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  • Non Stick Skillet Frying Pan: Premium 10 Inch Aluminum Fry Pans with Glass Lid & Stainless Steel Handle - Non-Stick Sauté Surface Great for Egg or Omelette Cooking - Dishwasher & Oven Safe

    • UPC: 865509000360
    • Color: Dark Gray
    • Brand: Almond
    • Size: 10"
    • Manufacturer: Almond

    HEAVY DUTY When it comes to cookware like skillets, you need a pan that will stand up to the daily wear and tear of the kitchen. If you're looking for durability and functionality, the expertly crafted 10 inch Almond frying pan is a must-have for all kitchens and cooking levels. Designed with a thick 3.0 mm gauge construction, our pan provides sup... [read more]

  • 10" Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with 100% APEO & PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany

    • UPC: 815817011657
    • Color: Lava Black
    • Brand: Ozeri
    • Size: 10-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Ozeri

    Utilizing STONEHENGE -- a stone-derived coating from Germany, the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri is the world’s leading frying pan, delivering non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of APEO and PFOA, and the lesser known chemicals NMP and NEP. Conventional pans often achieve their non-stick performance with the aid of PFOA (PerFluoroOctan... [read more]

  • TECHEF Specialty Cookware Frittata Omelette Pan, Standard, Purple

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: TECHEF
    • Size: Standard
    • Manufacturer: TECHEF

    TECHEF offers non-stick and durable cookware which makes cooking healthy food for a healthy family easy, fun and environmentally safe. Coated with Teflon select - color collection add lifestyle: new colors for Teflon nonstick coating systems turn cookware into lifestyle accessories. Safe new Teflon coating (no PFOA) the non-stick coatings without P... [read more]

  • Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Omelette Fry Pan, 10-inch, Black

    • UPC: 016853058167
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Calphalon
    • Size: 10-inch
    • Manufacturer: Calphalon

    Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, the Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10-in. Fry Pan is created with multi-layer non stick for ultra durability. The stunning, contemporary design looks beautiful in the kitchen, and heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum ensures even heating. With thick, flat bottoms and gently sloping sides, the frying pan is perfect ... [read more]

  • All-Clad E785S264 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free 8 and 10-Inch Fry Pan Cookware Set, 2-Piece, Black

    • UPC: 011644905552
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: All-Clad
    • Size: 8" and 10"
    • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB

    A true kitchen staple, the All-Clad Hard Anodized E785S264 Set of 2 fry pans (8 & 10 In.) is ideal for searing, browning, and pan-frying everything from eggs to meats. The fry pans feature a flat bottom and flared sides that make tossing foods effortless and allow for easy turning with a spatula. The All-Clad frying pans are great for cooking at hi... [read more]

  • Cuisinart 6422-20 Contour Hard Anodized 8-Inch Open Skillet

    • UPC: 086279031808
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cuisinart
    • Size: 8"
    • Manufacturer: Cuisinart

    Cuisinart Contour Hard Anodized Cookware is premium cookware that features the finest materials, constructed for unsurpassed durability and performance. Our skillets are designed for healthier at-home cooking, the non-stick skillet is every cook's kitchen essential. The elegant styling and a robust silhouette make for a professional look. Maximize ... [read more]

  • T-fal 2100086427 E93805 Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan, 10.25-Inch, Black

    • UPC: 709832508554
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: T-fal
    • Size: 10.25-Inch
    • Manufacturer: T-fal

    Be prepared for almost any culinary adventure with T-fal Professional nonstick cookware. The cookware’s innovative Thermo-Spot heat-indicator technology ensures properly pre-heated pans—a must when it comes to sealing in juices and flavor. When the pattern in the center turns to a solid red spot, the pan is hot and ready to cook. The cookware... [read more]

  • ZYLISS Cookware 8" and 11" Nonstick Fry Pan Set - Oven, Dishwasher, Induction and Metal Utensil Safe Cooking - Heavy Duty Forged Aluminum with Sturdy Riveted Handle (2 Piece Set)

    • UPC: 054067081076
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Zyliss
    • Size: 8" and 11" Fry Pan Set
    • Manufacturer: Zyliss

    The Zyliss 8 and 11 inch frying pan set brings a modern approach to the kitchen with its implementation of Swiss coating technology. The 3-Layer non-stick pan is reinforced with the ultimate ceramic coatings makes this a guaranteed nonstick pan. The small grooves in the surface of the pan collect oils and fats reducing the need to constantly lubric... [read more]

  • Mr Rudolf 8 inch 18/10 Stainless Steel Open Skillet Omelet Fry Pan Dishwasher Safe APEO & PFOA Free

    • UPC: 761560746127
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Mr Rudolf
    • Size: 8 In
    • Manufacturer: Dongyang Balance Industrial Co., Ltd

    Luna Collection LN-S-2050 18/10 Stainless Steel 8 Inch Frying Pan Unsurpassed Heat Distribution Triple-Ply construction includes the unsurpassed heat conductivity of a pure aluminum core. Superior Cooking Surface Stainless steel cooking surface does not discolor, react with food, or alter flavor. Drip-Free Pouring Rims of cookware are tapered to m... [read more]

  • All-Clad 4709 NS R2 18/10 Stainless Steel 3-Ply Bonded Nonstick Egg Perfect Fry Pan Skillet, 9-Inch, Silver

    • UPC: 789246752149
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: All-Clad
    • Size: 9"
    • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB

    A true kitchen staple, the All-Clad Stainless 4709 NS R2 9-Inch nonstick egg perfect pan is ideal for creating multiple egg dishes, pancakes or crepes. The fry pan features a flat bottom and flared sides that make tossing foods effortless and allow for easy turning with a spatula. All-Clad’s Stainless 3-ply cookware features a thick-gauge aluminu... [read more]

  • Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

    • UPC: 172302703726
    • Color: None
    • Brand: Presto
    • Size: 16"
    • Manufacturer: Presto

    Jumbo size. Big 16-inch cooking surface with high side-walls for extra cooking and serving capacity. Roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes, makes casseroles and more. Fully immersible with heat control removed for easy cleaning. Tempered glass cover lets you see what is inside. Great for use as a buffet server when entertaining. Heavy cast aluminum.... [read more]

  • Carote 9.5 Inch Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet Pan PFOA&PTFE-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Granite Coating from Switzerland

    • UPC: 637045094376
    • Color: Granistone with Wood effect handle
    • Brand: Carote
    • Size: 9.5 Inch
    • Manufacturer: CAROTE

    ﹡﹡﹡﹡About Carote Brand﹡﹡﹡﹡ The original and highest nonstick performance from Swiss brand ILAG, which is one of the most famous healthy coating brand in the world, Carote cookware deserved this exclusive cooperation with ILAG, to satisfy the customer needs at the top level. Essential Woody Series This essential woody collection, is ... [read more]

  • T-fal E76507 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Inch Fry Pan with Lid, Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan, Black

    • UPC: 032406048454
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: T-fal
    • Size: 12-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB

    Weekday dinners, laid-back brunch, holiday entertaining—be prepared for life’s culinary adventures with T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized toxin-free nonstick cookware. With a rugged hard anodized aluminum construction, this pan also features T-fal's Heat Mastery System, a three ingredient recipe for perfectly delicious cooking results every time…s... [read more]

  • Ozeri 8-Inch Stainless Steel Pan with ETERNA, a PFOA and APEO-Free Non-Stick Coating

    • UPC: 815817011329
    • Color: Black Interior
    • Brand: Ozeri
    • Size: 8-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Ozeri Kitchen

    Featuring ETERNA -- a safe and durable non-stick coating developed in the USA, the Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri is the world’s first stainless steel frying pan to achieve non-stick perfection without using PFOA or APEO -- harmful chemicals often found in traditional cookware. Conventional pans achieve their non-stick performance with the ai... [read more]

  • COOKER KING Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pans, Stain Resistant, Dishwasher/Oven Safe, Toxin-Free, Stainless Steel Handles, 8-inch 10-inch 12-inch Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan Set, 3-Piece

    • UPC: 705111086584
    • Color: Ceramic Frying Pans
    • Brand: COOKER KING
    • Size: 8"+10"+12" Fry Pan Set
    • Manufacturer: COOKER KING

    Healthy & Safe: This ceramic pans set is totally free of PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium. No harmful materials fumes at any temperature. The nonstick pan's interior withstands temperature up to 480°F, and oven safe to 480°F, meeting all your daily needs for kitchen cookware! Nonstick Ceramic Interior: The nonstick pan set features the double-layer expert ... [read more]

  • AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid and Side Spouts, Induction Compatible Stainless Steel Skillet Frying Pan with Lid (Tri-Ply Capsule Bottom, 8 Inch)

    • UPC: 086156150981
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: AVACRAFT
    • Size: 8 Inch
    • Manufacturer: AVACRAFT

    TRUST AVACRAFT®, TRUST QUALITY! Ideal Kitchen Cookware to cook all kinds of food. AVACRAFT's stainless steel frying pan is three-layer high precision bonding ensures even heat distribution without any hot spots. Our pots and pans have highly conductive aluminum core encapsulated by pure stainless steel layers provides professional commercial r... [read more]

  • T-fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set, Dishwasher Safe Pots and Pans Set, Black

    • UPC: 702024605222
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: T-fal
    • Size: 12 Piece
    • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB

    Weekday dinners, laid-back brunch, holiday entertaining—be prepared for life’s culinary adventures with T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized toxin-free nonstick cookware. With a rugged hard anodized aluminum construction, this cookware also features T-fal's Heat Mastery System, a three ingredient recipe for perfectly delicious cooking results every tim... [read more]

  • Calphalon 2 Piece Classic Ceramic Nonstick Omelet Chef Pan Set, Grey/White

    • UPC: 016853062799
    • Color: Grey/White
    • Brand: Calphalon
    • Size: 2-Piece
    • Manufacturer: Calphalon

    Save time in the kitchen with the Calphalon Classic Ceramic Nonstick 2-Piece Fry Pan Set. These omelet pans are made with , PFOA-free ceramic nonstick for extra-easy food release and cleanup, and are constructed from durable hard-anodized aluminum for fast and even heating. Long stainless steel handles feel comfortable in your hand and stay cool on... [read more]

  • Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet with Helper Handle, 14-Inch, Gray/Cranberry Red

    • UPC: 798527541174
    • Color: Cranberry Red
    • Brand: Rachael Ray
    • Size: 14-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Meyer

    Artwork for the stovetop, this Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick 14-Inch Skillet with Helper Handle adds rustic, modern style to the kitchen. Sturdily crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, the handsome skillet provides fast, even heating, helping to reduce hot spots that can burn foods. The appealing espresso-colored nonstick is PFOA-free an... [read more]

  • T-fal B1500 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder Fry Pan Cookware, 4.75-Inch, Grey

    • UPC: 781147335995
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: T-fal
    • Size: 4.5 IN
    • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB

    T-fal A8570084 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder 4.75-Inch Fry Pan Dishwasher Safe Cookware, Grey

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