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  • Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

    • UPC: 612306330455
    • ASIN: B00GRRN2RI
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Introduction A genuine analogy delay with new CD2399GP(PT2399) IC installed. It features up 25ms-600ms of delay time, and yellow fall has two outputs for effected signal and dry signal respectively. True bypass switch lets your instrument's signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direc... [Read More]

  • M MAKA Flat Low Profile Guitar Patch Cable 6 inch for Effects Pedals, 1/4 inch Right-Angle, Red, 3-Pack New Version

    • UPC: 701599299034
    • ASIN: B07D7QJWTM
    • Brand: M MAKA
    • Size: 6 inch
    • Manufacturer: MAKA

    MAKA INSTRUMENT, made with passion! All MAKA products are made by players, for players. Our team members have been playing musical instruments for decades, we've always wanted to make products for players, now we're proudly to say "Here we are!" Got trouble of pedalboard spacing? Always need more room on your pedalboard?... [Read More]

  • Donner Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Verb Square 7 Modes

    • UPC: 708302975957
    • ASIN: B0719CBYXJ
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Product Introduction The New Reverb pedal from Donner Company with the name of Verb Square, which is also a digital circuit pedal. 7-Mode Reverberation effects in the whole Aluminium-alloy stomp box. One pedal let you have 7 different effect reverberation: Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio and Mod. This is a wonderful pedal. A variety of re... [Read More]

  • Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes

    • ASIN: B06XK7WQK3
    • Brand: Donner

    Description This is the new loop pedal from Donner Company. And maybe it's the smallest loop pedal ever. With 10 minutes of looping time and unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality, Looper is the perfect blend of quality, creativity and simplicity. It combines all essential looper functionalities. Looper allows you to play loops in reverse, ... [Read More]

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal

    • ASIN: B06XF9BNHN
    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • Manufacturer: TC Electronics

    Iconic reverb pedal with groundbreaking MASH footswitch and shimmer effect. Decay sets the decay time of the reverb or ‘how long you actually hear the reverb’. this knob takes you from a natural room vibe to you playing in a cathedral in a canyon - in outer space. Tone switch between bright and dark sounds and every nuance in between - crisp cl... [Read More]

  • Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher 3 Type Effects Delay Chorus Distortion Pedal with Adapter

    • UPC: 708302975735
    • ASIN: B071F4D3CF
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Product Introduction Alpha Cruncher is an effects chain which combines three types of effects in one, including an analog distortion, a dreamy chorus and analog-voiced delay. Delay model produces a warm, analog-voiced delay with rich echo feedback, the max delay time is 1000ms. Chorus model provides a pure and warm sound to create a dream world of ... [Read More]

  • EX AD-6 Analog Delay Pedal Mini Delay Guitar Pedals with Plump Smooth New Delay Effects

    • ASIN: B073GR8K62
    • Brand: EX Effects Device
    • Manufacturer: Quickly Trade Co.,Ltd.

  • VOX StompLab 2B Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal with Expression for Bass Guitar

    • ASIN: B009703Q7I
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: VOX

    The Vox Stomp Lab series of effect pedals, of which the Stomp Lab IIB modeling bass guitar pedal is a part of, are impressive new contenders that pack powerful sounds into compact and sophisticated looking metal bodies. Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even novice users to recall the des... [Read More]

  • BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Bundle with BOSS Tone Studio, Blucoil 9V DC Power Supply, 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables and 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks

    • UPC: 652827496063
    • ASIN: B076T8T57L
    • Brand: blucoil
    • Manufacturer: blucoil

    BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects ProcessorArmed with BOSS' flagship-class GT-series engine, the GT-1 Guitar Multi-FX processor packs the best effects and amp model. It has a streamlined interface, which makes tweaking patches easier and quicker. The compact unit features footswitches and external jacks for maximum control. You can directly plug the G... [Read More]

  • Donner DPA-1 Pedal Power Supply Adapter 9V DC 1A Tip Negative 5 Way Daisy Chain Cables for Effect Pedal

    • ASIN: B012VQ5A7S
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Introduction: Donner 5 way power cable adapter for use with electric guitar multiple effect pedals. High quality daisy chain with special anti-hum. Power chain DC cables specially designed for guitar players who want to power few pedals at the same time with only one adaptor or one outlet from the power supply. The professional noise isolation perf... [Read More]

  • Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

    • UPC: 700315930275
    • ASIN: B0013NDBS6
    • Brand: BOSS
    • Manufacturer: Boss

    Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • 365 Guitars, Amps & Effects You Must Play: The Most Sublime, Bizarre and Outrageous Gear Ever

    • UPC: 884088920838
    • ASIN: 0760343667
    • ISBN: 0760343667
    • Brand: Hal Leonard
    • Manufacturer: Voyageur Press

    Guitarists love guitars. Few own just one, and most are dreaming of their next acquisition. To help them out, here is the ultimate bucket list of guitars—plus guitar amps and various guitar effects—that aficionados must play. Included are the classics, such as the great Fender guitars, the Stratocaster and Telecaster, and the stylish Gibson Le... [Read More]

  • Donner Digital Octave Guitar Effect Pedal Harmonic Square 7 modes

    • UPC: 708302989077
    • ASIN: B072LG2BZ9
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Product Introduction The New Octave pedal from Donner Company with the name of Harmonic Square, which is also a digital circuit pedal. A variety of pitch shifter effects in the whole Aluminium-alloy stomp box. This is a wonderful pedal. 3 way toggle switch select between different modes. Great tone with the low noise level. There are two function k... [Read More]

  • Joyo JF-14 American Sound Effects Pedal Amplifier Simulation with Voice Control

    • UPC: 799975201092
    • ASIN: B007L0CH8K
    • Brand: MIMIDI
    • Size: 2 x 5 x 4 inches
    • Manufacturer: JOYO

    Joyo JF-14 American Sound Effects Pedal Amplifier Simulation with Voice Control

  • Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Guitar Pitch Effect Pedal

    • UPC: 683274011578
    • ASIN: B00OC7NFFY
    • Brand: Electro-Harmonix
    • Manufacturer: New Sensor

    The Pitch Fork transposes an instrument's pitch over a +/- three octave range and features three modes which allow the pitch to be transposed up, down or both, simultaneously. The pitch shift amount can be set to a fixed interval or continuously varied by an expression pedal or control voltage. The controls are straightforward and intuitive. An 11-... [Read More]

  • Boss ME80 Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal w/ Gig Bag

    • UPC: 682500009945
    • ASIN: B01M8Q41K7
    • Brand: BOSS
    • Manufacturer: Boss

    Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the ME-80 is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists. A friendly knob-based interface makes it simple to dial in great sounds in seconds, while easily selectable operation modes offer the flexibility of individual stompbox-styl... [Read More]

  • BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Stereo Recorder Pedal Bundle with Blucoil Power Supply Slim AC/DC Adapter for 9 Volt DC 670mA, 2 Pack of Pedal Patch Cables and 4 Celluloid Guitar Picks

    • UPC: 652827494328
    • ASIN: B0749XX4KW
    • Brand: blucoil
    • Manufacturer: blucoil

    BOSS RC-3 Loop Station PedalSet the new looping standard with BOSS' innovative RC-3 Loop Station. This compact stompbox provides 3 hours of stereo recording capacity. You can save your phrases on the 99 onboard memory presets, and instantly recall your creations. You can also import WAV audio phrases to the RC-3 via the USB 2.0 port. The PC connect... [Read More]

  • Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply 10 Isolated DC Output for 9V/12V/18V Effect Pedal

    • UPC: 708302975773
    • Brand: Donner
    • Size: DP-1
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Specifications: Material: aluminum alloy, light weight and portable. Power: AC 100v-240v. Input: DC 18v. Output: --7 way 9v 100ma. --1 way 9v 500ma. --1 way 12v 100ma. --1 way18v 100ma. Dimension: 150 x 50x 30mm. Net weight: 196g. Color: black. Short-circuit protection All 10 outputs in this unit have separate short-circuit protection, ... [Read More]

  • Zoom B3n Bass MultiEffects Pedal

    • UPC: 884354017309
    • ASIN: B01MS79HSN
    • Brand: Zoom
    • Manufacturer: Zoom

    Bass Multi-effects Pedal with Stompbox-style Controls, 5 Amp Models, 5 Cabinet Models, and 67 Effects

  • Meth(od)

    • ASIN: B01N95MPTY

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