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  • BodyJ4You 156PC Body Piercing Kit Lot 14G 16G Belly Ring Labret Tongue Tragus Random Mix Jewelry

    • UPC: 821700427290
    • Color: Silvertone
    • Brand: BodyJ4You
    • Manufacturer: BodyJ4You

    Body Piercing Jewelry has become the most effective way of expressing one’s personality. There are so many different types of body piercings you can get, so we've created a Piercing Set for all your needs.  Types of piercings: Ear Piercing (Tragus, Conch, Daith, Helix, Cartilage, Orbital, Rook, Antitragus, Snug) Facial Piercing (Eyebrow, Brid... [read more]

  • Jewelry Collection + Experience | VCH PIERCING

    Genital Piercings

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