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  • LockNLube Grease Coupler locks onto Zerk fittings. Grease goes in, not on the machine. World's best-selling original locking grease coupler. Rated 10,000 PSI. Long-lasting rebuildable tool.

    • UPC: 829379557805
    • ASIN: B00H7LPKKU
    • Brand: LockNLube
    • Manufacturer: LockNLube

    The LockNLube Grease Coupler is a long-lasting, rebuildable tool. Rated to 10,000 PSI the LockNLube Grease Coupler does not leak and will not pop off once locked on. The thumb lever allows the coupler to easily release from stuck fittings, even at extreme pressures up to 10,000 PSI. It is not a throwaway part. It is compatible with any grease gun. ... [Read More]

  • AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler, Quick Connect Grease Coupler Lock onto Zert Fittings, 2nd Generation Upgraded 12000 PSI Couplers Compatible with All Grease Guns

    • UPC: 641926113995
    • ASIN: B07RRXKW9F
    • Brand: AZUNO
    • Manufacturer: AZUNO

    AZUNO Grease Coupler Locks onto Zerk Fitting Rated 12,000 PSI fit 1/8 inch NPT Grease GunUpgrade your grease gun today with AZUNO Grease Coupler and start saving grease, saving time. No more Fighting and Struggling with Stuck-On CouplersFeatures:  You only push down the thumb lever allowing you to install or remove the locking grease coupler on a ... [Read More]

  • LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL - Extra reach for recessed grease fittings

    • ASIN: B06Y2GBFFT
    • Brand: LockNLube
    • Manufacturer: Gurtech

    The LockNLube Grease Coupler XL is compatible with all grease guns and Zerk fittings. It does not leak once locked on and will not pop off under pressure. No hands are needed to align or hold the coupler in place while greasing. You have both hands free to operate your grease gun and know that the grease will go in, not on, your machine. Guaranteed... [Read More]

  • Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler, 1/8" NPT

    • UPC: 027719051185
    • ASIN: B0752V7GLX
    • Brand: Lumax
    • Manufacturer: Lumax

    Quick and Simple Connection. Proprietary Locking & Quick-Release Mechanism, the Coupler Locks-On and Creates a Leak-Proof Seal. Innovative Design enables Quick Release Coupler to firmly latch onto the Grease Fitting, enabling Hands-Free Greasing. No more Fighting and Struggling with Stuck-On Couplers. If a Fitting becomes Pressurized, just Depress ... [Read More]

  • Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler

    • UPC: 013438023916
    • ASIN: B000MS5T42
    • Brand: Lumax
    • Manufacturer: Lumax

    The 90 degree grease coupler is for use on hand-operated grease guns only. It is designed for hard-to-reach grease fittings on cars, trucks, farm equipment and is ideal for lubrication of front and all-wheel drive vehicles. It has quick connect, a spring loaded sleeve that locks coupler in place for angular applications, and is zinc plated for maxi... [Read More]

  • Carbyne 12 Piece Grease Gun Accessory Set | All-in-One Set Includes Couplers, Nozzles, Adapters and Flex Hose

    • UPC: 732030918726
    • ASIN: B078G65ZSQ
    • Brand: Carbyne
    • Manufacturer: CARBYNE

    CARBYNE 12 Piece Grease Gun Accessory Set. All-In-One Set Includes Couplers, Nozzles, Adapters and Flex Hose. Grease Gun Accessories Engineered To Withstand Rugged Use. Ideal For Automotive & Trailers, Agriculture, Industrial and Marine Use. Contains: 1. 12" Flex Hose with Spring 2. Needle Tip Adapter 3. Grease Injector Needle 4. Grease Needle Nozz... [Read More]

  • Liquera Power Grease Gun Coupler Parts Heavy Duty Air Oil Pump Locks Accessories Kit High Pressure Grease Gun Needle Tip Fittings Fuel Nozzle Adapter Pistol Grip for Gun Lube and Grease Gun Hose

    • ASIN: B07VGHNVC9
    • Brand: Liquera
    • Manufacturer: Liquera

    Experience quick and flexible connection and is also equipped with a proprietary locking & quick release mechanism. The coupler locks on and creates a leak resistant seal with hose attachments. The quick release coupler is firmly attached to the grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing. No longer do you have to fight or struggle to get the coup... [Read More]

  • Milwaukee 49-16-2649 M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Couplers

    • UPC: 045242301720
    • ASIN: B00LCU7I20
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • Manufacturer: Builders World Wholesale Distribution

    M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Couplers. The Product is Easy to Use and Easy to Handle. The Product is Highly Durable. Made In China.

  • Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver 1/8" NPT Standard Grease Coupler (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 027719054728
    • ASIN: B0059HJHS0
    • Brand: Lumax
    • Manufacturer: Lumax

    The standard grease coupler is for use with most hand-operated grease guns and equipment, fits all 1/8 inches NPT threads, rated for 4,500 PSI maximum operating pressure, has a built-in spring-loaded ball check valve that prevents leak, pressure loss and lubricant backup. It has four hardened steel jaws for a superior seal, longer life and precisio... [Read More]

  • REXBETI Grease Gun, Pistol Grip Grease Gun Set with 18 Inch Flex Hose, Heavy Duty Steel Barrel, 2 Reinforced Coupler Included

    • UPC: 682228519221
    • ASIN: B07QJ353Z9
    • Brand: REXBETI
    • Manufacturer: REXBETI


  • JoyTutus Locking Grease Gun Coupler Locks onto Zerk Fittings 10,000 PSI 1/8 inch NPT Lock on Grease Coupler XL

    • ASIN: B07L714JXF
    • Brand: JoyTutus
    • Manufacturer: JoyTutus

    Built to strictest manufacturing standards for durability; Compatible with all grease guns, battery, pneumatic or manual; Ensures the grease goes into the machine, no splashing or leaking; 4 hardened spring steel jaws withstand up to 10,000 PSI, no popping off; Quick release with a press on the thumb lever.

  • Milwaukee 49-16-2647 M18 48" Grease Gun Hose W/Coupler

    • UPC: 045242286201
    • ASIN: B00LCU1B2I
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • Manufacturer: Builders World Wholesale Distribution

    M18 48" Grease Gun Hose W/Coupler. The Product is Easy to Use and Easy to Handle. The Product is Highly Durable. Made In China.

  • Univer-Co UC3102 Universal Lock-On Grease Gun Coupler

    • UPC: 062784336652
    • ASIN: B00TLD6VR8
    • Brand: Univer-Co
    • Manufacturer: Univer-Co

    Univer-Co Lock-On Grease Gun Coupler

  • JoyTutus Grease Gun Coupler Locks onto Zerk Fitting Tools 12,000 PSI 1/8 inch Grease Gun Tips

    • ASIN: B07L6X7VFW
    • Brand: JoyTutus
    • Size: one pack
    • Manufacturer: JoyTutus

  • Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Slotted Right Angle 90 Degree Coupler

    • UPC: 959920970224
    • ASIN: B000G76OMA
    • Brand: Lincoln Electric
    • Manufacturer: Lincoln Lubrication

    Allows vehicles and machinery to be lubricated without the time consuming hassle of removing access covers or splash guards 1/8 NPTF thread connects to most standard grease hoses Wide hex design simplifies hose attachment Operated to 1,000 psi (69 bar)

  • ARES 71044 | Grease Gun Coupler | Working Pressure of 4,500 PSI and Burst Pressure of 10,000 PSI | Knurled Bands Provide Non-Slip Grip | 4 Jaw Design for Secure Fit

    • UPC: 818765028678
    • ASIN: B07B4M15ZN
    • Brand: ARES
    • Size: Grease Gun Coupler
    • Manufacturer: ARES

    Secure Fit with a Non-Slip Grip The ARES Grease Gun Coupler features a 4-jaw design that creates a secure fit every time while the knurled bands create a non-slip grip for easy use. With a working pressure of 4,500 PSI and a burst pressure of 10,000 PSI, this coupler uses 1/8-inch NPT threads that fit most grease guns and extensions so it can be us... [Read More]

  • HORUSDY Quick Release Grease Coupler 1/8" NPT Fitting (10000 PSI)

    • UPC: 732173355488
    • ASIN: B0774DJBFM
    • Brand: HORUSDY
    • Size: 1/8
    • Manufacturer: HORUSDY

    With a standard 1/8" NPT thread connection, the LockNLube Grease Coupler fits all standard grease guns: electric (battery), pneumatic or hand-operated. So whether you have a Lincoln, Alemite, DeWalt, Lumax, Milwaukee or whatever grease gun, replacing your standard tip with the LockNLube Grease Coupler, will make greasing

  • Tooluxe 61077L Grease Gun and Lubrication Accessory Kit | Zerk Fittings | Multi-Function

    • UPC: 837013610779
    • ASIN: B002RMMXG8
    • Brand: Tooluxe
    • Manufacturer: Ridgerock Tools Inc.

    The Tooluxe Grease Gun Kit is perfect for your garage or workshop. It includes almost every common lube attachments and fits the existing grease gun coupler on most types of grease guns.

  • REXBETI Black Pistol Grip Grease Gun Set with 18 Inch Flex Hose, 2 Reinforced Coupler Included

    • UPC: 613852719237
    • ASIN: B07BMND4P1
    • Brand: REXBETI
    • Manufacturer: Lnchett

    As far as grease guns go, REXBETI Heavy Duty is the best choice when you want a durable garage tool. Thanks to the heavy cast head of the zerk greasing gun, you will find it durable than the others. It is definitely an essential tool that will make the process of lubrication much easier. REXBETI pistol grip grease gun will allow you to lubricate th... [Read More]

  • Performance Tool W54211 W/Coupler-4,500 Working PSI 18" Grease Gun Flex Hose

    • UPC: 039564542114
    • ASIN: B0002KO29I
    • Brand: Performance Tool
    • Size: 18" Hose W/ Coupler - 4,500 Working PSI
    • Manufacturer: Wilmar

    18" hose for hard to reach areas. For use with hand and air powered grease guns. Size: 18". Working Pressure (PSI): 4,500. Burst Pressure (PSI): 10,000. NPT (IN): 1/8"


    *UPDATE* to LockNLube VS. Univer-Co grease gun couplers!!

    LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler (Locks onto Zerk fittings!)