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  • Nekot Cookies 40 Packs

    • ASIN: B00H9M2SCA
    • Brand: Lance
    • Manufacturer: Unknown

    Nekot Cookies 40 Packs

  • Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches, 1.38 oz (Pack of 16)

    • UPC: 044000038281
    • ASIN: B0732JZKSF
    • Brand: Ritz
    • Size: 1.38 oz
    • Manufacturer: Ritz

    Ritz Bitz Sandwich Crackers are a great anytime snack and the perfect compliment for lunchboxes or quick meals.

  • belVita Peanut Butter Sandwich Breakfast Biscuits, 5Count Box, 8.8 oz (Pack of 6)

    • ASIN: B01FLPFTE0
    • Brand: Belvita
    • Size: 30 Count
    • Manufacturer: Belvita

    belVita Peanut Butter Creme Breakfast Biscuit Sandwiches pack delicious peanut butter creme between two lightly sweet, crunchy biscuits made with high-quality wholesome ingredients.

  • Quaker Sandwich Minis, Peanut Butter, 3.5 Pound (6 COUNT)

    • ASIN: B07F2JVDVJ
    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: 3.5 Pound
    • Manufacturer: QTG Products (Sortable)

    Powering through the day just got a little more fun. NEW Quaker Peanut Butter Sandwich Minis start with crunchy, whole-grain biscuits and layer in creamy peanut butter spread. With the protein you want, take them with you for a tasty on-the-go snack.

  • Lance, Captain's Wafers, Peanut Butter & Honey Wafers, 8 Count, 11oz Tray (Pack of 3)

    • UPC: 076410521466
    • ASIN: B007RET1W0
    • Brand: Lance
    • Manufacturer: Lance

    Lance Captain's Peanut Butter & Honey Wafers Crackers, 11 Oz ( Pack of 3)

  • Keebler 21165 Sandwich Crackers, Cheese & Peanut Butter, 8-Piece Snack Pack, 12/Box

    • UPC: 030100211655
    • ASIN: B00O0QRE90
    • Brand: Keebler
    • Manufacturer: KELLOGG'S

    A snack can be the ideal solution to a busy day. These snacks come individually packaged--meaning you can take them with you when you're on the move! Eight crackers per pack.

  • Lance Fresh Toasty Crackers with rich peanut butter sandwich crackers (40 packs)

    • UPC: 076410140667
    • ASIN: B001PBN5R8
    • Brand: Lance
    • Manufacturer: Silk Yard Inc

    Made from real Georgia peanuts straight from the farm, these oven-baked sandwich crackers satisfy your peanut butter craving and keep you going with energy-providing protein. Whether it's between meals or your never-ending activities, Lance is your go-to, on-the-go snack. Hunger doesn't stand a chance when you fuel up with these scrumptious sammies... [Read More]

  • Lance Toast Chee Peanut Butter Crackers, 40 Count

    • UPC: 786173948843
    • Brand: Lance
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Lance

    LANCE Toast Chee Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches, 40 Count

  • Late July Organic - Mini Organic Bite Size Sandwich Crackers Peanut Butter - 8 Pack(s), 1.125 oz

    • UPC: 890444000724
    • ASIN: B00BDF1HNA
    • Brand: Late July
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: LATE JULY SNACKS

    Late July Organic - Mini Organic Bite Size Sandwich Crackers Peanut Butter - 8 Pack(s) (1.125 oz. / 32 g) Late July Mini Peanut Butter Organic Bite Size Sandwich Crackers are made with real organic peanut butter between organic mini buttery tasting rich crackers. The organic ingredients in Late July

  • Keebler Cheese and Cheddar Sandwich Crackers, Single Serve, 1.8 oz Packages (12 Count)

    • UPC: 738088332927
    • ASIN: B004YC39MG
    • Brand: Keebler
    • Size: 1 Case of 12 Count
    • Manufacturer: Keebler

    Light and buttery crackers layered with real cheddar cheese, Keebler Cheese and Cheddar Sandwich Crackers Snack Packs are a satisfying snack for any occasion. Conveniently packaged for your busy lifestyle, it’s easier than ever to grab a pack and go. Deliciously crafted, these incredible crackers make a wonderful standalone snack and go great wi... [Read More]

  • Lance Toasty and Toastchee Assorted Sandwich Crackers, 40 Count

    • ASIN: B016NRITA6
    • Brand: Lance
    • Size: Pack of 2
    • Manufacturer: Snyders of Hanover

    Being the between Snack means Lance bridges the gap when you're on the go and want a snack that's tasty, timely and has up to 5 Gram of protein power.

  • Nature Valley Biscuits, Peanut Butter,1.35 Oz, 5 Count (Pack of 12)

    • UPC: 016000466791
    • ASIN: B0199RFQJY
    • Brand: Nature Valley
    • Size: 60 pouches
    • Manufacturer: Nature Valley

    Each biscuit has a delicious crisp texture and 100% natural whole grain oats combined with the goodness of peanut butter.

  • Muscle Foods Muscle Sandwich Bars, Peanut Butter Graham, 2-Ounce Bars ( 12 count )

    • UPC: 663821900012
    • ASIN: B00166DA72
    • Brand: Muscle Foods
    • Size: 12
    • Manufacturer: Muscle Foods

    The original Muscle Sandwich is a unique protein powered treat with a home-made peanut butter, graham cracker taste!

  • Keebler Variety Pack Club and Cheddar, Cheese and Peanut Butter, Toast and Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, 1.38 oz Packages (8 Count)

    • UPC: 030100519027
    • ASIN: B005HHBJCE
    • Brand: Keebler Variety Packs
    • Size: 1.38 oz
    • Manufacturer: Kellogg Company

    Light, flaky, buttery crackers made with either real cheese or peanut butter, the Keebler Sandwich Crackers Variety Pack provides a satisfying snack for any occasion. Conveniently packaged to fit your busy lifestyle, it’s easier than ever to grab a pack and go. Choose from a tasty trio featuring Club and Cheddar, Cheese and Peanut Butter, and del... [Read More]

  • Peanut Butter Club Sandwich

    • UPC: 638213300084
    • ASIN: B072XK46JG
    • Brand: Costas Candies Inc.
    • Size: 24-1.6 Oz. Bars
    • Manufacturer: Costas Candies Inc.

    The Original Club Sandwich is a great snack to stock your pantry with. It is great in gift baskets, for everyday enjoyment or to please a crowd.

  • Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Crackers, 1 Ounce (Pack of 12)

    • UPC: 044000024970
    • ASIN: B004DKT33I
    • Brand: Ritz
    • Size: 1 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Mondelez Foodservice (Core)

    This item contains twelve 1 ounce packs of delicious Ritz Bitz Sandwich Crackers with Peanut Butter, are tiny, bite-size versions of the Ritz Cracker Sandwiches you know and love.

  • Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches - 48 Individual Snack Packs

    • ASIN: B07K236FV4
    • Brand: Ritz
    • Size: 48 Packs
    • Manufacturer: Mondelēz Global LLC

    Delicious Ritz Sandwich Crackers are the classic go-anywhere snack that kids and adults have loved for years, layering a mouthwatering peanut butter spread between two crisp, Ritz Crackers.

  • Keebler Toast and Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavored Sandwich Crackers Made with Real Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavored Twelve 1.8 Ounce packs

    • UPC: 030100211501
    • ASIN: B001I6TUCE
    • Brand: Keebler

    Enjoy these tasty sandwich crackers made with real peanut butter, crispy toasted crackers and the taste of sweet jam as a convenient, flavor-filled snack. They are like mini peanut putter and jelly sandwiches with light, flaky, buttery crackers. Who can resist?!

  • ZYLISS Sandwich Knife and Condiment Spreader, Orange

    • UPC: 054067313603
    • ASIN: B00421ATIQ
    • Brand: Zyliss
    • Size: 1 Count
    • Manufacturer: Zyliss

    Zyliss' Sandwich Knife has a serrated stainless steel blade for cutting through meats and hard crusty breads. For ultimate spreading, the blade has an oval shape. It fits easily into condiment jars. The ergonomic handle with non-slip, soft touch grip allows you to have superior control. High quality material; outstanding construction. By Zyliss. Zy... [Read More]

  • Austin PB & J Cracker Sandwiches, 1.38 oz, 8 count

    • UPC: 079783100139
    • ASIN: B00NAVOV56
    • Brand: Austin
    • Manufacturer: Austin Quality Foods

    Austin PB & J Crackers (8 pack/11 oz.)

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