Top 15 Forever Foods for Survival

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  • Eric's Big Book of Zombie Survival Hacks: The Best ZHTF Guide to Staying Safe from the Living Dead (Life Hacks 7)

    Want the latest information for your fight against the rise of the undead? Zombie Survival Hacks is stuffed to the brim with helpful tips to protect you from the looming zombie apocalypse.Let's face it, the previous zombie survival guides are old news. New sh*t has come to light, new technology has been developed and Eric Duck is here to bring you ... [read more]

  • SURVIVAL: Survival Pantry: A Prepper's Guide to Storing Food and Water

    Download Now To Claim Your FREE Bonus!SURVIVAL: Survival Pantry, a Prepper's Guide to Storing Food and WaterEver thought about what would happen if a major disaster occurred and you never had a stockpile of food and water... How would you survive?Learn about Canning & Preserving and Food/Water storage in this book! Global events, social unrest, ter... [read more]

  • The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months

    • UPC: 884775310867
    • ISBN: 1495933415
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    A one year food supply means freedom. It means that you are less subject to the whims of the economy. You can handle small disasters with aplomb. You aren’t reliant on the government if a crisis occurs. Being self-reliant begins with a pantry full of food. Learn how to build a pantry on a budget with this easy 12-week outline. Don’t be discoura... [read more]

  • Outdoor Survival: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Guide for Staying Alive and Surviving In The Wilderness (2nd Edition) (Prepping, Camping, Survivalism, ... Handbook, Survival Blueprint Book 1)

    New Updated 2nd Edition (With Free Bonus) | Learn Insider Secrets on How to Survive in the Woods!*Includes new chapter: The Survival Rules of Three, as well as additional content on shelter building, laying out a base camp, what to eat, and toileting.*Are you ready for survival in the wilderness? Would you know how to provide shelter, food and wat... [read more]

  • SHTF Prepping: SHTF PREPPING - Be Prepared with SHTF Stockpiles, Home Defense, Living Off grid, DIY Prepper Projects, Homesteading, survival guide, First Aid, Outdoors prepping

    Learn How to Prepare for when SHTF! Do you want to Be a prepper, Prepping is a great idea in an ever changing world, Not to mention the skills you earn will help you throughout your whole life! Learn the fundamentals of SHTF Prepping with techniques and methods to Live Off Grid! Basic and Advanced SHTF Information!! You Will Learn The Followi... [read more]

  • Wise Foods Company Camping Favorites Cook-in-Pouch Freeze Dried Food Kit - Great for Backpacking and Hiking

    • UPC: 851238005530
    • Color: Camouflage
    • Brand: Wise Company
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Kinsey's Archery

    "Whether you're camping, backpacking or stocking up your emergency kit, Wise Company freeze dried foods are the perfect addition. Delicious, protein-rich entrees are prepared with high-quality ingredients, designed to be flavorful lightweight and shelf-stable for years to come. Each individual package contains 2 servings and can be prepared easily;... [read more]

  • do you even prep survivalist prepper t-shirt

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Prepper Lifestyle T-shirts
    • Size: Male Medium
    • Manufacturer: Prepper Lifestyle T-shirts

  • WaterBrick - 2 Pack Blue with Spigot Container

    • UPC: 820103729444
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: WaterBrick
    • Size: Single Unit
    • Manufacturer: Waterbrick

    This package contains 2 Blue WaterBricks with 1 screw on spigot. The WaterBrick is an excellent water storage container, that can be used at home and on the go. Each WaterBrick holds 3.5 gallons of water and they are all stackable, making for easy storage. WaterBricks can also be used to store other things as well, the options are endless! It is a ... [read more]

  • American Survival Guide Magazine 2016 Winter Rage

    American Survival Guide Magazine February 2016 (Vol. 5, Issue 2) Features Winter's Rage: Using Winter to Train for Long-Term Survival. Including: 14 Ways to Prep Your Vehicle For Winter Travel Layering For Extreme Weather How to Deal with Isolation in Survival Scenarios The Ultimate Glock Carbine: The Quest for Angstadt Arms' UDP-9 Rifle Whe... [read more]

  • 1 Can of Future Essentials Freeze Dried Cooked Diced Chicken

    • UPC: 786173929637
    • Brand: Future Essentials
    • Size: Single Can
    • Manufacturer: Future Essentials

    One can contains 6.5 half-cup servings of Freeze Dried Cooked Chicken Chunks! Real diced cubes of chicken! This product is excellent for adding to any recipe calling for chicken: stew, soups, pasta, omelets, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, pies, casseroles, tacos, enchiladas, or any recipe that calls for chicken! 100% Natural USA Chicken cooked with no... [read more]

  • Recoil Off Grid Magazine Issue 14 2016

    Off Grid Magazine 2016 Issue 14 Features: Anarchy: Surviving Civil Unrest at Home and Abroad. Grid-Down Cooking Methods. Health: Exercising While Injured. Stranded? How to Survive the Night. Review: goTenn Off-Grid Comms. Kukri Combative's and Buyer's Guide. How to Pack Your Bug-Out Bag. Flashlights with High-VIS Bodies. Moisture-Wick... [read more]


    Offgrid Magazine 2015 Issue 9 Features: Massive Quake: Will You Be Prepared for the "Big One"? Including: Practical Ground-Fighting. Bug-Out Motorcycle Riding. Improvised Fishing For Survival. Fire Prevention & Suppression. Two-Wheel Rokon Review. Office Get-Home Bags. Reviews: Headlamp Face-off. Building a Food Ca... [read more]

  • Top 15 Forever Foods for Survival

    First Foods To Stockpile And Store For Emergencies

    100 Days Worth of Food for $100: LASTS 25 YEARS!