ROASTED Crab & GARLIC Noodles in San Francisco

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  • Pasta Roni Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs, 4.8 oz

    • UPC: 015300440517
    • ASIN: B000PL0YG4
    • Brand: Quaker
    • Manufacturer: QTG Products

    Pasta Roni Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs 4.8 oz

  • Star Anise Foods - NON GMO Gluten Free Vietnamese HAPPY PHO Garlic Goodness - 4.5 oz / 2 Servings per box, Pack of 6 boxes

    • ASIN: B002U557TM
    • Brand: Star Anise Foods
    • Manufacturer: Star Anise Foods

    Star Anise Foods debuts the world's first and only Vietnamese pho noodles soups made from 100% brown rice with a touch of organic green tea, HAPPY PHO. You will totally love our pho noodles. HAPPY PHO is created from an authentic Vietnamese family recipe back in the 1920s. We combine nutritious, low sodium gluten free noodles with an all natural, s... [Read More]

  • Rice a Roni Cups, Chicken, Individual Cup, 1.97 Ounce (Pack of 12)

    • UPC: 809098947774
    • ASIN: B00L5FY0TG
    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: 1.97 Ounce (Pack of 12)
    • Manufacturer: Rice a Roni

    Now you can enjoy the great taste of Rice-A-Roni in convenient, single-serve cups that you cook in your microwave. Chicken flavor blends rice and vermicelli with chicken broth, onions, parsley, garlic and other natural flavors to create a delicious, convenient treat you will love! Enjoy as a snack or as a side dish.

  • Annie Chun's Teriyaki Noodle Bowl, Non-GMO, Vegan, 7.8-oz (Pack of 6), Japanese-Style

    • UPC: 765667103876
    • ASIN: B000E148MG
    • Brand: Annie Chun's
    • Size: Pack of 6
    • Manufacturer: Annie Chun's

    Annie Chun's Teriyaki Noodle Bowl have combined layers of soy, shiitake, sesame oil, garlic and ginger with our fresh cooked Hokkien noodles for a quick and healthy meal that?s ready in just two minutes. Topped with tofu, carrots, and spinach, you?ll be sure to enjoy this vegetarian alternative ? especially if you?re craving chicken teriyaki withou... [Read More]

  • Pasta Roni Butter & Garlic Flavor, 4.7 oz

    • UPC: 015300441323
    • ASIN: B000RLPKKC
    • Brand: Pasta Roni
    • Manufacturer: The Quaker Oats Co. / Golden Grain

    A family favorite! Our Pasta Roni Butter & Garlic flavor blends angel hair pasta in a creamy butter and garlic flavored sauce with other natural flavors. This flavorful dish is the perfect complement to your family's favorite Italian-inspired recipes.

  • Pasta Roni Chicken & Broccoli Flavor, 4.7 oz

    • UPC: 015300440173
    • ASIN: B000RLR0PK
    • Brand: Pasta Roni
    • Size: 4.7 oz
    • Manufacturer: Quaker

    A classic flavor combination! Our Pasta Roni Chicken & Broccoli flavor blends linguine in a chicken and broccoli flavored sauce with other natural flavors. This satisfying dish is the perfect complement to your family's favorite chicken recipes.

  • Olde Thompson 1900-96 Sriracha Salt Seasoning, 3.6 Ounce, Multi

    • UPC: 021248190964
    • ASIN: B071CN2C26
    • Brand: Olde Thompson
    • Size: 3.6 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Olde Thompson

    Salt balanced with Chili peppers, sugars and garlic add a unique flavor matrix that is good on everything that needs spicing up. Try it in soups, sauces, noodles, pizza, French fries, eggs and popcorn.

  • Annie Chun's Gluten-Free Rice Noodles, Pad Thai, Vegan, 8-oz (Pack of 6)

    • UPC: 030684854309
    • ASIN: B000E18CS2
    • Brand: Annie Chun's
    • Size: Pack of 6
    • Manufacturer: Annie Chun's

    Our Pad Thai (fettuccine) Rice Noodles are perfect for making Thailand's national dish, Pad Thai, right at home. Like all our rice noodles, they are fat free food, free of wheat, and gluten. Their delightful texture and mild flavor make them a fun alternative to ordinary pasta. Bring home Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Rice Noodles today to add some tradi... [Read More]

  • Paladini All Natural Cioppino Pasta Sauce, 26 oz., Case of 6 bottles

    • UPC: 020915001046
    • ASIN: B076C46G9M
    • Brand: Paladini
    • Manufacturer: Paladini

    Paladini has been a name associated with Fisherman's Wharf and San Francisco since the 1870's. This is Achille Paladinin's famous San Francisco Cioppino Sauce. Paladini Cioppino Pasta Sauce is the authentic taste of San Francisco. Cioppino is like the French Bouillabaise -- a mix of seafoods in a big pot of tomato sauce. Use this sauce like a pasta... [Read More]

  • Near East Rice Pilaf Mix, Garlic & Herb, 6.3oz Box

    • UPC: 072251002119
    • ASIN: B00V1OBX8W
    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: 6.3 Oz
    • Manufacturer: NEYQ9

    This dish is a savory blend of long grain rice, orzo made with wheat flour, onions, garlic, and parsley. Near East Garlic & Herb Pilaf Mix is Kosher Certified.

  • Annie Chun's Thai Peanut Sauce, Glutent-Free, 9.2 Ounce, Pack of 6

    • UPC: 021959142337
    • ASIN: B000E123FK
    • Brand: Annie Chun's
    • Size: Pack of 6
    • Manufacturer: Annie Chun's

    Any lover of Thai food knows that Thai Peanut Sauce is an essential part of this delicious cuisine. Our gluten-free peanut sauce is the perfect mix of roasted peanuts and spices to give it a savory kick. Try it as a dipping sauce or over your favorite noodles!

  • Boise Salt Co. Sriracha All-Natural Premium Sea Salt (Flake) - 2 Ounce Pouch

    • ASIN: B0785W37VX
    • Brand: Boise Salt Co.
    • Size: 2 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Boise Salt Co.

    Sriracha All-Natural Sea Salt Spicy and tangy this salt can spice up any meal! Flake texture dissolves quickly and evenly for use in sauces and broths. Lends itself nicely to spice blends & rubs or for finishing dishes. Also try adding to snack mixes, noodles, pizza or for rimming drinks to add a nice kick of flavor! Veteran owned & operated, Boise... [Read More]

  • Pasta Roni, Parmesan Cheese Flavor, 5.1 Oz

    • UPC: 015300440494
    • ASIN: B000PL2VW4
    • Brand: Pasta Roni
    • Manufacturer: QTG Products

    Inspired by the flavors of Italy, our Pasta Roni Parmesan Cheese flavor blends angel hair pasta in a Parmesan cheese sauce with other natural flavors your whole family will enjoy. This flavorful dish is the perfect complement to your family's favorite Italian recipes.

  • ROASTED Crab & GARLIC Noodles in San Francisco

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