brand: Luster Leaf
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Luster Leaf

    It’s vital to know the existing pH, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potash (K) levels in garden soil. The rapitest Soil Test Kit continues to be the standard for home soil testing. The kit includes all components needed to for (40) tests: (10) each for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash. The patented color comparator system allows for easy col... [Read More]

  • Besmon Soil Test Kit, 3-in-1 Soil Tester (for Plant, Vegetables, Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor/Outdoor Plant Care Soil Moisture Meter/Soil PH Meter) Soil PH Test Kit No Battery Needed

    • UPC: 796862704766
    • ASIN: B07S62C9K4
    • Brand: Besmon
    • Manufacturer: Besmon


  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

    • UPC: 793094000000
    • ASIN: B000BNKWZY
    • Brand: General Hydroponics
    • Size: Control Kit
    • Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

    The pH Control Kit by General Hydroponics provides everything you need for testing the pH level of the nutrient solution in your hydroponic system. The pH balance is essential for stimulating vigorous plant growth. Vital elements in nutrient solution having pH that is too high (basic) or too low (acidic) cannot be properly absorbed by plants. Incor... [Read More]

  • Atree Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kits with Moisture,Light and PH Test for Garden, Farm, Lawn, Indoor & Outdoor (No Battery Needed)

    • UPC: 746125459612
    • ASIN: B07R4RPS54
    • Brand: Atree
    • Manufacturer: Atree

    This Atree 3-in-1 Soil Meter with Moisture Light & PH Test Function, ideal tool for your plants, suitable for outdoor and indoor plants, gardens and grass lawns NOTE: If the plants are very dry, the Soil Meter's Pointer will does not rotate! It means that your plants need to water right now! Promotes Healthy Plants This Soil Meter help you know yo... [Read More]

  • yoyomax Soil Test Kit pH Moisture Meter Plant Water Light Tester Testing Kits Garden Plants

    • UPC: 696177891871
    • ASIN: B07HP4FGYG
    • Brand: yoyomax
    • Manufacturer: YOYOMAX INC

    Why guess? Were you always wondering if you were keeping your garden the proper wetness? "It looks OK, but maybe it is a little dry???" Now with a quick check you can tell if it is indeed dry or wet enough.Making the watering more proper and the gardening more joyful, this soil tester will save your potted plants from over watering on these hot sum... [Read More]

  • KETOTEK Water Quality Test Meter, PH Meter TDS Meter 2 in 1 Kit with 0-16.00 ph and 0-9990 ppm Measure Range for Hydroponics, Aquariums, Drinking Water, RO System, Fishpond and Swimming Pool

    • ASIN: B07RQSKH3C
    • Brand: KETOTEK
    • Manufacturer: KETOTEK

    TDS METERSpecifications:Measurement range: 0 - 9 999ppm (>999ppm Display×10)Accuracy: ±2%Power Supply: 2*1.5V ( LR44 Button cell) (Included)Operating Temperature: 32 - 122 °FDimension: 144mm*25mm*14mm / 5.57"×0.98"×0.55"Net Weight: 55g / 1.94ozFeatures:Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)One button (HOLD) lock the testing resultAutomatic... [Read More]

  • Jed Pool tools Inc 00-481 Standard Dual Test Kit

    • UPC: 077349511306
    • ASIN: B0038YL4M8
    • Brand: JED Pool Tools
    • Size: Standard Test Kit
    • Manufacturer: Jed Pool Tools

    Jed pool tools inc 00-481 standard dual test kit

  • API POND 5 IN 1 POND TEST STRIPS Pond Water Test Strips 25-Count

    • UPC: 317163071649
    • ASIN: B000K0QFKE
    • Brand: API
    • Size: 25 strips
    • Manufacturer: Mars Fishcare

    The API POND 5 IN 1 TEST STRIPS Pond Water Test Strips provides everything you need for regular testing of your pond water or even tap water. This complete pond test kit measures the most important levels, including pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate Hardness, and General Hardness to maintain ideal water condition. Inside the box you’ll find 25 test... [Read More]

  • U.S. Pool Supply Standard 3-Way Swimming Pool & Spa Test Kit, Tests Water for pH, Chlorine and Bromine

    • UPC: 848849008227
    • ASIN: B071GP85ZQ
    • Brand: U.S. Pool Supply
    • Manufacturer: U.S. Pool Supply

    ABOUT U.S. POOL SUPPLY U.S. Pool Supply is your online source for professional high quality and affordable pool cleaning and maintenance supplies, pool accessories and for pool recreational activity pool toys, floats and leisure lounges. We offer all the essential items needed to help residential pool owners care for and maintain their own pools, s... [Read More]

  • LELONG Soil Tester, 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit Moisture, Light & pH Meter for Plant, Vegetables, Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use (No Battery Need & 2019 Update)

    • UPC: 789659513658
    • ASIN: B07RY95GLL
    • Brand: LELONG
    • Manufacturer: LELONG

    soil tester

  • pH Perfect pH Test Kit - pH Drops for Drinking Water - Measures pH Levels of Water & Saliva More Accurately Than pH Test Strips - pH Balance - Alkaline pH Water Testing Kit, Value 3-Pack

    • UPC: 784672528559
    • ASIN: B00YTW4PFQ
    • Brand: Invigorated Living
    • Manufacturer: Invigorated Living

    pH PERFECT by Invigorated Water is quite simply the perfect pH test kit for quickly, and accurately, testing the pH level and pH balance of water and saliva. Unlike traditional pH test strips, that are not suitable for testing the pH levels of water, pH Perfect is the ideal solution for testing water pH levels. This super-sized 3-pack includes t... [Read More]

  • JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips - 100 Strip Pack, Test pH, Chlorine, Bromine, Hardness and More, Accurate 6-in-1 Swimming Pool Water Testing

    • ASIN: B07PFCV894
    • Brand: JNW Direct
    • Size: 100 Strip Value Pack
    • Manufacturer: JNW Direct

    Do you want a quick and easy way to properly maintain your pool water so you know your water is safe and clean to play and have fun in? Introducing the complete pool water testing strips for your daily needs from JNW Direct.Our pool, spa and hot tub testing kit includes 100 strips and tests for:Total Hardness: Very hard water will turn pool water c... [Read More]

  • WINZOOM Soil Tester,3-in-1 Soil Test Kit with Moisture,Light and PH Test,Soil Moisture Meter,Great for Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use (Silver)

    • UPC: 637938544520
    • ASIN: B07RZWKJC2
    • Brand: WINZOOM
    • Manufacturer: WINZOOM

    WINZOOM Soil Moisture Meter/Soil Tester/Moisture Meter/Soil Test Kit➤ Let WINZOOM Soil pH Meter Make You Become a Good Plant Carer !☛Measures moisture content of soil.Lets you know when to water.☛Helps you determine if plant is getting adequate light.☛Helps you control PH level in soil.☛No batteries needed.☛Indoor or outdoor use.➤How ... [Read More]

  • Poolmaster 22211 Smart Test 4-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips, 50 count

    • UPC: 085334222113
    • ASIN: B001E6E9PG
    • Brand: Poolmaster
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: Poolmaster

    Poolmaster's Swimming Pool Collections consist of the essential must-have products for customary pool and spa maintenance, constructed with durable materials designed to keep your pool sparkling. For maintaining your swimming pool or spa's water chemistry, Poolmaster's 4-Way Test Strips are a great choice. The bottle features an easy-to-read color ... [Read More]

  • Hach 183702 Hardness, Iron, and pH Test Kit, Model HA-62B

    • ASIN: B00N3YWB2K
    • Brand: Hach Company
    • Manufacturer: HACH COMPANY

    Kit contains all required reagents and apparatus in a rugged carrying case for analysis in the field

  • hth Pool Refill 3-Way Test Kit (1172)

    • UPC: 073187011725
    • ASIN: B01JLY4KPQ
    • Brand: HTH
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: HTH

    3 Way HTH Test Kit Refill, For Chlorine, Bromine and PH Testing, Carded.

  • Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Gardening Tool Kits for Plant Care, Great for Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use (Green)

    • UPC: 727542654781
    • ASIN: B07BR52P26
    • Brand: Sonkir
    • Manufacturer: Sonkir

    Let Sonkir MS02 Soil pH Tester Make You Become a Good Plant Carer ! 3-IN-1 Design This 3-in-1 soil moisture meter is designed to better know the condition of your plant, detect soil moisture, help you know the pH value of the soil, determine if plants get enough sunlight to keep plants grow healthier ! Scientific Data Monitoring Help you control ev... [Read More]

  • General Hydroponics PH Test Indicator, 8-Ounce

    • UPC: 793094015165
    • ASIN: B003Y3F34I
    • Brand: General Hydroponics
    • Size: 8-Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm, Inc.

    Fill a test-tube halfway with nutrient, add a few drops of pH Test Indicator, and observe the coloration of the liquid in the test vial. Use 3 drops per 5mL of solution.

  • pH Test Strips for Kombucha Brewing 0-6 (0.5 Intervals) 100pc Kit

    • ASIN: B07DTH14XZ
    • Brand: Kombucha Chemistry
    • Manufacturer: Kombucha Chemistry

    It's important to test the pH of your kombucha both at the start and end of the 1st ferment Testing before For a safe brew that free from harmful microbes, ensure that the starting pH of your kombucha first fermentation is 4.5 or below Note: If you need to lower the pH, mix in small amounts of plain white vinegar. Retest until you reach a pH of 4.5... [Read More]

  • SheerSquare 3 in 1 Soil PH and Light Meter - Soil PH Meter Soil Moisture Sensor 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/PH Test Kit for Indoor/Outdoor Plants Care (No Battery Needed)

    • UPC: 766234680493
    • ASIN: B07S6LMGSX
    • Brand: SheerSquare
    • Manufacturer: SheerSquare

    With SheerSquare 3-in-1 Soil pH Meter, you can easily check on the condition of your plants. The moisture meter will quickly tell whether your plants is doing well. Firstly, the pH meter will let you know that if your plants/garden are dry and needs water or wet and could use a day to dry out, you will never again over/under water your plants again... [Read More]

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