How to run ELECTRIC and DOUBLE BASS off the same amp simultaneously!! (Musical Theatre Rig rundown)

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  • Realist Pickup for Acoustic Upright Bass

    • ASIN: B000LQ187C
    • Brand: Realist
    • Manufacturer: Realist

    The Realist Upright Bass acoustic transducer was designed by Ned Steinberger in association with David Gage. A primary design goal was to create a transducer that would work equally well for pizzicato and arco through commonly used amplifiers, without requiring a pre-amp or other active, battery powered gear. A flexible element fits under the bridg... [Read More]

  • KNA Pickups KNA DB-1 Portable Piezo Pickup for Double Bass

    • UPC: 736211937261
    • Brand: KNA Pickups
    • Manufacturer: Kremona Trade, Inc

    DB-1 faithfully reporduces the breadth of tone and dynamic range of your instrument without modification. A wood-encased piezo sensor installs in eye slot of the bridge, held in place via friction. Neatly-finished shim discs ensure the perfect fit. The 1/4" jack housing secures non-destructively to the tailpiece with a screw assembly at the string ... [Read More]

  • MXR M81 Bass Preamp

    • UPC: 710137072770
    • ASIN: B00I3TOXVM
    • Brand: JIM DUNLOP
    • Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop

    Bass Preamp Pedal with XLR Direct Out, 3-band EQ, and Level Controls

  • Upright Bass Pickup Dual-Sensor (Parity King) USA Made by Northern Lutherie LLC

    • UPC: 691025789034
    • ASIN: B07DCBBC3N
    • Brand: Northern Lutheire LLC
    • Manufacturer: Northern Lutherie LLC

    At Northern Lutherie our passion is to make your string instrument be heard! And we strongly believe we produce the absolute best sounding piezo electronic pickup on the market at the most affordable price. The Parity King is our patent pending dual-sensor upright bass pickup. Like all of our pickups the Parity King was developed and designed to ut... [Read More]

  • Ampeg SVT Micro-VR Bass Head, 200 Watts

    • UPC: 133587636864
    • ASIN: B001DNHJ70
    • Brand: Ampeg
    • Manufacturer: Loud Technologies, Inc.

  • Schatten Mini Pre 2 Dual Channel Belt-clip Guitar/Instrument Preamp for Mic/Pickup

    • UPC: 753182386256
    • Brand: Schatten
    • Manufacturer: Schatten

    The Schatten Mini Pre 2 is a compact, lightweight, two channel belt-clip preamp with dual volume controls. The Mini Pre 2 is only 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide, and just over 3 inches in length (25mm x 50mm x 80mm) and weighs just 4.5 ounces (125 grams) with a battery. Schatten has kept things simple with the Mini Pre 2. When you're on stage there's ... [Read More]

  • Ampeg BA108V2 20-Watt 8" Bass Combo Amplifier

    • UPC: 663961042788
    • ASIN: B00IN2WGDQ
    • Brand: Ampeg
    • Size: 1x8" 20W
    • Manufacturer: Cascio Interstate Music

    Ampeg BA108v2 Combo Bass Amplifier BA Series Bass Combos - Classic Tone. Modern Flexibility. Rugged Portability. BA-108 8 inch Bass Combo - Small Combo. Big Tone. Ampeg BA-108 8 inches Bass Combo The Ampeg BA-108 Bass Combo delivers classic Ampeg tone with features designed to get the most out of practice. This is an amp that is built for smal... [Read More]

  • Superior Bassworks DELUXE Upright Double Bass Strings Dirty Gut Color FULL SET

    • UPC: 752423487332
    • ASIN: B00865F1X2
    • Brand: Superior Bassworks
    • Manufacturer: Superior Bassworks

    Simulated "gut" texture on full length of strings. The strings have a light to medium-soft texture that has been "spiral cut" into the string. This slight texture facilitates better gripping of the strings for lightning fast pizzicato playing, and drag triplets with with almost no effort. The strings "grab" the air and force it to move, producing m... [Read More]

  • Shadow SH-965 Nanoflex Pickup with Preamp for Upright Bass

    • UPC: 652988001526
    • ASIN: B000MSQBHQ
    • Brand: Shadow
    • Manufacturer: Shadow Electronics

    For few centuries bass makers world wide selected the best woods to make, create and build the upright bass as it sounds today. Many hours of trimming the top and the bridge are invested to create the ultimate bass sound. Shadow's Nanoflex technology makes no compromise in preserving these features. It is built to reproduce the instrument vibration... [Read More]

  • Fender Rumble Studio 40 - Electric Bass Guitar Combo Digital Modeling Amplifier

    • UPC: 885978876846
    • ASIN: B07983V2WQ
    • Brand: Fender
    • Size: 40
    • Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

    If there’s one thing Fender knows, it’s inspirational tone. Combining our hard-earned expertise with feedback from players around the world and brand-new technology, we created the rumble studio 40 digital bass amplifier. Perfect for rehearsing and recording, the rumble studio 40 harnesses the potent processing power of our gt engine to deliver... [Read More]

  • Gallien-Krueger 112MBX Bass Guitar Cabinet (100 Watt)

    • UPC: 836989000089
    • ASIN: B0002GZIUO
    • Brand: Gallien-Krueger
    • Manufacturer: Gallien-Krueger

    100 watt, 1x12 speaker cabinet for MB Series combo amplifiers.

  • Schatten RB-1A Upright/Double Bass Pickup w/Preamp

    • UPC: 753182385945
    • ASIN: B003DI5K6K
    • Brand: Schatten Design
    • Manufacturer: Schatten Design

    The RB-1A Artist Upright Bass Pickup provides Schatten's RB bass bridge sensor wired to a high quality preamp assembly that attaches to the underside of the tailpiece. The RB-1 Artist also includes a high quality onboard preamp for those players that need to plug into a mixer board or PA system. The preamp automatically turns on when a cable is pl... [Read More]

  • Ampeg BA110V2 BA-110V2 40W 10" Bass Combo Amplifier

    • UPC: 663961042856
    • ASIN: B00IN2WGHC
    • Brand: Ampeg
    • Size: 1x10" 40W
    • Manufacturer: Cascio Interstate Music

    BA Series Bass Combos - Classic Tone. Modern Flexibility. Rugged Portability.View larger BA-110 10" Bass Combo - The perfect practice ampView larger Ampeg BA-110 10” Bass Combo The Ampeg BA-110 Bass Combo delivers classic Ampeg tone with features designed for both practice and rehearsal. The BA-110 features a true 60° monitoring angle with... [Read More]

  • K&K Bass Max

    • UPC: 810604020140
    • ASIN: B00CP6LZIS
    • Brand: K&K Sound
    • Manufacturer: K&K Sound

    The Bass Max is an upright bass transducer. It uses a "sandwich" design with two piezos layered together, one facing up and one down. This allows for a quick and simple wedge-mount into a bridge wing and ensures even transmission from the strings and from the body of the instrument. The Bass Max is very sturdy and has a high output signal that is b... [Read More]

  • Fishman Platinum Stage EQ/DI Analog Preamp

    • UPC: 605609152473
    • ASIN: B00KVWKF7U
    • Brand: Fishman
    • Manufacturer: Fishman Transducers Inc.

    Acoustic Instrument Preamp/DI with Discrete Class a Preamp, 4-band Tone Control with Swept Mids, LF Filter, Volume Boost Switch, and Balanced DI

  • On-Stage RS6000 Foldable Tiltback Guitar Amp Stand

    • UPC: 659814505197
    • ASIN: B0075DO5K6
    • Brand: OnStage
    • Manufacturer: On Stage

    The RS6000 tilts your amp back to direct sound where you can hear it! The steel box frame design provides a rock solid foundation and includes vibration dampening feet. Ideal for small amps and practice amps, the RS6000 is lightweight and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. Small locking tabs swing into place to keep the stand from open... [Read More]

  • Stagg EDB-3/4 TR Electric 3/4 Double Bass with Gig Bag Included - Transparent Red

    • UPC: 882030162145
    • ASIN: B005RA3WZS
    • Brand: Stagg
    • Manufacturer: Stagg

    Stagg EDB-3/4 TR Electric Double Bass with Gig bag - 3/4 Size - Transparent Red

  • Schatten RB-1 Upright/Double Bass Pickup w/Jack

    • UPC: 753182385938
    • ASIN: B003DI7OAA
    • Brand: Schatten Design
    • Manufacturer: Schatten Design

    The RB-1 Player Upright Bass Pickup provides Schatten's RB bass bridge sensor wired to a rosewood jack assembly that easily clamps between the strings just above the tailpiece. This passive RB pickup works perfectly well and sounds good when plugged straight into any decent quality bass amp, or you can use a preamp for more sound-shaping capabiliti... [Read More]

  • Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-24

    • UPC: 617724921407
    • ASIN: B00WRI3XYI
    • Brand: Hadean
    • Manufacturer: Hadean

    Set up with the same notes as a full size bass guitar (E, A, D, G), this portable bass ukulele is a joy to play! The included preamp for amplified use is configured with knobs for volume, bass, mid, and treble control. Built-in chromatic tuner with LCD display. The installed Aquila Nylgut strings absorb less moisture to assure tuning stability and ... [Read More]

  • Oscar Schmidt OUB200K Comfort Series Bass Ukulele with Preamp, Volume, Bass and Treble Controls - Natural

    • UPC: 801128031767
    • ASIN: B00WMYGS4Y
    • Brand: Oscar Schmidt
    • Manufacturer: Unknown

    Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele, Mahogany Top, Back & Sides Tuned like a standard bass and to the same pitch, the Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Bass sounds strikingly like an upright bass. With a beautiful Mahogany top, back and sides, the OUB200 is part of our Comfort Series. This series is characterized by the rosewood comfort rest on the lower... [Read More]

  • How to run ELECTRIC and DOUBLE BASS off the same amp simultaneously!! (Musical Theatre Rig rundown)

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