How to Sharpen a Knife: Beginners Tutorial

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  • Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Waterstone | Best Whetstone Sharpener | NonSlip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide

    • UPC: 792481368822
    • ASIN: B01FZZUL30
    • Brand: Sharp Pebble
    • Manufacturer: Mighty Dreams

    LIMITED TIME SALE ONLY Sharp Pebble's Whetstone - One stone to sharp them all! Don't be fooled by IMITATIONS. Our Sharpening Stone is Made from Premium Quality Material & Quality Inspected for True Grit Combination. Your purchase of Premium quality knife sharpener stone comes with a complete bundle. A global knife sharpener double sided stone wit... [Read More]

  • Whetstone Knife Sharpening 4 Stone Set - Shā-pu is a Premium Sharpening set with 2 Side Grits each of 240/800, 600/1500, 1000/3000 & 5000/10000 | Includes Bamboo Base, Flattening Stone and Angle Guide

    • UPC: 850020003877
    • ASIN: B076DV25F3
    • Brand: Shā-pu
    • Size: Whetstone Set
    • Manufacturer: SW-001

    Shā-pu Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening 4 Stone SetGet the Perfect Blade Edge with Four Double Sided Whetstones in One Complete Set!The Professional Quality Double Sided Knife Sharpening Whetstones sit in a silicone base within the Bamboo Wooden Stand. Made for a Chef, but easy enough to use for a Home Cook, this is the sharpening system you've ... [Read More]

  • Wrenwane Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Designed For Safety, 2 Stage Sharpening, Black

    • UPC: 820103699051
    • ASIN: B00K7CQ5H8
    • Brand: Wrenwane
    • Manufacturer: Wrenwane

    Simple Design Makes Sharpening Your Knives That Whole Lot Easier We've all had the same experience where we're cutting up some vegetables or fruit and that knife just won't slice like it used to. Cheap knives are especially prone to losing their sharpness very quickly and the solution is usually to just persevere with the old set or buy a new one... [Read More]

  • KME Precision Knife Sharpener System with 4 Gold Series Diamond Hones - Base Included

    • UPC: 680474194476
    • ASIN: B010ESF0AW
    • Brand:  KME Sharpeners
    • Manufacturer: KME Sharpeners

    The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System and Base kit includes : the latest KME Knife Sharpening System, KME Gold Series Diamond hones in 4 grits - XC 140, C 300, F 600 and XF 1500, 1oz Water Bottle, 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth, Detailed Instructions and Hardshell Storage Case - plus the KME Base (the most frequently added KME accessory). This i... [Read More]

  • Complete Knife Sharpening Stone Set: 400/1000 Grit Water Stone, 3000/8000 Grit Water Stone, Bamboo Base, Flattening Stone And Online Sharpening Learning Material

    • UPC: 655726990021
    • ASIN: B074X7VB62
    • Brand: KNIFEPLANET
    • Manufacturer: KnifePlanet

    The KnifePlanet's Complete Sharpening Set is all you need to sharpen your knives at home. The water stones offer Coarse, Medium and Fine grits to sharpen all kinds of knives and the Flattening Stone will help you keep your water stones flat all the time.The KnifePlanet Set includes: - 400/1000 Grit Water Stone - 3000/8000 Grit Water Stone - KnifePl... [Read More]

  • GBS Handmade Premium Leather Razor Strop Black and Maroon 3" x 26" Barber Straight Razor and Knife Twin Sharpening Strop/Strap - The Best

    • UPC: 745556140724
    • ASIN: B07BBSH4DM
    • Brand: G.B.S
    • Manufacturer: G.B.S

    Make your Grandfather Father Proud!! Professional Choice - Used be Straight razors professional all across the USA. Barber approved Barber's Choice! Quality Classic Old School Traditional Shaving Strop.. Use on your Vintage straight razors or Brand new razors. GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. We proudly offer high quality c... [Read More]

  • Woodstock D2912 Buffing Compound, Green, 1 Pound Bar

    • UPC: 785533848908
    • ASIN: B0000DD364
    • Brand: Woodstock
    • Manufacturer: WOODSTOCK

    Woodstock 1 lb. Buffing Compound, Green, Fine, For Softer Metals D2912

  • Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack, Folding Multi-Tool for Woodcarving, 4 1/4 Inch Closed Length, 6 Blades Included (JKN91)

    • UPC: 736861201712
    • ASIN: B000ZUBDV0
    • Brand: Flexcut Tool
    • Size: Right-Handed Carvin' Jack
    • Manufacturer: Flexcut

    The Flexcut Carvin' Jack is the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for wood carving. At 3.5 ounces and closed length of 4-1/4 makes it easy to carry with you. The Flexcut Carvin' Jack features 6 blades a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Chisel, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp and Hook Knife. Also comes with a leather belt mounted sheath and custom st... [Read More]

  • An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives-How to Buy Them, Keep Them Razor Sharp, and Use Them Like a Pro

    • ASIN: B003V1WU5I
    • Manufacturer: HarperCollins e-books

    Why are most of us so woefully uninformed about our kitchen knives? We are intimidated by our knives when they are sharp, annoyed by them when they are dull, and quietly ashamed that we don't know how to use them with any competence. For a species that has been using knives for nearly as long as we have been walking upright, that's a serious proble... [Read More]

  • Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 7.25" Blade, Wood Handle

    • UPC: 705181151601
    • ASIN: B0007WFG2I
    • Brand: Nisaku
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Nisaku

    The Nisaku stainless steel weeding knife boasts both straight & serrated edges that's useful for dividing plants, planting bulbs, flowers & herbs, digging out weeds, removing rocks, cutting through roots & so much more! A comfortable wooden handle allows for a good grip for all-day digging, & ensures you push into the soil with more control. Comes ... [Read More]

  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

    • UPC: 662949039703
    • ASIN: B07CVN8HV5
    • Brand: Work Sharp
    • Manufacturer: Work Sharp

    The Original Knife & Tool Sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own. Using flexible abrasive belts, the sharpener is able to sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks and virtually any other shape of knife blade. The Knife & Tool Sharp... [Read More]

  • Flexcut Carving Knives, Starter Set, with Ergonomic Handles and Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 3 (KN500)

    • UPC: 033333483912
    • ASIN: B003Z7XNUO
    • Brand: Flexcut Tool
    • Manufacturer: FLEXCUT

    This Flexcut starter knife set includes three of the most popular knives whether you are just beginning or a professional wood carver. The set includes: The Cutting Knife (KN12) featuring a more rounded point, is extremely durable and its 1-1/4 inch blade is beveled, the Detail Knife (KN13) featuring very fine point for making narrow cuts and has a... [Read More]

  • Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker

    • UPC: 693529110222
    • ASIN: B000Q9C4AE
    • Brand: Spyderco
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Spyderco

  • Joy of Cooking: Joy of Cooking

    • ASIN: 0743246268
    • ISBN: 0743246268
    • Brand: Scribner
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

  • Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone: 2-Sided Knife Sharpener Set, 1000/6000 Grits, with Non-Slip Base, Angle Guide, Illustrated PDF & Video Instructions - (Arkansas Honing Stone/Japanese Waterstone)

    • UPC: 646437960311
    • ASIN: B018WF88R6
    • Brand: Culinary Obsession
    • Size: 7.25" long x 2.25" wide x 1" thick
    • Manufacturer: Culinary Obsession

    Achieve the Perfect Blade Edge with Two Whetstones in One!Professional Quality Double Sided Knife Sharpening Whetstone with Bamboo Wooden StandMade for a Chef, but easy enough to use for a Home Cook, this is the sharpener system you've been looking for! Perfect for any size knife or other household tool that's a little too dull, our sharpening kit ... [Read More]

  • Deulen Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpening Jig , Brown , 12"

    • UPC: 641871998098
    • ASIN: B004VDK692
    • Brand: Deulen
    • Size: 12"
    • Manufacturer: Deulen Tools

    The 12" Deulen Sharpener is the answer to putting an edge on your jointer and planer knives. The key is the two brass blade holders inset into the hardwood handle. These tracks hold the blades securely and at the proper angle. With a blade in each track, it is a simply a matter of holding the handle and rubbing the blades against an abrasive surfac... [Read More]

  • GBS High Quality Leather Strop 2.5" X 23.5" Barber's Razor Strop Cow Hide, Dual Straps with Swivel Clip. Makes a Great Addition for Any Straight Razor Shaving Set!

    • UPC: 602401919365
    • ASIN: B01KVP8BNQ
    • Brand: G.B.S
    • Manufacturer: G.B.S

    Quality - GBS manufactures High quality shaving / Beard grooming tools and Accessories. We are constantly testing and improving our products every day to make them better. We also have a full line of Balms, oils and wash. Soft goods to keep you your Beard looking its best as well as achieving the Ultimate Wet Shaving Experience. Professional Choice... [Read More]

  • Lansky Sharpening Tool Universal 4 Stone System LKUNV

    • UPC: 097914389123
    • ASIN: B000B8L6M2
    • Brand: Lansky
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Lansky Sharpeners

  • Ticonderoga Tri-Conderoga Triangular Pencils, Wood-Cased #2, Sharpener, Soft Touch Comfort Barrel, Black, 12-Pack (22500)

    • UPC: 804993408368
    • ASIN: B001TQFX3I
    • Brand: Ticonderoga
    • Size: Pack of 12
    • Manufacturer: Cell Distributors

    Woodcase Pencil, HB #2, Black Barrel, Dozen

  • Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife

    • UPC: 710551732274
    • ASIN: B000BSWEB4
    • Brand: KA-BAR
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Dreme Corp

  • How to Sharpen a Knife: Beginners Tutorial

    How To Sharpen Dull Knives

    Beginners Guide To Real Knife Sharpening