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  • Herb Pharm Kava Root Liquid Extract to Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation - 4 Ounce

    • UPC: 090700001759
    • ASIN: B0016B5U20
    • Brand: Herb Pharm
    • Size: 4 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Herb Pharm

    Herb Pharm Kava Root Extract to Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation - 4 Ounce

  • Royal Kava Pure Noble Kava Capsules Highest Grade Fijian Kava Kava Extract 1760mg Servings for Relaxation & Stress Relief 100% Organic Relax Better with Kava Now

    • UPC: 649558155017
    • Brand: Royal Fiji Kava
    • Manufacturer: Royal Fiji Kava

    Fijian Kava has been use for hundreds of years by the people of the Pacific for relaxation and stress relief. Kava was originally used only by the Fijian chiefs but it is now available for all. Kava is now used in Fiji for ceremonies such as birthdays, weddings, and social gatherings. In Fiji kava is a social drink commonly consumed at households a... [Read More]

  • NOW Supplements, Kava Kava 250 mg, 120 Veg Capsules

    • UPC: 733739047175
    • ASIN: B0013OSNA6
    • Brand: NOW Foods
    • Size: 120
    • Manufacturer: Now Foods

    NOW Kava Kava Extract 250 mg vegan capsules are an herbal relaxing blend with 30 percent kavalactones. Also known simply as kava, the kava kava plant (Piper methysticum) is found throughout the islands of the Pacific and has a long history of use by islanders. Kava has been traditionally used to support a healthy mood and relaxation.* The roots of ... [Read More]

  • Triple Strength Polynesian Kava Kava Capsules - 30% Kavalactones - The Strongest Kava Supplement Available - 600 mg - Optimal Support for Anti-Anxiety and Stress-Relief - 90 Veggie Capsules

    • UPC: 858111007223
    • ASIN: B07DWZ2K3F
    • Brand: Toniiq
    • Manufacturer: Toniiq

    There's Kava Kava, and there's ELEVATED Kava KavaToniiq formulations are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients from around the world.Premium IngredientsToniiq formulations are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients from around the world.Superior PotencyWe hold our ingredients to a higher standard than others in the industry... [Read More]

  • Wakacon KAVA Fijian WAKA powder, 1 LB

    • UPC: 741459293376
    • ASIN: B00A80163M
    • Brand: Wakacon
    • Manufacturer: Wakacon Kava LLC

    KAVA "WAKA" Over the great ocean blue there lies a place where Kava rain is plentiful and falls from the sky making everyone relax and stop worrying. If that is not where you live, just try some extra special Waka Grade Kava and see how that strong smooth taste numbs your tongue.It may give you Kava face which is highly desirable. So grab some of F... [Read More]

  • Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root, Liquid Supplement, 1 Ounce (Pack of 2) - Supports Emotional Balance, Calm & Relaxation, Ecologically Harvested Kava from Vanuatu

    • UPC: 794504372328
    • ASIN: B00F43L5GG
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • Size: Pack of two 1-ounce bottles
    • Manufacturer: Gaia Herbs

    Gaia herbs has earned a reputation in the medicinal herb industry for an unsurpassed commitment to organic herbal quality, effective product formulations, and solid scientific research. Gaia understands the importance of starting with quality ingredients. On their 200 acre certified organic agricultural center, they apply bio-dynamic and organic fa... [Read More]

  • Kava Kava HawaiiPharm NON-Alcohol Liquid Extract, Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum) Dried Root Glycerite 2 oz

    • UPC: 631058356865
    • ASIN: B01A3PD1ZM
    • Brand: HawaiiPharm
    • Size: 2 oz
    • Manufacturer: Hawaii Pharm

    Kava kava is a traditional herb of the Pacific Islands that has a fascinating and somewhat mysterious history going back over 3000 years. There are many folk tales about the origin of kava kava, but most rely on a central theme that involves the first plant growing on the grave of someone who had been sacrificed. It was first encountered by Europea... [Read More]

  • AMAZINGBOTANICALSNET Kava Kava 80% Kavalactone Extract Paste (5g)

    • ASIN: B01MECY720
    • Brand: AmazingBotanicals.net
    • Size: 5g
    • Manufacturer: AmazingBotanicals.net

    This Kava 80% Extract Paste is the strongest, most concentrated kava extract available anywhere. You only need a small pea per serving.

  • Nature's Answer Kava 6 Alchol-Free Extract, 1 Fluid Ounce

    • UPC: 601655896156
    • ASIN: B0009DTVKS
    • Brand: Nature's Answer
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Answer

    Nature’s Answer Kava-6™ Kava Extract, also known as Piper methysticum, kava kava, ava pepper, kava root and kawa, is native to the islands of the South Pacific and is a member of the pepper family. Kava has been used in ceremonies by the people in the Pacific Islands to bring about a state of relaxation. Traditionally prepared as a tea, Nature�... [Read More]

  • Kava Kava | 700mg Capsules | Piper Methysticum Extract | 60 Day Supply

    • UPC: 647923830187
    • ASIN: B07B3PLXNY
    • Brand: VH Nutrition
    • Manufacturer: VH Nutrition

    Kava Kava has both benefits and risks associated with it. It has been touted as a natural deterrent for different deadly diseases. However, it has been shown that Kava Root is tough on your liver so one should keep that in mind. Although it has been repeatedly shown in clinical trials to benefit sleep issues as well as energy and fatigue issues. VH... [Read More]

  • Bulksupplements Kava Kava Extract Powder (100 Grams)

    • ASIN: B01M8L2O6G
    • Brand: BulkSupplements
    • Size: 100 grams
    • Manufacturer: Bulksupplements

    Kava Kava Root extract containing dextrin as a carrier.

  • Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Extract Powder - 30% Kavalactones Extract (2oz / 57g) - Kava Root Extract

    • ASIN: B018K0SDKU
    • Brand: Samsara Herbs
    • Size: 2oz
    • Manufacturer: Samsara Herbs

    Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Root Extract Powder What is Kava Kava Extract Powder? The origins of Kava Kava are found in the South Pacific islands where its history of use dates back for centuries. Arguably the epitome of a calming & relaxing herb. Able to promote deep sleep without negatively affecting REM sleep. Kava Kava is excellent for those exp... [Read More]

  • 72 caps (12 x 6pk) World's Strongest Noble Kava Extract Kava Bliss Powder Kava Concentrate Lab Tested 70% Pure Kavalactones

    • UPC: 686751125553
    • ASIN: B07DXC7TJZ
    • Brand: 3RD EYE LABS
    • Manufacturer: 3RD EYE LABS, LLC

    PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a drug substitute, nor does it produce drug effects. May NOT work if you are drinking alcohol, having herb, using other drugs, taking medications, experiencing pain, or trying to get clean. Please BE REALISTIC in your expectations :-) Our kava is 100% pure noble kava root, certified from the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu. We ... [Read More]

  • Herb Pharm Pharma Kava Extract - 4 Oz, 2 pack

    • UPC: 090700001759
    • ASIN: B001E10D56
    • Brand: Herb Pharm
    • Size: 4 FZ
    • Manufacturer: Herb Pharm

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  • NOW Supplements, Kava Kava Liquid Extract, 2-Ounce

    • UPC: 733739048936
    • ASIN: B0019LPLIA
    • Brand: NOW Foods
    • Size: 2 fl oz
    • Manufacturer: NOW Foods

    Natural color variation may occur in this product.

  • KavaDotCom Powdered Kavalactone 33% Kava Kava Extract | Kona Kava Root Drink For Sleep Support, Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Relief | Strong Instant All Natural Kava Kava Supplement

    • UPC: 810356021303
    • ASIN: B00PIB27TI
    • Brand: Kona Kava Farm
    • Size: 0.50oz
    • Manufacturer: KV Naturals, Inc.

     Kona Kava Farm 33% Kavalactone Kava Root Extract PowderWhy not try an all natural approach to stress relief? KavaDotCom is proud to bring you another great Kava product with natural anti-anxiety properties, that also supports a positive mood. This all-new 33% Kava Powder is a new favorite here. An ultra-pure extract, this silky powder is made wit... [Read More]

  • Natural Balance Happy Camper Kava Kava Root Extract | 70mg Kavalactones | Calm & Relaxation Supplement for Mood & Stress Support | 60 VegCaps

    • UPC: 047868137554
    • ASIN: B0011FY6WG
    • Brand: Natural Balance
    • Size: 60
    • Manufacturer: Nutraceutical Corporation

    A staple in the South Pacific, native islanders revere Kava Kava for its reputed calming effect on the central nervous system and traditionally serve it as a drink. Natural Balance Happy Camper Kava Kava Root Extract provides the same powerful benefits in easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules designed to help you feel at ease, focused and relaxed. Ou... [Read More]

  • Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 60 Count - For Emotional Balance, Calm Relaxation, Ecologically Harvested from Vanuatu, Guaranteed Potency 75mg Active Kavalactones

    • UPC: 751063398909
    • ASIN: B0036THN8E
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • Size: 60 Count
    • Manufacturer: Gaia Herbs

    Many systems of the body can be negatively affected by stress. That is why achieving a state of calm and relaxation is so important for optimum wellness.Adults take 1 capsule 3 times daily between meals. Maximum time of use: one month. Gaia Herbs’ Kava Kava Root is a potent herbal extract which helps support emotional balance. Made from ecologica... [Read More]

  • Premium Instant Kava Juice - Non-Micronized Pure Dehydrated Kava Juice Organic Kavain Heavy Blend - Anxiety Releasing and Euphoria Inducing Vanuatu Kava Tea" Connoisseur Blend" (Instant Tins, 25g)

    • UPC: 864235000477
    • Brand: DrinkRoot
    • Size: Instant Tins
    • Manufacturer: DrinkRoot

    Welcome back "The Connoisseur Instant". A step above its raw brother and the blend that started it all. We had our previously bottled friend, dehydrated and perfectly portioned into packets for your everyday travel convenience. Dihydrokavain Heavy formulation and hovering around a DHK/Kavain ratio of 1.3:1, this high-end noble kava is truly in a cl... [Read More]

  • Kona Kava Farm Premium Instant Kava Mix 9% Kavalactone | Kava Root Extract Supplement Drink Mix For Stress and Anxiety Relief | Available in Chocolate and Banana Vanilla (Cocoa, 8 oz)

    • ASIN: B00PFFE3NK
    • Brand: Kona Kava Farm
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: KV Naturals, Inc.

    Kona Kava Farm Instant Kava 9% KavalactoneThis revolutionary Kona Kava Farms Instant Kava Kava Mix is unlike anything else in the marketplace! Over a year in development, we've finally come up with a Kava extract that not only easily dissolves in water, but is so concentrated; only a couple teaspoons are required to get you on your way to a bette... [Read More]

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