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  • GREEN24 Lucky Bamboo Liquid Fertilizer, Feed, Plant Food NPK for Dracaena braunii, Dracaena sanderiana, Sander's Dracaena, Ribbon Dracaena, Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo

    • ASIN: B01B7IQ6R4
    • Brand: GREEN24
    • Manufacturer: GREEN24

    This food for plants belongs to the latest generation of fertilizers, for healthy and bright green leaves, strong bud formation, balanced rooting. Very rapid effects, can be administered via the roots and as a foliar fertilizer. The fertilizers from the GREEN24 PROFI LINE were developed by gardeners of various departments and were evolved and pro... [Read More]

  • Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree, Live Indoor Plant, 3 to 4-Feet Tall, Ships with Décor Planter, Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift or Home Décor

    • UPC: 022532241799
    • ASIN: B07BC5RTD4
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 3-Foot Majesty Palm
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

    ABOUT MAJESTY PALM: Ravenea rivularis has a classic, elegant look. Its sturdy trunk and spray of leaves adds tropical flair into any room. The lush, dark green foliage creates a focal point or green architectural element for any room. YOUR UNIQUE PLANT: Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary from... [Read More]

  • Costa Farms Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Live Indoor Plant in in Premium Scheurich Ceramic Planter, 15-Inch, as as Gift

    • UPC: 022532241607
    • ASIN: B079Z8TD33
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 15-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

    About peace lily; add a tropical feel to indoor spaces with a welcoming peace lily from Costa Farms, featuring lush, dark green leaves & charming, white flowers on tall stems floating above the foliage. The easy-care peace lily (spathiphyllum) is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, & any other special celebration. It's a wonderful addition... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro 1001193 3001192 Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food-10 LB, 10 LB, Green

    • UPC: 720698266778
    • ASIN: B000OWF7YI
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 10 LB
    • Manufacturer: Scotts

    Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food instantly feeds vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants to grow bigger and more beautiful than unfed plants. Simply feed them every 1-2 weeks. The formula is safe for all plants, and is guaranteed not to burn when used as directed. Get beautiful results with Miracle-Gro.

  • Osmocote 274150 Fertilizer Plus Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food, 1-Pound (Pl, 1 LB

    • UPC: 032247741507
    • ASIN: B0071CZTBA
    • Brand: Osmocote
    • Size: 1 LB
    • Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro

    Osmocote Plus Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food, 1-Pound (Plant Fertilizer)

  • Costa Farms Flowering Bromeliad, Guzmania, Red, in Premium Scheurich Ceramic, 20-Inches Tall

    • UPC: 022532241669
    • ASIN: B07BC7F2QY
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 20-Inches Tall
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

    ABOUT BROMELIAD: This bold, stylish houseplant looks stunning in contemporary, modern, and tropical decors. Bromeliads have colorful, long-lasting blooms (which last for weeks) that contrast beautifully against the strappy green leaves. YOUR UNIQUE PLANT: Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary fr... [Read More]

  • Costa Farms Medium Lucky Bamboo Live Indoor Tabletop Plant in Modern Home Decor 5-Inch White Ceramic Planter

    • UPC: 022532241652
    • ASIN: B07BC5QPMJ
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 12 to 14-Inches Tall
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

    Lucky bamboo is a wonderful gift plant that adds a bold note to indoor decor with its often intricately arranged stems. It's a slow-growing foliage houseplant that's easy to care for in a low- or medium-light spot. You can find lucky bamboo available in an almost endless variety of arrangements, including heart shapes, twists, curls, and more. Ther... [Read More]

  • Victorian Parlor Palm 2 Plants - Chamaedorea - Indestructable - 3" Pots

    • UPC: 612068959048
    • ASIN: B005MGEQS4
    • Brand: Hirt's
    • Manufacturer: 9GreenBox

    This listing is for two 12" tall parlor palm.The Parlour Palm, or Parlor Palm in America, or by its latin name of Neanthe bella is one of the most sought after indoor palms around today. The reasons for this couldn't be more straight forward - It thrives in our homes and workplaces where other species may struggle and is one of the cheapest palms y... [Read More]

  • Indoor Plant Food | All-purpose House Plant Fertilizer | Liquid Common Houseplant Fertilizers for Potted Planting Soil | by Plants for Pets

    • UPC: 812548039431
    • Brand: Plants for Pets
    • Manufacturer: Plants for Pets

    Live plants are natural room decorations for an office, bathroom, any room in an apartment or home; just place on a plant stand, hanger, plant holder, in a terrarium, a mid century vase, or macrame plant hangers. Plants for Pets 8 oz bottle of long lasting NPK liquid nutrients formula works quicker than fertilizer spikes and other plant foods — o... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro 70733430 Potting Soil.33 CF

    • UPC: 032247073349
    • ASIN: B01N1UXYCC
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: .33 CF
    • Manufacturer: Miracle-Gro

    Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix is a great substitute for potting mix or garden soil as it can be used in-ground or in containers. The compressed coir and plant food expands up to 3X when water is added and feeds plants for up to 6 months. It holds up to 50% more water than basic potting soil and creates up to 90% more air givin... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro FastRoot Dry Powder Rooting Hormone Jar, 1-1/4-Ounce

    • UPC: 795871326945
    • ASIN: B0049PLCS6
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 1.25 OZ
    • Manufacturer: Miracle-Gro

    Grow new plants from plant cuttings with Miracle-Gro FastRoot Dry Powder Rooting Hormone. This product is made for rooting house, foliage, tropical, and hardy ornamental plants, as well as leaf, greenwood, and softwood cuttings. Simply take plant cuttings, usually 4-6 inch stem cuttings, from the current year’s growth and dip stem cutting into po... [Read More]

  • Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit, 4 Types of Seeds, Potting Soil, Pots, Pruning Shears Scissor Tool, Plant Markers, Wood Gift Box, eBook, Indoor Garden Gardening Gifts Idea

    • UPC: 711841574444
    • ASIN: B07DRQ3382
    • Brand: · GARDEN REPUBLIC ·
    • Manufacturer: · GARDEN REPUBLIC ·

    After growing up on small Indiana farms and then moving to the city, our family realized that the art of nurturing and growing plants shouldn't be limited by your geography. We decided to make the craft of farming simple, easy, and accessible for everyone, giving new meaning to home grown for the urban community. That's how Garden Republic was born... [Read More]

  • EarthPods Best Bamboo + Bonsai Plant Food - Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes - 100 Capsules - Enhances Color, Root + Foliar Growth (Also Great for Fiddle Leaf Fig & Mini Palm Tree, No Urea, Ecofriendly)

    • UPC: 853619008000
    • ASIN: B0797MN72Q
    • Brand: Earthworm Technologies
    • Size: 100 EarthPods
    • Manufacturer: Earthworm Technologies

    GREAT FOR: All small types of Cycads, Dracaena (Braunii, Draco, Fragrans, Marginata, Massangeana, Sanderiana, Warneckii etc.) Ficus, Ixora, Golden Pothos, Chinese & Japanese Elms / Money / Jades / Junipers / Cedars, Ribbon / Braid / Curly / Friendship / Lucky Bamboo, Dragon Trees, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns & other mini plants of this type. EarthP... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals, 12-Ounce

    • UPC: 077344770425
    • ASIN: B0042YYVYG
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 12 OZ
    • Manufacturer: Miracle-Gro

    Help prevent over-and under-watering of plants with Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals. Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants, the crystals reduce water stress in plants to help protect them from heat and drought. Simply mix with soil to reduce the amount of watering needed; then when you do water plants, crystals will swell to absorb the water. Your... [Read More]

  • Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix, Fast Draining Pre-Mixed Course Blend (2 Quarts)

    • UPC: 681381521577
    • Brand: The Next Gardener
    • Size: 2 Quarts
    • Manufacturer: The Next Gardener

    Specially formulated as an all-purpose potting medium for virtually any Bonsai tree. When it comes to choosing Bonsai soil, using the right blend is important. That's why we decide to import from professional Denmark. The soil you use affects rooting, feeding, watering and transpiration; it is where half your tree lives so this is our second bigges... [Read More]

  • Costa Farms Clean Air - O2 For You For You Live House Plant Collection 4-Pack, Assorted Foliage, 4-Inch, Green

    • UPC: 022532712640
    • ASIN: B07G7VYN6L
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 4-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

    Hand-selected by the expert growers at Costa Farms, the O2 for you collection includes the most efficient, natural air-purifying plants around. These plants are scientifically proven by NASA to be some of the very best plants for clean air. The clean air Plant collection is perfect for decorating desks, tabletops & other areas. Our collection inclu... [Read More]

  • Grow Your Pantry Tomato Cages from 3 Pack of Strong and Durable Plant Cages for Growing Vegetables and Fruits! with Bonus Plant Clips + 100M Twist Tie Device!

    • UPC: 309272235128
    • ASIN: B07R3KJDNS
    • Brand: Grow Your Pantry
    • Manufacturer: Grow Your Pantry

    The Perfect Kit For Growing Your Tomato's Better Than EverThe Grow Your Pantry tomato cage set is one of the best on the market when it comes to quality and value. This tomato cage set is designed and made with the sustainable, strong and durable materials. With the 3, 5 foot tomato cages, you also get the perfect extra's to improve your growing ex... [Read More]

  • Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food, 8-Ounce (Plant Fertilizer) (2 Pack)

    • ASIN: B0791M7LK2
    • Brand: Miracle-Gro
    • Size: 2 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Miracle-Gro

    Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food is great for use on all indoor plants, including edibles! Instantly feed all indoor houseplants, including edibles, with Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food. Simply apply the formula directly to the soil, or mix it with water. Apply once a week. (2 Pack)

  • 9GreenBox | | Golden Devil's Ivy - Pothos Epipremnum, Easy Care, Live Indoor House Plant in 4" Pot

    • UPC: 612068959918
    • ASIN: B0076ZJ21K
    • Brand: 9GreenBox
    • Manufacturer: 9GreenBox

    Golden pothos is a popular house plant well known for its long, trailing stems that can grow to 8 ft (2.4 m) or more. A tree-climber in its native tropical habitat, this plant has aerial roots that can be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. It’s glossy, heart-shaped leaves emerge green and become variegated with yellow or white. Although th... [Read More]

  • Shop Succulents Parlor Palm Chamaedorea 6" Pot

    • UPC: 612068958003
    • ASIN: B00AD5N0IQ
    • Brand: Shop Succulents
    • Manufacturer: Shop Succulents

    These graceful whimsy Bella palms make beautiful indoor plant decorpiece. The deep green thin leaves add contrast & Texture to any space, & they also help naturally purify the air! this item comes fully rooted in a 4” grow pot, ready to be used or transplanted. Parlor palms do best with frequent watering & bright indirect light.Note: we cannot sh... [Read More]

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