Got Approved for a $25,000 American Express 16 Months After Bankruptcy

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  • The Rooster Bar

    • ASIN: B0746QN6LR
    • Manufacturer: Random House Audio

    Number one New York Times best-selling author John Grisham's newest legal thriller takes you inside a law firm that's on shaky ground. Mark, Todd, and Zola came to law school to change the world, to make it a better place. But now, as third-year students, these close friends realize they have been duped. They all borrowed heavily to attend a thir... [Read More]

  • Repair Your Credit Like the Pros: How credit attorneys and certified consultants legally delete bad credit and restore your good name

    • ASIN: 0692637508
    • ISBN: 0692637508
    • Manufacturer: Bookmark Publishing

    Expanded Edition 2017: Don't be a victim of erroneous credit reporting or mistakes of the past. Take control of your credit by exercising your legal right to clean up your credit and restore your good name. By using the methods modeled by certified credit repair specialists and credit attorneys, you can succeed in repairing your own credit. With a ... [Read More]

  • The Easy Section 609 Credit Repair Secret: Remove All Negative Accounts In 30 Days Using A Federal Law Loophole That Works Every Time

    • ASIN: 1973444658
    • ISBN: 1973444658
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    Brandon spent many years struggling with poor credit, but he cleaned it up with The Section 609 Credit Repair Secret. You don't need to spend any money on attorneys and credit repair companies. The secret is revealed here and it works every time. This book will teach you the incredibly easy process the professionals are using and charging thousands... [Read More]

  • Slots Unlimited - Free Slot Games Casino

    • ASIN: B07CDQN82R
    • Brand: Grande Games
    • Manufacturer: Grande Games

  • Professional Ultra SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Card for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone is custom formatted for high speed, lossless recording! Includes Standard SD Adapter. (UHS-1 Class 10 Certified 48MB/sec)

    • ASIN: 9875971812
    • ISBN: 9875971812
    • Brand: SanDisk
    • Manufacturer: SanDisk

    Professional Ultra SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini card is custom formatted for high speed, lossless recording! Includes Standard SD Adapter. (UHS-1 Class 10 Certified 30MB/sec)

  • How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace

    • ASIN: 1599219778
    • ISBN: 1599219778
    • Brand: Lyons Press
    • Manufacturer: Lyons Press

    How to Disappear is the authoritative and comprehensive guide for people who seek to protect their privacy as well as for anyone who’s ever entertained the fantasy of disappearing—whether actually dropping out of sight or by eliminating the traceable evidence of their existence. Written by the world’s leading experts on finding people and he... [Read More]

  • How to Get Credit after Filing Bankruptcy The Complete Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Credit Under Control

    • ASIN: 1601381379
    • ISBN: 1601381379
    • Brand: Brand: Atlantic Publishing Company
    • Manufacturer: Atlantic Publishing Company

    According to the United States Bankruptcy Courts, the number of bankruptcies filed each year is on the rise. People file bankruptcy for a variety of reasons, such as preventing foreclosure on their homes, preventing repossession of property, loss of employment, or reducing or eliminating debts. The most common types of bankruptcy for which individu... [Read More]

  • Credit Cards After Bankruptcy: The 19 best secured credit cards you can use to quickly reestablish your credit after Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (Volume 1)

    • ASIN: 189194505X
    • ISBN: 189194505X
    • Brand: Brand: AM Publishing Group
    • Manufacturer: AM Publishing Group

    Stop wasting your time on the internet looking for credit cards! Now you can throw away all the credit card offers you get in the mail after bankruptcy. Most secured card lists you find on the internet give you 5 or 6 cards to compare (and they are often the worst cards on the market). We went through over 350 banks, all across the nation, to come ... [Read More]

  • How I Fixed My Shady Credit: The Best $3 You'll Ever Spend

    • ASIN: B0778XV952
    • Manufacturer: Juan Anderson, MHA in partner w/ AnderKey,LLC

    If you’re tired of: Going to the buy-here/pay-here car lots, credit card denials, lost job opportunities or high move-in apartment deposits like I was, then the $3 you are about to spend on this quick inspiring eBook is going to change your life! Although unconventional, these quick methods worked to skyrocket my credit 230+ points in under 18 mo... [Read More]

  • Personal Finance: Schooled - The Mandatory Class About Money, Investing, Budgeting, Saving & Passive Income (stock market, debt, capitalism Book 2)

    • ASIN: B01LK6ESAK

    Have you ever said to yourself…I want to take my date out for an amazing dinner without worrying about the bill…I want to quit my job and build a life around my passion...I want to make money while I sleep…So I can spend more time with family and friends.. I want to do all that, but what will people think of me? And that seems like a ton of w... [Read More]

  • So Sue Me Game

    • UPC: 062428300001
    • ASIN: B0002FYQVW
    • Brand: New York Game Factory
    • Manufacturer: Vintage Sports Cards, Inc.

    It's a sue-or-be-sued world, so why hold back?

  • (1) SHORT Comic Storage Box - Holds 150 - 175 Comic Books - Brilliant White

    • ASIN: B01LYUX8XI
    • Brand: Max Protection

  • X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song: X-cutioners Song

    • Manufacturer: Marvel

    Collects Uncanny X-Men #294-297, X-Factor (1986) #84-86, X-Men (1991) #14-16, X-Force (1991) #16-18 & Stryfe's Strike File.When Cyclops and Phoenix are kidnapped - and Cable seemingly assassinates Professor X - the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force go to war...with each other! Witness epic battles around the globe and on the moon as Mr. Sinister's subtle... [Read More]

  • The Best Retail Credit Cards After Bankruptcy: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Retail Credit Card in the New Credit Economy

    • ASIN: 189194519X
    • ISBN: 189194519X
    • Manufacturer: AM Publishing Group

    Don’t choose your credit cards based on the advice of a teenage cashier! Is a 10% discount on a new pair of boots worth a denial for a mortgage or a new car? It doesn’t have to be. In this new book from Stephen Snyder you can learn how to avoid the disastrous inquiries that could cause you to pay more for the credit you want and need, and how t... [Read More]

  • How to Survive and Prosper After a Financial Misfortune A Complete Guide to Your Legal Rights After Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Repossession, and Eviction

    • ASIN: 1601382987
    • ISBN: 1601382987
    • Brand: Brand: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.

    Every year, it is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau that more than 700,000 people file for bankruptcy. Another 1-2 million must deal with foreclosure, repossession, or eviction. These financial misfortunes can take a toll, but you do not have to let them ruin your life.How to Survive and Prosper After a Financial Misfortune will help you make the... [Read More]

  • Credit Score: Learn Everything About the Credit Score and How to Boost Its Rating by 100+ Points

    • ASIN: B079KK4V29

    Credit Score: Learn Everything About the Credit Score and How to Boost Its Rating by 100+ PointsThere is an old saying, “what you know can’t hurt you,” but the reality is that when it comes to credit, what you don’t know really can, and most likely will, hurt you.While only a very small percentage of people suffer from a horrific credit sc... [Read More]

  • RULES OF MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR BECOMING DEBT FREE, AND SLEEPING BETTER: Simply apply 8 methods to increase income, and 7 ways for wiser saving (MONEY MANAGEMENT)

    • ASIN: B06XKMY2TL

    Nowadays, many young people often find that their lives are difficult, despite hard working, the income barely enough for daily necessities. While, some others have more comfortable lives with just the same amount. What’s the problem? Tighten belt helps them get extra monthly saving? Or they spend less? Or even an extra income?Have you even con... [Read More]

  • Credit Score Repair: How To Repair Your Credit and Boost Your Score Fast - Delete Judgments, Inquiries and Negative Accounts - The Complete Credit Repair Edition - Fully Revised and Updated

    • ASIN: B074X9K8WH

    Credit Score Repair - Fully Updated EditionYour Credit Can Be Improved Faster Than You Think..In most cases within 30 daysI wrote this book because so many Americans think their credit report is not in their control. I speak as someone who's credit score averaged in the 400's for almost my entire 20's, and seriously held me back in normal things li... [Read More]

  • Padfolio Business/Resume Portfolio, AHGXG Leather Folder with Clipboard Document Organizer with Paper Clip, Legal Writing Pad, Pen Holder, Magnetic Closure and Pockets Contrast Stitch for Interview

    • ASIN: B078Y4RC18
    • Brand: AHGXG
    • Size: strap closure
    • Manufacturer: Sevenhub

    AHGXG Faith: We regard User Experience First as principle and go after ceaselessly the higher quality and better service. Your satisfaction and smile are absolutely the greatest affirmation to our work. Thanks again for your support to our work.   Handcrafted with premium PU leather, it's Calm, professional & custom design. Great for: Meetings Stu... [Read More]

  • Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction: Flash Fiction Anthology - Book 4 (Flash Fiction Anthologies)

    • ASIN: B07B9HSQ2T
    • Manufacturer: TJC Press

    If you like your fiction entwined with fact (“faction”), this collection of flash fiction (less than 250 words per story) is for you! Theodore Jerome Cohen is an award-winning author who has published more than ten novels—all but one of them mystery/thrillers—two short-story anthologies, and one Young Adult (YA) mystery/thriller written und... [Read More]

  • Got Approved for a $25,000 American Express 16 Months After Bankruptcy

    Credit Card Levels For Scores 300 - 700: Capital One, MyFICO, Ultra, Bankruptcy, Amex, Business

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