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  • Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader | Spreads Grass Seed, Fertilizer and Ice Melt | Use in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter | Holds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Scotts Grass Seed or Fertilizer Products

    • UPC: 032247761215
    • ASIN: B002YPS1KK
    • Brand: Scotts
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue

    Spread grass seed and fertilizer products more efficiently and effectively with Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader. Equipped with Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology to keep product off of your landscaping, driveways and sidewalks, you can trust that the product will be spread accurately. The control panel with precision rate s... [Read More]

  • Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader - 76565

    • UPC: 032247765657
    • ASIN: B002ZTK09U
    • Brand: Scotts
    • Size: 10m
    • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue

    Spread product efficiently and effectively with Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader. With a large capacity hopper and a heavy-duty frame for optimum stability, you can spread up to 10,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn food for maximum coverage and accuracy. Fully assembled and pre-calibrated, the Classic Drop Spreader comes ready to treat your lawn ... [Read More]

  • Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

    • UPC: 052613102428
    • ASIN: B002U0KDHI
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: 130 lb.
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    “The Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Broadcast Spreader is the perfect spreader for the homeowner with a larger lot (1 acre or more). With the original Agri-Fab solid rod activated on-off flow gate control that can be operated from the tractor seat, the precise setting adjustment, smooth operating enclosed tapered gears and rustproof poly hopper i... [Read More]

  • Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader , 15m - 76232

    • UPC: 032247762328
    • ASIN: B001H1EQO2
    • Brand: Scotts
    • Size: 15m
    • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue

    Spread product efficiently and effectively with Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader. Equipped with Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology, you can trust that the product you spread will be spread accurately. You can even control the panel’s precision rate setting to deliver more accurate coverage on up to 15,000 sq. ft. The Scotts... [Read More]

  • Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black

    • UPC: 052613452882
    • ASIN: B000KL1L6Q
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: 42 Inch
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    Agri-Fab 45-0288 17-Gallon (Dry) Drop Spreader, Tow is one of a complete line of spreaders designed for easy operation and even coverage. These spreaders will make the whole yard-care team look good. And the weather- and corrosion-resistant poly construction and durable, rustproof components ensure a long career. If you're looking to invest in a ve... [Read More]

  • Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

    • UPC: 026432261109
    • ASIN: B002U0KDH8
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: 130-lb Capacity
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    Agri-Fab's 130 Lb. Broadcast Spreader is perfect for spreading fertilizer and grass seed in the summer or ice melt in the winter. With the ergonomic handle design, large tires, and easy to use control this spreader makes lawn care easy.

  • Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, 175-Pound

    • UPC: 081174034503
    • ASIN: B001U40NFC
    • Brand: Brinly
    • Size: 175 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Brinly Hardy

    Regular lawn feeding, weeding, & pest control helps keep a yard growing strong. A lawn & garden spreader is the ideal tool for the job, Designed to evenly spread materials & nutrients to ensure your grass has what it needs for fresh growth, vibrant color, & lasting health. If you're looking for a tough yard spreader that has the capacity & durabili... [Read More]

  • Solo, Inc. Solo 421 20-Pound Capacity Portable Chest-mount Spreader with Comfortable Cross-shoulder Strap - 421S

    • UPC: 602458682199
    • ASIN: B000BWZD0O
    • Brand: Solo, Inc.
    • Size: 20lb
    • Manufacturer: Solo

    Solo 421 Portable Spreader. Designed for spreading a variety of granular materials over irregular terrain, this chest-mounted, extremely portable precision spreader is perfect for use in decorative beds with fertilizers and insecticides. Ideal for lawn maintenance operators treating parking lot islands. Eliminates banging over curbs with cumbersome... [Read More]

  • Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Tow Style, 110 lb Capacity, Black

    • UPC: 052613104590
    • ASIN: B01MT7O7RA
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: 110 lb Capacity
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    The Agri-Fab 110 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader cuts down the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their large distribution pattern of up to 10 ft.. It distributes randomly to avoid over fertilizing and under fertilizing and is ideal for areas of around a third of an acre. Unit has a rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate to inc... [Read More]

  • Agri-Fab 45-0532 Pro Push Spreader, 85 lb, Black

    • UPC: 052613104804
    • ASIN: B079Y9NQ9Z
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: 85 lb
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    From fertilizer to seed to ice melt, the Agri-Fab 85 lb. Pro Push Broadcast Spreader is the right spreader for your job. This push spreader features a durable plastic hopper and closure plate that resists corrosion for long-lasting use. The positive flow adjustment design ensures accurate spread patterns up to 10 ft. wide. Direct rod flow control f... [Read More]

  • Scotts Wizz Spreader

    • UPC: 032247711319
    • ASIN: B011HY5Q1K
    • Brand: Scotts
    • Size: 2,500 sq ft.
    • Manufacturer: Scotts

    Introducing the new, battery-powered spreader! The Scotts Wizz Spreader is the quick and easy option when it comes to spreading. The Wizz holds up to 2,500 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn care products and features Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard and HandyLock Technology. Use it year round to feed, seed, weed, and melt! EdgeGuard Technology allows for 5-foot bro... [Read More]

  • Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader with Manual Deflector - 101186 - Replaces 091186

    • UPC: 698035119851
    • ASIN: B00BL03CGC
    • Brand: Lesco
    • Size: 80 Pound Capacity
    • Manufacturer: Lesco

    A top choice for landscaping and lawn care experts, the Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader with Manual Deflector Kit (model 101186) has established itself as the industry standard spreader from its ability to adapt to user's needs all year round. Ideally, this Lesco spreader is used during the spring and summer months to spread granular fertilize... [Read More]

  • Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker for Seed, Salt, De-Icer, Ice Melt, Earth Food and Fertilizer - Multiple Opening Sizes for Any Need - Up to 80 Oz - Most Efficient & Sturdy Product on The Market

    • UPC: 691453230146
    • ASIN: B07FK4VMSK
    • Brand: Spot Spreader
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: Spot Spreader

    Spot Spreader is the most efficient and easy to use salt, seed, and fertilizer spreader on the market. Easy to open, close, and hold, this unit is made of commercial grade materials that will last for years. Multiple openings for different size materials. You will love this product! ! !

  • Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover

    • UPC: 767615539683
    • ASIN: B000VZC9XA
    • Brand: Buyers Products
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Buyers Products Co. - DROPSHIP

    Turn your ATV into a landscaping tool with the Buyers Products ATV All Purpose Spreader. The spreader mounts directly to the existing rear utility rack on your ATV. The durable poly hopper holds up to 100 lb of free-flowing material such as seed, feed, and fertilizer to handle all of your landscaping needs. Each spreader has an enclosed 12V motor m... [Read More]

  • Scotts Handy Green II Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader

    • UPC: 032247711333
    • ASIN: B0000BYCP7
    • Brand: Scotts
    • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue

    The Scotts Handy Green II Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader is the perfect spreader for small yards. It comes fully assembled, so you can begin treating your lawn immediately. You can use it to apply seed, fertilizer, ice melt, or other products on small areas. And, it is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist fatigue.

  • Chapin International 8620B 150 Pound Tow Behind Spreader with Auto-Stop, Red

    • UPC: 023883086206
    • ASIN: B07P37M1F7
    • Brand: Chapin International
    • Manufacturer: Chapin

    No more reaching back for levers & Controls to stop seed & fertilizers from spilling off the impeller when you stop. Chapin’s unique dual impeller design allows material to spread when spreader & Vehicle are in motion. When you stop moving, its stops spreading. No more burnt lawns & wasted product.

  • Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Tow

    • UPC: 052613104637
    • ASIN: B01N4MRU80
    • Brand: Agri-Fab
    • Size: Packs
    • Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

    Solid construction & reliable design ensure even & continuous flow & spread of materials, eliminating streaks. Its large 4'. to 8'. spread covers approximately 12,000 sq.'., so you can cover more ground in much less time quickly & efficiently. The Hopper is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene for rust- & corrosion-resistant performance in all we... [Read More]

  • Fasmov Adjustable Handheld Spreader Salt Seed Spreader Adjustable Hole Size Fertilizer Seeds Insect Repellent Ice Melter De Icer, Pack of 2

    • ASIN: B06XHH32N9
    • Brand: Fasmov
    • Manufacturer: Fasmov

    Made of high quality plastic, allow you to measure how much you're spreading in both L and KG, holding up to 76oz.Perfect use for home, garden, yard or farm

  • Titan 50 Lb. Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader, Lawn Care and Ice Melter Yard Tool

    • UPC: 049008262096
    • ASIN: B01L0QZM82
    • Brand: Titan Attachments
    • Manufacturer: Titan Attachments

    Titan's 50 lb. broadcast spreader is made for a wide range of professional applications on your property. Use it to evenly distribute herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, ice melters, and seeds. It features a high-capacity drum capable of holding up to 50 lbs. of your favorite fertilizer, grass seed, rock salt, or another granular substance. You ... [Read More]

  • Precision Products HHBS-125 Handheld Broadcast Spreader

    • UPC: 026432201259
    • ASIN: B00004RA9H
    • Brand: Precision Products
    • Manufacturer: Precision Products Inc

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