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  • DHS TinArc5 with Super Elasticityand Non Tacky Pips in Table Tennis Rubber sheet (Red, 2.1mm)

    • UPC: 763769552912
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: DHS
    • Size: 2.1mm

    TinArc 5 rubber allows the ball to absorb and penetrate easily, ideal for feel with quick loops, ball handling near the net, or off-court play. The outstanding elastic rubber and thick pimple design, which have a quick rebound on ball striking, enables strong power with minimal effort. The new sponge also uses "Macro-Cell" & "High-Elasticity Parti... [read more]

  • YINHE Big Dipper Factory Tuned Max Tense Tacky Pips in Table Tennis Rubber Sheet (Black 39°)

    • UPC: 707152107648
    • Color: black 39°
    • Brand: YINHE
    • Manufacturer: Milkyway(YINHE) Sports Goods Co., Ltd

    Big Dipper: the tactician's forehand rubber With built-in tensor effect from Yinhe's MAX TENSE technology, Big Dipper takes the chinese tacky rubber to new heights by fully exploiting the God Crossbow Sponge's potential, a sponge that is formulated with the new non-celluloid ball in mind. Big Dipper allows for aggressive forehand play whilst maint... [read more]

  • Muzitao UltraBite Table Tennis Rubber (2 Pack, 1 x Red + 1 x Black) Table Tennis Bat Replacement Rubbers (with Sponge)

    • UPC: 759473944310
    • Color: With Sponge
    • Brand: Muzitao
    • Manufacturer: Muzitao

    Table Tennis RubberTurn any old crappy bat or paddle into a spin devastation machine with this excellent value rubber replacement set from Muzitao. UltraBite is a good first choice for new players looking to move on from introduction bats and rubbers. This set won't cost you an arm and a leg and you'll get a professional playing Table Tennis Rubber... [read more]

  • Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit - Includes: 1 Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner + 1 Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner Sponge - Great Value Table Tennis Racket Cleaner Kit - Cleans Ping Pong Paddle 125 Times

    • UPC: 043907081819
    • Brand: Butterfly
    • Manufacturer: Martin Kilpatrick

  • MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner - Table Tennis Accessories Rubber Cleaner - Paddles Spray Cleaning Care Kit - Keeps Your Racket in New Condition for Killer Spin and Speed Performance (Cleaner)

    • UPC: 850524007319
    • Brand: MightySpin
    • Manufacturer: MightySpin

    MightySpin At MightySpin, quality is our top priority. This Table Tennis Paddle Care Kit will help protect your paddle rubber so it can perform at its best every play. So Click Add To Cart Now And Grab This Ping Pong Paddle Care Kit On Amazon!

  • Gambler Burst 2.1mm 2 Table Tennis Rubber Set (2 Sheets)

    • UPC: 806808268921
    • Brand: Gambler
    • Manufacturer: Gambler

    Gambler Burst 2.1mm is an aggressively tacky attack rubber for players who wish to use heavy spin. Suitable for close attack and 3rd ball push to attack and heavy over the table loop. ITTF and USATT appoved for international play.Burst is an ultra sticky/tacky rubber. This is an advanced high speed/spin rubber for meant for competition play. SET CO... [read more]

  • Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Set | 1 Table Tennis Racket | 1 Ping Pong Paddle Case | Great Add to Your Ping Pong Table | Tournament Butterfly Ping Pong Paddles | High Speed & Spin Table Tennis Set

    • UPC: 796793926442
    • Color: multi
    • Brand: Butterfly
    • Size: 2.0mm
    • Manufacturer: Butterfly

    The Butterfly 603 Table Tennis Racket Set is a professional quality table tennis racket and table tennis racket case that ships in a gift box making it perfect for any occasion. This high value ping pong racket will give you significant spin and speed for competitive play. It is the perfect racket for the aspiring professional. The rubber is red on... [read more]

  • DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber (Red, 39°)

    • UPC: 509029560460
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: DHS
    • Size: 39°
    • Manufacturer: Double Happiness

    Item: 1 sheet of DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Model:DHSRNH3 Fitted play: Quick-Attack / Loop (Pimples in) Thickness: 2.15/2.20mm Hardness: 39 or 40 Colors: Black or Red Available Features:Stronger spin NEO Hurricane 3 Powful"NEO"sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity cound creat stable and high-speed arc,improe the ... [read more]

  • Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket - Ping Pong Racket with Carrying Case - ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play

    • UPC: 655043616161
    • Brand: Idoraz
    • Manufacturer: Idoraz

    🏓 Always a Step Ahead! Providing the right balance of speed and control, Idoraz Professional Table Tennis Paddle is perfect for recreational players who want to step up their game. The pure wood structure of the ping pong paddle enhances control, while the coating technology ensures faster and more accurate shots. Specially built to give pl... [read more]

  • Donic Formula Table Tennis Rubber Protection Sheets (2)

    • Brand: DONIC
    • Manufacturer: DONIC

    Especially for Donic Formula rubbers, and suitable for all rubbers. Plastic sheet for covering and protecting your table tennis rubber. Prolongs the life of your rubber. Two sheets covers two sides. Adhesive on one side. Trim square sheet to fit your paddle.

  • Forfar 2Pcs Ping Pong Rubber Table Tennis Rubber Table Tennis Bat Replacement Rubbers Sheet Rubber for Table Tennis

    • UPC: 652508242446
    • Color: 2Pcs
    • Brand: Forfar
    • Manufacturer: Forfar

    Specification:Color: Red / Black (one pair)Material: PlasticQuantity: one pairSize: 16 * 16 5 * 0 2CM (single)

  • Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner| Table Tennis Racket Cleaning Spray Kit| Ping Pong Bat & Blade Equipment Care| Accessories Maintenance & Protection| 125ml Spray Bottle with 2-Sided Sponge

    • UPC: 825509602322
    • Brand: Killerspin
    • Manufacturer: Killerspin

    Our Rubber Cleaning Spray Kit protects your equipment and helps you perform your best. Killerspin proudly exists to connect families, friends, customers and employees through luxury table tennis equipment. Protect Your Investment Proper care and maintenance of your ping pong paddle is required for long term performance. Our rubber cleaner will r... [read more]

  • DHS PF4 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Ping Pong Rubber (Black, Max)

    • UPC: 509029560781
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: DHS
    • Size: Max
    • Manufacturer: Double Happiness

    Item:Item:DHS Table Tennis PF4 Rubber Sheet Model:DHSRPF4 Fitted play:Loop/quick-attack(Pimples in) Thickness:1.6/1.8/2.0mm Hardness:Hard Colors: Black or Red available Features:Suitable for quick-attack with loop Suitable for quick-attack with loop drive.Accompanied many players to win the World champions. Notice All the DHS products are originall... [read more]

  • Killerspin JET200 BluVanilla Ping Pong Racket - Beginner Table Tennis Racket| 5 Layer Wood Blade, Jet Basic Rubbers, Flared Handle| Practice Quality Ping Pong Racket| Memory Book Gift Box Storage Case

    • UPC: 885667086389
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Brand: Killerspin
    • Manufacturer: Killerspin

  • STIGA Neos Tacky Table Tennis Rubber

    • Color: RED
    • Brand: STIGA
    • Size: Max
    • Manufacturer: STIGA

    Approximately 10% lighter than regular rubber sheets. Now STIGA's R & D department has been able to apply the Air-Capsule System to the top sheet. This new cutting edge rubber technology further increases the advantages of the Air-Capsule System, creating an even more responsive rubber sheet with more tension. The results of this new technology--Me... [read more]

  • MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Protector - Table Tennis Racket Accessories Rubber Protection Sheet - Protective Film Cover for Your Paddles Rubbers - Keep Your Racquet in Mint Condition

    • UPC: 850524007890
    • Brand: MightySpin
    • Manufacturer: MightySpin

    A lot of love and care went into the development of this gear. I'm an avid table tennis player, and my favorite thing to do is to teach and play with my kids! I want to share my passion for this sport and broaden its appeal in the USA. What better way than to offer quality equipment that will increase your enjoyment of this challenging game.... [read more]

  • Gambler Spin Zone X Tacky Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle - ITTF Approved

    • UPC: 806808268969
    • Brand: Gambler
    • Manufacturer: Gambler

    Spin Zone X Tacky is a fantastic assembled bat for players who want to step up from "Big Box" assembled bat brands. Unlike other bats in this price range Spin Zone comes with ITTF approved rubbers (ITTF manufacturer #Gambler -28-). This means you can play at sanctioned events or USATT clubs. The rubbers are Gambler Aces with 1.7mm mid sponge for ma... [read more]

  • Killerspin 2.1 Millimeter Nitrx-4z Table Tennis Rubber, 43 Degree Throw, Red

    • UPC: 825509402113
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Killerspin
    • Size: 2.1mm
    • Manufacturer: Killerspin

    The Nitrix 4z table tennis rubber is ITTF approved.The tacky but thin topsheet on Nitrx 4z table tennis rubber gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots. High control is offered for blocks and counters. Nitrx 4z table tennis ruber is suited for a power driving offense, and works well in ... [read more]

  • Gracefulvara Table Tennis Rubber Long Pimples for Defensive Players (Black)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Gracefulvara
    • Manufacturer: Gracefulvara

    Please read the product description carefully before buying! If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will reply you the first time.

  • PROKTH Table Tennis Rubber Glue 30ml Inorganic for Gumming Blade Racket

    • UPC: 677568376825
    • Color: white
    • Brand: PROKTH
    • Manufacturer: PROKTH

    Features:1. Made of Inorganic, Non-toxic, Non-volatile White Glue, More Environmental than Organic Glue. ITTF Has Forbidden the Usage ofOrganic Glue Since 2008.2. User-friendly Glue, Easy to Wipe Off, No Hurting the Table Tennis Blade and Rubber, No Hurting Your Hands.3. No Bad Smell after Get Dried by... [read more]

  • Top10 Chinese sticky table tennis rubbers | #tabletennisexperts

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