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Best Building Sets For 10 Year Olds on December 2022 Shopping Deals at Bestonio.com

  • K'NEX 100 Model Imagine Building Set (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 744476126054
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Learning doesn’t need to be boring! Stimulate your children’s imagination with the exciting K’NEX 100 Model Building Set. Each box contains 863 classic parts and pieces that can be connected to each other to form different structures and automobiles.K’NEX 100 Model Building Set consists of plastic rods and connectors which can be built into... [Read More]

  • K'NEX Education - STEM Explorations: Swing Ride Building Set

    • UPC: 744476770776
    • ASIN: B01B55C2CC
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Watch kids turn your living space into an amusement park with the K’NEX Education STEM Explorations Swing Ride Building Set. Children can build a working swing ride with this educational building set. Each package contains 470 brightly colored pieces, including variously sized connectors, and multiple styles of rods: short, long, straight and cu... [Read More]

  • K'NEX 70 Model Building Set - 705 Pieces - Ages 7+ Engineering Education Toy

    • UPC: 885230816399
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Size: 700 Parts
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Stimulate your child’s imagination the fun way with the K’NEX 70 Model Building Set! With over 700 classic K’NEX pieces, this building toy gives them an outlet to learn and enjoy playing at the same time.The K’NEX building system is composed of plastic rods and connectors that easily join with a satisfying “click”! These pieces can be c... [Read More]

  • Erector by Meccano Super Construction 25-in-1 Motorized Building Set, STEM Education Toy for Ages 10 and Up

    • UPC: 778988557327
    • ASIN: B07C4ZWC1F
    • Brand: Meccano
    • Manufacturer: Spin Master

    The Erector by Meccano Super Construction 25-in-1 Building Set features real tools and metal parts to deliver an authentic building experience that can help encourage your budding inventor to experiment, think critically, and cultivate engineering skills. It comes with several unique parts, including a robust 6-volt motor that brings creations to l... [Read More]

  • K'NEX - 52 Model Building Set - 618 Pieces - Ages 7+ Engineering Education Toy (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 885357926742
    • ASIN: B00I2V01HQ
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Size: 618 Parts
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Encourage your children’s creativity and imagination with the highly stimulating K’NEX 52 Model Building Set! With 618 classic and micro K’NEX pieces, this building toy for ages 7 and up gives children an outlet to learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. The K’NEX building system is composed of colorful plastic rods and connectors that... [Read More]

  • K'NEX - 35 Model Building Set - 480 Pieces - For Ages 7+ Construction Education Toy (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 885865163509
    • ASIN: B00I2UZXZW
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Fuel your children’s imaginations and unleash their creativity with K’NEX 35 Model Building SetThe set comes with 480 K’NEX parts and pieces in a mix of classic and micro sized parts It includes rods and connectors that attach to one another in different ways, allowing kids to hone their artistic skills by coming up with a variety of shapes, ... [Read More]

  • TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set (Amazon Exclusive)

    • UPC: 787718909633
    • ASIN: B00JRGVEG2
    • Brand: Tinkertoy
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Make learning time exciting with the TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set ! This set consists of 200 brightly colored plastic parts, including spools, flags, washers, rods, and end caps. Some parts are flexible enough to bend into the structure you’re making. TINKERTOY parts Snap Together, Stay Together for long-lasting play. The parts are easy... [Read More]

  • LEGO Architecture 21030 United States Capitol Building Kit (1032 Piece)

    • UPC: 780116964563
    • ASIN: B01CVGV5H2
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Size: United States Capitol Building Kit
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    Build a LEGO brick model of one of the world's most architecturally impressive and symbolically important structures. Located in Washington DC, the United States Capitol is a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture covering more than 1.5 million square feet and with over 600 rooms and miles of corridors. The building that we see today is t... [Read More]

  • LEGO - 21312 - Ideas Women of NASA

    • UPC: 673419280990
    • ASIN: B071W77MBJ
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    Explore the professions of some of the groundbreaking women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set. It features minifigures of 4 pioneering women of NASA— astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton, astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur... [Read More]

  • LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces)

    • UPC: 673419292108
    • ASIN: B072MK1PDV
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    Inspire kids to bring their LEGO creations to life with the new LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox, the fun and easy entry to building and coding smart toys for boys and girls aged 7+. By downloading the free LEGO Boost app and following the step-by-step instructions, kids can learn how to master programming robots all by themselves. Inside are instructio... [Read More]

  • LEGO Friends Mia's Tree House 41335 Creative Building Toy Set for Kids, Best Learning and Roleplay Gift for Girls and Boys (351 Pieces)

    • UPC: 673419280044
    • ASIN: B075RDRJLW
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    This LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Tree House construction toy is packed with features and details to create hours of fun for Mia, her brother, and any friends who might come to visit. There’s a folding ladder, scramble net and a zip wire for access to and from the second floor, plus a water gun, a book of ghost stories, artwork tiles, board game, p... [Read More]

  • VATOS STEM Building Blocks Kit 165 Piece Creative Construction Engineering Plastic Building Toy Sets for Ages 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old Boys & Girls | Best Toy Gift for Kids Birthday | Top Blocks Game

    • UPC: 757818134457
    • ASIN: B07S9S6BRT
    • Brand: VATOS
    • Manufacturer: Vatos

    Why choose a Vatos STEM toy: STEM is an education curriculum that focuses heavily on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Early implementation of STEM education for students can encourage kids to come up with their own creative solutions to problems.Childhood is a crucial stage in building a lifelong learning mindset. However, most k... [Read More]

  • K'NEX Thrill Rides - 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set

    • UPC: 744476170354
    • ASIN: B01B55BSJA
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Operate an amusement park right in your home as you build thrilling rides with K'NEX 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set! This building set consists of colorful parts and pieces that allow you and your children to create 3 different models, one at a time. Create a majestic Ferris wheel that stands almost 3 feet tall, a heart-pounding boom ri... [Read More]

  • K'NEX Imagine - Click & Construct Value Building Set - 522Piece - 35 Models - Engineering Educational Toy Building Set

    • UPC: 744476180254
    • ASIN: B07BMS3GHV
    • Brand: K'NEX
    • Manufacturer: K'NEX

    Stimulate your child's imagination the fun way with the K'NEX Imagine Click & Construct Value Building Set ! With 522 classic K'NEX pieces, this building toy gives children a resource for learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. The K'NEX building system contains plastic rods and connectors that join up with a satisfying "click"! They can... [Read More]

  • LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Kids Building Set with Mini-Doll Figures, Popular Toy and Gift for Girls (722 Piece)

    • UPC: 673419282741
    • ASIN: B075RDGQCZ
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    The LEGO Friends 41340 Friendship House is the ultimate base for special moments between the friends of Heartlake City—whether starting adventures or enjoying some downtime. This popular kids’ toy features a kitchen, living room with craft table, bedroom with double-sided TV screen, terrace with speakers, barbecue, hot tub, juice bar and a look... [Read More]

  • Junior Learning CVC Tri-Blocks Tub Word Building Set

    • UPC: 856258003436
    • ASIN: B00W0J2QZ6
    • Brand: Junior Learning
    • Manufacturer: Flat River Group

    Build words with your Tri-Blocks and learn consonants and short vowels (CVC).Turn each block and manipulate the middle vowel sound or change a spelling with a consonant. Tri-Blocks let children know spelling rules by their color coding and unique block orientations. Also, for use with CVC Builder and Word Builder box card sets (sold separately). Te... [Read More]

  • LEGO Friends Mia's Camper Van 41339 Building Set (488 Piece)

    • UPC: 673419282734
    • ASIN: B075RFLLSB
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    LEGO Friends 41339 Mia’s Camper Van makes camping with friends a dream! Lift off the roof of this cool playset for easy access to the kitchen and bathroom inside, flip open the lid of the upstairs sleeping area, put up the canopy and get to work on the tent with 2 beds inside. There’s also a picnic table, an inflatable dinghy and a friendly hor... [Read More]

  • LEGO City Cargo Train 60198 Remote Control Train Building Set with Tracks for Kids, Top Present for Boys and Girls (1226 Pieces)

    • UPC: 673419306324
    • ASIN: B07C39LCZ9
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    Inspire kids to create their own locomotive world and load up the powerful LEGO City Cargo Train to deliver goods in time for Christmas! This electronic toy train and tracks set features a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, accessible driver’s cabin, a crane wagon with rotating and extendable boom arm, container wagon ... [Read More]

  • LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 21313 Expert Building Kit, Snap Together Model Ship, Collectible Display Set and Toy for Adults (962 Pieces)

    • UPC: 673419290951
    • ASIN: B078VVLQ6J
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Manufacturer: LEGO

    Continue a nautical tradition when you build the LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle, featuring a highly detailed ship with the captain’s quarters, cannons, masts, crow’s nest and printed sail elements. Place the ship inside the LEGO brick-built bottle with a buildable cork, wax seal element and water-style elements inside, then display the model... [Read More]

  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set (Developmental Toy, 100 Blocks In 4 Colors & 9 Shapes, 13.5" H X 3.5" W X 9" L)

    • UPC: 086005384055
    • ASIN: B000068CKY
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • Size: 100 Blocks
    • Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug

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