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  • Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed

    • ASIN: 1937715752
    • ISBN: 1937715752
    • Manufacturer: VeloPress

    In Running Rewired, America’s leading endurance sports physical therapist and coach shares a program for runners to become stronger, faster, and more durable. Jay Dicharry distills cutting-edge biomechanical research into 15 workouts any runner can slot into their training program to begin seeing real results in about 6 weeks. For better or worse... [Read More]

  • Build Your Running Body: A Total-Body Fitness Plan for All Distance Runners, from Milers to Ultramarathoners-Run Farther, Faster, and Injury-Free

    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: The Experiment

    “The best running book ever.” —Bob Anderson, founder of Runner’s WorldWhether you're a miler or an ultramarathoner, if you want a fit, fast, and injury-resistant running body, there's a better way to train than relentlessly pursuing mileage. This easy-to-use workout manual draws on the latest research in running physiology to target all the... [Read More]

  • Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?: Fitness Myths, Training Truths, and Other Surprising Discoveries from the Science of Exercise

    • ASIN: 006200753X
    • ISBN: 006200753X
    • Brand: William Morrow Paperbacks
    • Manufacturer: William Morrow Paperbacks

    There's plenty of conventional wisdom on health and fitness—but how much of it is scientifically sound? The truth is: less than you'd think. In Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? , physicist and award-winning journalist Alex Hutchinson tackles dozens of commonly held beliefs and looks at just what research science has—and has not... [Read More]

  • The New Rules of Lifting for Abs: A Myth-Busting Fitness Plan for Men and Women who Want a Strong Core and a Pain- Free Back

    • ASIN: 1583334602
    • ISBN: 1583334602
    • Manufacturer: Avery

    In The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, Schuler and Cosgrove deliver more than the standard bunches-of-crunches approach to abdominal training. Although building those ab muscles is important-no question-Schuler and Cosgrove also help you understand that doing so is useless in isolation. That's why The New Rules of Lifting for Abs offers a full-spectr... [Read More]

  • The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU!

    • ASIN: 1605295493
    • ISBN: 1605295493
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Rodale Books

    The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises is the essential workout guide for anyone who wants a better body. As the most comprehensive collection of exercises ever created, this makeover manual is a body-shaping power tool for both beginners and longtime fitness buffs alike. From start to finish, this 480-page makeover manual bulges with hundreds of... [Read More]

  • Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists: A Radical Strength-Based Program for Improved Speed and Endurance in Half the Time (Bicycling Magazine)

    • ASIN: 1623367743
    • ISBN: 1623367743
    • Brand: RODALE
    • Manufacturer: Rodale Books

    Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists is a radical strength-based training program aimed at increasing cycling speed, athletic longevity, and overall health in half the training time. Rather than improving endurance by riding longer distances, you’ll learn how to do it by reducing your riding time and adding heavy strength and power training. T... [Read More]

  • Believe Training Journal (Charcoal Edition)

    • ASIN: 1937715396
    • ISBN: 1937715396
    • Brand: Velo Press
    • Manufacturer: VeloPress

    The Believe Training Journals by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas are much more than a running workout log; they're a secret weapon. Lauren and Ro created their first Believe I Am training diary when they couldn't find a workout log that inspired them to keep using it. Now in a third evolution, the new charcoal and l... [Read More]

  • Core Performance Essentials: The Revolutionary Nutrition and Exercise Plan Adapted for Everyday Use

    • ASIN: 1594863504
    • ISBN: 9781594863509
    • Brand: Power Systems
    • Manufacturer: Rodale Books

    Most people today are familiar with the importance of core fitness, and Mark Verstegen played a large role in bringing it to the forefront of workout programs everywhere. Drawing upon the success of his first title, Core Performance, but recognizing that many readers want a more streamlined workout, Verstegen has created a simpler yet highly effect... [Read More]

  • Yoga Edge Bonus Matrix 3 - Explosives - Weightlifters, Sprinters, Team Sports - Music Option 1 - Workout Tunes

    • ASIN: B078WZXDMD

  • ASICS Women's Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Runner, Dark Steel/Pink Glow/Mint, 7 M US

    • UPC: 889436467638
    • ASIN: B017WO0IHQ
    • Brand: ASICS
    • Size: 7
    • Manufacturer: ASICS

    Known for durability, stability and rugged style, the gel-kahana® 8 shoe offers target-area gel® cushioning for comfort and performance where the rubber meets the road, or trail. Engineered tough, the gel-kahana® 8 shoe is ready for your next adventure run or hike with outdoor style for all day use.

  • Knee Wraps for Cross Training WODs,Gym Workout,Weightlifting,Fitness & Powerlifting- Pair- Best Knee Straps for Squats -for Men & Women- 72"-Compression and Elastic Support by Mava8482;

    • UPC: 646437110341
    • ASIN: B00ZA5FPGE
    • Brand: Mava Sports
    • Size: 72 in
    • Manufacturer: Mava Sports

    supported breathable osteoarthritis squats training gymnastics cycling bursitis jogging 3mm arthritic compressed gymnastic joints deadlift straps mcl power men's squatting bodybuilding athletics injuries warmer small protector deadlifts warmers xxl patella youth plus size acl xl stabilizer xs xxxl fit soft 3x pads immobilizer lightweight stabilizin... [Read More]

  • Compression Knee Sleeves for Maximum Support and Stability Under Load - Comfortable, Contoured Fit to Provide Joint Compression & Warmth - Reduce Swelling Black - Pair

    • UPC: 641427669014
    • ASIN: B01BH8EAR2
    • Brand: Mava Sports
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Mava Sports

    meniscus 5mm basketball Elastic wrap running supported breathable osteoarthritis squats training gymnastics cycling bursitis jogging 3mm arthritic compressed gymnastic joints deadlift straps mcl power men's squatting bodybuilding athletics injuries warmer small protector deadlifts warmers xxl patella youth plus size acl xl stabilizer xs xxxl fit so... [Read More]

  • Olympic 2-Inch Combo Hex Bar by D1F for Weight Lifting - 750lb Capacity -Silver Hexagon Deadlift Bars with Knurled Handles for Powerlifting - Standard Dead Squat Barbell for Bodybuilders

    • UPC: 818020004652
    • ASIN: B07DQBPW9S
    • Brand: Day 1 Fitness
    • Manufacturer: Day 1 Fitness

    Professional Olympic Hex Bar for all of your Strength Training needs: While deadlifting with standard barbells has always been a great way to build muscle tone and the raw power associated with sprinting, the usual equipment for this type of exercise comes with a risk of injury. Since you have to lift backwards as well as up while powerlifting, the... [Read More]

  • ZEALSPOT Knee Sleeves(1 Pair) Compression & Support for Weightlifting, WOD, Squats, Gym, Powerlifting & Crossfit-7mm Neoprene Knee Brace-Both Women & Men,Black

    • ASIN: B071P6T5MM
    • Brand: Z ZEALSPOT
    • Size: Large

    Sleeves Functionality: The knee sleeves (rodilleras) are designed to prevent unnecessary injury. Perfect for lifting, CrossFit, squating, deadlifting,power cleans, lunges,snatches, Leg Press and box jumps. The compression could relieve the muscle and joint pain as well as aid in recovery & rehabilitation (such as runners and jumpers knee, ACL , M... [Read More]

  • POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve - Best Knee Brace for Men & Women - Knee Support for Running, Crossfit, Basketball, Weightlifting, Gym, Workout, Sports etc. - for Best FIT Check Sizing Chart

    • UPC: 602773228553
    • ASIN: B07B3P9TGJ
    • Brand: POWERLIX
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: PowerLix

    PowerLix INTRODUCING THE NEW GENERATION OF 2017 IN KNEE BRACES PowerLix has taken the time to develop a specialized fabric blend with 4 way stretch capability, offering all around superior protection and support above and beyond what you've experienced before! The breathable fabric, absorbs sweat quickly and keeps your feet dry and odor free, allow... [Read More]

  • Black 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks - Graduated Compression Socks for Men and Women Unisex Running/Nurses/Shin Splints/Flight Travel/Maternity Pregnancy/Fitness Weight Lifting (XXL) by Feigo

    • UPC: 747880536655
    • ASIN: B077B9S6Z7
    • Brand: Feigo
    • Size: XXL
    • Manufacturer: Feigo

    Advantages and benefits of wearing Feigo Compression Socks: Hikers, Walkers, ramblers, runners and joggers - Spend your whole day walking and running without muscle strains, cramps, and fatigues. Outdoor enthusiasts and Athletes - Less muscle strain means you can train harder, feel stronger and perform better in the gym and on the field. Jobs tha... [Read More]

  • Sunfung Graduated Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg for Nurses Cycling Runners Fitness Weight Lifting Maternity Teachers for Men and Women 2 Pairs L/XL (1-Pair Black +1-Pair White)

    • UPC: 712179551695
    • ASIN: B071F8F15L
    • Brand: Sunfung
    • Size: L-XL
    • Manufacturer: Sunfung

    Do you still feel uncomfortable with your leg during your flight travel? Try these compression socks! You will feel the shock absorption effect instantly that really helps reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg when you use them on a plane during that 9 hr flights. And it works well if you wear them for your hiking trip. It is real travel ma... [Read More]

  • adidas Women's Powerlift 4 Cross Trainer Black/Glow Pink, 9.5 M US

    • UPC: 192615854090
    • ASIN: B07KWY46RQ
    • Brand: adidas
    • Size: 9.5
    • Manufacturer: adidas

    adidas' Mission is to be the greatest sports company i nthe world.

  • Mava Sports Sleeve Support for Knee for Pain and Discomfort

    • UPC: 641427669632
    • ASIN: B01CUMVS2O
    • Brand: Mava Sports
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Mava Sports

    breathable osteoarthritis squats training gymnastics cycling bursitis jogging 3mm arthritic compressed gymnastic joints deadlift straps mcl power men's squatting bodybuilding athletics injuries warmer small protector deadlifts warmers xxl patella youth plus size acl xl stabilizer xs xxxl fit soft 3x pads immobilizer lightweight stabilizing 2x tear ... [Read More]

  • Inov-8 F-Lite 230 - Original Minimalist Cross Training Shoes - All Purpose Athletic Shoe for Gym, Training and Weight Lifting - Black/White 10.5 M UK

    • Brand: Inov-8
    • Size: 10.5 M UK
    • Manufacturer: INOV-8

    ✅  Comfortable & Lightweight ✅ Outstanding Protection Codra breathable mesh upper material guarantees superb protection, comfort and unrivalled durability. A rubber toe cap delivers protection during burpees and box jumps whilst the rope guards delivers protection during rope climbs. ✅ Graphene Grip Featuring a graphene enhanced rubber out... [Read More]

  • Runners 10 Exercise Program

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