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  • Art Journey America Landscapes: 89 Painters' Perspectives

    • UPC: 035313653810
    • ASIN: 1440315248
    • ISBN: 1440315248
    • Brand: North Light Books
    • Manufacturer: North Light Books

    Showcasing the work of more than 100 top contemporary American master artists of our day, this book features landscapes (a popular subject for art collectors and a tradition throughout American art history) from all across the country—east and west, north and south—rendered in watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil and mixed media. Ac... [Read More]

  • Twentieth-century Jewellery: From Art Nouveau to Contemporary Design in Europe and the United States

    • ASIN: 8861305326
    • ISBN: 8861305326
    • Manufacturer: Skira

    The largest and most diverse anthology on jewelry, supported with a concise, authoritative and stimulating essay. This is the third book in Skira’s series dedicated to the modern decorative arts, following Italian Art Ceramics 1900-1950 and Twentieth-century Fabrics. The work is organized chronologically into eight sections and includes analysis ... [Read More]

  • Whistler: Landscapes and Seascapes (Watson-Guptill Famous Artists)

    • ASIN: 0823057267
    • ISBN: 0823057267
    • Brand: Brand: Watson-Guptill
    • Manufacturer: Watson-Guptill

    This book reexamines the colorful American artist's all-but-forgotten role as "midwife at the birth of abstract painting". In text that sparkles with the painter's own vivid epigrams, the author documents how Whistler's unorthodox pictorial design and his new vision of space set the stage for geometric abstraction in 20th century art. 32 full-page ... [Read More]

  • The Best of Sketching and Drawing: A Collection of Still Lifes, Portraits and Landscapes

    • ASIN: 1564965104
    • ISBN: 1564965104
    • Brand: Brand: Rockport Publishers
    • Manufacturer: Rockport Pub

    Collected in these pages are sketches and drawings that capture the true essence of their medium. Moods, textures, nuances of tone and gesture, all are here - in an amazing range of artistic styles and approaches. Selected from hundreds of entries, these beautifully reproduced drawings make a rich gallery of new work from some of today's most gifte... [Read More]

  • The Fauve Landscape

    • ASIN: 0875871518
    • ISBN: 0875871518
    • Brand: Brand: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    • Manufacturer: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    This text is devoted to the colourful landscapes produced during the Fauvist period of 1904-1908. An essay on the emergence of the Fauve landscape is followed by four essays devoted to individual sites and such topics as Fauvism's impact on tourism and politics. Another essay concentrates on the critical landscape, in essence the critics' reception... [Read More]

  • Georgia O'Keeffe: The Artist's Landscape

    • ASIN: 094264204X
    • ISBN: 094264204X
    • Manufacturer: Twelvetrees Pr

    Description: 95 p. : ill. ; 34 cm. Responsibility: photographs by Todd Webb.

  • Landscape Meditations: An Artist's Guide to Exploring Themes in Landscape Painting

    • ASIN: 0823026027
    • ISBN: 0823026027
    • Brand: Brand: Watson-Guptill
    • Manufacturer: Watson-Guptill

    Landscape Meditations examines the process of capturing a sense of place through a series of views of a single landscape subject, like Van Gogh did with sunflowers or Monet did with haystacks and cathedrals. Topics explored include using mist, wildflowers, the beach, fields, trees, and roads and pathways. Each of these topics begins with a brief in... [Read More]

  • California Light: A Century of Landscapes: Paintings of the California Art Club

    • ASIN: 0847836258
    • ISBN: 0847836258
    • Manufacturer: Skira Rizzoli

    A first-of-its-kind celebration of the California Art Club, a society whose members have for one hundred years captured California’s staggeringly beautiful landscapes in resplendent plein air paintings. At the dawn of the twentieth century, California became home to artists from all over America and Europe who aspired to depict the state’s awe-... [Read More]

  • The Worlds of TSR: A Pictorial Journey Through the Landscape of Imagination (Dungeons & Dragons)

    • ASIN: 1560768797
    • ISBN: 1560768797
    • Brand: Miscellaneous Promos, Calendars, Clothing and
    • Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

  • Gustav Klimt: Landscapes

    • ASIN: 0821216880
    • ISBN: 0821216880
    • Brand: Brand: New York Graphic Society
    • Manufacturer: New York Graphic Society

    Book by Dobai, Johannes, Klimt, Gustau

  • Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape (Abradale)

    • ASIN: 0810980975
    • ISBN: 0810980975
    • Brand: Brand: Harry N. Abrams
    • Manufacturer: Harry N. Abrams

    Richard R. Brettell, Scott Schaefer, Sylvie Gache-Patin, Francoise Heilbrun

  • Art: The Twentieth Century

    • ASIN: 8861308015
    • ISBN: 8861308015
    • Brand: Brand: Skira
    • Manufacturer: Skira

    This book on the art of the twentieth century is published almost ten years after the end of the so-called “short century“―which, in terms of art, was anything but short―and is a valuable tool for reflection. The author has placed a series of works in sequence, accompanied by easy to understand critical commentary. With concise introduction... [Read More]

  • Art of the Twentieth Century, Volume V: 2000 and Beyond, Contemporary Tendencies

    • ASIN: 8857201287
    • ISBN: 8857201287
    • Manufacturer: Skira

    The fifth book in the series, this volume concludes this extraordinary publishing project by analyzing the fascinating and controversial phenomena of contemporary art. This volume presents ten chapters, each written by an international expert. To mention just a few: exhibition curator Nicolas Bourriad discusses installations, video and action art i... [Read More]

  • Earthworks and Beyond: Contemporary Art in the Landscape (Abbeville Modern Art Movements)

    • ASIN: 0789202964
    • ISBN: 0789202964
    • Manufacturer: Abbeville Pr

    The third edition updated and expanded survey of the influential Land Art Movement details the most recent and interesting efforts by artistsoften in collaboration with architects and city plannersto transform ravaged landscapes and desolate cityscapes into pleasure-giving parks and artworks. 210 illustrations. 80 in full color.

  • Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi: Best of Friends

    • ASIN: 8874395434
    • ISBN: 9788874395439
    • Manufacturer: 5Continents

    •An illustrated biography recounting the friendship between Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi, two exceptional and important figures of 20th-century art and architecture Best of Friends is an informal, close-up biography of the friendship between Buckminster fuller (1895-1983) and Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988). Author Shoji Sadao, who was a friend... [Read More]

  • Maxfield Parrish: The Landscapes

    • UPC: 028195155879
    • ASIN: 0898155878
    • ISBN: 0898155878
    • Brand: Brand: Ten Speed Press
    • Manufacturer: Ten Speed Press

    Maxfield Parrish (1870–1966) remains one of America’s most beloved artists, widely known for his incredibly detailed and lavish works. His landscapes are perhaps the least well known of his masterpieces, although they were the closest to his heart. Indeed, in his later years, Parrish dedicated himself almost entirely to landscape scenes, someti... [Read More]

  • The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley: Selected Works in Oil and Pastel

    • UPC: 035313662386
    • ASIN: 1440339694
    • ISBN: 1440339694
    • Manufacturer: North Light Books

    The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley invites you to experience the artist's life work and lessons learned. In this impressive yet intimate collection of 100 breathtaking pastel and oil landscape paintings, McKinley takes you along as he tackles his favorite subjects--the the vistas of the Pacific Northwest, the California coastline, fall in ... [Read More]

  • The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters

    • UPC: 667272228190
    • ASIN: 0813022819
    • ISBN: 0813022819
    • Brand: Brand: University Press of Florida
    • Manufacturer: University Press of Florida

    "For the first time, the real story behind the Highwaymen has emerged . . . a well-researched, lively, and comprehensive overview of the development and contribution of these African-American artists and their place in the history of Florida’s popular culture."--Mallory McCane O’Connor, author of Lost Cities of the Ancient SoutheastThe Highwaym... [Read More]

  • Mapping The Empty: Eight Artists And Nevada

    • ASIN: 0874173140
    • ISBN: 0874173140
    • Brand: Brand: University of Nevada Press
    • Manufacturer: University of Nevada Press

    Foreword by Jeff Kelley. Nevada's open spaces have long inspired complex responses from a population largely shaped by European sensibilities toward land and its uses. In Mapping the Empty Fox considers how eight of the state's most distinguished and innovative contemporary artists have responded to the harsh, enigmatic landscapes of the Great Ba... [Read More]

  • Nine Letters on Landscape Painting: Written in the Years 1815-1824, with a Letter from Goethe by way of Introduction (Texts & Documents)

    • ASIN: 0892366745
    • ISBN: 0892366745
    • Manufacturer: Getty Research Institute

    Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869)--court physician to the king of Saxony--was a naturalist, amateur painter, and theoretician of landscape painting whose Nine Letters on Landscape Painting is an important document of early German romanticism and an elegant appeal for the integration of art and science. Carus was inspired by and had contacts with the gr... [Read More]

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