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  • Her Best Friend: A Sweet Brothers Romance (The Braxton Brothers Book 2)

    • ASIN: B07R1ZDCCC
    • Manufacturer: Sweet Heart Books, LLC

    "This was a great slow-burn relationship and a best friends to more story." - Amazon Reviewer"Oh my gosh, this was such a great book!! I couldn’t put it down!!" - Amazon ReviewerHer Best Friend is Off LimitsJonathan is back home in Honey Grove. He’s ready to forget the stresses of his job and the fact that everyone around him is finding love, e... [Read More]

  • Make You Mine: A Brother's Best Friend Standalone Romance

    • ASIN: B07L2LCQSZ
    • Manufacturer: TLM Productions LLC

    An RWA-Passionate Ink "Sexy Scribbles" Finalist, 2019.A promise written on a coaster.A lost night in a dark room.Grayson Cole was my brother’s best friend.He was all of my firsts.Then he went away…Drew Harris was just a kid, a senior in high school, my best friend’s little sister.They said she was too young to know her feelings. I was too old... [Read More]

  • It's Complicated


    Pregnant by my prick of an ex-boyfriend.Well, it's complicated.He was my first "everything."Then he dated my best friend.Ten years later, we're all back in Hope's Hollow for our high school reunion.And $hit's about to get real awkward.I would be lying if I said the sight of him made me sick--Wet in all the right places is more like it.But forgivene... [Read More]

  • My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend

    • ASIN: B07VDGF14T
    • Manufacturer: Max Monroe LLC

    Amazon Top 15 BestsellerMabel "Maybe" Willis died a virgin at the very young age of twenty-four.She leaves behind her parents, Betty and Bruce, her brother, Evan, a laptop filled with one too many Jason Momoa memes, and a Kindle library with more books than one human being could ever finish in a lifetime.Cause of death: a text message.Okay. So, I d... [Read More]

  • The Rules: An Older Brother's Best Friend Romance (Off-Limits Book 2)

    • ASIN: B018UDXXRK

    When you're a guy, the rules are simple. Live by the Bro Code:Rule #1: Always have his back. Rule #2: Don’t ever leave him stranded.Rule #3: And never, ever, touch his sister.Aw hell, two out of three ain't bad.Ainsley Andrews has tried everything to get over her issues with intimacy. EVERYTHING. But nothing seems to work. Now, twenty-four years ... [Read More]

  • Misbehaved (Brother's Best Friend Book 4)

    • ASIN: B07TW1293B

    Pregnant with my brother’s best friend? No, that can’t happen! They say, the universe always conspires to give you what yoú’ve always wanted.In my case, it’s revenge with Jax Michaels.My brother’s best friend, my sworn enemy, and now my new boss.Three years ago, I let him deflower me.A mistake that left me devastated. Scarred. Wounded. H... [Read More]

  • Falling For Fin: A Brother's Best Friend Romance

    • ASIN: B01N9SMY5X

    Falling for your best friend's little sister is never going to be easy.She’s my best friend’s little sister. The one woman I’ve vowed never to touch. There’s just one problem.I’m in love with her. I always have been.Now she’s pregnant with my child and I’ve never been more terrified.My life isn’t as easy as everyone thinks and if I ... [Read More]

  • No Feelings Involved: A Brother's Best Friend Standalone Romance (Forever Love Book 2)

    • ASIN: B07QYC754P

    Can this skeptical player let down his guard long enough to let love into his life, or is this forbidden romance a train wreck in the making? Ryan James doesn’t believe in love. It’s a truth he learned early in life. A truth he carried with him into adulthood. He broke his golden rule one time, but Myndi trampled all over his heart, cementing... [Read More]

  • Southern Player: A Brother's Best Friend Romance

    • ASIN: B07P6T9JD1
    • Manufacturer: Peterson Paperbacks

    I’m looking for a hot hookup with no strings attached. And I want my older brother’s best friend to step up to the plate...My dating history is lame. My experiences in bed? Even lamer. As the owner of a thriving business, I’m used to calling the shots. But one place I don’t always want to be in charge is in the bedroom.Enter Luke Rodgers. M... [Read More]

  • Bad For You: (An Older Brother's Best Friend Romance)

    • ASIN: B01B8M1D3G

    Take my advice. Never fall for your brother’s best friend.Bracken Casey. Our hometown’s playboy. My brother’s best friend. The man I love. He doesn’t do girlfriends. He doesn’t do commitments. And he doesn’t see me as anything more than his best friend’s little sister. Until one night changes everything. A drunken kiss leads to a drun... [Read More]

  • My Best Friend's Brother: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Soulmates Series Book 2)

    • ASIN: B01I3FTSGU

    We used to call ourselves The Three Musketeers. I know it's cliché, but we were only kids. They usually took turns being in charge, which was fine with me. I was just happy to go along with them. After all, I thought I was the luckiest little girl in the whole world. Most of my classmates only had one best friend, but I had two: my best friend ... [Read More]

  • Hold Me Today (Put A Ring On It Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07MVL3JS5
    • Manufacturer: Alkmini Books, LLC

    ★ A TOP 25 AMAZON BESTSELLER ★Rock bottom has never felt so good.At least, that’s what I tell myself when I bargain with the enemy and score a renovation for my hair salon. The enemy? Nick Stamos, my best friend’s older brother. He’s got a body and face the Greek gods would envy but his personality needs a major overhaul. He’s surly. A ... [Read More]

  • Brother's Best Friend: A Two-Book Collection

    • ASIN: B07L41DBKT

    A pro football player and my brother's best friend? It was a disaster waiting to happen. He was completely off-limits.The world knew him as a womanizer. A heartbreaker. But I couldn't keep my hands off him if I tried.His body was built like a brick and I would melt under it. And then he confessed his feelings for me on Christmas Eve...In my brother... [Read More]

  • Queen of First Dates: A Best Friends Brother enemies to lovers romance

    • ASIN: B07TRL7K2D

    From NY Times Bestselling Author J. S. Cooper writing as Jaimie Case...30 dates in 30 days. Seems like fun right? Yeah, not so much...When my boss asked me to write an article about online dating and more specifically the do's and don'ts of first dates, I expected it to be a mess. I hadn't expected it to be a complete and utter di... [Read More]

  • Dirty English (British Bad Boys Book 1)

    • ASIN: B016HBRORW
    • Manufacturer: Little Dove

    Dirty English is now a #8 Wall Street Journal Bestseller! #1 in the Amazon Store; #1 in Contemporary Romance A scarred fighter.A girl with rules.One night of unbridled passion. There are three things you need to know about Elizabeth Bennett: she’s smart as a whip, always in control, and lives by a set of carefully crafted rules. She’s learned... [Read More]

  • Flirting with the Frenemy (Bro Code Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07P5FMYLJ

    He's a hot single dad. A military man with abs of steel. My brother's best friend. My biggest enemy. And now my fake date to my best friend's wedding. Disasterville, here we come...Mission: Survive my best friend's wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.Targ... [Read More]

  • Mister McHottie: A Billionaire Boss / Brother's Best Friend / Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

    • ASIN: B075KGZJ2D

    The best enemies make the best lovers...”My favorite rom-com debut ever.” - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Lucy ScoreThere are three things I hate: Bratwurst in any form, my neighbors boinking like farm animals at 3 AM, and Chase Jett.Mostly I hate Chase Jett. It's been ten years since he took my virginity—I'd make a bratwurst joke, b... [Read More]

  • Catching Caden (The Perfect Game Series)

    • ASIN: B076TFPD7G

    If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough.It was my home run ball that shattered her face.Right along with her modeling career.Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.And get her to love the game that she hates.The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.But when the lines of our friends... [Read More]

  • Tempting (Inked Hearts Book 1)

    • ASIN: B075ZNYJBZ

    He's my best friend’s older brother, off limits and incredibly tempting.I shouldn't peek into Brendon’s sketchbook, even if the tattoo artist is as brooding and stoic as the day is long. I can't help myself. I peel it open, run my fingers along the paper, soak up every ounce of him.His drawings are as beautiful and bold as his dark eyes and his... [Read More]

  • The Wright Secret

    • ASIN: B074CFD24J
    • Manufacturer: K.A. Linde Inc.

    A new brother's-best-friend stand alone romance by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde...I was just his best friend's little sister.But he was always more than that to me.After twelve years of pining over Patrick's easy smile, baby blues, and captivating charm, I decide to take matters into my own hands--and completely blow my... [Read More]

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