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  • Alumaloy - Aluminum Repair Rods - No Welding, Fix Cracks, Drill, Tap, Polish, or Paint - 20 Pack

    • UPC: 616316445413
    • ASIN: B01MQX8QJY
    • Brand: Alumaloy
    • Manufacturer: Alumaloy

    Just Imagine being able to repair anything made of Aluminum, Pot Metal and Galvanized Steel using your own propane torch. No flux! No special training. You can repair: Boats, props, storm doors, ladders, antiques, tools, outboards, motors, lawn furniture, transmissions, cyclinder heads, thermostats, radiators, air conditioning lines, condensers, oi... [Read More]

  • Forney 30305 E6013 Welding Rod, 3/32-Inch, 5-Pound

    • UPC: 032277303058
    • ASIN: B000CFNGQ8
    • Brand: Forney
    • Size: 3/32-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Forney

    The Forney 30305 6013 Mild Steel superweld Welding Rod is a mild steel, all-position general purpose rod with medium to shallow penetration. Medium to heavy slag is easily removed. Excellent for poorly fitted joints. Smaller sizes of rod are well suited to low heat on thin metals. 3/32-Inch ie.2.38 mm rod diameter. 5-Pound ie.2.26 kg. 6013 Tensile ... [Read More]

  • Blue Demon BDTP-125-01T Triple Play Low Temp Aluminum-Zinc Brazing Rod 1/8" x 18" 1 Lb Tube,

    • UPC: 652426008476
    • Brand: Blue Demon
    • Manufacturer: Welding Material Sales

    The perfect choice for a quick repair of all aluminum and zinc alloys.

  • Forney 32110 E7014 Welding Rod, 1/8-Inch, 10-Pound

    • UPC: 032277321106
    • ASIN: B004BS0M7S
    • Brand: Forney
    • Size: 1/8-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Forney

    The Forney 32110 7014 Mild Steel Super Contact is a mild steel, iron powder type electrode with medium to shallow penetration. It's known for smooth arc characteristics, good arc stability and low spatter. Excellent for sheet metal and ornamental iron work on poorly fitted joints. Easy to operate. Excellent for sheet metal and ornamental ironwork o... [Read More]

  • Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Mini Size, 4" Long x .27" Diameter, 30 Count, Clear, (Pack of 1)

    • UPC: 052427302304
    • ASIN: B06VX7GDXC
    • Brand: Gorilla
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Gorilla Glue

    Incredibly tough & versatile, Gorilla hot glue sticks provide a long term hold even on hard to bond surfaces. The clear adhesive works with both high and low temperature glue guns and features an Extended working time for added convenience for all types of projects. Gorilla hot glue is also weather-resistant and 5x more durable, keeping your projec... [Read More]

  • Forney 30705 E7018 Welding Rod, 3/32-Inch, 5-Pound

    • UPC: 784497214170
    • ASIN: B000CFNS3E
    • Brand: Forney
    • Size: 3/32-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Forney

    5 lb., 3/32", 7018 welding Rod. E7018 mild steel "low hydrogen" Welding electrodes easily produces quality results on smaller Amperage DC or higher amperage AC welders. It is suitable for all positions on hard enable steels where no preheat is used, and on cold rolled steels normally exhibiting excessive porosity when Welded and conventional rod. T... [Read More]

  • Electrode Ovens, 10 lb, 110 V, Analog Thermostat

    • UPC: 604669136836
    • ASIN: B01HVP80LW
    • Brand: BEST WELDS
    • Manufacturer: Best Welds

    Best Welds Electrode Ovens Includes external thermostat control. Each oven is tested and heated to rated temperature before shipping Pack of 1 WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov -... [Read More]

  • Weldflame ER4043 1/8 Inch 36 Inch 2-Pound Tube General Purpose Aluminum TIG Welding Rod

    • UPC: 717520670391
    • ASIN: B019YTOBTS
    • Brand: WELDFLAME
    • Size: 1/8
    • Manufacturer: Weldflame Co Ltd

    ER4043 is a general-purpose type aluminum welding rod. It is one of most widely used welding and brazing alloys. 3.2mm 21g around 43pieces / 2-pound tube

  • Blue Demon E4043 1/8" x 14" 1LB Tube Aluminum Covered Arc Welding Electrode

    • UPC: 652426572540
    • ASIN: B010HWU7Y4
    • Brand: Blue Demon
    • Size: 1/8"
    • Manufacturer: Welding Material Sales

    E4043 is a general purpose aluminum electrode for arc welding aluminum alloys. The arc is stable and operates at low temperatures with minimum spatter and fuming.

  • US Forge Welding Electrode 6013 3/32-Inch by 14-Inch 5-Pound Box #51323

    • UPC: 093425513231
    • ASIN: B000UO7KUY
    • Brand: US Forge
    • Manufacturer: US Forge

    ELECTRODES - Premium-quality US Forge electrodes offer all the ease-of-use, weldability and forgiving qualities occasional welders need. Premium 6011, 6013, 7014 and 7018 electrodes are packed in cardboard boxes, then shrink-wrapped and labeled with clear easy-to follow instructions. These electrodes are available in 1, 5, 10 and 50 pound boxes. Ea... [Read More]

  • Weldcote Nickel 99 Cast Iron Welding Electrode Repair 1/8" 1 Lb.

    • UPC: 877511003918
    • ASIN: B005BCTUTY
    • Brand: Weldcote Metals
    • Manufacturer: Weldcote Metals

    NI 99 is designed for welding of gray iron castings to themselves as well as joining them to mild steels or stainless steels. It is also used extensively to repair castings. The welds are quite Machin able. A preheat and interpass temperature of not less than 350?F is recommended during welding. Package of 1

  • Blue Demon 7014 X 5/64" X 14" X 5LB Plastic Iron Powder Carbon Steel Electrode

    • UPC: 652426512256
    • ASIN: B00G2GKT0M
    • Brand: Blue Demon
    • Size: 5/64"(Diameter)
    • Manufacturer: Blue Demon

    E7014 is a high-speed iron power type electrode that can be used on AC or DC welding current. This electrode has smooth arc characteristics, good arc stability, low spatter and produces medium to low penetration.

  • Hobart 770470 6013 Stick, 1/8-10lbs

    • UPC: 715959363808
    • ASIN: B000OQ7CLU
    • Brand: Hobart
    • Size: 1/8-10lbs
    • Manufacturer: Hobart

    Fits your welding task. USA. Product type: Welding rod, weight (lbs.): 10, rod size (in.): 1/8, welding processes: Light to medium penetrating.

  • Flash Furniture Vibrant Wine Red and Chrome Swivel Task Chair with Tractor Seat

    • UPC: 747725483199
    • ASIN: B001BWYAKC
    • Brand: Flash Furniture
    • Size: 16.5"D x 17"W x 34.75"H
    • Manufacturer: Flash Furniture

    Change up the look in your home office with this colorful vibrant task chair. The molded tractor seat offers a tremendous amount of comfort. Chair rotates 360 degrees to provide easy access to a greater range of area. The pneumatic adjustment lever will allow you to easily adjust the seat to your desired height. Dual wheel casters provide ease of m... [Read More]

  • BAC Industries RK-01 Rod Keeper, Red

    • UPC: 732393040027
    • ASIN: B005C3J1PA
    • Brand: BAC Industries
    • Manufacturer: BAC Industries

    Storage case for welding rods.

  • Tig-Pen Welding Finger Feeder Rod Holder Pencil Filler Metal

    • UPC: 775709015500
    • ASIN: B01I0H7C5U
    • Brand: Tig-Pen
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Powerweld

    Tig holder holds your filler rod and lets you advance the filler wire by thumb wheel .Tig finger feeder feeds tig filler rod comfortably. Hold the feeder like a pen or pencil. Insert the tig filler wire from the rear of the unit – not from the front. With the feeder comfortable in your hand, advance the wire by rolling the rubber wheel with the t... [Read More]

  • Welding Machine, 110V, 200Amp Power, IGBT AC DC Beginner Welder With Display LCD Use Welding Rod Equipment Tools Accessories ... ...

    • UPC: 744370947649
    • ASIN: B074Y26C55
    • Brand: S7
    • Manufacturer: win-win

    The welder is the love of my life. I would like to spend the rest of my life with it. Hope all customers like my welder as me,the welder will stay with you like an old friend. The protection welding machine mine size but big power,fit for those who are learning to weld or repair around the house,and so on. ARC welding machines use Environmental ... [Read More]

  • HITBOX ARC Welder 200A Stick DC 220V Inverter Welding Machine MMA200 ZX7 Rod Stick Portable Welder Complete Package Ready to Use

    • ASIN: B01HCFOSR6
    • Brand: HITBOX
    • Size: ARC200

    Stick Inverter welder ARC200 220V 190A output with 40% d/c ,fairy strong 1/2 hour non-stop at 150amp with 7018 rods ,portable size 6.3lb complete package ready to use The MMA200 welder is the perfect choice to do projects and repairs around the home ,farm and shop. This MMA welder is easily and accurately adjusted and portable take it. It runs o... [Read More]

  • Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2"

    • UPC: 789755000076
    • ASIN: B00YS401X0
    • Brand: Yost Tools
    • Size: LV-4
    • Manufacturer: Yost

    The Yost LV-4 is a 4-1/2-Inch swivel base vise is ideal for home shop. The vise is manufactured from cast iron featuring steel vise jaws, threaded spindle assembly and a chrome lockdown. The vise can be rotated up to 240-Degree on its base for work positioning. The built in pipe jaws allow holding small pipes and tubes ranging in diameter from 0. 6... [Read More]

  • Miller Electric - 043125 Package Calculator

    • UPC: 785533423259
    • ASIN: B004UHQOX6
    • Brand: Miller
    • Manufacturer: Miller Electric

    Miller 043125 mig, tag and stick calculator 043125these calculators cover all the bases, and tune you into the thickness of material being welded weld calculators are handy references for weld parameters, electrode/wire type, basic techniques, and process information for tag, stick.

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