Toilet Flush Valves -- What's the Difference ???

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  • Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal, All In One, Complete Toilet Tank Repair Kit For 2-Inch Flush Valve Toilets

    • UPC: 735090087302
    • ASIN: B0002YVK44
    • Brand: Fluidmaster
    • Size: 9" to 14", 2" Flush Valve Toilets
    • Manufacturer: Fluidmaster

    The Fluidmaster Complete All-In-One Kit, features everything you need to make your toilet run like new. The trusted and proven 400A toilet fill valve ensures a quiet and proper fill, while the PerforMAX 2” Water-Saving Flapper adjusts to maximize water usage with each flush. A complete toilet repair kit which also includes a replacement toilet fl... [Read More]

  • NEXT BY DANCO HydroRight Universal Water-Saving Total Toilet Repair Kit with Dual Flush Valve | Lever Handle | Valve Replacement (HYR451T)

    • UPC: 188670000381
    • ASIN: B00B9BNGU0
    • Brand: Next by Danco
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Next by Danco

    Danco is one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel suppliers in the home improvement industry focused largely on empowering 'Do-It-Yourself' consumers with plumbing solutions that are as practical as they are affordable, giving your home a more fresh appeal and renewed elegance. We provide stylish design-oriented innovative home ... [Read More]

  • Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit, for 2-Inch Flush Valve Toilets

    • UPC: 796716388920
    • ASIN: B007TUHQWY
    • Brand: Fluidmaster
    • Size: N/A
    • Manufacturer: Fluidmaster

    Enhance your toilet’s overall performance in one proven Fluidmaster kit. The Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Fill Valve and Toilet Flapper Repair Kit is a complete fill and flush toilet repair kit that includes both the trusted Fluidmaster 400A toilet fill valve and the durable Fluidmaster 501 2” flapper. Perfect for a DIY upgrade with its fast and ea... [Read More]

  • KOHLER GENUINE PART 1069722 3" Toilet Flush Valve Kit

    • UPC: 650531536402
    • ASIN: B005UNPSAY
    • Brand: Kohler
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: KOHLER

    Protect the warranty on KOHLER products, always look for the KOHLER GENUINE PARTS logo. KOHLER GENUINE PARTS are designed by KOHLER engineers to maintain original product performance and promote product longevity.

  • Fluidmaster 400ARHRKP10 PerforMAX Universal High Performance All-In-One Toilet Repair Kit, for 2-Inch Flush Valve Toilets

    • UPC: 039961014771
    • ASIN: B01E1E1K1S
    • Brand: Fluidmaster
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Fluidmaster

    The fluid master performax all-in-one toilet repair kit is the best, comprehensive, solution for common toilet problems, such as: noisy toilet, running or leaking toilet, slow filling toilet and toilet with weak flush.

  • Owfeel Dual Push Flushing Toilet Button Toilet Tank Button 38mm Toilet Button Replaced Flush Button with Thread Diameter

    • UPC: 799418177229
    • ASIN: B00ODPOW4I
    • Brand: Owfeel
    • Size: 38mm
    • Manufacturer: Owfeel

    Product Description: 1. 38mm \48mm\58mm three sizes are available. 2. Owfeel Toilet Tank Button is easy to disassemble and install, and it's structure is simple and not easy to damage. 3. The button spring is made of high quality 304 stainless steel wire, which is durable and elastic. 4. The total length of the torsion bar is 10CM, the rotation len... [Read More]

  • Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit with 8" Sensor Range, Adjustable Sensor Range and Flush Time, Automatic Motion Sensor Toilet Flush Kit Powered by Batteries

    • UPC: 768430516903
    • ASIN: B01DO7ABHW
    • Brand: TECHO
    • Manufacturer: TECHO

    For recent years, TECHO is always trying to bring you smart convenience where you need it most. Such this Automatic Toilet Flusher. With This Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, your loved ones will be safer, you'll live better! Converts your toilet into Touchless Toilet Flush Kit without replacing the current toilet or toilet seat, manual handle works as... [Read More]

  • Universal Front Mount Toilet Tank Flush Lever, Chrome Finish Handle with One-way 2-Inch Toilet Tank Flapper and Chain, Fits Most Toilets

    • ASIN: B014ENSA7I
    • Brand: Qualihome
    • Manufacturer: QHLEVFLP

  • Universal Toilet Tank Flush Lever, Chrome Finish Handle with Metal Nut, Fits Most Toilets

    • Brand: Qualihome
    • Size: 8" ARM
    • Manufacturer: Qualihome

    Toilet tank lever and handle can add a new stylish touch to your bathroom and will help your toilet, It features a chrome finish Handle with Metal Lock Nut, Pre-Drilled 8-Inch RodThe universal design fits most front-mount applications, Fits Most Toilets, Durable construction, Includes lever and handle, Easy to install

  • Bememo 2 Pack Toilet Tank Handle Flush Lever Replacement for Toilet Front Mount Handle, Chrome

    • UPC: 652508178240
    • ASIN: B07BBM25LJ
    • Brand: Bememo
    • Manufacturer: Bememo

    2 Pack toilet tank handle flush lever replacement for toilet front mount handle, chrome Toilet tank flush lever: Features a durable metal arm and 3 pre-drilled holes on the 8 inch flush arm for easy installation and proper flapper replacement. Features: The metal arm is durable for everyday flushing, and universal design fits most front mount toi... [Read More]

  • Fluidmaster 690 Universal Premium Toilet Tank LeverIn Chrome, Traditional Metal Toilet Handle With Adjustable Arm

    • UPC: 039961017000
    • ASIN: B06W5RGTDF
    • Brand: Fluidmaster
    • Size: Traditional Chrome
    • Manufacturer: Fluidmaster

    The Fluidmaster premium tank lever's one-piece system combines the tank lever arm and its matching tank lever into one, complete with an upscale style and finish. Features include a precision "spring action" feel and an easy installation.

  • TOTO COMBO KIT - TOTO (1)TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve & TOTO (1)THU500S (Replaces THU499S) Flapper Assy

    • UPC: 685784210243
    • ASIN: B011J9UYV0
    • Brand: Toto
    • Manufacturer: TOTO

    TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve:Reliability translates into reduced maintenance costs and superior performance ---------- Genuine TOTO adjustable universal fill valve. The adjustable height and flow rate will accommodate most TOTO toilets. ---------- Replaces valve numbers: TSU16A, TSU17A, TSU18A, TSU24A, TSU25A, TSU26A, TSU28A, TSU29A, TSU33A, TSU34... [Read More]

  • Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve

    • UPC: 039961702456
    • ASIN: B006MWQKOU
    • Brand: Fluidmaster
    • Size: Universal Fit for HET 1.28 gal
    • Manufacturer: Jensen

    The Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve sets the high performance standard. Designed to replace old and leaky fill valves the PerforMAX fill valve is the most powerful toilet fill valve on the market (*Also known as the 400ARHR). With quick and easy installation this fill valve design eliminates noise, while generating 2X greater refill r... [Read More]

  • TOTO THU068#CP Trip Lever For St743S, Chrome

    • UPC: 703765976299
    • ASIN: B00084XY0Q
    • Brand: TOTO
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: TOTO

    TOTO THU068#CP Trip Lever For St743S, Chrome. With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, TOTO leads and never follows.

  • DANCO Universal Toilet Tank Repair Kit, 1-Pack (80816)

    • UPC: 783961197582
    • ASIN: B000JFNOHW
    • Brand: Danco
    • Manufacturer: Danco

    Danco is one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel suppliers in the home improvement industry focused largely on empowering 'Do-It-Yourself' consumers with plumbing solutions that are as practical as they are affordable, giving your home a more fresh appeal and renewed elegance. We provide stylish design-oriented innovative home ... [Read More]

  • Korky 818BP QuietFILL Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Premium Flapper Easy to Install and Quiet - Made in USA, 2 Inch, Black

    • UPC: 749306818017
    • ASIN: B000WE53NI
    • Brand: Korky
    • Size: Universal Fill Valve & 2 Inch Flapper
    • Manufacturer: Korky

    Designed to fix no/slow refilling, running, and noisy toilets, the Korky QuietFILL Toilet Fill Valve is quieter than other fill valves. It has a universal design to fit all brands and features a wide range of adjustability to fit most 2-piece and 1-piece toilets. The QuietFill Fill Valve is very easy to install and adjust; no tools are required. Si... [Read More]

  • White Toilet Tank Flush Lever Handle, Universal Front Mount with Nut Lock, Fits Most Toilets

    • ASIN: B0711SV4SY
    • Brand: Qualihome
    • Manufacturer: Qualihome

  • Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Easy and Rapid Adjustable Water Line - Toilet Tank Repair Kit for Most Toilets - High Performance Toilet Replacement Part

    • UPC: 680727112844
    • ASIN: B07H27NYNP
    • Brand: Hibbent
    • Manufacturer: Hibbent

    Application & Feature:: √ It is non water return toilet fill valve. √ Instantaneous water shut off. √ Inlet water level adjustable.(Rapid Adjustable by pushing and pulling the lock ring) √ Delay fill water.

  • Universal Offset Decorative Front, Side, Corner, or Angle Mount Toilet Tank Flush Trip Lever Handle with Metal Nut, Fits Most Toilets (Satin Nickel)

    • ASIN: B073473HCY
    • Brand: Toofix
    • Manufacturer: Toofix

  • WoodBridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Comfort Height, Water Sense, High-Efficiency, Rectangle Button

    • UPC: 686751992704
    • ASIN: B01N1I9D6E
    • Brand: Woodbridge
    • Size: 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5"
    • Manufacturer: Megabrand

    "Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat and Round Button" Luxurious Modern Design: Clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern, craftsman, traditional and etc. Easy-to-Clean Design: The skirted trap way creates a sleek look and makes cleaning easier. Compare to other toilets, it has no corners and groove... [Read More]

  • Toilet Flush Valves -- What's the Difference ???

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