Using a nasal spray for your child with allergies

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  • Zarbee's Naturals Children's Sleep Chewable Tablet with Melatonin, Natural Grape Flavor, 30 Chewable Tablets

    • UPC: 898115002503
    • ASIN: B00C2WEJT2
    • Brand: Zarbee's Naturals
    • Size: 30 Count
    • Manufacturer: Zarbee's

    Zarbee's Naturals Children's Melatonin 1mg promotes restful sleep*. Drug-free, alcohol-free, and no next day grogginess. For kids occasional sleeplessness. You can count on Zarbee's Naturals for vitamins, supplements and options to soothe and support your whole hive. From our honey-based throat soothing* drops, to melatonin gummies, to elderberry i... [Read More]

  • Zarbee's Naturals Children's Elderberry Immune Support* Gummies with Vitamin C, Zinc, Natural Berry Flavor, 42 Count

    • UPC: 898115002749
    • ASIN: B00Q5OW97M
    • Brand: Zarbee's Naturals
    • Size: 42 Count (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Zarbee's Naturals

    Zarbee's Naturals elderberry gummies help support the family’s immune system*, and they taste good, too! Keep them on hand for back to school, season changes, or any other time your immune system can use some support*. You can count on Zarbee's Naturals for vitamins, supplements, and options to soothe and support your whole hive. From our honey-b... [Read More]

  • Hyland's 4 Kids Cold and Cough Day and Night Value Pack, Natural Common Cold Symptom Relief, 8 Ounce

    • UPC: 354973317710
    • ASIN: B00L3LAK7S
    • Brand: Hyland's Homeopathic
    • Size: 8 Fluid Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Hyland's Homeopathic

    4 Kids Cold N'Cough Day & Night Value Pack 8 oz LiquidDaytimeUses Temporarily relieves the symptoms of the common cold including nasal and chest congestion, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, and cough.NighttimeUses Temporarily relieves the symptoms of the common cold including cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal and chest congestion, and sore throa... [Read More]

  • Children's Flonase Sensimist Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, Allergy Medicine Scent-Free Alcohol-Free Gentle Mist 24 Hour Non-Drowsy, 60 sprays

    • UPC: 353100202301
    • ASIN: B07282FCHP
    • Brand: Flonase
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline

    Kids can enjoy more complete,* 24-hour non-drowsy allergy symptom relief with Children's FLONASE SENSIMIST Allergy Relief. It delivers a gentle mist so fine, your child might not even feel it. Unlike most syrups and tablets, Children's Flonase Sensimist is indicated to relieve nasal congestion.* It also relieves itchy, watery eyes** commonly caused... [Read More]

  • Kids Allergy Medicine by Hyland's 4Kids, Non Drowsy Childrens Complete Allergy Relief Syrup, Safe and Natural for Indoor & Outdoor, 4 Oz (Packaging May Vary)

    • UPC: 129600504388
    • ASIN: B003OCBD8E
    • Brand: Hyland's Homeopathic
    • Size: 4 oz
    • Manufacturer: Hyland's Homeopathic

    Hyland's 4 Kids Complete Allergy Relief Syrup, Natural Indoor and Outdoor Allergy Relief, 4 Ounces Temporarily relieves the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergens including itchy nose and throat, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. NATURAL REMEDIES SINCE 1903. Hyland’s has been producing homeopathic medicines since 1903. Hyland’s ... [Read More]

  • Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy Liquid with Diphenhydramine HCl, Bubble Gum Flavor, 4 fl. oz

    • UPC: 350580535042
    • ASIN: B004DGO3WS
    • Brand: Benadryl
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Benadryl

    Give your child effective relief from common allergy symptoms with Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy Liquid. Containing 12.5 milligrams of the antihistamine diphenhydramine HCI per teaspoon (5 mL), this kids’ liquid allergy medicine relieves symptoms due to hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies, including runny nose, sneezing, itchy ... [Read More]

  • Seventh Generation Baby & Toddler Training Pants, Medium Size 2T-3T, 100 count (Packaging May Vary)

    • ASIN: B006HT2T52
    • Brand: Seventh Generation
    • Size: Medium Size 2T-3T
    • Manufacturer: Seventh Generation

    You’re making moves, kid. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Training Pants are designed to make potty training easier. Our pull on training pants fit like big kid underpants, but with an absorbent core to keep your toddler protected and dry – just in case. Our Free & Clear Training Pants are fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin, and contain... [Read More]

  • Bioplasma Cell Salts Tablets by Hyland's, Natural Homeopathic Combination of Cell Salts Vital to Cellular Function, 1000 Count

    • UPC: 129600181046
    • ASIN: B00126349K
    • Brand: Hyland's Homeopathic
    • Size: 1000 Tablets
    • Manufacturer: Hyland's Homeopathic

    Hyland's Bioplasma Tablets, Natural Homeopathic Combination of Cell Salts Vital to Cellular Function, 1000 Count Provides daily supply of each cell salt to bring balance to overall cell function. NATURAL REMEDIES SINCE 1903 Hyland's has been producing homeopathic medicines since 1903. Made with natural ingredients and made in the United States. Hyl... [Read More]

  • Children's Claritin Chewables Tablets, Grape (50 ct.)

    • UPC: 731631094075
    • ASIN: B01LY4BIWU
    • Brand: Claritin
    • Size: 50 caps
    • Manufacturer: Claritin

    Children's Claritin Chewables in grape flavor are easy for kids to take. They provide effective, non-drowsy allergy relief for your child's worst allergy symptoms.

  • ★ 6 Billion CFU Kids / Children's Probiotics with Prebiotics ★ With Prebiotics (Sunfiber® & Fos) for 10x More Effectiveness ★ One A Day Great Taste Chewable Probiotic ★ 2 Months Supply Per Bottle ★

    • UPC: 647297429956
    • ASIN: B07341HS5R
    • Brand: Intelligent Labs
    • Manufacturer: Intelligent Labs

    Relax your search for the Perfect Children's Probiotic is over. When you receive your child's bottle take a moment to notice the quality of the label and the bottle itself, before popping open the lid and taking out their first serving. You'll have in your hands the strongest and most effective Kids Probiotic available in the country, with speciall... [Read More]

  • YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops, 40 lollipops

    • UPC: 773821139630
    • ASIN: B00BGVLO1G
    • Brand: YumEarth
    • Size: 8.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Yummy Earth

    Yummy Earth was born out of our commitment to feed our children, Jonah and Rose, a diet rich in delicious healthful foods that are free of yucky chemicals, pesticides and dyes. Yummy Earth tastes much better than mass produced chemical candy because we choose real fruit extracts and planet friendly organic ingredients to sweeten our lives and yours... [Read More]

  • Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Syrup for Kids, Herbal Supplements, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 8 oz

    • UPC: 675127563112
    • ASIN: B001GKUH24
    • Brand: Nature's Way
    • Size: 8 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Way

    Nature's Way Sambucus for Kids Bio-certified Elderberry, 8-Ounce is made just for kids and contains black elderberry extract . This formula is great tasting especially for children. It combines standardized, Bio-Certified black elderberry extract, echinacea angustifolia (root), echinacea purpurea (flower) and natural raspberry flavor in a base of f... [Read More]

  • Tired Teddies Natural Sleep Aid for Kids Melatonin (0.3 mg) Herbal Supplement

    • UPC: 857767004013
    • ASIN: B00CMG4YNY
    • Brand: Tired Teddies
    • Size: 90 count
    • Manufacturer: Teddy MD

    Low Dose Melatonin for Kids Ages 2+. 90 Chewable Tablets. Tired Teddies Natural Sleep Aids all have an expiration date of 2 years from the date they are manufactured (MFG). Unless specified by an expiry date, products are considered stable at full potency for two years from the MFG date. All TeddyMD products are produced by approved Good Manufactur... [Read More]

  • PRO-Kids ENT: Children's Oral Probiotics (Chewable & Sugar Free)-Uniquely Formulated to Support Your Child's Oral, Ear, Nose, and Throat Health (Strawberry Vanilla)-45 Chewable Probiotic Tablets.

    • ASIN: B01DOGH3M4
    • Brand: Hyperbiotics
    • Size: 45 Count
    • Manufacturer: Hyperbiotics Probiotics

    Uniquely Formulated for your Child's Upper Respiratory Health Targeted Oral Probiotic Strains (including S. salivarius K12, S. salivarius M18, L. reuteri, L. sakei, and L. paracasei) to effectively counter the indiscriminate effects of antibiotics and other lifestyle choices that can deplete the oral microbiome:-Lactobacillus reuteri-Streptococcus ... [Read More]

  • Nutribiotic Gse Capsules Caps, 250 Mg, 60 Count

    • UPC: 728177010065
    • ASIN: B002QP9FAS
    • Brand: Nutribiotic
    • Size: 60 Capsules
    • Manufacturer: Nutribiotic

    Nutribiotic Gse Capsules Caps, 250 Mg, 60 Count

  • Himalayan Chandra Neti Mist Kids Sinus Spray

    • UPC: 652865600477
    • ASIN: B009V0W35U
    • Brand: Himalayan Chandra
    • Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml)
    • Manufacturer: Himalayan Institute Press

    Neti Mist KIDS Sinus Spray is a new homeopathic, all natural sinus spray formulated with ingredients to help soothe and relieve congestion in your nasal passages. It is designed to assist and facilitate easier and clearer breathing and may be effective for seasonal sinus support. Helps relieve congestion in nasal passages. Helps alleviate cold and ... [Read More]

  • Wild Naturals Eczema Psoriasis Cream - for Dry, Irritated Skin, Itch Relief, Dermatitis, Rosacea, and Shingles. Natural 15-in-1 Formula Promotes Healing and Calms Redness, Rash and Itching Fast

    • UPC: 852669338938
    • ASIN: B00HFE3Z0G
    • Brand: Wild Naturals
    • Size: 8 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Wild Naturals

    Get Natural Relief From Dry, Itchy, Cracked, or Irritated Skin With Our Powerful 15-in-1 Formula Our eczema and psoriasis cream is packed with organic, food-grade nutrients providing instant relief, while boosting healing, with every essential vitamin, mineral, and amino acid your skin needs to be healthy. Why Our Cream Is BetterStops itching fastR... [Read More]

  • Genexa Calm Keeper for Children | Certified Organic & Non-GMO, Physician Formulated, Homeopathic | Calming & Relaxation Aid for Children | 60 Tablet

    • UPC: 857630006106
    • ASIN: B01FCE0SWS
    • Brand: Genexa
    • Size: 60 Count
    • Manufacturer: Genexa

    Calm Keeper for Children is an organic and non-GMO remedy formulated to help kids ages 3+ feel more balanced and relaxed throughout the day. Calm Keeper is homeopathic and non-habit forming, and helps reduce stress-related symptoms like restlessness and irritability, while promoting more focused behavior. Physician formulated and non-drowsy, Calm K... [Read More]

  • doTERRA DigestZen Essential Oil Digestive Blend 60 Softgels

    • UPC: 885698092595
    • ASIN: B00GTZQ900
    • Brand: DoTerra
    • Size: 60 softgels - 1 pack
    • Manufacturer: doTERRA

    doTERRA DigestZen Softgels are a convenient and easy way to obtain the benefits of the proprietary DigestZen essential oil blend. Each vegetarian softgel contains 120 mg of DigestZen, the oil blend you know and trust for overall digestive health. DigestZen contains a unique combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Caraway, Anise, Coriander, Tarragon, and... [Read More]

  • Genexa Allergy-D for Children | Certified Organic & Non-GMO, Physician Formulated, Homeopathic | Multi-Symptom Allergy Relief Medicine for Children | 60 Tablets

    • UPC: 857630006021
    • ASIN: B01FCDL7GA
    • Brand: Genexa
    • Size: 60 Count
    • Manufacturer: Genexa

    Allergy-D for Children is a multi-symptom homeopathic allergy medicine just for kids ages 3+ that helps relieve allergy symptoms due to seasonal allergies, including sneezing, runny nose, irritated eyes, congestion and mucus, and cough and sore throat. Physician formulated and non-drowsy, Allergy-D for Children is free of artificial dyes, flavors, ... [Read More]

  • Using a nasal spray for your child with allergies

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