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  • Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

    • UPC: 961613171825
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Fluke Networks
    • Size: Tone Generator and Probe (non Filtered)
    • Manufacturer: Fluke Networks

    PRO 3000 Tone Generator with Probe KitHarris PRO3000 Tone & Probe Kit- 18 month - Requires one 9 volt battery in each product to operate (not included)- "Works on virtually anycable or wire" - Cat 3/5/5e/6 etc. -Coax - De-energized Electrical Wire -Security Wire - Speaker Wire- Tones up to 10 miles on most cable- Harris' PRO3000 Tone and Probe Kit ... [read more]

  • PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester - Tone Generator and Probe Kit - Find & Trace Wires and Cables, Test Circuit Continuity, Network Telephone Lines - Features Alligator Clips and RJ-11 Plug

    • UPC: 767654080108
    • Brand: PTE
    • Manufacturer: PTE

    This Wire Tracer and Circuit Tester - including a sender/tone generator and a detector - is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation.Note: Requires 2 9V batteries (not included)Use as a Wire TracerConnect only one of the alligator clips of the tone generator to your wire and use the probe to follow the wire alo... [read more]

  • TEMPO Communications 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit - Professional Tone Tracing Kit - Includes Tone Probe and Tone Generator (formerly Greenlee Communications)

    • UPC: 632963669934
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: TEMPO
    • Manufacturer: Tempo Communications

    Greenlee is proud to introduce fully upgraded versions of its industry standard tone and probe tracing kits. These all new kits offer superior tracing for low-Voltage applications such as telephone, data and security alarm wiring. Essential equipment for the internal wiring technician, the Greenlee tone and probe kits provide the ability to check-V... [read more]


    • Brand: PANTONG
    • Manufacturer: Pantong Technologies Co.,Ltd

    For professional and experienced person who need strong and protective toner for long distance tracing and durable working. For Pair or Cable identification and tracing without damaging insulation Line polarity or Tip/ring (A/B) identification Line faulty detect : short, open Continuity testing Indication of in coming ringing voltages LED indicator... [read more]

  • Hard Case for Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Noice Filtering Probe Kit by Aenllosi

    • Brand: Aenllosi
    • Manufacturer: Aenllosi

    Aenllosi Hard Storage Case for Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit/PRO3000F60-KIT Tone and Noice Filtering Probe

  • Fluke Networks IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit (MT-8200-60-KIT)

    • UPC: 754082127444
    • Brand: Fluke Networks
    • Size: IntelliTone Pro200 Toner & Probe Kit
    • Manufacturer: Fluke Networks

    INTELLITONE 200 KIT. IntelliTone digital toning eliminates noise and false signals. Smart Tone analog toning precisely isolates individual wire pairs. Locates cables safely and effectively on active networks.

  • Extech TG20 Wire Tracer and Tone Generator

    • UPC: 785533712544
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Extech
    • Size: Standard Wire Tracer
    • Manufacturer: FLIR Systems

    Wire Tracer Kit identifies wire pairs, check continuity & test telephone line polarity. Transmitter has output cables terminated in modular RJ11 phone connector. The non-contact amplifier probe audibly identifies the selected wire or cable so that you can easily trace from source to termination. Adjustable sensitivity control improves wire identifi... [read more]

  • Triplett Fox & Hound Premium Wire & Cable Tracing Kit, Tone Generator and Probe - Toner Generates Multiple Tones & Performs Tests |Probe with Adjustable Sensitivity & Signal Strength LED - (3399)

    • UPC: 614395001124
    • Brand: Triplett
    • Manufacturer: Triplett

    The FOX 2 and HOUND 3 wire tracing kit consists of a premium FOX 2 Tone Generator (Toner) and a newly designed HOUND 3 Inductive Amplifier (Probe). The FOX 2 is a battery operated handheld lightweight multi-function Toner that generates multiple tones, performs some basic telephone line tests (loop mA and line polarity), provides a visual and audib... [read more]

  • Greenlee 802K Digital Lan Tracing Kit

    • UPC: 151902999524
    • Brand: TEMPO
    • Manufacturer: Tempo Communications

    INCLUDES: (1) Digital Lan Tracing Kit FEATURES: 200FP Probe: AC hum filtering LED for strength indication Continuous on feature Auto shut off Slim, comfortable design Rear-fire speaker Recessed on/off switch Adjustable sensitivity AT8L Lan Toner: Digital interaction with LAN hubs and switches Checks for shorts, service voltages, and splitable tone ... [read more]

  • Wire Tracker, ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracker Toner Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester for Network Cable Collation, Telephone Line Tester, Continuity Checking

    • Brand: ELEGIANT
    • Manufacturer: ELEGIANT

    This instrument is a multifunctional handheld cable testing tool. Work perfect when RJ11 RJ45 cable is on power. It has a wide application with reinforced cable types and multiple functions. It is a necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, wiring engineering, and network maintenance person. General Technical Parameters Operating te... [read more]

  • Monilon Tone Generator, Wire Tracer RJ45 RJ11 Multi-function Line Finder, Tone Generator and Probe Kit for Wire Tracing, Network Cable Collation, Telephone Line Test and Continuity Checking

    • UPC: 756244225821
    • Brand: MONILON
    • Manufacturer: Monilon

    Monilon Wire Tracker Kit is a multi-functional hand held cable test tool. There is a headphone port on the left side of the receiver. You can connect earphone(excluded) to the headset jack of receiver in places with loud noise. There are 9 LED lights to indicated wiring connection on both remote and master unit. This function is capable of quickly ... [read more]

  • Greenlee 701K-G/6A Professional Tone and Probe Tracing Kit, Standard with ABN Test Clips

    • UPC: 783310357759
    • Brand: TEMPO
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Tempo Communications


  • Meterk Wire Tracker RJ11 RJ45 Line Finder Handheld Cable Tester Multifunction Cable Check Wire Measuring Instrument for Network Maintenance Collation, Telephone Line Test, Continuity Checking

    • UPC: 758232870396
    • Color: Wire Tracker Accessories
    • Brand: Meterk
    • Manufacturer: Meterk

    Features:Tracer function: Tracer function is it can help you quickly find the line pairs in many pairs, this instrument is suitable for RJ45 interface internet cable, RJ11interface telephone line, for other metal wire hunt through adapter adapter.Line function: the line detection is on the line of the open, shorted, wrong, reverse the physical conn... [read more]

  • LiNKFOR Cable Finder Tone Generator Probe LAN Wire Tracker Kit Network Tester Meter Mastech MS6812 Telephone Phone Cable

    • Brand: LiNKFOR
    • Manufacturer: LiNKFOR

    Specifications: Send tone frequency: 1.5kHz Receive frequency range: 100 ~ 300 kHz Power supply: 9V batteries (included) Receiver size: 23.8 x 4.3 x 2.6cm Emitter size: 14.5 x 3.5 x 2.5cm Receiver weight: 106g Emitter weight: 114g Package size: 25.5 x 12 x 4cm Package weight: 371g Including a Sender MS6812-T and a Receiver MS6812-R With RJ11 connec... [read more]

  • Greenlee 601K-G Basic Tone and Probe Kit, Basic

    • UPC: 783310499893
    • Brand: Greenlee
    • Manufacturer: Tempo Communications

    FEATURES: Adjustable Volume Control Replaceable Tip Continuity & Polarity LED External Warble Select Short Circuit LED Single Line Modular LED Alligator Connector ClipsSPECIFICATIONS: 5 Digit UPC: 49989 Gain (nominal): 30 db Input Impedance (nominal): 100 MΩ Plastic Tip Resistance: 300Ω Battery: 9 VDC (NEDA 1604, JIS 006P,  or IEC 6LR61) Battery... [read more]

  • Tracing Probe, Tone and Probe Tracing Kit TONEcube & PROBEplus Kit Klein Tools VDV500-808

    • UPC: 731215024238
    • Brand: Klein Tools
    • Manufacturer: North Coast Electric

    Trace wire paths and identify coax and twisted cables in common wiring systems with Klein Tools TONEcube & PROBEplus cable tracing probe. The kit includes a professional series tone generator and tone tracer. The amplifier overload LED improves accuracy, warning against misreads. Five discrete tracing tone sounds can be selected by tone switch. Use... [read more]

  • Greenlee 77GX Tone Generator

    • UPC: 783310605560
    • Brand: Greenlee
    • Manufacturer: Tempo Communications

    Features: Fixed alligator clips and removable modular plug for multiple connection options Professional GX Series Fast outlet identification with 2 line polarity indication Automatic shutoff Snag-proof boot allows you to avoid broken plug tabs Convenient wrist/hanging lanyard Select one of three tone signal outputs multiple line identification Two ... [read more]

  • Fluke Networks MS2-TTK MicroScanner2 Network Cable Tester Kit with Punch Down Tool and Tone Generator and Probe

    • UPC: 731303553190
    • Brand: Fluke Networks
    • Size: MS2-TTK w/Punch Down & Tone and Probe
    • Manufacturer: Fluke Networks

    Streamline verification testing---The MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier presents a revolutionary change in voice, data, and video cable testing. It starts by taking results from what was four different test modes and displaying them all at once – graphical wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far end device. What’s more, its integ... [read more]

  • Buyee Cable Finder Tone Generator Probe Lan Wire Tracker Kit Network Tester Meter

    • UPC: 643845675806
    • Brand: Buyee
    • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Buyee Trading Co.,Ltd

    The cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. For telephone line, it can identify some state in the line, and more convenience to install, debug, maintain telephone line. Features: - Perfect for installing, debuging, maintaining telephone line and other wires or ca... [read more]

  • Cable Finder Tone Generator Probe Tracer Wire Tracker Network Tester kit

    • UPC: 730052878608
    • Brand: Micro Trader
    • Manufacturer: Micro Trader

    Item Descriptions:-The cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group simply by attaching the sender to the cable at one end and then touching the cables at the other end with the receiver to confirm which is the correct cable, without damaging the insulation.-For telephone line, it can identify some states in the li... [read more]

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    BSL014 Fluke Networks IntelliTone Pro 200 Tone & probe Kit