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  • The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensable Guide to the Armed Citizen

    • ASIN: 1943809143
    • ISBN: 1943809143
    • Brand: Andrew Branca
    • Manufacturer: Law of Self Defense

    The world is a dangerous place. That's why you're prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones. Now arm yourself for the legal battle that happens after an attack. The first fight is for your life – the second for your liberty. Andrew F. Branca, the renowned expert in self-defense law, teaches you how to make quick, effective, legally appropr... [Read More]

  • Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense

    • UPC: 884181938891
    • ASIN: 1440240612
    • ISBN: 1440240612
    • Brand: Ayoob Massad
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    In a long-awaited update of the world's most authoritative work on the subject, Massad Ayoob draws from an additional three decades of experience to educate responsible firearms owners about the legal, ethical, and practical use of firearms in self defense--the armed citizens' rules of engagement.Understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding ... [Read More]

  • VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

    • UPC: 609132074417
    • Brand: VIPERTEK
    • Manufacturer: VIPERTEK

    The VIPERTEK VTS-989 stun gun really packs a punch! Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound, an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound doesn't stop him, a jol... [Read More]

  • How To Be Your Own Bodyguard: Self defense for men and women from a lifetime of protecting clients in hostile environments

    • ASIN: B005Z8L6YG

    MASTER THE SKILLS OF A BODYGUARD AND REDUCE YOUR RISK OF EVER BEING A CRIME VICTIMNow you don't have to be rich enough to hire your own bodyguard. You can learn the skills in this book and take care of yourself the way the pros do.WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR?“How To Be Your Own Bodyguard” is an invaluable reference for:• Anybody who wants to signifi... [Read More]

  • Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry Volume II: Beyond the Basics

    • UPC: 818177020055
    • ASIN: 1946267139
    • ISBN: 1946267139
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    A master class in concealed carry! With concealed carry handguns, ammo, gear and techniques evolving rapidly, it's more critical than ever to stay current. Previously available only inside the walls of his classroom, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry Volume 2 gives armed citizens access to Massad Ayoob's treasure trove of experience in handgun sel... [Read More]

  • POLICE Stun Gun 519 - Max Voltage Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, Black

    • UPC: 615317635427
    • ASIN: B075CC2G51
    • Brand: POLICE
    • Manufacturer: POLICE

    A stun gun as a hand held device that puts out a high voltage shock and stuns the attacker. All a person needs to do is touch the assailant with the stun gun to immobilize them for several minutes. This provides enough time to get away and call for help. Thus, it is easy to see why so many people buy stun gun as a method of protection against possi... [Read More]

  • Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know

    • UPC: 074962019783
    • ASIN: 1440247544
    • ISBN: 1440247544
    • Brand: GUN DIGEST
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    In Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know, Massad Ayoob and the nation's leading experts on personal protection, self-defense and concealed carry deliver authoritative guidance from their areas of expertise and personal experience. In chapters by distinguished authors hand-picked by Massad Ayoob:John Hearne takes us "insi... [Read More]

  • Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry

    • UPC: 074962015228
    • ASIN: 1440232679
    • ISBN: 1440232679
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    Written by Massad Ayoob, one of the pre-eminent fighting handgun trainers in the world, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition builds upon the best-selling 1st edition by addressing some of the hottest issues surrounding concealed carry today.Understand Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.Review case studies that reveal lessons learn... [Read More]

  • Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

    • UPC: 074962017796
    • ASIN: 1440242801
    • ISBN: 1440242801
    • Brand: Gun Digest Books
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    Real handgun shooting skills to solve real problems!Defensive Pistol Fundamentals helps you learn the best, most efficient ways to defend your life, or the lives of your loved ones, with a legally carried pistol. Learn not only what you need to do, but why and how.How to defend yourself from a violent, surprise attackDealing with more than one aggr... [Read More]

  • Concealed Carry & Handgun Essentials for Personal Protection

    • ASIN: B013L10WF2

    This practical, comprehensive, and thorough Concealed Carry and Handgun Reference Book will help you take responsibility and PREPARE FOR YOUR OWN SELF DEFENSE and PERSONAL PROTECTION. Col Ben's book is designed for both NEW and EXPERIENCED shooters and is a must read to help you properly use and handle your handgun in various situations. It is form... [Read More]

  • Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms

    • ASIN: 161614839X
    • ISBN: 161614839X
    • Manufacturer: Prometheus

    Chronicling the underappreciated black tradition of bearing arms for self-defense, this book presents an array of examples reaching back to the pre-Civil War era that demonstrate a willingness of African American men and women to use firearms when necessary to defend their families and communities. From Frederick Douglass's advice to keep "a good r... [Read More]

  • SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

    • UPC: 023063153001
    • ASIN: B004NKSPR8
    • Brand: SABRE
    • Size: Original Version
    • Manufacturer: Dreme Corp

    Boasting the same police-strength protection you’ve come to expect from SABRE, our pepper gel also offers additional benefits. To maximize your comfort and safety, pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blowback with no in-air atomization, meaning it only affects the target/person it directly contacts. Gel also offers a 20% greater range than tradi... [Read More]

  • How to Shoot a Handgun: Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide for Beginners

    • ASIN: B00BG1VQJQ

    NOT RECOMMENDED FOR REVOLVERSThis short guide shows you the basics of handgun handling so you can look like a pro:•How to handle a handgun correctly and safely•How to hold a handgun•How to prepare and position your body while shooting •How to follow through•How to load and unload•How to get in a “ready position”•How to draw the ha... [Read More]

  • The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensable Guide to the Armed Citizen

    • ASIN: 0988867702
    • ISBN: 0988867702
    • Manufacturer: Law of Self Defense

    You arm yourself so you're hard to kill. Know the law so you're hard to convict. Let's face it, the world isn't always nice. That's why you take steps to protect yourself and your family. Whether it be that shotgun in the corner, the sidearm on your hip, or the pepper spray you gave your daughter, you meet that fundamental responsibility. But if ... [Read More]

  • The Tactical Shotgun: The Best Techniques and Tactics for Employing the Shotgun in Personal Combat

    • ASIN: 0873648986
    • ISBN: 0873648986
    • Manufacturer: Paladin Press

    In his second book on tactical weapons, Suarez sets the record straight on the true role of the shotgun in combat. He shows you what you need to know to defend your home, family or business, including multiple hostiles, low-light situations, moving targets and more.

  • Home Self Defense Products Quick Vent Safe with RFID

    • UPC: 045635974548
    • ASIN: B00P9QM9YA
    • Brand: Home Self Defense Products
    • Manufacturer: Home Self Defense Products

    Quick White Vent Safe with RFID The QuickVent Safe with RFID locking system is the safest place to hide and secure weapons, money, jewelry, etc. It looks just like an HVAC vent so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight. There are no numbers to memorize (which are easily forgotten in a panic situation) or buttons ... [Read More]

  • Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver

    • ASIN: 1520384130
    • ISBN: 1520384130
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    Do you have a snubnose revolver? Do you want to know how to use it to defend your life? If you — or someone you love — owns a snubnose revolver for personal or home defense, this is the book you need! Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver teaches you the essential shooting skills to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm. The sn... [Read More]

  • Handgun Training for Personal Protection: How to Choose & Use the Best Sights, Lights, Lasers & Ammunition

    • UPC: 074962015440
    • ASIN: 1440234647
    • ISBN: 1440234647
    • Brand: Gun Digest Books
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

    Handgun Training for Personal Protection is the definitive guide for selecting and training with lights, sights, lasers and ammunition for the modern defensive handgun. Author Richard Mann helps you understand how to properly outfit a handgun to optimize its defensive potential. Perhaps even more importantly, he describes how to train with this opt... [Read More]

  • Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith

    • ASIN: B0056GXHTY
    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse

  • A Prepper's Guide to Shotguns: How to Properly Choose, Maintain, and Use These Firearms in Emergency Situations

    • ASIN: 1510724834
    • ISBN: 1510724834
    • Brand: KLO80
    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse

    In the chaos of a survival situation, firearms will be important tools for protecting yourself, your family, and your supplies as well as for hunting animals for food. In A Prepper’s Guide to Shotguns, Robert K. Campbell discusses the best shotguns to have with you in any confrontation—including the end of the world as we know it. Shotguns that... [Read More]

  • The "Best" Home Defense Gun

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