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  • Peace Rose Bush Hybrid Tea Rose (1 Plant) Border,Cut Flowers,Ornamental, Outdoor

    • UPC: 683649970899
    • ASIN: B078NSXT4M
    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Unbranded

    Daikon RadishPress to translate Listing Translator by Hindi Portuguese Thai Korean French Chinese Spanish Arabic Japanese German Russian ItalianCupped and fully double this vibrant yellow-orange blend with red edged bloom and a mild tea fragrance makes this a great rose for the garden and containers. Works well in arrangements. Bloom 3 1/2 , Petals... [Read More]

  • Bolero Rose Bush Reblooming White Floribunda Very Fragrant Rose Grown Organic 4" Potted - 100+ Petal Flowers!

    • UPC: 722837842508
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Bolero rose is part of the Romantica Series of roses. This hardy floribunda rose produces fluffy 100+ petaled flowers that are pure snow white. The lovely flowers are perfumed with a rich rose fragrance crossed with a fresh fruity aroma and sport resilient petals and long stems that are perfect for cutting. Hardy for zones 5-9, Bolero is a compact... [Read More]

  • Buy 3 get 2 Free Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose 120 pcs Seeds Bush Bonsai Yard

    • ASIN: B07KWVC9T5
    • Brand: SVI
    • Manufacturer: SVI

    buy 3 get 2 free double delight hybrid tea rose 120 pcs seeds bush bonsai yard

  • Mamma MIA - Bareroot Hybrid Tea Garden Rose Bush - Stunning Fragrant, Deep Orange Blooms - A Great Gift for ABBA Fans and Mums!

    • ASIN: B07M9387H4
    • Brand: HATCHMATIC
    • Manufacturer: GENERIC

    MAMMA MIA Beautiful and exquisite large glowing coral orange blooms with wonderful strong fragrance are produced in great numbers on short bushy compact growth. Excellent disease resistance with bright green glossy growth. Fragrance: Strong Height: 90cm A top quality plant coming directly from a highly respected UK rose grower and comes with full i... [Read More]

  • Lioder Seeds Garden - Imported Rare 20/50pcs Rose Bushes All Time Favorites Rose Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose

    • UPC: 648333708721
    • ASIN: B07MQZ9H8K
    • Brand: Lioder Seeds Garden
    • Size: 20pcs
    • Manufacturer: Lioder

  • Sweet Revelation - Bareroot Hybrid Tea Garden Rose Bush - Outstanding Large Peachy Apricot Blooms on Tall Stems - Strong Fragrance

    • ASIN: B07M935PRK
    • Brand: HATCHMATIC
    • Manufacturer: GENERIC

    SWEET REVELATION Blends of peach, apricot and amber. Large high centred blooms on tall sturdy stems, excellent for cutting. A wonderful strong fragrance combined with waves of repeat bloom makes this a must for your garden. High disease resistance. Fragrance: Strong Height: 120cm A top quality plant coming directly from a highly respected UK rose g... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Iceberg Floribunda Shrub Rose Bush - Organic Grown White Rose Container Grown - Non-GMO Easy to Grow Plant

    • UPC: 767872629523
    • ASIN: B075LQMTYM
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Iceberg rose produces large double pure-white blossoms which scent the air with a rich, sweet perfume. Profuse bloomer with attractive light-green foliage. Proven to be extremely hardy. Ideal rose to use when making a flowering hedge, or add to a rose garden. A beautiful rose to grown in a decorative patio container with trailing annuals draped ove... [Read More]

  • Plum Perfect Rose Bush Reblooming Sunbelt Rose - Double Fragrant Purple Flowers - Heat Resistant Own Root Grown Organic Potted - Stargazer Perennials

    • UPC: 722837844021
    • ASIN: B073X9J37T
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Plum Perfect rose is perfection with medium double old-fashioned flowers in a unique shade of smokey purple plum. As the large blooms open the show continues with scalloped edges and a pleasing tea fragrance. A compact, tidy rose bush growing to a mature size of 3-4 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide, Plum Perfection is hardy for gardening zones 5-9. Thi... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Heirloom Rose Plant - Reblooming Purple Fragrant Flowers - Own Root Potted Easy To Grow

    • UPC: 722837842836
    • ASIN: B01LIK2Q0M
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Heirloom rose bush has excellent parentage including 'Intrigue' AARS-winning hybrid tea. Tight, deep magenta buds open to reveal pure lilac flowers. Blooms exhibit good staying power even in windy garden spots. Up to 5 inches across in size and held on stems that reach up to 15 inches long, these blooms are as perfect for cutting as they are for su... [Read More]

  • Lavender Veranda Rose Bush Reblooming Purple Fragrant Rose Grown Organic Potted - 35+ Petal Flowers!

    • UPC: 722837844304
    • ASIN: B079J76DXQ
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Lavender Veranda rose bush produces vibrant lavender flowers all summer long! A repeat blooming veranda rose, Lavender Veranda rose is ideal for decorating terraces and patios with a compact floribunda rose. Combine Lavender Veranda rose with annuals and perennials for season-long flowering. Extremely disease-resistant and excellent in both contai... [Read More]

  • BELINDAS Dream Heirloom Rose Bush Live Plant Fragrant Double Pink Flowers Perpetual Bloomer Starter Size Emerald Tm

    • ASIN: B078SKS335
    • Brand: Emerald Goddess Gardens
    • Size: 4 Inch Pot
    • Manufacturer: Emerald Goddess Gardens TM

    Product Information: Common Name: Belindas Dream Botanical Name: Rosa chinensis Mature Size: 4 to 5 feet Flower Color: Pink Bloom Form: Double Tea Fragrance: Yes Recommended USDA Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Soil Type: Fertile Well Draining Soil PH: Neutral Watering: Moderate Special Features: Cold Hardy, Heat Tolerant, Disease Resistant, Fragrant ... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Apricot Candy Rose Plant Potted - Fragrant Peach Apricot Flowers All Summer! | Own Root Easy To Grow

    • UPC: 722837842645
    • ASIN: B01HAMK0H8
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Apricot Candy rose bush produces delicious ruffled edged blooms with a spicy fruit fragrance. This vigorous hybrid tea rose grown on its own root, starts blooming in late spring and continues all summer long. The soft green foliage is the perfect backdrop for the luscious apricot orange flowers. Good disease resistance makes this rose a welcome ad... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Desmond Tutu Rose Plant Potted | Reblooming Heat Loving Red Flowers - Own Root Easy To Grow

    • UPC: 722837842690
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Desmond Tutu rose is part of the easy to grow Sunbelt series of roses. A vigorous rose that produces bouquets of non-fading, lustrous, double petaled, deep velvet red blooms. Desmond Tutu rose grows to 3-4 feet wide and 3-4 feet tall. The form is a nice compact bushy shrub that is ideal for planting in groups to form a flowering hedge, or for use i... [Read More]

  • Gemini - Bareroot Hybrid Tea Garden Rose Bush - Fantastic Large & Highly Fragrant Flowers, Cream with Deep Pink Edges. Repeat Flowering

    • ASIN: B07M8XQKS8
    • Brand: HATCHMATIC
    • Manufacturer: GENERIC

    GEMINI (Jacnepal) Very lovely large 6 - 7" well shaped fragranced flowers with deep to light pink suffused edges and white centres, produced on strong upright stems which are perfect for cutting and display. Tough large leathery dark green foliage and robust grower, an excellent performer. Fragrance: Medium - Strong Height: 4ft / 1.2m approx. A top... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Crazy Love Rose Plant Potted Reblooming Sunbelt Rose - Double Apricot Orange Flowers - Heat Resistant

    • UPC: 722837843826
    • ASIN: B073G89Y9M
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Crazy Love rose is a stunner in the garden boasting full, double elegant blooms in an unusual blend of copper, amber, apricot, and salmon. A continuous blooming rose even in hot and humid climate zones, this hardy shrub rose is also disease resistant! The flowers are large and are borne in clusters making it ideal for a cutting rose. As the blooms ... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Liberty Bell Rose Plant - Repeat Blooming Red Flowers - Cut Flower Rose Own Root Potted

    • UPC: 722837842614
    • ASIN: B01HC4XNQ4
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    Liberty Bell rose is one of the best compact , continuously blooming red roses in our gardens at the farm and nursery. Perfectly shaped blooms and deep red velvet with white reverse and occasional white accents near the center of the rose. What this rose lacks in fragrance it makes up for in superior vase life and flowers that do not fade, even in ... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials All American Magic Rose Plant Potted - Reblooming Fragrant Red White Striped Flowers Own Root

    • UPC: 722837843772
    • ASIN: B06XS48GW7
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    An All American winning rose! This stunning Grandiflora blooms all summer in a unique combination of red, yellow with a touch of cream. Every bloom on this disease resistance shrub is different. More vigorous than other striped roses when it comes to disease resistance and hardiness. All American Magic rose matures to 5-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wi... [Read More]

  • Stargazer Perennials Belinda's Dream Rose Plant Potted - Pink Fragrant Flowers Own Root

    • UPC: 722837840573
    • ASIN: B00VWCPIE8
    • Brand: Stargazer Perennials
    • Manufacturer: Stargazer Perennials

    A free-flowering landscape shrub rose that's also low maintenance! Belinda's Dream rose produces heavenly, pink double flowers with a strong fruity citrus fragrance. An ideal landscape rose with a rounded form that grows to 5 feet wide and as high, use this repeat blooming shrub to create a flowering hedge, or as a specimen rose in the garden. Beli... [Read More]

  • 120 Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose Seed DIY Home Garden Bush Bonsai Yard Flower So Unique

    • ASIN: B01BLE4B30
    • Brand: Generic
    • Manufacturer: Generic

    BonsaiUnit Type: Indoor PlantsPackage Weight: OtherPackage Size: Very EasyUnit Type: Novel PlantPackage Weight: SummerPackage Size: Blooming Plants

  • Barbra Streisand Hybrid Tea Rose Bush - Bareroot

    • ASIN: B07MYJKSB8
    • Brand: Hirt's
    • Manufacturer: hirtsgardens

    Hardy in zones 4-10 Color: Rich lavender blushing darker Height/Habit: Medium/Upright, bushy Bloom Size: Large, fully double Fragrance: Strong rose & citrus blossom

  • My Rose bush collection - Hybrid tea, David Austin, Mini flora & mini roses

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