SQL Server Security Tutorial | Administering MS SQL Server 2012 Databases | 70-462

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  • Microsoft Azure Security Center (IT Best Practices - Microsoft Press)

    • ISBN: 1509307036
    • Manufacturer: Microsoft Press

    Discover high-value Azure security insights, tips, and operational optimizations This book presents comprehensive Azure Security Center techniques for safeguarding cloud and hybrid environments. Leading Microsoft security and cloud experts Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas Shinder show how to apply Azure Security Center’s full spectrum of features a... [read more]

  • Microsoft Azure Security Center (2nd Edition) (IT Best Practices - Microsoft Press)

    • ISBN: 0135752035
    • Manufacturer: Microsoft Press

    This book introduces readers to the wide array of security features and capabilities available in Azure Security Center. After being introduced to all of these security options, you will dig in to see how they can be used in a number of operational security scenarios so that you can get the most out of the protect, detect, and respond skills provid... [read more]

  • Simply SQL: The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Best-Practice SQL

    • ISBN: 0980455251
    • Brand: Brand: SitePoint
    • Manufacturer: SitePoint

    Packed with examples, Simply SQL is a step-by-step introduction to learning SQL. You'll discover how easy it is to use SQL to interact with best-practice, robust databases. Rather than bore you with theory, it focuses on the practical use of SQL with common databases and uses plenty of diagrams, easy-to-read text, and examples to help make learning... [read more]

  • Azure: Microsoft Azure Tutorial for Beginners

    Quickstart guide for Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure is an incredibly versatile and powerful cloud service, but only if you know how to use it! Need to learn Azure fast?Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that can be used to for building, testing, and managing applications and services through a network of servers managed by Microsoft in various loc... [read more]

  • Windows PowerShell Best Practices

    • ISBN: 0735666490
    • Manufacturer: Microsoft Press

    Expert recommendations, pragmatically applied. Automate system administration using Windows PowerShell best practices—and optimize your operational efficiency. With this practical guide, Windows PowerShell expert and instructor Ed Wilson delivers field-tested tips, real-world examples, and candid advice culled from administrators across a range... [read more]

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Unleashed

    • Manufacturer: Sams Publishing

    Buy the print version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Unleashed and get the eBook version for free! eBook version includes chapters 44-60 not included in the print. See inside the book for access code and details. With up-to-the-minute content, this is the industry’s most complete, useful guide to SQL Server 2012. You’ll find start-to-fi... [read more]

  • PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition) (Developer's Library)

    • ISBN: 0321833899
    • Brand: Addison-Wesley Professional
    • Manufacturer: Addison-Wesley Professional

    PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fifth Edition The definitive guide to building database-driven Web applications with PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL are popular open-source technologies that are ideal for quickly developing database-driven Web applications. PHP is a powerful scripting language designed to enable developers to create highly feat... [read more]

  • SQL: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step SQL) (Volume 1)

    • ISBN: 1540323447
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    ★★ Get the Kindle version FREE when purchasing the Paperback! ★★SQL Made Easy – a Step by Step GuideAre you curious to learn SQL? Does the thought of SQL rattle your brain? Do you need to learn how to use SQL in order to properly manage a database? Let this book settle your nerves and successfully guide you through the basics of learning ... [read more]

  • Information Technology HandBook (1TBook) (Volume 4)

    • ISBN: 1530941601
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Information Technology HandBook covers all Information Technology 2016, Network System Administration 2016, and Infrastructure and Data Center. The purpose of the book is to help students and network system administrators to learn Information Technology. The book covers many topics such as networking, system administration, cabling, VOIP, desktop m... [read more]

  • SQL Server Security Tutorial | Administering MS SQL Server 2012 Databases | 70-462

    SQL security best practices -- Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    How to Secure Your SQL Server Today