$50 Survival Kit Vs. $5000 Survival Kit

Best Tent For Emergency Preparedness on February 2020 Shopping Deals at Bestonio.com

  • Complete Earthquake Bag - Emergency kit for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods + other disasters (4 person, 3 days)

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Redfora
    • Manufacturer: Redfora

    Everything you will need to keep you both safe, warm, and fed after an earthquake. It is the smartly-packed bag, complete with food and water, first aid, hygiene kits, shelter, warmth, tools, and off-the-grid light and communication. We have done years of research so you do not have to. This is the bag you should have. Food & Water packaged with 5-... [read more]

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

    • UPC: 606321168803
    • Color: Original
    • Brand: LifeStraw
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: LifeStraw

    A Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out. It features a high flow rate and weighs only 2oz. The ultimate survival tool for hiking, camping, ultralight backpacking, hunting, travel, scouting, and emergency preparedness, its straw design is id... [read more]

  • SE EB122OR Survivor Series Emergency Sleeping Bag Kit

    • UPC: 706569068016
    • Color: Silver Orange
    • Brand: SE
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises

    SE’s heavy-duty Emergency Sleeping Bag is tear-resistant, reusable, and comes with drawstring carrying bag for your convenience—a great addition to your gear for boating, camping, emergency and survival kits, fishing, hiking, etc. IMPORTANT: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with our SE logo on the packaging. SE is commi... [read more]

  • First My Family 4FKIT All-in-One 4-Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit/Earthquake Kit with 72 Hours of Survival and First-Aid Supplies 4PKIT

    • UPC: 661799445245
    • Manufacturer: First My Family, LLC

    Ideal for Families, Students, Businesses and Communities. The First My Family Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit is your first line of defense when disaster strikes. For the safety of your family, it is important to have an emergency preparedness plan in place that includes easy grab-and-go disaster supply kits. Housed within two premium ba... [read more]

  • UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival

    • UPC: 812713014577
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: UST
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Ultimate Survival Technologies

    Running for up to 30 days on Low mode, the rugged 30-Day DURO LED Lantern features an impact and water resistant rubberized plastic housing, an unbreakable lifetime LED, and bright white lighting that’s great for camping, hunting, RVs, and more. The 30-DAY Duro’s removable globe has an integrated handle, and the lantern base includes a built-in... [read more]

  • SharpSurvival Emergency Survival Shelter Tent | 2 Person Mylar Thermal Shelter | 8' X 5' All Weather Tube Tent | Reflective Material Conserves Heat | Lightweight | Waterproof | Best Survival Gear

    • UPC: 645871776793
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: SharpSurvival
    • Manufacturer: SharpSurvival

    Great prepper supply. Keeps our packs light while hiking or camping. Really easy to put up. A must have for my 72 hour emergency kits. The SharpSurvival is an essential for any outdoor adventure or emergency kit. The SharpSurvival is made from mylar thermal material designed by NASA to reflect 90% of body heat and keep you warm in any weather. The ... [read more]

  • Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan - Hurricane Emergency Survival Kit

    • UPC: 713382790994
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Odoland
    • Manufacturer: Odoland

    This is a very versatile light/fan for both camping and emergency situations. The light is very bright and will illuminate a camper or a small room in your house. The fan moves the air adequately to keep you cool in the heat when your power is off. Simply hang the Happy Camper Deluxe Camping Combo LED Lantern and Fan from your tent or shelter, or ... [read more]

  • Pocket Light LED Solar Camping Lantern & Collapsible Flashlight with USB Emergency Power Bank Charger Great for Tent Camping, Hiking, Home & Auto by Frog & Co.

    • UPC: 813685020269
    • Color: Green and Black
    • Brand: Survival Frog
    • Size: Pocket
    • Manufacturer: Survival Frog

    Power Devices, Signal For Help & Light Up Your Campsite Charge your phone or tablet, light your campsite, AND signal for help from rescue teams. An essential camping gear addition, the Pocket Light's multi-mode settings (2 level bright and super-bright luminous light, SOS emergency signal, USB charging capabilities) make this camp lantern your ne... [read more]

  • Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan - 2 Cooling Speeds - With AC Adapter

    • UPC: 804892191040
    • Color: Fan
    • Brand: O2COOL
    • Size: 1 Fan
    • Manufacturer: O2COOL

    Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, O2COOL's 10-inch Battery-Operated Portable Fan can be used in the office, at school, on a picnic and especially during a power outage. It operates on six D-cell batteries (not included) or can be plugged in with its AC adapter, features high and low speeds, and boasts a patented fan blade design that extend... [read more]

  • Emergency Zone 4 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit/Go-Bag | Perfect Way to Prepare Your Family | Be Ready for Disasters Like Hurricanes, Earthquake, Wildfire, Floods | Now Includes Bonus Item!

    • UPC: 850253006256
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Emergency Zone
    • Manufacturer: Emergency Zone

    The following list shows what is included in the 4 Person Family Prep Survival Kit ORGANIZATION:Red backpack x2 Zip lock bags x5document container WEATHER PROTECTION:Reflective sleeping bags x4Adult size poncho x42 person tube tent x2 Hand warmers x4 FOOD AND WATER:US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x 4US Coast Guard 5 year... [read more]

  • UCO 9-Hour White Candles Candle Lanterns and Emergency Preparedness, 20-Pack

    • UPC: 054269001094
    • Color: 9-Hour White
    • Brand: UCO
    • Size: 20-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Industrial Revolution

    UCO 9-Hour White Candles for UCO Candle Lanterns and Emergency Preparedness are specially designed to fit the UCO Original Candle Lantern and the UCO Candlelier. Ideal for camping, hiking, and emergencies, no outdoor adventure or survival kit is complete without a stash of candles. Each candle measures 3.5 inches in height, and features a specially... [read more]

  • Rescue Guard; First Aid Kit, Hurricane Kit, Disaster Kit or Earthquake Kit; Emergency Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag Supplies, Survival Gear for 12 Days, 6 Days for 2, 72 Hours 4 People (Survival Pack)

    • UPC: 855058008153
    • Brand: Rescue Guard
    • Size: Intermediate Survival Pack
    • Manufacturer: Kangaroo Manufacturing

    2 Squeeze Powered Lights 4 Emergency Ponchos 4 Emergency Blankets 4 Dust Masks 4 Latex Free Exam Gloves 4 Biohazard Bags 1 Playing Cards 4 Tissue Packs 1 Light Sticks (2 per pack) 1 Survival Whistle/Compass 1 Backpack 1 Firestarter Flint & Steel 1 Emergency Tent 1 Emergency Plan/Contact Sheet 4 Emergency Food Rations 24 Emergency Drinking Waters 1 ... [read more]

  • 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe - Prepare For Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster Preparedness 72-Hour Kits for Home, Work, or Auto

    • UPC: 752423638338
    • Brand: Survival Prep Warehouse
    • Manufacturer: Survival Prep Warehouse

    All items are packed securely by Survival Prep Warehouse. Your 4 Person Premium Survival Kit will come with with the following: Deluxe duffel bag, 48 Pouches of Water, 4 2400 Calorie Food Bar, 40 Water Purification Tablets, 1 Hand Crank AM/FM/ Band Radio, 2 Hand Squeeze Rechargeable Flashlights, 5 in 1 Survival Whistle, I Magnesium Flint, 4 Mylar ... [read more]

  • World's Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent • 2 Person Mylar Emergency Shelter Tube Tent + Paracord • Year-Round All Weather Protection For Hiking, First Aid Kits, & Outdoor Survival Gear

    • UPC: 041964691385
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Don't Die In The Woods
    • Manufacturer: Don't Die In The Woods

    The toughest mylar survival tent you'll find anywhere - guaranteed. Designed for hikers and outdoor adventurers, the DDITW PRO Ultralight Survival Tent provides year-round protection for 2 adults from harsh weather in any season. Other emergency shelters are made flimsy and cheap for one time use. We've tested and designed every detail with the hi... [read more]

  • Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 64), 125ml

    • UPC: 766359169101
    • Color: WHITE
    • Brand: Datrex
    • Size: Case of 64 Pouches
    • Manufacturer: A.C. Kerman - Outdoor

    With a 5 year shelf life to match our Rations, our Emergency water packets provide a full meal?s hydration to one individual and are purchasable by the case of 64 or by the three-day supply (12 packets). Balanced with our rations to provide adequate hydration without over-burdening a carrier in case movement during a disaster is required, our Emerg... [read more]

  • O2COOL 5" Portable Fan Battery Powered, 1 Unit, Grey

    • UPC: 716080052814
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: O2COOL
    • Size: 1 Unit
    • Manufacturer: O2-Cool

    Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, O2COOL's 5-inch Portable Fan can be used in the office, at school, while camping, and especially during a power outage due to a thunderstorm, hurricane or high winds. It operates on two D-cell batteries (not included), features high and low speeds, and boasts a patented fan blade design that extends the bat... [read more]

  • Emergency Case - Premium Family Survival Kit - 4 Person 4 Days for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Wildfires

    • Brand: E C Emergency Case Before Disaster Strikes
    • Size: 4 Person
    • Manufacturer: E C Emergency Case Before Disaster Strikes

  • S.O.L Survive Outdoors Longer 90 Percent Heat Reflective Durable Lightweight 2-Person Emergency Bivvy, Orange

    • UPC: 731244857494
    • Color: Emergency Xl - Orange
    • Brand: S.O.L Survive Outdoors Longer
    • Size: 90% Heat Reflective
    • Manufacturer: Tender Corporation

    Turn to the Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Bivvy XL for an unexpected night outdoors. Hop in this emergency shelter and improve your odds of survival when you and a partner are forced to spend an unexpected night outdoors. Made from tear-resistant polyethylene, this bivvy reflects 90% of body heat back to you, keeping you warm. Stay dry with sea... [read more]

  • Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit for Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Evacuations, Auto, Home and Family

    • UPC: 793573844484
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Perfect Survival Kit
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: SurvivalKitsOnline

    EXCLUSIVELY LICENSED BY PERFECT SURVIVAL KIT All items are packed securely in our Deluxe Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available for your personal items Food & Water: 24 - Pouches of Datrex Water - twice the amount of water as leading suppliers each pouch has a 5 year shelf-life 24 - 200 Calorie Food Bars - 5 year shelf-life 1 - Am/F... [read more]

  • Cyalume Green Glow Sticks - 12 Hours of Premium Bright Light, 6" SnapLight Light Sticks for a Variety of Uses (10 Pack)

    • UPC: 852845001106
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Cyalume
    • Size: 10 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Cyalume Technologies, Inc.

    Bring light to dark places with Cyalume SnapLight glow sticks. Not just your average glow stick you can find at a party store, these light sticks feature a patented, long-lasting formulation that provides bright, high light output for up to 12 hours at a time. These durable and high-quality light sticks have a green light that is so bright it can b... [read more]

  • $50 Survival Kit Vs. $5000 Survival Kit

    DIY - How to MAKE Your Home Disaster / Survival Kit : Best Emergency / Survival Gear - PART 1

    Catoma Badger Lightweight Solo Shelter