Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best

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  • Personal Best

    • ISBN: 3961711593
    • Manufacturer: teNeues Publishing Company

    Celebrating Elliott Erwitt's 90th birthday on July 26, 2018The legendary photographer has been a Magnum member since 1953The classic and coveted Erwitt retrospective, republished in its original format

  • Personal Best

    • ISBN: 9783832798918
    • Brand: Erwitt Elliott
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    Originally published as a large format hardcover in 2006, this carefully curated retrospective of Elliott Erwitt's work is now available in a less expensive edition. This is a classic collection of images by a master of the art form.

  • Personal Exposures

    • ISBN: 9780393026160
    • Manufacturer: W. W. Norton & Company

    Elliott Erwitt’s eye for humor catches at the same time the subtle hint of tragedy. Seeing what few others see, and capturing it for all of us, is the essence of Personal Exposures. For this volume Elliott painstakingly culled the work of a lifetime, rediscovering prints he had not seen in years and creating a unified whole that reflects a consis... [read more]

  • Elliott Erwitt's Kolor

    • ISBN: 9783832795771
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    To select the never-before published color photographs for this vast project, Elliott Erwitt sifted through his ample archive of nearly half a million 35mm slides. Then he began the mammoth task of whittling it down to this epic collection of roughly 450 pages. For most of these images, the color managed to stay miraculously preserved and every evo... [read more]

  • Sequentially Yours

    • ISBN: 3832795782
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    In this unique book, photographic legend Elliott Erwitt presents a series of vignettes, each showing a sequence of photographs shot just moments apart. The characters portrayed vary widely: Erwitt captures everyone from infants to the elderly to dogs. The themes range from the buzz of street life to lovers caught in a casual embrace. True to Erwitt... [read more]

  • Elliott Erwitt New York/Paris Box Set

    • ISBN: 9783832732776
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    Who better to capture daily life in two of the world's greatest cities than master photographer Elliott Erwitt? Alternating intimate details with grand vistas, Erwitt's photographs present the true flavor of New York and Paris. His monochromatic tributes are sometimes gritty, sometimes elegant, yet always true to life.

  • Elliott Erwitt's New York

    • ISBN: 3832732640
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    A monochromatic tribute to New York City that depicts all the shadings of this vital metropolis in glimpses that are sometimes gritty, sometimes elegant yet always true to life. Previously available only in paperback, this selection of images spans Elliott Erwitt's illustrious career.

  • Cuba

    • ISBN: 9783961710393
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    In 1964, while on assignment for Newsweek magazine, photojournalist Elliott Erwitt spent a week in Cuba as a guest of Fidel Castro. There, he captured now-iconic photographs of the beloved Cuban president along with the revolutionary leader Che Guevara. Over fifty years later, coinciding with restored diplomatic relations between Cuba and the Unite... [read more]

  • Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World

    • ISBN: 1597113697
    • Manufacturer: Aperture

    Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World offers a timely and critical reconsideration of Erwitt’s unparalleled life as a photographer. Produced alongside a major retrospective exhibition, the book features examples of Erwitt’s early experiments in California, his intimate family portraits in New York, his major magazine assignments and long-term d... [read more]

  • Dog Dogs

    • ISBN: 0760723036
    • Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble

    Full page dog photos.

  • Elliott Erwitt's Paris

    • ISBN: 3832769269
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    Legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt captures the enchantments of Paris - both the intimate details of daily life and the grand vistas - with an eye that's witty, detached, and anti-Romantic. A stunning tribute that succeeds in capturing all of the moods of one of the world's great cities.

  • Elliott Erwitt's Dogs

    • ISBN: 3832769242
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    In a heartfelt and original tribute to man’s best friend, the photographic master Elliott Erwitt captures all the diversity of the canine kingdom. We witness Fido’s many moods from playful, perky scamp to quiet and constant companion. Ranging from daring little imps to lumbering and gentle beasts, Erwitt’s images unveil the quirkiness that ma... [read more]

  • Elliott Erwitt (Photofile)

    • ISBN: 9780500410875
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Hudson

    The classic Photofile series brings together the best work of the world's greatest photographers in an attractive format and at a reasonable price. Handsome and collectible, the books are produced to the highest standards. Each volume contains full-page reproductions printed in superb duotone, together with a critical introduction and a full biblio... [read more]

  • Personal Best

    • ISBN: 3832793836
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    One of the all-time greats, Elliott Erwitt is a master whose photographs have defined the visual history of the 20th century--and the 21st. Although his work spans decades, continents and diverse subjects, it is always instantly recognizable. Spontaneous and original, Erwitt's visions are imbued with true artistry and no trace of artifice. In this ... [read more]

  • Elliot Erwitt Snaps

    • ISBN: 071484330X
    • Brand: Brand: Phaidon Press Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Phaidon Press

    Elliott Erwitt has been taking pictures since the late forties. A member of the prestigious Magnum agency since 1954, he has photographed all over the world and his images have been the subject of many books and exhibitions. Containing over 500 photographs, many of which have never been published before, Elliott Erwitt Snaps is a unique and compreh... [read more]

  • Elliott Erwitt: On the Beach

    • ISBN: 2883300038
    • Manufacturer: W W Norton & Co Inc

    In this work, the photographer Elliott Erwitt focuses exclusively on the beach - that stage on which bodies as well as vanities are fully exposed.

  • Museum Watching

    • ISBN: 0714838942
    • Brand: Brand: Phaidon Press
    • Manufacturer: Phaidon Press

  • Elliott Erwitt's New York

    • ISBN: 3832769250
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    A monochromatic tribute to New York City that depicts all the shadings of this vital metropolis in glimpses that are sometimes gritty, sometimes elegant yet always true to life.

  • Elliott Erwitt's Rome

    • ISBN: 9783961710812
    • Manufacturer: teNeues

    Originally published in hardcover in 2009, this abridged, flexi-cover edition highlights the best of Erwitt's collection of photographs of this magnificent metropolis. A wonderful addition to teNeues' Elliott Erwitt series and a must-have for lovers of Rome and its people.

  • Private Experience Personal Insights Of

    • ISBN: 0822700700
    • Manufacturer: Petersons

  • Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best

    Elliott Erwitt Iris Nights: Personal Best

    Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt