Why did you create Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology?

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  • Enviromedica Freeze Dried Beef Liver Natural Energy Supplement Capsules of Pure Grass-Fed, Pastured, New Zealand Bovine with Preformed Vitamin A (180ct)

    • UPC: 853956003089
    • Brand: Enviromedica
    • Manufacturer: Enviromedica

    Enviromedica Introduces an All-New Beef Liver Supplement Capsule Our Beef Liver is ... freeze-dried improves brain and cardiovascular health increases energy levels, stamina, and metabolism. nutrient-dense, all-natural superfood sourced in New Zealand, where animal welfare is in the top globally by the World Animal Protection Organization. Utilize... [read more]

  • Why did you create Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology?

    Linda Meyers, MD Endocrinologist

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