11 Exquisite Ways To Self Pleasure

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  • Female Masturbation To Blow Your Own Mind: Having Solo Sex Orgasms Over And Over Again

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    Do you want to discover your inner eroticism, maximize your ability to respond sexually and say goodbye to sexual unresponsiveness?Do you want to have mind blowing orgasms anytime you want, with or without a partner?This is what you will achieve when you build your sexual skills through masturbation. Masturbation provides an effective means for a w... [Read More]

  • Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

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    ***A NEW YORK TIMES BESTELLER*** An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking research and brain science—that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.Researchers have spent the last decade trying to develop a “pink pill” for women to function like Viagra doe... [Read More]

  • I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide

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    Whether you're celebrating your thousandth female orgasm, searching for your first, or cheering on your girlfriend or wife, women and men across the country agree: I Love Female Orgasm!I Love Female Orgasm is crammed with everything you want to know about the big O, including: How to have an orgasm during intercourse--and why most women don't Direc... [Read More]

  • Intimate Yoga For Couples with 270 Color Photos & Free DVD

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    INTIMATE YOGA FOR COUPLES: SENSUAL ROUTINES FOR GREAT SEX. Yoga as a spiritual system with a physical component is fully explored in these intimate routines. Couples will find their relationships resonating with a deeper harmony by making the body flexible and strong while drawing clarity and peace into the mind and emotions. Learn about the benef... [Read More]


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    • Brand: Brand: Down There Press
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  • Hollywood Best! Groucho Marx, in You Bet Your Life - 14 Classic Episodes!

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    Over 6 hours of Classic Television! *** Groucho's acclaimed genius for ad-libbing sparkles in these 14 episodes from his hugely popular quiz show where prize money and competition take a back seat to comedy. His colorful, eccentric, and sometimes famous guests perfectly showcase Groucho's famed wit and feisty intellect. Unpredictability rules and a... [Read More]

  • Xiuce 16 Kinds of Massage Techniques Mobile Phone Remote Control Rechargeable Smart Breast Massager Female Chest Care Nipple Adult Fun Supplies

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    Product Name: Chest stimulationMaterial: SiliconeFunction: Female masturbationControl type: buttonBody type: details as shownProduct body: silicone materialMaximum noise: 15dbWhether it contains lubricant: noCrowd: AdultApplicable people: women series

  • Hollywood Best! The Beverly Hillbillies - Volumes 3 & 4 - 27 Classic Episodes!

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    Over 11 hours of Classic Television! *** Laugh along with the Clampetts in Volume 2 of this timeless TV comedy, featuring another 27 full episodes of fun. Jed, Jethro, Elly Mae, Granny, Mr. Drysdale, Miss Hathaway and a host of colorful characters return in the exploits of the backwoods family and their fish-out-of-water life in California. The dow... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! Susan Hayward and Bette Davis - 4 Classic Films!

    • UPC: 677070343063
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    SMASH-UP: THE STORY OF A WOMAN Susan Hayward, Eddie Albert, Marsha Hunt "Love-Wrecked!" (1947, B&W, 104 mins) TULSA Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, Ed Begley "Revenge turned into an obsession for wealth & power" (1949, Color, 88 mins) HELL'S HOUSE Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien "Innocence lost in the big city." (1932, B&W, 71 mins) OF HUMAN BONDAGE Bette ... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Adventures of Long John Silver - 12 Classic Episodes!

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    The beloved pirate from Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island returns for more swashbuckling escapades in this color TV series. Twelve thrilling episodes feature the proud captain with young Jim Hawkins and the crew plotting at the Cask & Anchor Inn and sailing the high seas of the Caribbean. The journeys may lead to more trouble than tr... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! Frank Sinatra & Kirk Douglas - 4 classic films!

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    Over 6 hours of classic cinema! ***THE MAIN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM: Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Darren McGavin. The movie that broke the drug taboo! (1955, B&W, 119 mins.). ***SUDDENLY: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden. A cold-blooded thriller! (1954, B&W, 75 mins.) ***MY DEAR SECRETARY: Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Keenan Wynn. He chased her...until she ca... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! One Step Beyond: Volumes 1 & 2 - 26 Classic Episodes!

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    2-DVD Set - Over 10 hours of Classic Television! *** Join John Newland, your 'guide into the world of the unknown,' in 26 full episodes said to be based on true events. Impeccably performed and intelligently crafted recreations present real stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, psychic visions, mysterious disappearances, curses and ESP. Ea... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Complete Life of Jesus - 12 Complete Episodes!

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    Over 5 hours! *** The amazing life of Jesus Christ unfolds over twelve complete episodes as the greatest story ever told is revealed chapter by chapter in an epic tale of inspiration. This miniseries chronicles Christ's boyhood, challenges, conflict and triumph that starts one holy night in Bethlehem and ends with his miraculous Resurrection. The e... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Wild West: Brave Women & Heroic Men - 14 Classic Episodes!

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    Over 5-1/2 hours of Classic Television! *** Revisit the Golden Age of Westerns with these beloved heroes and heroines of the Wild West. The Brave Women include sharpshooter Annie Oakley, raising her little brother and rounding up outlaws; Henrietta and Grandma keeping bandits at bay in Pistols and Petticoats; and The Queen of the Cowgirls, Dale Eva... [Read More]

  • 2 PCS Acupressure COSilicone Men Massage Delay Trainer Ring

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  • Hollywood Best! 4 Classic Films starring Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart!

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    Over 6 hours of classic cinema! *** MEET JOHN DOE: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Brennan. All America wants to meet the 'Mr. Deeds' of 1941! (1941, B&W, 123 mins.) *** A FAREWELL TO ARMS: Gary Cooper, Helen Hayes, Adolphe Menjou. Every woman who has loved will understand. (1935, B&W, 75 mins.) *** BEAT THE DEVIL: Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer J... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Andy Griffith Show & The Lucy Show - 16 Classic Episodes!

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    Over 6 hours of Classic Television! *** THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW: Andy Griffith plays a widowed sheriff in the sleepy, slow-paced town of Mayberry in these eight full episodes of a true American classic. Don Knotts, as his Deputy Barney Fife, won 5 Emmys playing the role to hysterical perfection. With very little crime to solve, Sheriff Andy spends m... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Beverly Hillbillies - Volume 1 & 2 - 26 Classic Episodes!

    • UPC: 677070369063
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    Over 11 hours of Classic Television! *** Who can forget the Clampetts!? In 26 full episodes of this beloved TV comedy, kind and sensible hillbilly Jed accidentally discovers oil on his property, trades in his shack for a mansion, and moves the family to Beverly Hills. His shapely daughter Elly Mae, strong and stupid nephew Jethro, and ornery Granny... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! DRAGNET - 10 Classic Episodes!

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    Sergeant Joe Friday is back on the job in one of the most famous and influential police dramas in media history. The realism and unpretentious acting are only part of the many authentic touches that make Dragnet a true original, copied but never equaled as timeless entertainment. Enjoy 10 full episodes spanning several seasons of this highly-respec... [Read More]

  • Hollywood Best! The Dick Van Dyke Show & The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - 14 Classic Episodes!

    • UPC: 677070363061
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    Over 5 hours of Classic Television! *** THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW: Winner of 15 Emmy Awards, The Dick Van Dyke Show is comedy TV at its best. This trailblazing sitcom was heralded for its comparatively realistic portrayal of relationships as well as its fearless lampooning of current cultural trends. Laugh out loud at these six classic episodes of one... [Read More]

  • 11 Exquisite Ways To Self Pleasure


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