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  • The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf: Second Edition

    • ASIN: 0156212501
    • ISBN: 0156212501
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    Woolf continually used stories and sketches to experiment with narrative models and themes for her novels. This collection of nearly fifty pieces brings together the contents of two published volumes, A Haunted House and Mrs. Dalloway’s Party; a number of uncollected stories; and several previously unpublished pieces. Edited and with an Introduct... [Read More]

  • A Room of One's Own

    • ASIN: 0156787334
    • ISBN: 0156787334
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    • UPC: 071162004991
    • ASIN: 0451158717
    • ISBN: 9780451158710
    • Brand: Books - All Publisher Titles
    • Manufacturer: Berkley

    NOTE: This ISBN has been Revised by the Author for The 2005 Broadway Revival. “Twelve times a week,” answered Uta Hagen, when asked how often she’d like to play Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Like her, audiences and critics alike could not get enough of Edward Albee’s masterful play. A dark comedy, it portrays husband and wife ... [Read More]

  • To the Lighthouse

    • ASIN: 0156907399
    • ISBN: 0156907399
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

    “Radiant as [To the Lighthouse] is in its beauty, there could never be a mistake about it: here is a novel to the last degree severe and uncompromising. I think that beyond being about the very nature of reality, it is itself a vision of reality.”—Eudora Welty, from the Introduction.The serene and maternal Mrs. Ramsay, the tragic yet absurd M... [Read More]

  • Virginia Woolf

    • ASIN: 0375701362
    • ISBN: 0375701362
    • Brand: Vintage Books
    • Manufacturer: Vintage

    "A biography wholly worthy of the brilliant woman it chronicles. . . . It rediscovers Virginia Woolf afresh."  --The Philadelphia Inquirer            While Virginia Woolf--one of our century's most brilliant and mercurial writers--has had no shortage of biographers, none has seemed as naturally suited to the task as Hermione Lee. Subs... [Read More]

  • What Would Virginia Woolf Do?: And Other Questions I Ask Myself as I Attempt to Age Without Apology

    • ASIN: 1538727951
    • ISBN: 1538727951
    • Manufacturer: Grand Central Life & Style

    When Nina Collins entered her forties she found herself awash in a sea of hormones. As symptoms of perimenopause set in, she began to fear losing her health, looks, sexuality, sense of humor-perhaps all at once. Craving a place to discuss her questions and concerns, and finding none, Nina started a Facebook group with the ironic name, "What Would V... [Read More]

  • Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf (Wordsworth Classics) (Wordsworth Collection)

    • ASIN: 1853261912
    • ISBN: 9781853261916
    • Brand: Brand: Wordsworth Editions Ltd
    • Manufacturer: Wordsworth Editions Ltd

    Virginia Woolf's singular technique in Mrs Dalloway heralds a break with the traditional novel form and reflects a genuine humanity and a concern with the experiences that both enrich and stultify existence. Society hostess, Clarissa Dalloway is giving a party. Her thoughts and sensations on that one day, and the interior monologues of others whose... [Read More]

  • Virginia Woolf: The Complete Works (A to Z Classics)

    • ASIN: B07HG9WLL9
    • Manufacturer: ATOZ Classics

    THE NOVELSThe Voyage Out (1915)Night and Day (1919)Jacob's Room (1922)Mrs. Dalloway (1925)To the Lighthouse (1927)The Waves (1931)The Years (1937)Between the Acts (1941)THE 'BIOGRAPHIES'Orlando: a biography (1928)Flush: a biography (1933)Roger Fry: a biography (1940)THE STORIESTwo Stories (1917)Kew Gardens (1919)Monday or Tuesday (1921)A Haunted Ho... [Read More]

  • Moments of Being

    • UPC: 971488255704
    • ASIN: 0156619180
    • ISBN: 0156619180
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    Published years after her death, Moments of Being is Virginia Woolf’s only autobiographical writing, considered by many to be her most important book.In “Reminiscences,” the first of five pieces included in Moments of Being, Woolf focuses on the death of her mother, “the greatest disaster that could happen,” and its effect on her father, ... [Read More]

  • Virginia Woolf Pa

    • ASIN: 0156032295
    • ISBN: 0156032295
    • Manufacturer: Harvest

    Virginia Woolf is one of the most influential figures in twentieth-century literature. She was original, passionate, vivid, dedicated to her art. Yet most writing about her still revolves around her social life and the Bloomsbury set.   In this fresh, absorbing book, Julia Briggs puts the writing back at the center of Woolf’s life, reads that l... [Read More]

  • Virginia Woolf

    • ASIN: 0500515921
    • ISBN: 0500515921
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Hudson

    An ideal introduction to the life and work of Virginia Woolf by an award-winning author: the story of a life lived with intensity from moment to moment and shaped into the lasting patterns of art. In 1907, when she was twenty-five and not yet a published novelist, Virginia Stephen had everything still to prove. She felt herself to be at a crossroad... [Read More]

  • The Waves (Wordsworth Classics)

    • ASIN: 184022410X
    • ISBN: 9781840224108
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Wordsworth Editions Ltd

    'I am writing to a rhythm and not to a plot', Virginia Woolf stated of her eighth novel, The Waves. Widely regarded as one of her greatest and most original works, it conveys the rhythms of life in synchrony with the cycle of nature and the passage of time. Six children - Bernard, Susan, Rhoda, Neville, Jinny and Louis - meet in a garden close to t... [Read More]

  • The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Virginia Woolf Secular Saint Candle - 8.5 Inch Glass Prayer Votive - Made in The USA

    • UPC: 814229004226
    • Brand: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
    • Manufacturer: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

    Show your devotion to Virginia Woolf, the patron saint of lighthouses, Thursday evenings, and a room of one's own, with this colorful votive! This candle is perfect for intellectuals and modernists. Add some ambiance to the next meeting of your literary society! Secular Saints candles are dedicated to cultural icons you can believe in. The front of... [Read More]

  • The Essays of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 1: 1904-1912

    • ASIN: 0151290555
    • ISBN: 0151290555
    • Manufacturer: Harcourt

    Nonfiction pieces dating from 1904, when she was twenty-three, to 1912, the year of her marriage to Leonard Woolf. "These are polished works of literary journalism-shrewd, deft, inquisitive, graceful, and often sparkling" (Library Journal). Edited and with an Introduction by Andrew McNeillie; Index.

  • The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 4: 1931-35

    • ASIN: 0156260395
    • ISBN: 0156260395
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    The penultimate volume of Woolf's diaries details the mature period of The Years and moments of personal sadness brought by the deaths of Lytton Strachey, Dora Carrington, and Roger Fry. "A book of extraordinary vitality, wit, and beauty" (New York Times Book Review). Edited by Anne Olivier Bell, assisted by Andrew McNeillie; Index.... [Read More]

  • On Being Ill

    • ASIN: 1930464061
    • ISBN: 9781930464063
    • Manufacturer: Paris Press

    In this poignant and humorous work, Virginia Woolf observes that though illness is part of every human being’s experience, it has never been the subject of literature—like the more acceptable subjects of war and love. We cannot quote Shakespeare to describe a headache. We must, Woolf says, invent language to describe pain. And though illness enh... [Read More]

  • The Letters of Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf

    • ASIN: 1573441368
    • ISBN: 1573441368
    • Brand: Brand: Cleis Press
    • Manufacturer: Cleis Press

    After they met in 1922, Vita Sackville-West, a British novelist married to diplomat Harold Nicolson, and Virginia Woolf began an intense and passionate relationship that lasted until Woolf’s death in 1941. In their correspondence, the women leave no aspect of their lives untouched: they record daily dramas, bits of gossip, the strains and pleasur... [Read More]

  • A Writer's Diary

    • ASIN: 0156027917
    • ISBN: 0156027917
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    An invaluable guide to the art and mind of Virginia Woolf, drawn by her husband from the personal record she kept over a period of twenty-seven years. Included are entries that refer to her own writing, others that are clearly writing exercises; accounts of people and scenes relevant to the raw material of her work; and comments on books she was re... [Read More]

  • A Room of One's Own (Annotated)

    • ASIN: 0156030411
    • ISBN: 0156030411
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    In A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf imagines that Shakespeare had a sister: a sister equal to Shakespeare in talent, equal in genius, but whose legacy is radically different.This imaginary woman never writes a word and dies by her own hand, her genius unexpressed. But if only she had found the means to create, urges Woolf, she would have reached... [Read More]

  • Flush: A Biography

    • ASIN: 0156319527
    • ISBN: 0156319527
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    This story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s cocker spaniel, Flush, enchants right from the opening pages. Although Flush has adventures of his own with bullying dogs, horrid maids, and robbers, he also provides the reader with a glimpse into Browning’s life. Introduction by Trekkie Ritchie.

  • Why should you read Virginia Woolf? - Iseult Gillespie

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