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  • Richard Nixon: The Life

    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Vintage

    From a prize-winning biographer comes the defining portrait of a man who led America in a time of turmoil and left us a darker age. We live today, John A. Farrell shows, in a world Richard Nixon made.   At the end of WWII, navy lieutenant “Nick” Nixon returned from the Pacific and set his cap at Congress, an idealistic dreamer seeking to build... [read more]

  • Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

    • ISBN: 0448443015
    • Color: Paperback,
    • Brand: Grosset & Dunlap
    • Manufacturer: Penguin Workshop

    Leonardo da Vinci was a gifted painter, talented musician, and dedicated scientist and inventor, designing flying machines, submarines, and even helicopters.  Yet he had a hard time finishing things, a problem anyone can relate to.  Only thirteen paintings are known to be his; as for the illustrated encyclopedia he intended to create, all that he... [read more]

  • Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete

    • ISBN: 0307353141
    • Brand: Rhoden, William C.
    • Manufacturer: Broadway Books

    From Jackie Robinson to Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe, African American athletes have been at the center of modern culture, their on-the-field heroics admired and stratospheric earnings envied. But for all their money, fame, and achievement, says New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden, black athletes still find themselves on the periphery of tru... [read more]

  • I am Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ordinary People Change the World)

    • ISBN: 0525428526
    • Brand: WaterBrook Press
    • Manufacturer: Dial Books

    We can all be heroes. That’s the inspiring message of this New York Times Bestselling picture book biography series from historian and author Brad Meltzer.  Even as a child, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shocked by the terrible and unfair way African-American people were treated. When he grew up, he decided to do something about it—peacefully,... [read more]

  • What Was Pearl Harbor?

    • ISBN: 9780448464626
    • Brand: Grosset Dunlap
    • Manufacturer: Penguin Workshop

    A terrifying attack! On December 7, 1941, Japanese war planes appeared out of nowhere to bomb the American base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was a highly secretive and devastating attack: four battleships sunk, more than two thousand servicemen died, and the United States was propelled into World War II. In a compelling, easy-to-read narrative, ch... [read more]

  • Jackie Robinson in Quotes: The Remarkable Life of Baseball's Most Significant Player

    • ISBN: 1624142443
    • Manufacturer: Page Street Publishing

    A Fresh Look at an Inspiring Historical FigureJackie Robinson in Quotes tells the life story of arguably the most important baseball player in history with over 400 pages of quotations by and about him. Featured are quotes by Robinson, his widow Rachel Robinson, other family members, friends, teammates, coaches, members of the media, and many more.... [read more]

  • The Hero Two Doors Down: Based on the True Story of Friendship Between a Boy and a Baseball Legend

    • Manufacturer: Scholastic Press

    Stephen Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing - the Dodgers. Steve and his father spend hours reading the sports pages and listening to games on the radio. Aside from an occasional run-in with his teacher, life is pretty simple for Steve. But then Steve hears a rumor that an African ... [read more]

  • The New York Times Book of the Dead: 320 Print and 10,000 Digital Obituaries of Extraordinary People

    • ISBN: 0316395471
    • Brand: Black Dog Leventhal
    • Manufacturer: Black Dog & Leventhal

    The obituary page of The New York Times is a celebration of extraordinary lives. This groundbreaking package includes 300 obits in the book with exclusive online access to 10,000 more of the most important and fascinating obituaries the Times has ever published. The obituary page is the section many readers first turn to not only see who died, but ... [read more]

  • Gil Hodges: A Hall of Fame Life

    • ISBN: 0803211244
    • Manufacturer: University of Nebraska Press

    In descriptions of athletes, the word “hero” is bandied about and liberally attached to players with outstanding statistics and championship rings. Gil Hodges: A Hall of Fame Life is the story of a man who epitomized heroism in its truest meaning, holding values and personal interactions to be of utmost importance throughout his life—on the d... [read more]

  • The Jackie Robinson Reader: Perspectives on an American Hero

    • ISBN: 0525940960
    • Brand: Brand: Dutton Adult
    • Manufacturer: Dutton Adult

  • What I Learned From Jackie Robinson: A Teammate's Reflections On and Off the Field

    • ISBN: 0071450858
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill

    AN INTIMATE LOOK AT JACKIE ROBINSON'S FIGHT FOR EQUALITY, FROM FORMER TEAMMATE AND LONGTIME FRIEND CARL ERSKINE "Jackie needed to quell his anger the first couple of years, a task which only someone of this inner strength and vision could have coped with at that moment. When I reflect and wonder what it must have been like for a man who should have... [read more]

  • Alou: My Baseball Journey

    • ISBN: 1496201523
    • Manufacturer: University of Nebraska Press

    Growing up in a tiny shack in the Dominican Republic, Felipe Alou never dreamed he would be the first man to go from his country to play and manage in Major League Baseball—and also the first to play in the World Series. Today, the Dominican Republic produces more Major League players than any country outside the United States. In this extraordin... [read more]

  • Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir

    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster

    By the award-winning author of Team of Rivals and The Bully Pulpit, Wait Till Next Year is Doris Kearns Goodwin’s touching memoir of growing up in love with her family and baseball.Set in the suburbs of New York in the 1950s, Wait Till Next Year re-creates the postwar era, when the corner store was a place to share stories and neighborhoods were ... [read more]

  • Who Was Winston Churchill?

    • ISBN: 0448483009
    • Brand: Grosset Dunlap
    • Manufacturer: Penguin Workshop

    Born into aristocracy, Churchill cut his teeth as a young army officer in British India, the Sudan, and the Second Boer War. He rose in the ranks to First Lord of the Admiralty and was a staunch opponent of the encroaching German Nazis. Churchill served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. Widely re... [read more]

  • The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers and Their Final Pennant Race Together

    • ISBN: 0385501528
    • Manufacturer: Doubleday

    In the bestselling tradition of The Boys of Summer and Wait ‘Til Next Year, The Last Good Season is the poignant and dramatic story of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ last pennant and the forces that led to their heartbreaking departure to Los Angeles.The 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers were one of baseball’s most storied teams, featuring such immortals as Jacki... [read more]

  • I Never Had It Made: An Autobiograhy

    • ISBN: 0399110100
    • Manufacturer: G. P. Putnam's Sons

    "I guess if I could choose one of the most important moments in my life, I would go back to 1947 in Yankee Stadium in New York City. It was the opening day of the world series, and I was for the first time playing in the series as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers team. It was a history-making day. It would be the first time that a black man would b... [read more]

  • Uneven Lies: The Heroic Story of African-Americans in Golf

    • ISBN: 1888531363
    • Brand: Brand: The American Golfer, Inc.
    • Manufacturer: The American Golfer, Inc.

    A fast-moving heart-warming narrative on the history of African-Americans in golf. Beginning with the 1896 U.S. Open where blacks first played in national competition, to the invention of the golf tee by an African-American dentist in 1899, to the early clubs and facilities open to people of color, to the service roles that served as an introductio... [read more]

  • Dingers: The 101 Most Memorable Home Runs in Baseball History

    • ISBN: 1613218311
    • Manufacturer: Sports Publishing

    From splitters to spitters; from a frozen rope to the suicide squeeze; from extra innings to no hitters, baseball is truly a great game. But nothing hypes up a crowd like a home run, a round tripper, a big bomb . . . the long ball! Hitting the ball out of the park is one of the greatest feats in baseball, and doing so in the clutch can make an aver... [read more]

  • Hit a Home Run! (Tiny Geniuses #3)

    • ISBN: 0545909635
    • Manufacturer: Scholastic Paperbacks

    Baseball season is heating up, and Jake's got sports on the brain. It feels harder than usual to pay attention in school, especially when the subject -- art -- is something Jake has always struggled with.When he finds out he has to write a report on a famous artist, Jake makes a wish for extra help ASAP. With a magic burst of sparkles, legendary ba... [read more]

  • Dear America: With the Might of Angels

    • ISBN: 9780545297059
    • Brand: Scholastic
    • Manufacturer: Scholastic Inc.

    Coretta Scott King winner Andrea Davis Pinkney brings her talents to a brand-new Dear America diary about the Civil Rights Movement.In the fall of 1955, twelve-year-old Dawn Rae Johnson's life turns upside down. After the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, Dawnie learns she will be attending a previously all-white school. She's th... [read more]

  • 42 Movie CLIP - Get Me Up (2013) - Jackie Robinson Movie HD

    42 - Jackie Robinson dealt with racism from Ben Chapman

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