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  • MIGHTY BLISSTM Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief -Extra Large [12"x24"] - Auto Shut Off - Heat Pad with Moist & Dry Heat Therapy Options - Hot Heated Pad

    • UPC: 794604446158
    • ASIN: B07G2M1LBW
    • Brand: Mighty Bliss
    • Manufacturer: Mighty BlissTM

    PRODUCT FEATURES: Extra-Large 12" x 24" Pad: Offers excellent coverage for large muscle groups 3 Temperature Settings: Controller adjusts heat easily with 3 temperature settings to accommodate your comfort level. 2-Hour Auto Shut-Off: 9-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair Machine Washable: Hel... [Read More]

  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL King Size Heating Pad (Charcoal Gray) - Fast-Heating Machine-Washable Pad - 6 Temperature Settings, Moist Heat Therapy Option, Auto Shut-Off and Storage Bag - 12" x 24"

    • UPC: 853975005644
    • ASIN: B01KVYTV86
    • Brand: Pure Enrichment
    • Manufacturer: Pure Enrichment

    Pure Relief XL offers king-size comfort to the sore muscles in your back, legs, arms, and more. Made with plush microfibers, this deluxe heating pad provides an ultra-soft heat therapy solution for arthritic pain, muscle ache, and stiff joints. Use for just 20 minutes daily (or as recommended by your doctor) to increase blood flow and reduce pain a... [Read More]

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Fast Pain Relief | XL King XpressHeat, 6 Heat Settings with Auto-Shutoff | Burgundy, 12-Inch x 24-Inch

    • UPC: 027045745536
    • ASIN: B00JA9D914
    • Brand: Sunbeam
    • Size: X-Large
    • Manufacturer: Sunbeam

    Help arthritic pain and everyday muscle aches fade away with this Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad with Digital LED Controller. The pad heats up in 30 seconds for super fast heat therapy. The 6 heat settings let you customize the level of intensity you need to begin feeling better. The pad also features a convenient select hour auto off setting for pe... [Read More]

  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief Lumbar & Abdominal Heat Paid - Fast-Heating Technology with 4 Heat Settings, Adjustable Belt, Hot/Cold Gel Pack & Storage Bag - Ideal for Back Pain & Abdominal Cramps, Gray

    • UPC: 817387020688
    • ASIN: B07HXH6WQF
    • Brand: Pure Enrichment
    • Manufacturer: Pure Enrichment

    Target the pain in your lower back and abdomen with the PureRelief Lumbar & Abdominal Heating Pad. This specialized pad is designed with a built-in pocket that holds an optional hot/cold gel pack you can use for a more intense therapeutic experience based on your body’s needs. Use daily to help relieve chronic pain or as needed for occasional abd... [Read More]

  • Tech Love XXL Electric Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder and Back Pain Relief with Fixation Strap Moist Heat Pad with Auto Shut Off Extra Large 20'' x 28'' - Charcoal Gray

    • UPC: 726146017725
    • ASIN: B07FY9X5QG
    • Brand: Tech Love
    • Manufacturer: Tech Love

    20" x 28" XL Pad for full body muscle tension relief on your neck, shoulders, abdomen, back or legs Benefits of our extra large heating pad: Increasing blood flow Relieve muscle stiffnessAlleviate stressElectric heating pad with two options for heat therapy include moist heat and dry heat. Dry heat, draws out moisture from the body and may leave t... [Read More]

  • XL Heating Pad for Back Pain w/Auto Off | Ultra-Fast Heating | Extra Large Dry Electric Heat Therapy Wrap | Plush Hot Pad for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Abdomen, Arm, Legs, More (12" x 24")

    • UPC: 610395674450
    • Brand: Asani
    • Manufacturer: Asani

    AN ELECTRIC HEAT PAD DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND Results You'll Love Keep nagging back or neck pain at bay; effectively manage cramps during that time of the month; stay warm and toasty whenever the weather gets chilly. There's no denying the benefits of heat therapy when it comes to pain relief, but it takes a properly designed heating pad to ge... [Read More]

  • Heating Pad, Ultra-Large Heating Pads for Back Pain Auto Shut Off, Fast Heating Technology, Six Heat Settings, Machine-Washable, Micro Plush/Soft Touch, Elastic Band and Storage Bag Included

    • ASIN: B07KRSTT1Y
    • Brand: Anbber
    • Manufacturer: Anbber

    Available Aromatherapy Homeopathic And it's also Hypoallergenic Unscented

  • Blusmart Heating Pad,Super Soft Material with Fast-Heating Technology for Neck Shoulder and Back Pain Relief, 6 Heat Setting Models Auto-Off Timer & PE Storage Bag (12"×24")

    • ASIN: B07GN5Q8D3
    • Brand: Blusmart
    • Manufacturer: Blusmart

    Why choose Blusmart Electric Heating Pad? Perfect Heat Therapy Tool Blusmart fever cushion adopts the latest infrared technology for its warm wire. It is proved that if you insist to use our heating pad for only 20 minutes everyday, your muscle or arthritis pains will be effectively relieved to some degree. Customized Heat Settings The heating pad ... [Read More]

  • XXX-Large Heating Pad for Fast Pain Relief, FDA Approved, Electric 10 Heat Setting with Auto Off, Moist Therapeutic Option for Neck Back Shoulder, 33" x 17"

    • UPC: 661094441553
    • ASIN: B07S1C4P54
    • Brand: Sable
    • Size: 30" x 12"
    • Manufacturer: AmazonUs/TAOTT

    Lifelong Warranty- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Registered With the FDA as A Class 2 Medical Device Features

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief | XL King Size SoftTouch, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Teal, 12-Inch x 24-Inch

    • UPC: 027045712736
    • ASIN: B00474Z0Q4
    • Brand: Sunbeam
    • Size: Original Version
    • Manufacturer: Sunbeam

    Help arthritic pain and everyday muscle aches fade away with this Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad with Digital LED Controller. This ultra-soft pad delivers extra coverage, comfort, and heat therapy.The 4 heat settings let you customize the level of intensity you need to begin feeling better. The pad also features a convenient 2-hour auto-off setting ... [Read More]

  • Chattanooga Theratherm Automatic Moist Heat Pack - Standard

    • UPC: 010315349626
    • ASIN: B0010L1KZM
    • Brand: Chattanooga
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: DJO Consumer LLC

    The Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad delivers intense, moist heat therapy which provides temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension; intended for use on the back, shoulder, wrist, stomach, knee or foot. Included is a flannel covering which draws moisture from the ... [Read More]

  • Mosabo Electric Heating Pad XXL Heat Pad Soft Flannel Large Heating Pads for Back Pain 3 Temperature Setting with Auto Shut Off 20''X 24'' Gray

    • UPC: 606794682431
    • Brand: Mosabo
    • Size: 20" x 24"
    • Manufacturer: Mosabo

    Product Description: Mosabo Extra-Extra-Large heating pad offers maximum comfort and excellent coverage for every sore muscles full-over your body such as your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms and head. Made with SUPER soft flannel, this deluxe heating pad provides you the supreme feelings of being good cared. Gently dab one side of the Pad w... [Read More]

  • XXX-Large Heating Pad Wrap, Extra Long for Neck Shoulders Whole Back Pain Relief with Strap, Snap Closure, FDA Registered, ETL Certified, 6 Temperature Settings Auto Off, 25 x 32", Gray

    • UPC: 661094396945
    • ASIN: B07SB38TWG
    • Brand: Sable
    • Size: 25 x 32"
    • Manufacturer: Sable

    Wearable Comfort FDA registered heating therapy option, the heating pad can fully cover your whole back, shoulders and neck to relieve your pain 6 Temperature Settings Heat up quickly to relieve your back pain & choose a comfortable temperature among 6 therapeutic settings Comfortably Wraps Your Body Move freely thanks for the weighted edges, strap... [Read More]

  • UTK Infrared Jade Back Heating Pad, Heating Wrap for Cramps Pain Relief - Far Infrared Therapy Waist Belt for Thigh, Lumbar, Stomach Pain, EMF Free, Auto Off, Smart Controller

    • ASIN: B07JBBMZD8
    • Brand: UTK
    • Manufacturer: UTK TECHNOLOGY

  • Sunny Bay Lower Back And Shoulder Joint Heat Wrap with Strap, 10"x18" Heat Pad, Microwave Hot/Cold Pad, Reusable, Portable, Navy Blue

    • UPC: 894073002425
    • ASIN: B008TUSTTC
    • Brand: Sunny Bay
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Sunny Bay

    Ergonomically designed, this Microwavable Shoulder Heat Wrap is ideal for everyday lumbar or shoulder and back pain therapy. The microwavable shoulder heat wrap can be tied around the lower back, waist, knee, or shoulder. The cover is made of soft fleece and protects your skin from burning and also retains heat. This shoulder heat wrap contours aro... [Read More]

  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Extra-Long Back & Neck Heating Pad - Fast-Heating Technology Contoured for Neck, Back and Shoulder Heat Therapy with Magnetic Closure, Adjustable Belt and Storage Bag

    • UPC: 817387020732
    • Brand: Pure Enrichment
    • Size: XL
    • Manufacturer: Pure Enrichment

    Drape yourself in the ultimate heat therapy with the PureRelief XL Extra-Long Back & Neck Heating Pad from Pure Enrichment. This full-coverage heating pad is perfectly contoured to relieve muscle tension where people experience it most-the neck, back, and shoulders. Thanks to its convenient built-in magnetic closures, it is designed to stay in plac... [Read More]

  • Heating Pad,Electric Heating Pad 12"x24" Large Heating Pads for Back Pain Auto Shut Off Heat Pad Back Heating Pad with Timer,6 Heat Settings Heated Pad Moist Heating Pad for Cramps,Neck,Shoulder,Elbow

    • ASIN: B07RFLH756
    • Brand: Jokyle
    • Size: 12" x 24"
    • Manufacturer: Jokyle

    Drape yourself in ultimate heat therapy with our Ultra-Soft Electric Heating Pad 12" x 24" XL Large Heating Pads for Back Pain and Cramps Auto Shut Off & 6 Temperature Settings Moist Heating Pad. Scope of Application: This full coverage versatile heat pad is perfectly contoured to relieve sore muscle in your back,neck,shoulders,abdomen,legs,and ar... [Read More]

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief | XL King Size UltraHeat, 3 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Light Blue, 12-Inch x 24-Inch

    • UPC: 027045646703
    • ASIN: B000FGDDI0
    • Brand: Sunbeam
    • Size: XL King
    • Manufacturer: Sunbeam

    Help arthritic pain and everyday muscle aches fade away with this Sunbeam King-Size Electric Heating Pad. Soothe and relieve discomfort with UltraHeat technology that helps to deliver even, powerful heat to achy areas. This large heating pad offers 3 heat settings to provide the level of intensity you need to begin feeling better, and the convenien... [Read More]

  • Large Heating Pad for Back and Shoulder Pain, 24"x33" Heat Wrap with Fast-Heating and 5 Heat Settings for Sport Sorness and Cramps Relief, Auto Shut Off Available-Crimson

    • UPC: 632111099514
    • ASIN: B07S6B1ZTQ
    • Brand: MaxKare
    • Manufacturer: MaxKare

    The use of MaxKare Heating Wrap Pad offers you warm, comfortable sensation when the mercury drops. And the soothing heat comes with physical benefits by expanding blood vessels to improve oxygen blow and nutrition distribution, which helps relax the body for reduced soreness and stiffness, especially after workouts or hard work. Its safety design w... [Read More]

  • 3in1 Cordless Infrared Heating Pad, Lower Back Massager, Lumbar Support Belt with Fast Heating Technology with Cold Therapy - 3 Heat & Massage Settings - Pain Relief for Lower Back Pain, Cramps

    • UPC: 726152902923
    • ASIN: B07Q1DJVTN
    • Brand: Pure
    • Size: 28"-58"
    • Manufacturer: PURE

    PURE 3in1 cordless portable heating cooling back brace massager is double layered with adjustable straps that provides heating cooling and can be used separately or together. Far Infrared Heating therapy helps dilate blood vessels, promotes blood circulation and helps reduce muscle spasms. The unit also relieves pain caused by lumbar muscle strain,... [Read More]

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