Romantic Weakend with Brother's Hot Friends

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  • My Best Friend's Brother: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Soulmates Series Book 2)

    We used to call ourselves The Three Musketeers. I know it's cliché, but we were only kids. They usually took turns being in charge, which was fine with me. I was just happy to go along with them. After all, I thought I was the luckiest little girl in the whole world. Most of my classmates only had one best friend, but I had two: my best friend ... [read more]

  • Torn: A Brother's Best Friend Romance (Tattered Heart Duet Novella Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: Author Brooke O'Brien LLC

    "I just wanted to help heal him, but in the end, he broke me."Ryan Blake is off limits. She is everything I shouldn't want, but do.She's my best friend's sister, so feelings for her are out of the question. Her passion and fire trigger a spark in the dark hollows of my heart.Now she's turning eighteen, and my resolve is starting to wear thin. I kno... [read more]

  • Before We Were Yours: A Novel

    • Brand: Ballantine Books
    • Manufacturer: Ballantine Books

    THE BLOCKBUSTER HIT—A New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly BestsellerFor readers of Orphan Train and The Nightingale comes a “thought-provoking [and] complex tale about two families, two generations apart . . . based on a notorious true-life scandal.”*Memphis, 1939. Twelve-year-old Rill Foss and her four... [read more]

  • The Private Joke: A Brother's Best Friend Romance

    After her mother died, Ashley has no other choice but to move in with his father and her half-brother, James. She’s wondering whether she will survive in New York City, and his brother’s ill-treatment is not helping her to cope up.On her first night in the city, he left her alone in the parking lot to party with his friends. Worried and scared,... [read more]

  • The Stone Brothers: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

    A Top-10 Kindle Unlimited series!Have you gotten STONED yet?Which brother will you choose?The over-protective private investigator, the recovering bad-boy movie star, the alluring ER doctor?These hot and sexy brothers will have you begging for more.You'll love them. You'll hate them.You'll want to hide them away and marry them.Get the series reader... [read more]

  • The Doctor Next Door: A Bad Boy Standalone Romance

    This filthy rich and sexy doctor is completely off limits.He’s not only my brother’s best friend. Glenn is also my neighbor. And I hate him. Always have, always will. Even if his cockiness turns me on. And his rough hands make me want him that much more. Those hard muscles don’t belong on a neurosurgeon. But Glenn is more than just a doctor.H... [read more]

  • Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend: A Whittaker Brothers Novel (Christmas in Coral Canyon Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: AEJ Creative Works

    A cowboy returning to his hometown—and the best friend he left a dozen years before. She's divorced with a child now...can they build a family and find their happily-ever-after?Graham Whittaker returns to Coral Canyon a few days after Christmas—after the death of his father. He's just found out his long-time girlfriend in Seattle has been cheat... [read more]

  • Rapture: A Brother's Best Friend Romance (The Callahan Series Book 3)

    In a town ravaged by fire, can two friends withstand the heat of their own desire?Chelsea has always been a pain in my ass.It didn’t bother me that she was rebellious.It didn’t really even bother me that she was so young.What bothered me about her was she was my best friend’s younger sister.The rules of friendship meant I had to stay away.But... [read more]

  • The Bad Seed

    • Manufacturer: HarperCollins

    A New York Times bestseller!An Amazon Best Children's Book of the Month from the New York Times bestselling author of the Goodnight Already! seriesThis is a book about a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad? Do you really want to know? He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude. He’s been bad since he can remember! This seed cuts in ... [read more]

  • Wrong then Right (A Love Happens Novel Book 2)

    • Manufacturer: Jodi Watters

    There are certain things a guy should never do. Like his boss's little sister.Hope Coleson is having a doozy of a day.Fired from her waitressing job? Check.Evicted from an apartment with dumpster-front views? Double check.Bedded by a hot stranger with smooth moves and rusty social skills? Triple X check.And it doesn't end there. Her life savings ha... [read more]

  • The Trouble With Love (A brother's best friend, office romance)

    Things on my wishlist:1. Start a new, awesome job2. Create the perfect dating app3. Stop dating douchebagsThings that actually happen:1. Got a job in my dream tech company 2. Created a workplace dating app for said company3. Was matched with Bennett, who happens to own the company and is also my brother’s best friendThey say when it rains, it pou... [read more]

  • My Donut Princess: A military romance novella: (stand alone) (The Guilty Series Book 4)

    It’s not easy being the Donut Princess.Parties around the world.Unlimited budget.Living in a luxury hotel.Full-time security.Which was how I found myself being guarded by a Navy SEAL I hated. Aaron was bossy, as unrelenting an asshole as he was stupidly attractive. Nope. Not going there. Socialites don’t fall for the help.... But those socialit... [read more]

  • The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series: Books 1-4 (The David Wolf Series Box Set)

    The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series Books 1-4 by Amazon #1 bestselling author Jeff Carson have brought readers across the globe and back again to the high country of Colorado, leaving them breathless and desperate for more. If you love thriller mysteries with action, suspense, and a touch of humor and romance, then the David Wolf Series is for y... [read more]

  • The Mitchell Sisters: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

    Grab your tissues for the series that has sold over 250,000 copies.Three sisters.Three sexy, swoon-worthy men.Three unforgettable stories.Book ONE - Purple Orchids:Friends. Lovers. Enemies.Sometimes the lines between them are blurred. He broke my heart back in college.And now, years later, a chance meeting has him claiming he nev... [read more]

  • Tempting (Inked Hearts Book 1)

    He's my best friend’s older brother, off limits and incredibly tempting.I shouldn't peek into Brendon’s sketchbook, even if the tattoo artist is as brooding and stoic as the day is long. I can't help myself. I peel it open, run my fingers along the paper, soak up every ounce of him.His drawings are as beautiful and bold as his dark eyes and his... [read more]

  • Breakaway: (A New Adult Sports Romance) (Pro-U Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: BrixBaxter Publishing

    Lucas White is captain of the hockey team, and well deserving of the position. He’s hard-hitting, rough and puts up with very little. He’s kept to himself throughout his years at Providence University, but it’s time to train the next man up in line for his position. His second on the Hockey team has a twin sister that catches everyone’s eye... [read more]

  • Dirty Talk (Get Dirty Book 1)

    He makes dirty sound so good. So right.The moment I heard his velvety voice growl that I’m his ‘Kitty Kat’, I knew I was in trouble.Derrick ‘The Love Whisperer’ King gives out relationship and sex advice on the radio to everyone, but he’s giving me something a bit more personal. Nobody’s ever talked to me the way he does. Daring, Dema... [read more]

  • Protecting Georgia: A Brother's Best Friend Romance (The Redwood Billionaires Book 4)

    Staying cool around Georgia was never easy. Guard her 24/7? My self-control is about to be pushed to its limits...An urgent call in the middle of the night means only one thing: someone needs my help. It turns out it’s Georgia, my best friend’s little sister. Except, she is no longer little. Or innocent. And those long slender legs and luscious... [read more]

  • Tease Me: A brothers best friend romance (Family Ties Series - Book 1)

    Seriously though…Lucas irritates the hell out of me. My brother’s best friend Lucas is in the same pro football team as him and when Lucas got badly injured during a game, my mom wanted ME to come and babysit him. Sorry, did I say babysit? I meant look after!Lucas has been an almost permanent fixture in our house for as long as I can remember. ... [read more]

  • The Life We Bury

    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Seventh Street Books

    A USA Today bestseller and book club favorite! College student Joe Talbert has the modest goal of completing a writing assignment for an English class. His task is to interview a stranger and write a brief biography of the person. With deadlines looming, Joe heads to a nearby nursing home to find a willing subject. There he meets Carl Iverson, and ... [read more]

  • Romantic Weakend with Brother's Hot Friends

    Her Best Friend's Brother

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