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  • Streight's Foiled Raid on the Western & Atlantic Railroad: Emma Sansom's Courage and Nathan Bedford Forrest's Pursuit

    • ASIN: 1540213048
    • ISBN: 1540213048
    • Manufacturer: History Press Library Editions

    In the spring of 1863, Union colonel Abel D. Streight sought to raid and destroy parts of the vital span of the Western and Atlantic Railroad in north Georgia with his mule-riding infantry brigade. Determined to thwart the potentially deadly attack, Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest fervently pursued Streight's forces. With the help of unl... [Read More]

  • The Battle of Brice's Crossroads (Civil War Series)

    • ASIN: 1609495020
    • ISBN: 9781609495022
    • Manufacturer: The History Press

    An insignificant crossroads in northeast Mississippi was an unlikely battleground for one of the most spectacular Confederate victories in the western theater of the Civil War. But that is where two generals determined destiny for their men. Union general Samuel D. Sturgis looked to redeem his past military record, while hard-fighting Confederate g... [Read More]

  • Grant Invades Tennessee: The 1862 Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson (Modern War Studies (Hardcover))

    • ASIN: 0700623132
    • ISBN: 0700623132
    • Brand: University Press of Kansas
    • Manufacturer: University Press of Kansas

    When General Ulysses S. Grant targeted Forts Henry and Donelson, he penetrated the Confederacy at one of its most vulnerable points, setting in motion events that would elevate his own status, demoralize the Confederate leadership and citizenry, and, significantly, tear the western Confederacy asunder. More to the point, the two battles of early 18... [Read More]

  • BEST WESTERN Berkeley Springs Inn

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