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  • The Girl in the Box Series, Books 1-3: Alone, Untouched and Soulless

    • ASIN: B00IJYII4E
    • Manufacturer: Ostiagard Press

    From Million-Selling Author Robert J. Crane...Her mother is missing. A psychotic beast is stalking her. How will she escape?AloneSienna Nealon was a 17 year-old girl who had been held prisoner in her own house by her mother for twelve years. Then one day her mother vanished, and Sienna woke up to find two strange men in her home. On the run, unsure... [Read More]

  • Hidden Dragon (Dragon Rising Urban Fantasy Series Book 1)

    • ASIN: B01KOYWD7O
    • Manufacturer: Star Media

    I'm just an ordinary supernatural shifter......with one scorching little secret.The only other person who knows my secret wants to kill me for it.I'm running out of time. My options are limited.I have to figure out a way to fight him, before he finds me.Or, even worse, before he tells the world who I really am.★★★★★ "Mei is feisty, compl... [Read More]

  • CyberStorm (Cyber Series Book 1)

    • ASIN: B00BT4QRHG
    • Brand: Matthew Mather ULC
    • Manufacturer: Matthew Mather ULC

    The incredibly realistic story of one family's struggle to survive the destruction of New York in a massive terror attack. Million-copy bestseller now in development for film by 20th Century Fox."I couldn't put it down...shows how dangerous our transition to an interconnected infrastructure has become." Karic Allega, Joint Military Cyber Command, U... [Read More]

  • Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018 (The Best American Series ®)

    • ASIN: 1328834565
    • ISBN: 9781328834560
    • Manufacturer: Best American Paper

    Today’s readers of science fiction and fantasy have an appetite for stories that address a wide variety of voices, perspectives, and styles. There is an openness to experiment and pushing boundaries, combined with the classic desire to read about space ships and dragons, future technology and ancient magic, and the places where they intersect. Co... [Read More]

  • The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel

    • ASIN: 1683993039
    • ISBN: 1683993039
    • Manufacturer: Greyson Media Associates

    Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered. One girl lived.No one believes her story.The police think she's crazy.Her therapist thinks she's suicidal.Everyone else thinks she's a dangerous drunk.They're all right--but did she see the killer?As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital ... [Read More]

  • Animal Farm: A Fairy Story (An Hbj Modern Classic)

    • ASIN: B003K16PUU
    • Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Fight Fire With Fire: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Book 7)

    • ASIN: B07F9SNKYL
    • Manufacturer: LMBPN Publishing

    The Drow are back. Unfortunately, the Drow are looking to get hold of Alison.** AMAZON Top 100 Best Selling Author **An order to locate the princess means they need to find and deal with Brownstone.They will have to go through him first.Brownstone is pulling his company together, working on his relationship, and dealing with bounties.  Additional... [Read More]

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

    • ASIN: B0017SWPXY
    • Manufacturer: HarperCollins e-books

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set (new covers w/poster) (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

    • ASIN: 1484707230
    • ISBN: 1484707230
    • Brand: Disney-Hyperion
    • Manufacturer: Disney-Hyperion

    All five books in the blockbuster Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, in paperback, have been collected in a boxed set fit for demigods. Now with glorious new cover art and packaged with a special poster, this value-priced set includes the best-selling The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and... [Read More]

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    • ASIN: B0192CTMYG
    • Manufacturer: Pottermore Publishing

  • Golden Curse (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07HYP46DH

    Millions of pages read. Find out why readers love this #1 Amazon Bestseller.A curse. A hidden identity. A dangerous love.Ten-year-old Persinette Basile was forced to flee the palace of Gaule for her life. Now at eighteen, she must find a way to return in order to obey a curse on her family line.The prince won’t know who she is. Not anymore. But s... [Read More]

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    • ASIN: B0192CTMW8
    • Manufacturer: Pottermore Publishing

  • Brave New World

    • ASIN: 0060850523
    • ISBN: 0060850523
    • Brand: Aldous Huxley
    • Manufacturer: Harper Perennial

    Now more than ever: Aldous Huxley's enduring masterwork must be read and understood by anyone concerned with preserving the human spirit "A masterpiece. ... One of the most prophetic dystopian works." —Wall Street Journal  Aldous Huxley's profoundly important classic of world literature, Brave New World is a searching vision of an unequal... [Read More]

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    • ASIN: B0192CTMUU
    • Manufacturer: Pottermore Publishing

  • The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2018 Edition (Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy)

    • ASIN: 1607015269
    • ISBN: 1607015269
    • Manufacturer: Prime Books

    This tenth volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features thirty stories by some of the genre's greatest authors. With selections of the best fiction from Asimov's, Clarkesworld, F&SF, Lightspeed, and other top venues, The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow.... [Read More]


    • ASIN: B074M5TLLJ
    • Manufacturer: Little, Brown and Company

  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz: A Novel

    • ASIN: 0062797158
    • ISBN: 0062797158
    • Manufacturer: Harper Paperbacks

  • Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

    • ASIN: B078VW3VM7
    • Manufacturer: Knopf

  • One Epic Ring: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Book 14)

    • ASIN: B07L6KRQW1
    • Manufacturer: LMBPN Publishing

    “But you haven’t taken brain damage. I don’t want to have to take the time to get to know you again. The first time was exhausting enough...”Brownstone accepts a simple job and pisses off the most dangerous criminal in LA.Shay is approached by a powerful billionaire, one who knows her past.Now, Brownstone is ready to provide a beat down, bu... [Read More]

  • Mother of Shadows: A Dark Fantasy Romance (The Chosen Book 1)

    • ASIN: B073NWLHDD
    • Manufacturer: Words that Sparkle

    "It's not a story."With four words Helena’s quiet life goes up in flames. When her childhood friend returns to tell her that she is the prophesied ruler of the Chosen, those blessed with the gift of magic, there’s no avoiding her destiny. Suddenly, Helena is surrounded by a circle of protectors, each man having sworn their loyalty to her since ... [Read More]



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