5 Best Jazz Guitar Amps

Best Tube Amp For Jazz Guitar on August 2020 Shopping Deals at Bestonio.com

  • Monoprice 611815 15Watt, 1 x 12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker & Spring Reverb

    • UPC: 757901820311
    • ASIN: B016JDJE9E
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • Manufacturer: Monoprice Inc.

    Get superior guitar tone and flexibility using this 15-Watt, 1x12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker & Spring Reverb from Monoprice! As the title indicates, this guitar amplifier features a 15-watt tube power amplifier and a Celestion brand speaker. It uses three ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tubes and two EL84 power tubes for the am... [Read More]

  • Monoprice 611705 5-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier - Tan/Beige with Celestion Super 8 Inch Speaker, 12AX7 Preamp, Versatile and Durable For All Electric Guitars

    • UPC: 757901820304
    • ASIN: B016JDJ8TA
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • Manufacturer: Monoprice Inc.

    Get superior guitar tone in a small package using this 5-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker from Monoprice! As the title indicates, this guitar amplifier features a 5-watt tube power amplifier and a Celestion brand speaker. It uses a ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tube and a 6V6GT power tube for the amplifier section, plus a ... [Read More]

  • Quilter Guitar Amplifier Head, Black (101-MINI

    • UPC: 854710003581
    • ASIN: B014TZZOUW
    • Brand: Quilter
    • Manufacturer: Quilter

    An incredibly potent amplifier so light, it feels like an empty box. Imagine being able to pack 5 of history's greatest sounding amplifiers into a package so small it fits in the pouch of your gig bag. Imagine a head so light you almost forgot it was there. Imagine a streamlined set up that only takes a few moments. Forget about the problems you ar... [Read More]

  • Yamaha THR5 10-Watt Desktop Guitar Combo Amp

    • UPC: 086792960913
    • ASIN: B007J0UWMU
    • Brand: YAMAHA
    • Size: Desktop Amplifier
    • Manufacturer: Yamaha PAC

    10-Watt 1-channel 2x3" Battery-powered stereo guitar combo amplifier with built-in amplifier models, effects, and USB for editing and recording.

  • Hotone Mojo Diamond Mini Guitar Amplifier Head, 5 Watt

    • UPC: 888506020056
    • ASIN: B00YTNY17W
    • Brand: Hotone
    • Manufacturer: Hotone Audio

    Inspired by the legendary fender tweed amps of the 1950 s, the mojo diamond delivers that classic old-school tube-like tone. Like the original tweeds, mojo diamond has a tiny body and loud, sweet sound. You can pull it out of your pocket and unleash an unimaginable mass of energy plugged in, all without losing control. You get that classic tone in ... [Read More]

  • NUX Solid Studio IR Power Amp Simulator IR Loader with Built-in Cabinet Microphones and Microphone Positions and Power Amp Simulator with 3 Tubes and Power Amp Controls

    • UPC: 885947402229
    • ASIN: B07DWR7YF3
    • Brand: NUX
    • Size: L
    • Manufacturer: Cherub Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Fender Champion 40 - 40-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

    • UPC: 885978320530
    • ASIN: B00EM5UPUE
    • Brand: Fender
    • Size: 40 Watt
    • Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

    Fender, a leader in instrument manufacturing, started designing, manufacturing and evolving musical instruments in 1946. Since, Fender amplifiers have and continue to be an integral part of modern music. Easy to use and versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, the 40-watt, 1x12” Champion 40 is an ideal choice as your first practice amp a... [Read More]

  • Fender Mustang LT-25 - Digital Guitar Amplifier

    • UPC: 885978992515
    • ASIN: B07N29M92M
    • Brand: Fender
    • Size: Full
    • Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

    Fender Mustang LT25, 120V.

  • Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

    • UPC: 885978287932
    • Brand: Fender
    • Size: 25
    • Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

    From the company that invented the electric bass amp, the Fender Rumble Series is a mighty leap forward in the evolution of portable bass amps. With its beefier power amp and larger, ported speaker enclosure, the Rumble 25 pumps volume and deep bass response. In addition to standard volume and EQ controls, the Rumble 25 adds a newly-developed overd... [Read More]

  • Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt 1x10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

    • UPC: 602003605260
    • ASIN: B006Y2FUW6
    • Brand: Fender
    • Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

    The Super Champ X2 combo amplifier combines 15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound with modern extra such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects. It’s simple, toneful and flexible, and with its easy computer connectivity you can also custom tailor your amp’s voicing and effects to your personal taste. Your rehea... [Read More]

  • Orange Micro Terror 20W Amplifier Head

    • UPC: 886830651663
    • ASIN: B00DV9H47E
    • Brand: Orange Amps
    • Manufacturer: Orange

    This is one tiny BEAST errr Micro Terror! Seriously, the second you plug into the Orange Micro Terror, you're going to be confronted with major tone. (Well, you have to plug it into a speaker cabinet first, but after that... woah). The Micro Terror is modeled after the popular Tiny Terror series. Even though it is super small, it still has huge Ora... [Read More]

  • VOX Amplug 2 Clean (AP2CL)

    • UPC: 755756646209
    • ASIN: B06W5232QZ
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: Korg USA Inc.

    Offering the easiest way to enjoy true analog amplifier sound in your headphones, the amp lug 2 headphone amplifiers from VOX sound better than ever. These compact amps feature fully analog circuits that mimic some of the most sought after sounds in the history of guitar amplification. For the first time ever, the amp lug 2 series includes nine sel... [Read More]

  • Bugera BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar Amp with 12AX7 Tube

    • UPC: 368298578374
    • ASIN: B003LQ2Z8A
    • Brand: Bugera
    • Manufacturer: Behringer

    The BUGERA BC15 delivers real valve tone in a compact, 12-pound (5.6 kg) combo. This dual-channel 15-Watt guitar amp features a 12AX7 valve in its preamp stage, a Master volume and 2-band EQ, giving it a wide range of tonal options. The Gain button is provided to activate the Lead/Distortion channel. Ideal for use in rehearsals, recording or small ... [Read More]

  • Hadean Bullet Tube Guitar Amp Tweed

    • UPC: 705911786523
    • ASIN: B01M0VRAO1
    • Brand: Hadean
    • Manufacturer: Hadean

    Versatile Tube Practice Amp ! 12AX7 pre-amp section for a classic smooth tone 20 watts with 4 ohm 8" speaker Aux input for MP3/CD playback Transistorized amplifier section for high reliability Master volume, gain, and tone control Headphone jack for quiet practice Carry handle Simulated tweed covering for a vintage look Weighs 12 pounds. Dimen... [Read More]

  • Roland Blues Cube Hot 30W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Tube Tone, Vintage Blond

    • UPC: 761294508398
    • ASIN: B01B3FBA7W
    • Brand: Roland
    • Manufacturer: Roland

    Gig-ready blues cube “tube Logic” tone in a portable combo amp with the 30-watt blues cube hot, guitarists can tap into Roland acclaimed tube Logic tone in the most compact blues cube combo amp. It is ready to be carried from home out to studios and stages. It offers reduced size, Weight, and functions but is still equipped with a 12-inch custo... [Read More]

  • SONICAKE Fritz Digital Preamp Vintage Retro Overdrive Crunch Tube Amp Modeling Guitar Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 843037100738
    • ASIN: B07FT1S4F5
    • Brand: SONICAKE
    • Manufacturer: SONICAKE

    The amp models in FRITZ are as follows:1. Tweed GrandeBased on an American-style, vintage-voicing amplifier with a tweed covering and a 4x10 cabinet, which is originally introduced to the world as a bass amplifier.2. Tweed LuxeBased on an American-style, vintage-sounding amplifier with a rich, juicy, and luscious overdrive tone coming from a 12 inc... [Read More]

  • VOX VT40X Modeling Amp, 40W (

    • ASIN: B0187P93YS
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: Korg USA Inc.

    The VT40X features a brand new modeling engine and sounds even better than ever! By using VET (Virtual Element Technology), which is based on an analysis of the components and amp circuits themselves, VTX amplifiers produce the most accurate and realistic amplifier sounds to date. These new amplifiers also feature a multi-stage Valvetronix tube pre... [Read More]

  • String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Black Walnut

    • UPC: 650106303651
    • ASIN: B00A2WZJDE
    • Brand: String Swing
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: String Swing

    After 20 plus years as a core guitar accessory, String Swing's model CC01 is getting a makeover. The renewed Home and Studio Guitar Keeper has a deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being improperly placed in its hanger, which promotes safer handling of your instrument. This guitar wall hanger design is also great for guitars that have ... [Read More]

  • Eminence Swamp Thang 12in Guitar Spkr 150W 8 Ohm

    • UPC: 876358001040
    • ASIN: B0007G966G
    • Brand: Eminence
    • Size: 12"
    • Manufacturer: DJ Tech Pro USA, LLC

    Impedance: 8 ohms Power Rating: 150W Maximum Power: Frequency Response: 70Hz-5kHz Voice Coil Diameter: 2", 50.8mm Depth: 5.2", 132mm Coil Construction: Copper voice coil Magnet Composition: Ferrite magnet Cone composition: Paper Cone Nominal Basket Diameter:12", 304.8mm Sensitivity: 102 Magnet Weight: 59 ounce Core Details: Non-vented core Coil For... [Read More]

  • String Swing Guitar Hanger - Holder for Electric Acoustic and Bass Guitars - Stand Accessories Home or Studio Wall - Musical Instruments Safe without Hard Cases - Emerald Heavy Duty Steel GCC11K

    • UPC: 650106206259
    • ASIN: B077MQCQNY
    • Brand: String Swing
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: String Swing

    Vertically displays your electric or acoustic guitar with a guitar keeper yoke. Padded pivoting cradle mounted on a black powder-coated steel plate. To be mounted on a flat wall surface. Your instrument is a work of art and should be displayed as such. Having it within reach also enables spontaneous practice whenever the inspiration strikes.... [Read More]

  • 5 Best Jazz Guitar Amps

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