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  • The Financial Advisor M&A Guidebook: Best Practices, Tools, and Resources for Technology Integration and Beyond

    • ISBN: 3030000028
    • Manufacturer: Palgrave Macmillan

    With M&As in the RIA space increasing, many firms are rapidly changing hands with little to no expert guidance on how to successfully execute a merger or acquisition. In 2017, a record number of M&A deals closed in the advisor space – 168 transactions, or a 22% growth over 2016. Aside from a fifth straight year of record highs in M&A activity, th... [read more]

  • Developing Data Migrations and Integrations with Salesforce: Patterns and Best Practices

    • ISBN: 1484242084
    • Manufacturer: Apress

    Migrate your data to Salesforce and build low-maintenance and high-performing data integrations to get the most out of Salesforce and make it a "go-to" place for all your organization's customer information.When companies choose to roll out Salesforce, users expect it to be the place to find any and all Information related to a customer―the covet... [read more]

  • Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation

    • Manufacturer: Bantam

  • Lean Accounting: Best Practices for Sustainable Integration

    • ISBN: 0470087285
    • Manufacturer: Wiley

    Praise for Lean Accounting Best Practices for Sustainable Integration "Anyone involved in a lean transformation inevitably bumps up against the vagaries of the accounting systems that reward overproduction and waste and seem to punish true improvement. We wonder what would happen if the accountants actually came to the production floor and witnesse... [read more]

  • M&A Integration: How To Do It. Planning and delivering M&A integration for business success

    • ISBN: 1119944864
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Wiley

    The flurry of M&A deals announced in 2011, including AT&T's agreement to acquire T-Mobile USA, ConAgra's proposed bid for Ralcorp, and eBay's acquisition of GSI Commerce, indicate that M&A has returned, and is perhaps headed back to the levels seen before the financial crisis. Most firms of a certain size will turn to it in their search for growth,... [read more]

  • Accounting Control Best Practices

    • Manufacturer: Wiley

  • Enterprise Systems Integration (Best Practices)

    • Manufacturer: Auerbach Publications

    The convergence of knowledge, technology, and human performance which comprises today's enterprise allows creative business process design. Thus, an organization can create new and innovative ways to service customers or to do business with suppliers and make itself a leader in its field. This capability relies on a successful strategy that integra... [read more]

  • Surveying the Landscape: Arts Integration at Research Universities: A Review of Best Practices and Challenges for Arts Integration in Higher Education

    • Manufacturer: Michigan Publishing Services

    Under the auspices of ArtsEngine at the University of Michigan, the Mellon Research Project examines the increasingly prevalent integration of arts practice and study at research universities. ArtsEngine National’s initial mission to “transform the research university through the infusion of arts practice” in response to growing recognition o... [read more]

  • VLSI Physical Design Automation: Theory and Practice

    • ISBN: 9810238835
    • Brand: Brand: Wspc
    • Manufacturer: Wspc

    Vlsi is an important area of electronic and computer engineering. However, there are few textbooks available for undergraduate/postgraduate study of Vlsi design automation and chip layout. Vlsi Physical Design Automation: Theory and Practice fills the void and is an essential introduction for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and anyone starting... [read more]

  • Product Lifecycle Processes vs. Framework: 16 Best Practices (The PMO Practice Booklet Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: The PMO Practice

    The importance of having a solid product lifecycle process are linked with a defendable business case for the program and for companies to bring new products to market. What happens if your company “flies by the seat of the pants” or claims “we have a business case and a process… it is a ‘people problem’” when teams miss target launch... [read more]

  • Enterprise Systems Integration (Best Practices In series)

    • ISBN: 0849398371
    • Brand: Brand: Auerbach Publications
    • Manufacturer: Auerbach Publications

    Fast-moving advances in information technology can easily put you at a competitive disadvantage should you fail to keep up with them. It is a subtle and often costly art to integrate technology with business practices. And today, integrated systems form the backbone of virtually every successful, profitable, high-performance organization.Featuring ... [read more]

  • The PMO Best Practices: Roles & Responsibilities (The PMO Practice Booklet Book 6)

    • Manufacturer: The PMO Practice

    To be successful at new product development, you need to gather skills, experiences, and insights from all over your organization. This isn’t like running a relay race, where people with all the same skills and training can achieve a common goal. Not one functional area alone can accomplish the complex task of creating a new product and bringing ... [read more]

  • Complete Guide to Test Automation: Techniques, Practices, and Patterns for Building and Maintaining Effective Software Projects

    • ISBN: 9781484238318
    • Manufacturer: Apress

    Rely on this robust and thorough guide to build and maintain successful test automation. As the software industry shifts from traditional waterfall paradigms into more agile ones, test automation becomes a highly important tool that allows your development teams to deliver software at an ever-increasing pace without compromising quality.Even though... [read more]

  • The PMO Best Practices: Ideation/Concept Phase - Picking Winning Ideas (The PMO Practice Booklet Book 4)

    • Manufacturer: The PMO Practice

    Aside from engineering and operations, there are a two key roles in bringing products to the market: Product Management (idea creator) and Program Management (execution). A good analogy to think that the “CEO” for the product is the product manager and the “COO” who eill make sure the product is ready for the market is program management. T... [read more]

  • The PMO Best Practices: Launching Products for Market Success (The PMO Practice Booklet Book 5)

    • Manufacturer: The PMO Practice

    Your development team has spent months, maybe years, anticipating this moment - the moment when your new product launches from the protected environment of the team atmosphere into the wide world of the marketplace. In some companies, moving a product from development into the market is called “crossing the valley of death.” Why? Because man... [read more]

  • Controversial Therapies for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

    • ISBN: 1138802239
    • Brand: Routledge
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

    One of the largest and most complex human services systems in history has evolved to address the needs of people with autism and intellectual disabilities, yet important questions remain for many professionals, administrators, and parents. What approaches to early intervention, education, treatment, therapy, and remediation really help those with a... [read more]

  • Professional Sitecore 8 Development: A Complete Guide to Solutions and Best Practices

    • ISBN: 9781484222911
    • Manufacturer: Apress

    Structure templates and content within Sitecore, work with integrated tools, and leverage its extensive automation capabilities. Sitecore was recently recognized as one of the most reputable and reliable, enterprise-class web content management solutions (WCMS) available in the marketplace. Thousands of companies are using Sitecore to manage their ... [read more]

  • Guidelines for Process Safety Acquisition Evaluation and Post Merger Integration

    • Manufacturer: Wiley-AIChE

    It is crucial for process safety professionals to be aware of best practices for post merger integration at any level. A compilation of industry best practices from both technical and financial perspectives, this book provides a single reference that addresses acquisitions and merger integration issues related to process safety. Presently, there ar... [read more]

  • Psychotherapy and Buddhism: Toward an Integration (Issues in the Practice of Psychology)

    • ISBN: 0306454416
    • Manufacturer: Springer

    There is currently a burgeoning interest in the relationship between the Western psychotherapeutic and Buddhist meditative traditions among therapists, researchers, and spiritual seekers. Psychotherapy and Buddhism initiates a conversation between these two modern methods of achieving greater self-understanding and peace of mind. Dr. Jeffrey B. Rub... [read more]

  • Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles, and Standards Define Teaching Competencies

    • ISBN: 9781412914727
    • Brand: Brand: Corwin
    • Manufacturer: Corwin

    In this exciting update of the original classic, Tileston details ten highly practiced teaching methods proven to facilitate learning in all students!

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