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  • Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Kit. 5 Herbs To Grow From Seed: Basil, Cilantro, Sage, Parsley and Thyme Seeds, Ready For Planting. Beginner Gardeners Starter Set For Growing Indoor Plants.

    • UPC: 646223852905
    • ASIN: B01EFX6VPA
    • Brand: Nature's Blossom
    • Size: 8 X 7 X 5.5 inches
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Grow Kits

    Nature’s Blossom's Herb Garden kit offers everything you need to grow 5 delicious culinary herbs from seed in one gift box.There's nothing like the taste of fresh herbs that were just picked from your own herb garden!Found in every ‘Top 10 things to grow at home’ list, herbs are both easy to grow & are an inseparable part of modern cooking.So... [Read More]

  • Healthy Kitchen Herb Trio Grow Kit | Grow Basil, Parsley and Chives | Grow a Herb Garden from Seed in Unique Terra Cotta Pots | GMO Free Herbs | Exclusively by TotalGreen Holland

    • ASIN: B07K8RW3FV
    • Brand: TotalGreen Holland
    • Size: L
    • Manufacturer: TotalGreen Holland

    GROW YOUR OWN HEALTHY KITCHEN HERBS The kitchen herb trio kit contains the following items: 3 terra cotta pots 3 coco peat pellets 3 non-genetically modified (non-GMO) seed packets Unique cardboard holder Detailed planting instructions are printed on the inside - Parsley, Basil and Chives. GREAT & UNIQUE GIFT ITEM - The healthy kitchen... [Read More]

  • Planters' Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit + Herb Grinder - Complete Kit to Easily Grow 4 Herbs from Seed (Basil, Cilantro, Chives & Parsley) with Comprehensive Guide - Unique Gift (Herbs)

    • ASIN: B071JKSJJV
    • Brand: Planters' Choice
    • Manufacturer: Planters' Choice

    Herb Growing Kit. Garden Gift. Indoor. Plant Gift.

  • Zziggysgal Herb Seeds Set, Non GMO, Easy to Follow Instructions (12 Varieties)

    • ASIN: B0042AIYH0
    • Brand: zziggysgal
    • Size: Herb Set of 12
    • Manufacturer: zziggysgal

    This terrific NON-GMO herb set includes Italian Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Dill Bouquet, Oregano, Sweet Marjoram, Chives, Summer Savory, Garlic Chives, Mustard, and Culinary Sage. Plant your own kitchen or outdoor herb garden. It's fun and easy with high quality seeds from a trusted Seed Company. Each package has detailed planting instr... [Read More]

  • Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb Garden - at Home Mini Window Planter Kit for Herbs, Succulents, and Vegetables (White)

    • ASIN: B0773W721W
    • Brand: Mindful Design
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Mindful Design

    Bring the joy of gardening inside with this Indoor LED Window Herb Garden by Mindful Design! Made from eco-friendly cellular processed PVC board and featuring an energy efficient LED, this elegant and ultra-portable garden is the perfect way to get your garden on, anywhere and everywhere. The built-in 14W LED simulates sunlight, promoting photosynt... [Read More]

  • Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit. 4 Unique Plants To Grow From Seed. Beginner Gardeners Starter Set To Start Your Own Unusual Home Veg Garden. Gardening Project For Kids and Adults

    • UPC: 646223852912
    • ASIN: B01EFX6VNW
    • Brand: Nature's Blossom
    • Size: 8 X 7 X 5.5 inches
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetable Grow Kits

    A Complete Starter Kit With Everything You Need to Grow 5 Rare Veggies From Seed - No Past Experience or Additional Tools Required!GROW 5 TYPES OF EXOTIC, COLORFUL VEGETABLES FROM SEED:❀ PURPLE CARROTS - same taste, cooler color.❀ BLACK / BLUE CORNS - the hippest corn in the block.❀ ROMANESCO BROCCOLI - nutrients boost packed in a FUNKY shape... [Read More]

  • Herb Garden Starter Kit - Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Organic Herb Garden from a Seed | 8 Culinary Herb Varieties Including: Basil, Sage, Oregano, Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Cilantro, Chives

    • UPC: 650434714754
    • ASIN: B072MP2Q23
    • Brand: Ashbrook Outdoors
    • Manufacturer: Ashbrook Outdoors

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 8 FRESH HERBS:Ever considered growing your own herbs? Know someone with a green thumb? This unique growing kit provides everything you need to go from seedling to fragrant herbs, fresh from your own home garden.HOW WE DIFFER:The Ashbrook Outdoors Chef's Herb Kit is unique not only because it comes with the most herb vari... [Read More]

  • 100% NON-GMO Heirloom Culinary and Medicial Herb Kit - 12 popular Easy-to-Grow Herb Seeds by Open Seed Vault - includes 12 seed starting peat pellets!

    • UPC: 671839998594
    • Brand: Open Seed Vault
    • Manufacturer: Open Seed Vault

    WHY OPEN SEED VAULT'S SEEDS ARE SUPERIOR -We provide full planting and seed harvesting instructions for each herb so you can continue to grow year after year. -Beware of cheap imitations. Our Herb Vault contains twice the amount of herb seeds versus competitors. -Easy start with 12 Free seed starting Peat Pellets Included-Makes a Perfect Gift for y... [Read More]

  • KORAM Herb Garden Kit Growing Kit Gardening Starter Set- 10 Herbs Grow from Organic Seeds Indoor Herb Kit with Everything a Gardener Needs for Growing Herbs Indoors, Kitchen, Balcony, Window Sill

    • ASIN: B07M91HDYX
    • Brand: KORAM
    • Size: Herb Starter Kit
    • Manufacturer: KORAM

    There's nothing like the taste of fresh herbs that were just picked from your own herb garden! To grow your own greens at home is a very accomplish experience. Planting herb from the start and watching the development of your own little plants is a slow, yet ever rewarding process. So take the time and patience to grow these tasty herbs! Why choos... [Read More]

  • The Beginner's Kit to Grow 4 Types of Microgreen Sprouts from Seed. 10 Day Results. Plant an Organic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Ease. Sprouting Growing Set W/Arugula Seeds, Basil, Beets & Chards

    • UPC: 045926792400
    • ASIN: B071CV6KNV
    • Brand: Nature's Blossom
    • Size: 6.7 X 4.3 X 6.7 inches
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Blossom Microgreen Vegetables Sprouting Kit

    Everything you need to grow 4 types of microgreens from seed - No additional tools or past experience required! MICROGREENS - The shoots of salad vegetables, picked just after the first leaves have developed. Second only to sprouts, microgreens are the quickest food crop gardeners can grow!GROW 4 TYPES OF MICROGREENS FROM SEED: ❀ ARUGULA - Perhap... [Read More]

  • Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - Certified 100% USDA Organic Non GMO - Potting Soil, Peat Pots, 5 Herb Seed Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, Thyme - DIY Kitchen Grow Kit for Growing Herb Seeds Indoors

    • UPC: 860000469807
    • ASIN: B07HHMJBG2
    • Brand: Spade To Fork
    • Manufacturer: Spade To Fork

    Spade To Fork is a family owned, family run business based on our 40 acre farm in rural Oregon. Cooking, gardening and outdoors are our passions and we would love for you to join us as we grow in this new and exciting community. Each and every one of our indoor grow kit boxes contains the seeds of a quiet revolution to make food personal again. The... [Read More]

  • 10 Variety Culinary Herb Collection and 96 Page Growing Guide - Non GMO Heirloom Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Lavender, Sage, Cilantro, Chives, Dill

    • UPC: 609613079610
    • ASIN: B0177018RY
    • Brand: Sustainable Seed Company
    • Size: Collection Only
    • Manufacturer: Sustainable Seed Company

    Most POPULAR GOURMET herbs:Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lavender, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme!***Some of the above varieties of seed may be substituted, but are in the same family.

  • Assortment of 12 Culinary Herb Seeds - Non-GMO | Grow Cooking Herbs: Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Oregano, Sage & More

    • UPC: 757281800002
    • ASIN: B000E7OYNI
    • Brand: Living Whole Foods
    • Manufacturer: Living Whole Foods

    Grow your own culinary herb garden. This seed collection is the perfect way to grow the most common herbs and spices used in cooking. Includes lots of high germination rate seeds of each type: Parsley, Basil, Thyme, Dill Cilantro, Arugula, Oregano, Chives, Garlic Chives, Mustard, Savory, & Sage. QUALITY & QUANTITY GUARANTEE Each packet comes with l... [Read More]

  • Plant Theatre Herb Garden Seed Kit Gift Box - 6 Different Herbs to Grow, Includes: GREEN ITALIAN PARSLEY, SWEET BASIL, CILANTRO, TARRAGON, CHIVE AND THYME Seeds. Everything you need to start growing in one box! Superb Gift!

    • ASIN: B003RSZ21Y
    • Brand: Plant Theatre
    • Manufacturer: Plant Theatre

    Create your your own herb garden 6 different herbs to grow indoors or out.

  • AeroGarden Harvest - Black

    • UPC: 810705138782
    • ASIN: B07CKK8Z78
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Size: 2019 Model
    • Manufacturer: AeroGarden

    The AeroGarden Harvest is a simple, beautifully designed garden, versatile enough to fit almost anywhere, but perfect for the best room in the house… your kitchen. It’s no secret homegrown veggies just taste better, and the Harvest will inspire you to discover the flavor of fresh no matter the season. Perfect for beginners and experienced growe... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro Twelve Seed Starting Kit - 4 Plugs, Designed for Growing Plants in Hydroponic Systems, Includes 4 Seed Starting Plugs and 4 Net Cups to Grow From Seeds or Cuttings, Seeds Not Included

    • UPC: 073561300407
    • ASIN: B07PT1QH8W
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Manufacturer: Miracle-Gro

    Use the Miracle-Gro Twelve Seed Starting Kit to grow fresh herbs, leafy greens, & flowers year-round. Each kit contains 4 seed starting plugs & 4 net cups (seeds not included). The kit is specifically designed for use in a water-based, hydroponic Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System. The plugs are clean & simple with no clogging particles, allo... [Read More]

  • Herb Garden Kit. Includes Pots, Seeds, Soil Pellets, Markers, Instructions Booklet. Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Chives. Great Gift Idea. Very Easy to Grow

    • ASIN: B07M81BYWQ
    • Brand: Loako
    • Manufacturer: Sotgui International

    🌱 EVERYTHING YOU NEEDLoako Herb Garden Kit contains everything you need to grow your favorite kitchen herbs from seed. Our kit includes bamboo fiber pots, nutrient enriched expandable soil pellets, herb seeds, plant markers and a detailed instructions booklet.🌱 NO GREEN THUMB? WE GOT YOUR BACK!You can grow 4 of your favorite herbs: ... [Read More]

  • Herb Grow kit for Beginners and Experts | Grow Your Own Basil, Parsley, Chives, Oregano & Cilantro from Seed | Fun Indoor Gardening Gift for Kids and Adults | Exclusively by TotalGreen Holland

    • ASIN: B07NQLZW8Z
    • Brand: TotalGreen Holland
    • Size: L
    • Manufacturer: TotalGreen Holland

    Grow Your Own Herbs This herb garden kit contains the following items: 5 Waterproof Growing Cups 5 Premium Coco Peat Pellets 5 Non-Genetically Modified (non-GMO) Seed Packets (Basil, Parsley, Chives, Oregano & Cilantro) Detailed Planting Instructions (printed on the inside) GREAT & UNIQUE GIFT ITEM - The herb garden grow kit is an exclus... [Read More]

  • Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit | Germination Seedling Trays are Biodegradable and Organic | 10 Plastic Plant Markers Included | 5 Pack - 50 Cells

    • UPC: 643070994987
    • ASIN: B01DL1D8JY
    • Brand: JOLLY GROW
    • Manufacturer: JOLLY GROW

    Why not save money and grow your own healthy vegetables, garden, and flowers? This 50 cell Seed Starter Kit with 10 plastic markers by JOLLY GROW, is a great way to start any garden or flower bed. These peat pots are Certified for USDA organic use and perfect for starting your seeds, flowers, vegetables, plants, herbs, and more. Simply follow these... [Read More]

  • This is a Mix!!! 2000+ ORGANICALLY Grown Microgreens Mix 40 Varieties Superfood Seeds Heirloom Non-GMO Delicious and Healthy, Easy to Grow! from USA

    • UPC: 303949190079
    • ASIN: B01N0YO8YZ
    • Brand: Harley Seeds

    Seeds are not individually packaged according to variety but are packaged in one envelope for this listing! Perfect for salads, green juices, plate decoration. Microgreens are in between sprouted seeds and baby greens. Baby greens are grown in soil and harvested when they are three to four inches tall. Microgreens are harvested when they are about ... [Read More]

  • Starting Herbs from seed & patience when Growing Them - The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener

    Starting Herbs from Seeds

    Top 5 herbs to grow in your own home