CHEM C3000 2.0-Professional Umboxing and Set Review

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  • Playz Explosive Kitchen Lab 26+ Physics, Chemistry & Biology Science Experiments Set - Make Salt & Pepper Electricity, Sour LED Lights, Colorful Milk Explosions, Citrus Rockets, & Orange Peel Candles

    • UPC: 617689940154
    • ASIN: B07DF46VLV
    • Brand: Playz
    • Manufacturer: Playz

    Playz science kits provide children with a fun and educational way to learn about different classroom subjects through unique and exciting science experiments that helps foster A+ grades in school!

  • Thames & Kosmos Chem C1000 (V 2.0) Chemistry Set with 125 Experiments & 80 Page Lab Manual, Student Laboratory Quality Instruments & Chemicals

    • UPC: 814743010246
    • ASIN: B004UU3RC4
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos

    Enroll in Chem C1000 and prepare for a Lifetime of fascination with this essential science through 125 diverse experiments. Start with an introduction to the field of chemistry and famous chemists. Set up your lab space and learn how to safely handle the lab equipment and chemicals. Learn about indicators with litmus solution and write a secret mes... [Read More]

  • Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 (V 2.0) Chemistry Set with 250 Experiments and 128 Page Lab Manual, Student Laboratory Quality Instruments & Chemicals

    • UPC: 847814017233
    • ASIN: B004UU3RCY
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Manufacturer: Than Jack, Ltd.

    Discover how fascinating the world is when you understand the remarkable reactions behind ordinary occurrences. CHEM C2000 includes everything in CHEM C1000 and more — with twice the tools and materials, and more than three times the experiments. Most notably, this kit introduces you to the alcohol burner for experiments that require heat, greatl... [Read More]

  • Thames & Kosmos Chem C3000 (V 2.0) Chemistry Set with 333 Experiments & 192 Page Lab Manual, Student Laboratory Quality Instruments & Chemicals

    • UPC: 814743010260
    • ASIN: B004UU3REC
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Size: 21.3" Large x 7.2" W x 14.6" H

    Chem C3000 is the ultimate chemistry set. The kit includes all of the components from Chem C2000, plus dozens of additional tools and chemicals, and 100 additional experiments, for a total of more than 333 experiments. The 192-page, full-color experiment manual is written at a more advanced level than the other Chem kit manuals. You could call it a... [Read More]

  • Educational Insights GeoSafari Rockin' Reactions Chemistry Set

    • UPC: 086002053909
    • ASIN: B01N4IHZMG
    • Brand: Educational Insights
    • Manufacturer: Educational Insights

    Perform cool chemistry experiments with real scientific tools! Junior scientists can safely explore scientific principles right at home with the ultimate science set built for research and discovery. Perfect for STEM learning, the GeoSafari Rockin' Reactions Chemistry Set encourages scientific experimentation and observation skills. Includes a comp... [Read More]

  • Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit

    • UPC: 814743010611
    • ASIN: B00B9BFU5Y
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

    Kick off a chain reaction of fun-filled experiments with this introductory chemistry set designed specifically for young kids. Junior chemists can safely explore simple chemistry using the tools in this kit and common household substances from the kitchen and bathroom. Learn how to use basic chemistry equipment such as filters, test tubes, pipettes... [Read More]

  • Thames and Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

    • UPC: 857853001513
    • ASIN: B000X48HEY
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Size: 13.1" L x 2.6" W x 8.9" H
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

    Thames and Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

  • Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments & Reactions Science Lab Kit - 32+ Experiments, 36 Page Laboratory Guide, and 27+ Tools & Ingredients for Boys, Girls, Teenagers, & Kids

    • UPC: 617689940284
    • ASIN: B075RKPBYN
    • Brand: Playz
    • Manufacturer: Playz

    Welcome to the exciting world of fizzy science! This Kit explores important chemical principles. Use real lab tools and materials to perform amazing experiments and experience what its like to Think like a Scientist.

  • Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Introductory Set | Intro To Atoms, Molecules, Bonding, Chemistry | Create 508 Molecules | 73 Activities | Plus Free Educational App For Ios, Android, Kindle

    • UPC: 814743012356
    • ASIN: B01M6WEDX3
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Size: 17 Atoms
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

    Chemistry is the science of materials, Their properties, and how they react with each other. All materials are made of atoms. Why do some atoms combine with each other while other atoms do not? Because atoms just want to be happy! Atoms tend to be more stable, or "happy," when they have certain numbers of electrons whizzing around their cores. Wher... [Read More]

  • SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

    • UPC: 834509004845
    • ASIN: B0176IESBK
    • Brand: SmartLab Toys
    • Manufacturer: SmartLab Toys

    Explore the secrets of science with 40 epic experiments! Use the unique pressurized valve and plunger system to transport and mix liquids, and observe amazing chemical reactions like a real scientist. The 32-page lab book includes detailed instructions for conducting over 40 experiments that teach chemistry, fluid dynamics and pressure. Experiments... [Read More]

  • Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal

    • UPC: 086002053565
    • ASIN: B00TIC8P1C
    • Brand: Educational Insights
    • Size: 9" x 8 3/4"
    • Manufacturer: Educational Insights

    Perform some cool chemistry experiments in your kitchen with the Nancy B. Chemistry Set! Non-consumable, basic chemistry set enables junior chemists to safely explore simple science principles. Extinguish a flame by pouring an invisible gas on it; make your own bubbling 'lava' in a bottle; cause chemicals to change color - and more - all while lear... [Read More]

  • Playz Kaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit - 25+ STEM Experiments - DIY Make Your Own Rockets, Helium Balloons, Fizzy Bombs, Color Explosions and More with Fun Chemical Reactions!

    • UPC: 617689940260
    • ASIN: B075RV2ZRR
    • Brand: Playz
    • Manufacturer: Playz

  • Evviva Sciences Crystal Growing Kit for Kids Science Kit to Make & Grow Rocks, Crystals, Gems - Easy All Inclusive Set - Chemistry, Geology & Learning Experiment Toy - w/ eBook

    • ASIN: B01M8GF773
    • Brand: Evviva Sciences
    • Manufacturer: Evviva Sciences

    Did You Know That You Can Grow Your Own Crystals At Home? This is not magic. This is science! Evviva Sciences has created this fun and educational crystal growing kit for kids and adults who like chemical experiments! This DIY project allows you to grow 5 crystal rocks with unique designs: 3 crystal flowers a crystal dolphin a crystal star And, ... [Read More]

  • The Magic School Bus - Chemistry Lab

    • UPC: 892511000439
    • ASIN: B004OYYAUE
    • Brand: The Young Scientists Club
    • Size: 6"H x 9"W x 15"D
    • Manufacturer: The Young Scientists Club, LLC

    Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with the Magic School Bus as they explore the field of chemistry with this Award-winning STEM science kit. Young Scientists make sticky ice, use litmus paper, measure pH, perform chromatography, make bubble sculptures, wake-up fungus, create slime, form a bouncy ball, learn about den... [Read More]

  • Thames & Kosmos Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set

    • UPC: 814743012493
    • ASIN: B06VST6CK4
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Size: Standard
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

    Barbie is one of the top students in her chemistry class. For an extracurricular project, she and a fellow classmate put together a series of science demonstrations to present to other students at their school. This colorful carrying case is actually a portable science lab with all sorts of tools and materials for science experiments. As you read t... [Read More]

  • Discovery Extreme Chemistry Stem Science Kit by Horizon Group Usa, 40 Fun Experiments, Make Your Own Crystals, DIY Glowing Slime, Fizzy Eruptions, Gooey Worms & More

    • UPC: 765940758229
    • ASIN: B073GMP14X
    • Brand: Discovery
    • Manufacturer: Horizon Group

    Transform your kitchen into a scientific laboratory with the Discovery extreme chemistry set! Explore 40 fun experiments and simple chemical reactions For a fun, hands-on, interactive learning experience. From creating temperature reactions to testing your taste buds to extinguishing fires with gas...This will be nothing short of an amazing experie... [Read More]

  • Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

    • UPC: 765023827842
    • ASIN: B00LD6UI9I
    • Brand: Learning Resources
    • Size: -
    • Manufacturer: Learning Resources

    Go mad over science with these real tools! Sized for little hands, this colorful set entices children to experiment and explore. Includes beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, test tubes and more, all made of durable plastic. Also includes Activity Guide and Cards with fun, easy-to-do experiments. Ages 3+. 12 Pieces.

  • Advanced Molecular Model Set for General and Organic Chemistry

    • UPC: 683203889537
    • ASIN: B00F25ZERW
    • ISBN: 0982086946
    • Brand: Mega Molecules, LLC
    • Manufacturer: Mega Molecules, LLC

    This Advanced General and Organic Chemistry Molecular Model set has 180 components including 5 VSEPR models (linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal, and octahedral) and 1 square planar model for building complex ions. The flexible links allow you to create single, double, and triple bonds. PARTS TO THE SET 36 WHITE HYDROGEN ATOM... [Read More]

  • Buki Childrens 75 Science Experiment Chemistry Set

    • ASIN: B00M2WLCKG
    • Brand: Buki
    • Manufacturer: Buki

    Curious Kids Become Aspiring Chemists With This Deluxe Lab Kit. Scientific concepts like acidity, density and viscosity come to life with this fully stocked chemistry set. It contains everything you need to conduct 75 experiments, excluding perishable materials that are easily found in most kitchens: water, salt, oil, lemon, egg and vinegar. No har... [Read More]

  • Yellow Scope - Foundation Chemistry Kit: Dozens of STEM Experiments That Take Girls Seriously

    • UPC: 869867000000
    • ASIN: B00WLB025O
    • Brand: Yellow Scope
    • Manufacturer: Yellow Scope

    Get ready for hours of fun by the beaker! Yellow Scope science kits are different - they take girls seriously. Mix, pour, bubble, create. With loads of supplies and girls' imaginations, there's no limit to what they can discover! Our award-winning chemistry kit is designed to engage the scientific and creative minds of 8-12 year old girls. The lab ... [Read More]

  • CHEM C3000 2.0-Professional Umboxing and Set Review

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