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  • Dr. Brown's Original Nipple, Preemie (0m+),6 Count

    • UPC: 072239305751
    • ASIN: B015XBYDE4
    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Size: 6 Count
    • Manufacturer: Handi-Craft

    Dr. Brown’s Preemie Flow Nipple is our slowest-flow nipple, great for preemie and breastfed babies! Dr. Brown’s uniquely designed Preemie Flow Nipple works together with our internal vent system to help babies feed at a pace that’s perfect for them. Each Preemie Flow nipple offers the same consistent flow, so both you and baby know exactly wh... [Read More]

  • EleCare Infant DHA Baby Formula-Powder-14.1 Ounces-6 Pack

    • UPC: 638361845055
    • ASIN: B015MNODJI
    • Brand: EleCare
    • Manufacturer: EleCare

    ELECARE is a nutritionally complete elemental formula specifically indicated for infants and children who need an amino acid-based medical food or who cannot tolerate intact or hydrolyzed protein. ELECARE is indicated for the dietary management of protein maldigestion, malabsorption, severe food allergies, short-bowel syndrome, eosinophilic GI diso... [Read More]

  • Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Ready to Feed Colic Baby Formula Lactose Free Milk, 32 fluid ounce (6 count) - Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Iron, Immune Support

    • UPC: 300875118443
    • ASIN: B01FDB0WRQ
    • Brand: Enfamil
    • Size: 32 oz (Pack of 6)
    • Manufacturer: Mead Johnson & Company

    Enfamil Nutramigen Colic Baby Formula with Enflora LGG probiotics is a hypoallergenic formula proven to manage colic fast, often within 48 hours. If your baby has an allergy to the cow's milk protein in infant formula, Nutramigen contains both extensively hydrolyzed protein to provide colic relief and Enflora LGG probiotics to provide immune suppor... [Read More]

  • Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 8 Ounce, 4-Pack

    • UPC: 072239300145
    • ASIN: B00CPC2A36
    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Size: 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)
    • Manufacturer: Dr. Brown's

    Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 8 ounce, 4-Pack

  • Fridababy MediFrida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser

    • UPC: 851877006110
    • ASIN: B073XVXQ6R
    • Brand: FridaBaby
    • Manufacturer: Fridababy, LLC.

    MediFrida delivers the full dose through a soft, familiar paci that sends medicine to the side of the cheek, as recommended by doctors, bypassing baby's taste buds to prevent spit-ups so baby swallows full dose. MediFrida is the only paci-style baby medicine dispenser that doubles as a real pacifier, so dosing doesn't disrupt baby's busy soothing s... [Read More]

  • Dr. Brown's Options Bottle, 8 Ounce, 4-Pack

    • UPC: 072239307717
    • ASIN: B01845QH7M
    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Size: 8 Ounce (Pack of 4)
    • Manufacturer: Dr. Brown's

    "Your options have never been better with Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options+™ Narrow Baby Bottle. From nipple to base, the Options+™ Bottle makes for a comfortable feeding experience for baby. Starting at the top, each nipple is specially engineered to offer the same consistent, natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feedin... [Read More]

  • Probonix Kids Probiotic for Toddlers and Children, Organic, Non-GMO Liquid Probiotic Drops, 8 Live Probiotic Strains to Support Gut Health for Toddlers and Children - 1 Month Supply, Cherry

    • UPC: 636225990095
    • ASIN: B074JFMZ64
    • Brand: Probonix
    • Size: Child
    • Manufacturer: Humarian, LLC

    Description: 30 Day Supply - 0.5 oz bottleSuggested Use:8 drops daily for children ages 1 to 9 years oldCould help if you have issues like: Gas ColicDiarrhea Constipation Eczema Thrush Asthma Lactose intolerance And more! Our liquid probiotic uses an exclusive formula containing 8 of the most effective probiotic strains for supporting general gut h... [Read More]

  • Enfamil PREMIUM Gentlease, Milk-Based Formula, for Fussiness, Gas, and Crying, Powder, 21.5 oz Tub

    • UPC: 300875119792
    • ASIN: B003VKR0HM
    • Brand: Enfamil
    • Size: 21.5 oz
    • Manufacturer: Mead Johnson Nutrition

    Enfamil PREMIUM Gentlease is a milk-based infant formula, so if fed to a baby with a milk protein allergy, allergic symptoms will eventually occur. We also make hypoallergenic formulas for babies who have food protein allergies


    • UPC: 855764007020
    • ASIN: B0711YMPBB
    • Brand: GELMIX
    • Size: 125g
    • Manufacturer: PARAPHARMA TECH

    Gelmix is the first thickener for breast milk and formula specifically formulated for pediatric use in America. Gelmix utilizes organic carob bean gum, an ingredient used for decades to thicken infant milk in Europe and a healthier alternative to rice cereal. For best results, mix Gelmix powder into lukewarm liquid (between 95-110F) per dosage reco... [Read More]

  • Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipple, First Flow Nipple, 2 pounds, Clear

    • UPC: 075020069474
    • ASIN: B075GSQXQ2
    • Brand: Philips AVENT
    • Size: 2 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Philips Avent

    Philips Avent SCF657/35 Natural First Flow Nipple is designed to make it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The wide breast-shape nipple with a flexible spiral tip and unique comfort petals make the nipple softer and more flexible to promote natural latch-on. The petals also reinforce the shape of the nipple to prevent it from collapsing in... [Read More]

  • MAM Newborn Gift Set, Best Pacifiers and Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies,"Feed & Soothe" Set, White, 6-Count

    • UPC: 845296094711
    • ASIN: B01J889V1I
    • Brand: MAM
    • Size: 0+ Months
    • Manufacturer: MAM

    The Feed and Soothe Gift Set includes two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, two 9 oz. Anti-Colic bottles and two newborn pacifiers. The Anti-Colic bottles have a SkinSoft textured nipple that is easily accepted by babies and a patented vented base that regulates pressure ensuring babies do not get air in their tummy while feeding. The Start Pacifier is ext... [Read More]

  • Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle, BPA Free, 9 Ounce - 5 Pack

    • UPC: 078300052265
    • ASIN: B00V0VSI3E
    • Brand: Playtex
    • Size: 9 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Energizer Personal Care

    The Playtex Venture Advanced 9-oz. Wide Bottles are clinically proven to reduce gas, colic and spit-up. The unique bottom vent allows air to enter without mixing with the liquids as your baby drinks. The angled design promotes the semi-upright feeding position recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. The advanced venting system ... [Read More]

  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle Feeding Nipple Replacement, Extra Slow Flow,  0+ Months, 2 Count

    • UPC: 666519220263
    • ASIN: B07856V1CS
    • Brand: Tommee Tippee
    • Size: Extra Slow Flow
    • Manufacturer: Mayborn Group

    The award-winning range of Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature BPA-free baby bottles and nipples are inspired by what babies love most—mom. With the most breast-like bottle nipple ever made, it flexes like mom and feels like mom because babies prefer it that way—making switching between breast and bottle feeding easier than ever! The baby bottle’s... [Read More]

  • Playtex NaturaLatchNipple, Slow Flow, 2-Count

    • UPC: 078300040804
    • Brand: Playtex
    • Size: 2 Count
    • Manufacturer: Playtex

    Playtex nipple slow flow 2 count is designed for use with the Playtex drop ins system which mimics breastfeeding and reduces gas and colic. The nipple slow flow 2 count. Features a raised nipple textured area that mimics the breast encouraging your baby to latch on. nipple slow flow 2 count. Comes in a two count which allows you to prepare two bott... [Read More]

  • NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle, Clear, 9oz 3pk

    • UPC: 885131764430
    • ASIN: B01M0O5J76
    • Brand: NUK
    • Size: 9 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: NUK

    Continue that special breastfeeding bond, even when you can't breastfeed. Introducing NUK Simply Natural bottles are simply the best way to combine breast and bottle, because they're designed to be closest to mom's breast. So now, baby has a close-to-mom feel never before found from a bottle. Unlike most bottles, they have multiple nipple holes (up... [Read More]

  • Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with Ultra Flexible Breast-like Nipple, BPA Free, 8 Ounce, 3 Pack

    • UPC: 735282156632
    • ASIN: B010WVRC2A
    • Brand: Munchkin
    • Size: 8 Ounce (Pack of 3)
    • Manufacturer: Munchkin

    Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle, 8 Ounce, 3 Pack Munchkin’s Latch bottle features a unique combination of ultra flexible nipple and one-way valve to help reduce gas and fussiness. Research shows that reducing gas and fussiness leads to better sleep for babies. This is why the Latch bottle is recommended by feeding and sleep experts. Experts a... [Read More]

  • Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle, BPA Free, Blue, 6 Ounce - 3 Pack

    • UPC: 078300007401
    • ASIN: B00OHKR10Q
    • Brand: Playtex
    • Size: 6 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Playtex

    A great product to help with switching between bottles and breast feeding. This set has the essentials to help you. The Playtex VentAire Advanced wide bottles feature the micro channel vent technology that helps prevent mixing air from mixing with milk, and the natural shape wide nipple that is shaped like the breast with a wide raised, textured ar... [Read More]

  • Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Disposable Drop-Ins Liners, for Breastfed Babies, 8 Ounce Bottles, 3 Count

    • UPC: 089517230506
    • ASIN: B0006FHBB0
    • Brand: Playtex
    • Size: 8 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Playtex

    Playtex Baby Nurser Bottles are made to work like mom. They provide a closer to natural feeding experience that's ideal for newborns, breastfed babies or any stage of introducing a bottle. Naturalatch silicone nipples mimic the breast to encourage latching and control the flow of liquid. Our bottles feature pre-sterilized liners that are easy to re... [Read More]

  • Colic-Ease Gripe Water, Baby Infant Gas Relief, Colic Reliever, Calm Upset Stomach, Acid Reflux, Hiccups - 7 Ounces (200ml)

    • UPC: 850929000724
    • ASIN: B0085X97JO
    • Brand: Colic-Ease
    • Manufacturer: Colic-Ease

    The arrival of a new baby should be a joyful, positive experience     However, for families whose babies suffer the devastating pains      and discomfort caused by colic, gas and reflux, this experience       quickly becomes stressful,confusing and frustrating.       Since its introduction in 1999, Colic-Ease gripewater safely �... [Read More]

  • Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Specialty Feeding Set, 4 Ounce, 2-Pack

    • UPC: 072239303597
    • Brand: Dr. Brown's
    • Size: 2-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Dr. Brown's

    The Dr. Brown's Specialty Feeding System is a unique bottle/nipple/valve system designed specifically will be beneficial for infants and bottle-fed children identified with severe to profound difficulty in efficiently expressing a fluid bolus during sucking. Infants with the following conditions - cleft lip/palate, oro-neuromotor dysfunctions, cong... [Read More]

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